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Darker Than Black - Shikkoku no Hana - 7


-> RTS Page for Darker Than Black - Shikkoku no Hana - 7

Conjoined bubbles separated by line breaks, each new bubble has its own entry. The "Text:" entries on this one are formatted so that the text in the same panel is on the same entry, but separated by a line break when the text appears on separates sides of the panel.

This translation may be freely used for scanlations. Don't steal! It took me a while!

If anyone thinks I should clarify my formatting somehow, I'm open to suggestions.
Also, the first page was an ad.



Text: Can the breaking world be stopped---?

Darker than Black - The Jet Black Flower

Chapter 7: Up on the Tower


Azusa: Heya, Kyou-chan

Kyouko: ...

Azusa: Wait long?

Kyouko: Azu...

Azusa: Hmm?

Kyouko: Azusa... What's that on your leg?

Azusa: Oh, this?


Azusa: It's just a bruise

Azusa: Don't worry about it.

Kyouko: Just a bruise...?

Azusa: The water tower...
When was it that we last came up here together?

Kyouko: ...
The summer festival last year, wasn't it?


Kyouko: We watched the fireworks display...

Kyouko: And then the stars afterward...

Azusa: Oh, yeah.
......back then, I really didn't care whether the stars were real or fake...

Azusa: Did you know, Kyou-chan?

Azusa: When a Contractor dies, a star falls...

Azusa: Isn't that wonderful?
No matter how alone you are when you greet death,

Azusa: Someone will notice.

Azusa: The reason why I didn't quit volleyball,
and why I tried so hard to be able to jump higher than anyone else

Azusa: It may have all been because I wanted someone to notice


Azusa: That I am here.

Azusa: Ahahahaha! I'm such a dummy, aren't I?
I got all serious about something like that

Azusa: So it became about trying to win the heart of the one I love

Azusa: Hehe...

Kyouko: ...

Kyouko: Azusa... I...

Kyouko: !!?


Kyouko: Kyah!

Azusa: Hey, Kyou-chan
You had something to tell me, right?

Kyouko: Stop!

Azusa: The truth!

Azusa: About the kind of relationship me and coach had,

Azusa: And about the kind of person coach was-- You knew everything, didn't you?


Azusa: Why didn't you say anything?
Tell me

Kyouko: Can't... brea...

Azusa: TELL ME!

Azusa: Before I stop being human ... Before I do that, I need to hear it no matter what.

Azusa: So, I...

Kyouko: ...

Kyouko: Get off!


Bubbles: Haa/Haa

Kyouko: It was just once!

Kyouko: I've always done as he... As Daisuke...
Since we're family, he told me to keep it a secret

Azusa: Fami...ly...?

Kyouko: He'd tell me that I'd be letting my parents down if I caused any trouble before the wedding
I've been doing everything he told me for so, so long...

Kyouko: Even today--
I was going to lure you out for his plan!


Azusa: Plan?

Azusa: What do you mean?

Bubbles: haa/haa

Kyouko: Some guys grab you from a back street and rape you in the gym tool shed.

Kyouko: That's when he suddenly appears and rescues you. That's the plan.
It's all to confuse you.

Azusa: What the......

Azusa: That would never work

Kyouko: It would!

Kyouko: He's a smooth talker

Kyouko: He has lots of experience with women

Kyouko: When you're apologized to, you start to want to forgive them!

Kyouko: And deceived by a smile,

Kyouko: You fall in love all over again...


Kyouko: You can't fight love

Kyouko: No matter how much you try to resist it.

Azusa: Kyou... chan......?

Azusa: That mark on your chest...!?

Kyouko: But I've had enough.


Kyouko: OWAAH!

Azusa: !!

Hei: !

Hei: Aren't those two his target...?

Yin: Hei.

Yin: I found him.
60 meters, behind you and to the right.

Hei: !

Hei: So he is here.


Hei: Harvest!

Azusa: Stop... I'll fall...!

Hei: !

Azusa: Ugh...

Azusa: ...you met him too?
That man...

Azusa: The Contractor with a scarred face...

Kyouko: That's right


Azusa: When?

Kyouko: Three days ago

Azusa: Three days?

Kyouko: I thought it was a dream

Kyouko: I didn't believe in Contractors
I thought the thing on my chest was a coincidence

Kyouko: ...but when I saw yours, I realized it was true.

Kyouko: I'll become a Contractor too, and change everything!

Kyouko: By cutting all my ties to the one
who was more precious to me than anything else!!

Kyouko: And then Daisuke
...... I'll kill each and every one who made me suffer.

Azusa: Kuh...

Hei: The flower is eroding their senses...

Hei: I have no obligation to save them, but...

Hei: Tch!


Hei: Stop, you two!

Azusa: !

Hei: Come to your senses!

Hei: That isn't going to make you into Contractors!

Hei: The flower is...

Azusa: It's that same...
Masked Contractor as before ...

Harvest: Turning your back on the enemy, BK201?

Hei: !


Hei: !?
What was that...?

Harvest: Hehe...

Little bubbles: hyuuuh/Hyuuuuh

Harvest: We both have the ability of a lethal touch...
Even a second of negligence can be fatal.

Harvest: We'll have to be careful.


Azusa: No!

Hei: !

Hei: Out of the way

Harvest: No.

Hei: !


Hei: Sand...

Harvest: Fool.

Hei: !


Hei: Having humans murder one another,

Hei: What are you planning?

Harvest: It's evolution, BK201.

Azusa: ...

Text: ...I never knew.
Kyou-chan was hurting this much.


Text: Coach...... That man didn't only hurt me...
He was even making my best friend suffer so much!

Text: I'll never forgive. I'll never forgive.
Coach... ...and me, for thinking only of myself...

Text: Never!!!

Hei: Evolution?


Harvest: Yes.
The flower desires my... desires mankind's evolution.

Harvest: Illogicalities can't completely be destroyed with just a burst of rampant emotion
That's why things failed last time.

Harvest: A much stronger impact is required
The control gained from the complete destruction of emotion,

Harvest: It is the completion of evolution.

Hei: You mean that evolution is becoming like a Contractor

Harvest: Wrong



Harvest: It is to transcend Contractors.

Azusa: Let's stop...

Azusa: This is...


Azusa: I...

Azusa: I only...



Azusa/Kyouko: Kyah!

Kyouko: No!

Azusa: Eh!?

Kyouko: I'm sorry.



Hei: GUAH!

Harvest: kuhaha

Hei: Ugh...

Hei: ...!?

Hei: Our powers... resonated?

Hei: !

Text: Next issue, the awakening!!

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Posted on Sep 1, 2009
Congrats on another double release!

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