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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Naruto 366

Naruto 366

+ posted by itsumobasho as translation on Aug 18, 2007 14:25 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 366

Feel free to use for scanlations, but please give proper credit, thanks!

Naruto 366: The Brothers
Sidebar: The older brother snatched and taken away from his little brother. From that night, everything began.

page 1
"Come out now... Uzumaki Naruto"! What is Itachi's motive?

Naruto: Are you here to capture me?
Itachi: No, I'm not. I came here to talk with you for a bit.

page 2
Naruto clone: Urgh!
Naruto clone 2: Argh!
Naruto: You think I can trust someone like you!?

page 3
Sidebar: "If you encounter a Sharingan user in a one on one fight, you definitely have to run away." (Naruto is thinking)
Sidebar: "If it's a two on one, then someone can get him from behind" is what Chiyo baa-san said. (Naruto is thinking)
Sidebar: But just with a movement of his finger, he can capture someone in his genjutsu.
Sidebar: Be careful!
Itachi: It seems that you have some understanding of how to battle against the Sharingan.
Itachi: Yet you know you're alone... why are you not running?
Naruto: Grr...
Naruto: I'm one of a thousand!
Naruto: That's why I'm not running!
Naruto: If I catch you, then I can see Sasuke!

page 4
Itachi: Why are you so intent on seeing my little brother again. He's a runaway ninja, after all.
Naruto: Because he's more my brother than he ever was to you!

page 5
Naruto: Uwaaaa!

page 6
Itachi: You're too late, you're already inside my Genjutsu.
Naruto: Damnit!
Itachi: I'll say it once more, all I want to do is talk with you.

page 7
Jiraiya: I'm coming in, Tsunade (ed note. what, did he think she was naked?)
Tsunade: Jiraiya? Did you find something?
Jiraiya: You bet, I've located the whereabouts of the Akatsuki leader.
Tsunade: What!? Really!?
Tsunade: Explain! Now!
Shizune: We can use that information to formulate a surprise attack!

page 8
Jiraiya: Now now, don't get impatient with me.
Tsunade: This better not be the sequel to one of your stupid novels!

Jiraiya: Well, how about it? It's been awhile since we've had a drink together. How about we go out for a drink, and I'll tell you everything there.
Tsunade: Whaaat!?
Tsunade: You idiot! I'm the Hokage! What the hell, sake during the afternoon!? Do you think that'd be acceptable while there are Leaf ninjas out there!?

page 9
Jiraiya: sheesh, you ought to take your own advice sometime! You are the Hokage after all.
Tsunade: Anyway, the Akatsuki leader is in the Hidden Village of the Rain?
Tsunade: But that country is known for following people around during the length of their stay. That even happened during the Chuunin exams. They make it a lot more difficult to do anything.
Tsunade: I don't think he'd be able to move around freely in such a village.
Jiraiya: That's why they went there, actually. The Hidden Village of the Rain is a place where they keep all of their information away from the reach of other countries, in order to hide their shameful past.
Tsunade: Shameful?
Jiraiya: From what I've heard, the country is in the middle of a civil war that has split up everyone into two factions. The leader of one of those factions is the same as the Akatsuki leader.

page 10
Tsunade: That country is surrounded by the Earth, Wind and Fire countries, and for the longest time it's been a common battleground for their wars. Because of that, the government hasn't been able to stabilize the country, and there have been a lot of refugees.
Jiraiya: Yes, and that's why I have to go in there and confirm what I've heard. And then we can start planning a strategy.
Tsunade: Sending in one person is far too dangerous!
Jiraiya: Have you forgotten? I'm one of the Legendary Three, you ought to know that.
Tsunade: This is bad... always having to ask you to help out.

page 11
Jiraiya: Haha, what's up with you all of a sudden?
Tsunade: You were the one who was going to be Hokage. The Third wanted you to be his...
Jiraiya: I'm far too carefree and independent to be the Hokage...
Tsunade: And you regret not being able to stop Orochimaru...
Tsunade: And you've been following Orochimaru's movements ever since...?
Jiraiya: Yes, well... I no longer have to worry about him. Now I can just concentrate on releasing my novels.
Tsunade: The truth is stranger than fiction, huh... I can't believe he died...

page 12
Tsunade: Back when we were young, the Third...
Jiraiya: And now Tsunade has become the envy of all flat-chested kunoichi, the big-breasted Hokage! My, how times have changed!
Jiraiya: And now the once-beautiful Tsunade has turned into a 50 year old grandma, with the memories of her beloved fallen comrades packed away into that bosom of yours. It makes me cry a little on the inside. Perhaps your breasts will grow even larger!
Jiraiya: Don't take it the wrong way though, I'm only saying this so that you can help the next generation of Leaf shinobi better.
Jiraiya: That's why I can laugh in the face of danger while I risk my life!
Jiraiya: It's one of the only cool things I can do at my age.

page 13
Naruto: What the hell...!?
Naruto: Aren't you after me!? If you are, why are you just standing there!?
Itachi: I'm going.
Itachi: I have something important to take care of.
Naruto: A shadow clone...!

page 14
Itachi: You've arrived...
Sasuke: Who are you?

page 15
Itachi: It's me. Sasuke.

sidebar: The bonds of hatred...

page 16
Sidebar: The time that he has hoped for has unexpectedly arrived...!

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#1. by bax ()
Posted on Aug 18, 2007
Thanx ^^
#2. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz ()
Posted on Aug 18, 2007
Thank you very much for the trans itsumobasho! ^^

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