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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Gintama 683

Watch Out for Hamichin

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on May 25, 2018 03:58 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 683

Only for use by HWMN

I'm gonna die before this series ends at this rate

[Gintama 683 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Insert: The conspiracy spirals...
Title: 'Gintama'
Someone: Edo?
Insert: ☆The newest, Jump Comics Volume 73 goes on sale June 4th (Mon.)!!
Takeshi: Yes. That is the destination of that ship which Shinsuke-dono was making use of.
Naraku most likely disappeared chasing after it.
We must hurry as well.
MAtako: What're we gonna do if we catch up to 'em?
Takeshi: !
MAta: Senpai!
All this time... I've intended to chase after Shinsuke-sama
no matter what it is he's trying to do.
But seeing that face.
Seeing Shinsuke-sama's...
face like that...
I feel like I don't know what I should do anymore.

Page 2:
Someone: Looks like the escort task went off without a hitch.
Guess it's time we headed back.
Still, those two are apparently being chased by both the government and a group of weirdos.
You don't think we might've made ourselves accomplices to some kinda wrongdoings, do you, boss...?
Boss: Takasugi Shinsuke.
While he was known as a hero long ago, he caused a lot of trouble in the world for a period.
When he approached me,
I was honestly unsure.
seeing those straightforward eyes of his, I felt like I wouldn't mind much even if I was being tricked.
But most of all,
when I saw the faces of those two,
I stopped caring at all about all that.

Page 3:
Boss: They had the faces of two ordinary no-good brats.
They didn't seem like heroes or anything like that, just a couple of no-good brats
Mata: It was my first time seeing Shinsuke-sama... making a face like that.
When I saw that... I kind of felt like it would be wrong to interfere.
Or, maybe I just wanted
to watch him like that a little bit longer...

Page 4:
Gin: Man,
ya know how they say a kid will grow up whether his parents are around or not?
To be honest, I didn't expect this place to get back on its feet this much while I wasn't around.
Taka: How long has it been since you've shown your face in this town?
You're the shitty brat that abandoned his parents and ran away from home, right?
Gin: Yep.
If I decided to pop my head back in after so long,
and came back home with a crazy hoodlum with me,
I'm sure my parents would cry.

Page 5:
Gin: I don't think I've even got the right to call out 'I'm home'.
But looks like
we'll be imposing for a bit.
Insert: The no-good brats return----!
Title: Lesson 683
Watch Out for Hamichin
Author: Sorachi Hideaki
T/N: Hamichin = Having an exposed/visible penis.

Page 6:
Someone: So even after taking a strange appearance,
a master is still a master, is it?

Page 7:
Tendou: I suppose you did not
obtain the heart?
I wonder when your master
will be revived?
When in the war, you accepted Utsuro's blood
yet you were unable to protect your master and suffered utter defeat,
it seems that blood had already run dry.
Before all four of your limbs rot and fall off,
what do you say we take back Utsuro... your master?

Page 8:
Tendou: It is certainly true that we Tendoushuu were once destroyed by Utsuro,
but we were also revived by Utsuro's blood.
Now that power is our hope. It is not time to be bound by trivialities of the past.
In order to grand the universe's most deeply held wish, 'immortality', we need a complete Utsuro's body.
If we fully establish those techniques, you will be able to save many people as well.
Of course
that includes Utsuro himself.
And therefore, you must make haste.
And therefore,
defeat will not be forgiven.
...What a useless lot.
They are a bunch of death-dodging idiots after all.
Have I made myself clear? You are entrusted with obtaining Utsuro's heart.
That is nothing but insurance.
If you are not able to obtain Utsuro's heart,

Page 9:
Ten: then we will just need to create it.
It seems that the revived Utsuro's heart is made of crystal.
If we can harvest a vast amount of Altana from the Earth, it may be possible to create one artificially.
We needed to find a way to attach that crystal, Utsuro's heart, to a body,
but as we are now, we not have the technology from having used our own bodies as experimental material, and most of all,
we have Utsuro's body.
Until it becomes nothing but scraps of meat, we'll chop it apart and lay bare all of its secrets.
With those techniques and the vast store of Altana we plundered,
we will be free to create immortality.
Utsuro... everything you took from us Tendoushuu,
we will take back with out own hands.

Page 10:
Someone: -----So,
where in Edo is the enemy?
Taka: All over.
Tengenism has already started to spread its roots into Edo as well.
Neighbors that greeted each other yesterday now suddenly bare their fangs at each other and become violent.
That is why other planets could not stop their terrorism either.
It wouldn't be entirely surprising if one of these ordinary citizens tried to take the heart you're carrying and stabbed you in the back at any moment.
Gin: I feel like there's a higher chance the guy standing next to me is gonna betray and stab me.
So basically, we don't know a thing besides that they're going after Edo next, huh?
Taka: If I were going to kill you, I'd stab you with a more straight-ahead approach.
But forget straight-ahead, those people don't even show their backs.
They're expanding their believers all over the universe and committing acts of terrorism across different planets,
and it's not known where the control center of it all is.
But that's to be expected...

Page 11:
Taka: as the head temple of Tengenism doesn't exist on any planet.
Moving Temple Kuyou. That giant ship that wanders the sky is their head temple.
T/N: Kuyou = Nine Planets, or Navagraha (Nine astronomical bodies/deities in Hinduism).
Taka: They look down on the earth from distant heavens which no one can reach, pretending to be gods.
It cannot be sensed with the naked eye nor with radar, but Kuyou is unmistakably in the skies of Earth.
We're going to put a stop to their terrorism, and drag those wannabe gods down to earth.
Utsuro's body,
Sensei, is there.
Gin: How do we stop them?
Taka: Who do you think I am?

Page 12:
Taka: I'm the Joui Patriot that's rampaged across this country more than anyone ever has.
It's perfectly clear to me what some small-fry terrorists are thinking right now.
Gin: Hmph. Sounds reassuring.
I've got the kinda huge idiot with me that makes regular idiots quake in their boots.
Taka: There's something I need to do before they get moving.
So make sure to settle any of your own business in the meantime.
Gin: Huh?
Taka: We're back for the first time in 2 years. Isn't there anyone whose face you'd like to see?
Gin: Are you a moron? How am I supposed to face any 'a them?
Tell them I came back so I could save the monster we all nearly died trying to defeat?
You'd have to be as thick as Jump SQ. if you think that'd go over well.
Taka: So you think if you met them,
your resolve would be shaken?
Well, do whatever you want.

Page 13:
Someone: The mand that once tried to destroy Edo
and the man that tried to protect Edo from that man
have both arrived in Edo together.
There's no room for doubt.
The Yorozuya boss
has fallen into the darkness.
According to my data, when this kind of plot development happens near the final chapter,
the protagonist that protected humanity up till that point starts despairing about humanity's foolishness and everything is brought to naught.
The Devilman pattern.
We must ready Satan's army for war soon, or the Angel Army will come as well.
At this rate, we're heading for a hopeless ending.
T/N: This refers to the ending of Devilman, a manga by Nagai Gou from the 70's.

Page 14:
Hiji: Zaki, I'm not listening to your crazy delusions.
You'd better knock it off or I'm gonna fall into despair over my subordinate's foolishness
and all your pay will be brought to naught.
Zaki: Foolish subordinate? And who is it thanks to that we were able to tail them all the way here?
Hiji: Yeah. You said you were capable of flight,
Handwritten: Let's go, Mob Coooop!!
Hiij: so I got on your back and we started following the ship,
but then you suddenly ran out of gas so we fell into the sea, at which point you just grabbed onto the ship.
The reason I saw my life flashing before my eyes no less than five times is all thanks to you.
Yama: Well, that was an issue with not being able to refuel due to my anpan going all mushy underwater.
Hiji: Why does a robocop have anpan for fuel?!
Yama: What's more, it wasn't fine-grained bean paste in them, it was coarse-grained bean paste. You can't get power from those things, Tony.
Hiji: Who the hell is Tony? Your mechanical specs are a total mismatch with your mental specs!
I know you're tired from the long journey, but don't take your eyes off them. Let's let them roam free for now and pay close attention to their movements.
Yama: Huh? If you're careless, then the demon army and Satan's army are going to...
Hiji: There's no Armageddon happening right now.
Yama: Then you believe in the Boss, Hijikata-san?
Hiji: Not exactly. First we just need to know what his goal is.
Yama: And then?
What if the boss tries to do something bad...?

Page 15:
Hiui: ...We cut him down.
That's the job
of the Shinsengumi he saved, isn't it?
Yama: ...Hijikata-san.
The Shinsengumi... doesn't exist anymore.
Hiji: ...I said don't take your eyes off them.
Yama: They're on the move!
They're going in separate directions?!
Let's split up and follow them!

Page 16:
Yama: Understood! Then I'll take Takasugi!
And I'll follow the boss!
Hijikata-san, please go buy me some anpan!
Hiji: Sure. Some coarse-grained ones.
Yeah, right.
Why the hell did you split in two and why am I the gofer?!
Yama: I'm sorry. I'll work hard for your part, too. So you, please work hard to get the anpan.
Hiji: You go work hard, you anpan addict!!
Hiji: If you trail somebody looking like that, not only will you get noticed, you'll end up becoming an urban legend!
Can't you blend in with the crowd a bit more?!
Yama: Ah, sorry. I forgot I have a tailing mode.
When moving in this mode, the surface of my body takes in information from my surroundings to construct a camouflage
allowing me to blend in with my surroundings automatically. This will be perfect.
Yama: Okay, I'll go buy the anpan!!
Hijikata, you go buy the anpan over there!!
Got it! The ones sprinkled with those sesame seed-looking things, right?

Page 17:
Hiji: What's blending in with Hijikata-san gonna doooo?!!
You just want us to split up to go buy anpan, you moron!
Yama: It's just when you think of Hijikata-san, you think of the person on anpan duty. We may need to disguise that, too.
Hiji: Did my ancestors do something to anpan? Did they only eat the bean jam and throw the bread away or something?
Hiji: Enough already! It's fine, just go like that!
Just try to act natural as Hijikata-san, go after the Yorozuya, and don't do anything dumb. Just act like a natural Hijikata-san.
Yama: Understood.
A natural Hijikata-san, right?
Hiji: I got your freaking anpaaaaan!!
Hiji: I got the anpan, so please, stop!
Please stop, natural Hijikata-san!
Put some clothes on!! Let's borrow something from that clothing shop and...
Ah, dang!

Page 18:
Top Sign: Bathing Suit Sale
Left Sign: Special Offers!!
Gin: Hey.
Gin: Granny.
Gin: This bathing suit manikin,
these are boxers.
And I can see the penis on this one.
Woman: Oh, that's the recent fashion trend. The theme of this year is all about letting loose, you see.
Gin: For real?
WOman: Say, when did I decorate these manikins...? Ah, well.

Page 19:
Gin: Nah, forget it.
Even if I did meet somebody, I doubt something like sunglasses would hide anything.
Sign: Bathing suits
Gin: Granny!! I'm gonna buy this underwear, so would you mind doin' me a favor?!
Hiji: ?
Gin: Please!
Tae: Oh, a bathing suit sale.
Woah, so cool!
Maybe I'll buy these for Shin-chan.
Insert: Chaos!!
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 683
/ End

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