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Hoop Men 7

Versus Tokiwa Central

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on May 16, 2009 02:30 | Go to Hoop Men

-> RTS Page for Hoop Men 7

Wow, finally finished...as I promised carrotop I would work on chapter 7 before getting on to number 10 (and chapter 11 afterwards...darn, I've fallen behind) so that we might finally get an English SL out to the users. This chap has not been very difficult - as you might see, there's only little Japanese script - but it was (or at least felt like it was) rea~lly long.
Another thing I wanted to get off my chest: LOL, I was right!! Tameyoshi is an homage to good old Hard Gay-san! (chapter 10 was the ultimate proof for me: "Kanzen Shōri, fuuuu!!")


-page 1-
Box: The day of the practice match between Yashiba High and Tokiwa Central High

Yuuho: Yo, Icchan
Ide: …Satou-kun, you came here dribbling?
Yuuho: Yeah, yeah.
It’s embarrassing so I was looking for a route with only little pedestrians walking along

One week later…the day of the match has finally come!! The tension’s up! Dribbling to the meeting!! (side)

-page 2-
Kawaguchi Yukinori – Chapter 7: Versus Tokiwa Central

sign to left: Ticket counter
sign next to it: Green ticket window
sign on the right: Tickets for all lines
[TN: It’s cut off but I think it’s 乗車券 – not that important anyway...]

The journey to the opponent’s school starts at the station! With high spirits…let’s go!! (side)

-page 3-
Nakanishi 1: The matches against Toki Central…
Nakanishi 2: Up til now the record of battles is 10 losses in 10 games!! Suffering crushing defeat every time!! – But this time
Nakanishi 3: I think we’ve gained the war potential we need in order to do it!!
Nakanishi 4: The time for our revenge has finally come!!!
Yoshino: Um, keep it down for now!! We’re inside the train station!! I really understand your feelings!! But seriously, keep it down!! Please!!
Nakanishi 1: Huh!?
Nakanishi 2: Ohh!!!
Nakanishi 3: I got it!!!
Nakanishi 4: I got it!!!
Koganei: <woah>
Yuuho: The captain’s really pumped up somehow
Yaguchi: Kukukuku…

-page 4-
Yaguchi 1: It’s because we’ve been living puny lives for a long time
Yaguchi 2:If you think “We might defeat Toki Central” and stuff like that, you’re suddenly getting tense, right?
Yuuho: …speaking of which, it’s Yaguchi-san as well…
Box: Tokiwa Central High School

-page 5-
Yashiba: Yo!!!!
Tokiwa: YO~~~!!!!
Yuuho: That many!!?
Are they all from the basketball club!?
ウチの3倍以上 全然いる感じだよな
Haraguchi: They’re easily three times more than we are. It feels like we’re not really at present, doesn’t it?
Nakanishi: Please treat us well, Igarashi-sensei
Igarashi: Ahh yeah, let’s give our best, Nakanishi-kun.

-page 6-
Box: Tokiwa Central High’s Coach, Igarashi Kensei
Igarashi: Ahh~ hahahaha…
毎回毎回 お越しいただいて申し訳ありません為吉先輩
Igarashi: I’m really sorry for having you come over each and every time, Tameyoshi-senpai
Tameyoshi: That really is you, always coming up with whatever works reason why you can’t come and have to leave out.
の前に おまえは あれだな
なに上染めてんだ ん?
若作りしやがって オイ
Tameyoshi: You’ve been like this before, hm? What are you dying your hair for, hm? Even though you’re just one year below me you’re shamefully trying to make you look really young, hm?
Igarashi 1: Kch…ahahahaha…no, it was that the female students all said things like “Sensei, dyed hair would really suit you”
Igarashi 2: Doesn’t it suit me? <ahahahaha>
Tameyoshi 1: It doesn’t suit you at all, it’s looks like crap
Tameyoshi 2: On the other hand, black would suit you even less…don’t you think? <There’s nothing you can do>
Yuuho: Ohh, those two are really at it
Ide: As always…the guy he was destined to fight with in his college days… <But I don’t know every detail>
は...まあ しかし わざわざ ご足労願うのも 今日が最後という事で...
Igarashi: Ha…well, today might quite likely be the last time that I specially asked you to take the trouble of coming over and all…
Tameyoshi: Huh?

-page 7-
Igarashi 1: Well, we got our eyes on the nationals this year…
Igarashi 2: Captain Ideguchi!!
Igarashi 3: Ever since that guy entered the basketball club he had a 3 year plan to build a team that’s specialized on defence
2年生 永島の 得点面でエースとなれる成長が加わって
Igarashi 4: As well as second year’s Nagashima who might grow into an ace when it comes to scoring
Igarashi 5: The balance of defence and offence has further increased

-page 8-
Tameyoshi 1: What’s that? You say there’s no meaning to facing us anymore?
Tameyoshi 2: We also got two good guys who entered the club, you know
Igarashi 1: Ah no, I’m really sorry if I ruined your mood by saying that…
Igarashi 2: I was just thinking we would both learn more by practicing with teams that are closer to our real ability…
Igarashi 3: Well, let’s wrap it up by making our last match a good one, won’t we? <ahahaha>
Tameyoshi: That’s right
Girls <Woah>
Igarashi 1: “two good guys”…now that he mentions it…
Igarashi 2: That foreigner…he’s an exchange student…?
Igarashi 3: Hmpf
Igarashi 4: And the other…that really tall guy…
Igarashi 5: Uhh!!
Igarashi 6: What’s that guy? Ill-bred…
Igarashi 7: Kch, indeed…if the leader’s trash, the students are trash as well!!

-page 9-
Yoshino: Argh~!!!
That old man’s as offending as always!!
Nakanishi: Don’t mind him!!
Let’s give them our answer during the match!!
Let me hear you cheer!!
Everyone: Ye~s!!
Tameyoshi: I don’t really understand a thing about basketball
But your eyes have changed lately. You’ve got strength in them, everybosy on the team

-page 10-
負け続けてっと オレみたいになんぞ!!
燃えろ お前ら
Tameyoshi: No matter what they say, in a match there’s nothing like winning!! If you keep on losing, you’ll end like me!! Get fired up, guys!!
Everybody: Yes!!!
Yuuho: You said he’s just skillful when it comes to talking and so on but…he has some strange appeal to him, that Tameyoshi…
I don’t know how but he got everyone captivated…
ま アイツの個人的な因縁は どーあれオレらも勝ちてーって気持ちは同じだしな
Yoshino: Well, apart from that guys personal destiny, our feeling of wanting to win are the same, no matter what
Haraguchi: And I respect Tameyoshi
Nakanishi: Okay!!!

-page 11-
Nakanishi: Starting members are me, Yaguchi and Hanai!! As well as Atsumu and Josh!!
Somee: Yes!!
Others: Understood!!
Yuuho: ……….starting members…
Josh: Yuuho!! Convey this to everyone!!
Yuuho 1: Ah, yes, what?
Yuuho 2: It’s important how we enter this game!
Yuuho 3: Offence as well as defence, let’s keep it cool at first
Nakanishi: O~kay!!!
やっぱ そーゆーの雄歩に言われんのって違和感あんなー
Atsumu: It’s feels absolutely strange to hear that from Yuuho
Yuuho: No, it’s just a translation!!
Nakanishi 1: Alright, the game begins at half past nine!!
Nakanishi 2: Therefore, guys who need to go to the toilet, do it now!!
Yuuho: …This…it feels like we’re just talking as always…

-page 12-
Yuuho 1: But everyone…looks different from usually...especially the starting members…what is that?
Yuuho 2: Fighting while bearing the school’s sign on their backs, Yashiba’s strongest five…
Yuuho 3: So cool…
Yuuho 4: One day…I want to be here as well, but not as translator but as one of those five…!!

-page 13-
Haraguchi: Ohhhh!!
Atsumu: …!! Darn, you…scared me like hell…what’s wrong Haraguchi? Your dick inflamed?
Haraguchi: Hell no!! I was just boosting my fighting spirits like the senpai who are somehow so different from usual today, uhh
Um…that’s right!!! Yuuho!! It’s right, isn’t it!?...Isn’t it!??
Yuuho: Yupp, I got that!! Totally got it, Haragucchan!!
It’s also my first time for a match like this and all!! I’m somehow fired up max!!
Even though I know it’s not my turn, I’m somehow really nervous!!
Atsumu: You don’t know about that
When we’ve scored a great deal of points and lead by a large margin the bench players might get to play
Yuuho: For real!? What shall we do!? Gucchan might become the key man of the match of destiny!!
Haraguchi: Uh…he! Ehehehe…uehehe…hehehe…hehe
Tokiwa player: Hmpf…

-page 14-
Tokiwa player: Ideguchi-sa~~n, somehow, it seems like we’re gonna lose by a large margin
コレ 何をどーやって 負けんのか 聞いといた方がよくないスか?
But what is this, we better listen how we’re gonna go down
Ideguchi: Hmpf…
Haraguchi: What’cha guys want?
Yuuho: Oi!! Gucchan!!
Tokiwa player: Ah, I’m sorry. Did I just hear you? …No, not really…
No hard feelings!!
It was really just a normal and pure question as to how Yashiba thinks of winning against us

-page 15-
Tokiwa player: Be~cause this our Deguchi-san was chosen as a member of the city representatives team, isn’t that right? Right, Ideguchi-san!?
Ideguchi: Hmpf…! Let’s go!!
What’s this about destiny
Don’t you trashes go on thinking we’re on the same level or something like that…
Haraguchi: Tch…
If the coach’s an idiot the players are idiots as well

-page 16-
Referee: Yashiba High vs. Tokiwa Central, let’s begin!!!

-page 17-
Someone: Alriii~ght, that’s Deguchi-san’s killer defence losing no time!!!

-page 18-
Igarashi: Ah

-page 19-
Someone: Hell yeaaaaa~h!!!
Atsumu: I think we really aren’t on the same level [TN: I decided to put it that way. Has IMO a nicer flow than what it’s literally]
Yuuho: Ohh
A declaration of war!! Explode, Komuta Atsumu!! (in picture)

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#1. by carrotop ()
Posted on May 16, 2009
this chap will be done by today, thanks Mr. Prince
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