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Ginen Shounen 13

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 15:35 | Go to Ginen Shounen

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Ginen Shounen Chapter 13:

Top: The next anticipated chapter!!
Side: A clock shop in an unfamiliar city. The "new future" quietly starts to move...
P3.B1: This time the spring was broken.
P3.B2: I exchanged it with a new one.
P4.B1: I didn't think it could be fixed, // thank you.
P4.B2: You're welcome!
P5.B1: Lately I have trouble with small things, // so it's a big help you're here.
P5.B2: ...Matataki-kun.
P1.B1: No problem... // It's a good experience for me too.
P1.B2: In Europe old things are really valued.
P2.B1: Never thought I could make such a small gear by myself...
P2.B2: With such skills, I might be able to fix my camera too...
P3.B1: To think that Araragi had such a diligent son.
P4.B1: Contrastly he's such a selfish parent...
P4.B2: I was surprised when he suddenly popped up... // and asked me to look after you, because he's going out for painting.
P5.B1: Do you get used to live her yet?
P5.B2: It's been already 1 month, // since you came here to Spain.
P1.B1: 1 Month, huh---
P1.T1: Shot 13: Be yourself
P1.T2: Under a new sky, the future spins---
P1.B1: You're laaate!!
P1.B2: You're already 5minutes late!!
P2.B1: Where is your "sorry"?
P2.B2: So- Sorry, Anna.
P3.B1: You're so helpless. But I'll forgive you, since I'm a lady.
P4.B1: I bet you were absorbed in repairing some clocks with Gramps again, so you forgot the time.
P4.B2: Ah, No... [small text] There was a sudden customer... [/small text]
P1.B1: I definitely pass on that!!
P1.B2: That complicated stuff... Accuracy and so...
P2.B1: But you like machines... // Quite the weirdo you are.
P2.B2: Eh... Really?
P3.B1: Ah, right! // Did you bring my wallet for shopping?
P3.B2: Ah... Yeah.
P4.B1: It- It's not like I forgot it or so!
P4.B2: You see.. it's just dangerous to bring valuables to school...
P5.B1: ... I understand.
P7.B1: Matataki, just now...
P7.B2: you were being cheeky!!
P1.B1: We need minced meat and onions. // And not to forget some cheese...
P4.B1: Matataki,
P4.B2: can we take a different road?
P4.B1: You look drained, Matataki.
P4.B2: Want some coffee?
P5.B1: Mhm... You here too, Anna?
P5.B2: How rare. // Though you were never here, when I worked...
P6.B1: Hey...
P6.B2: Gramps!?
P1.B1: Thanks for always looking after Anna, Matataki-kun.
P1.B2: Hey!! I'm the one who looks after him...!!
P2.B1: No problem.
P2.B2: Ma- Matataki..!?
P3.B1: Anna always lived just with me // and was always saying how she wanted a younger brother.
P3.B2: Wh- What are you blabbering, Gramps!!
P4.B1: So she is really happy,
P4.B2: that you came here.
P6.B1: Geez~~~ // You brought the coffee, now get out~!!
P1.B1: Ma- Matataki!! // Don't believe anything gramps said!!
P1.B2: Eh... Okay.
P3.B1: Hey, Matataki, are photos really that great?
P3.B2: What will you photograph once it's fixed?
P4.B1: Mh... let's see, // for now...
P5.B1: I want to take... // one just for myself.
P1.B1: I did it!!
P1.B2: It's fixed!!
P2.B1: Hoo, good for you.
P2.B2: ....Yeah!!
P3.B1: ...Okay, time to test it!!
P4.B1: Eh!?
P5.B1: Ah, wait!! Why are you aiming this way? On photos, I...
P5.B2: Eh? I already took one.
P6.B1: ....IDIOT!!
P2.B1: Thanks!!
P3.B1: My first photos since I came here...
P4.B1: !!
P5.B1: They're...
P5.B2: ...all black?
P2.B1: ....Mhm.
P3.B1: The shutter is working // and there is also no problem with the iris.
P4.B1: Then the reason it doesn't work...
P4.B2: might be...
P6.B1: If you repair old clocks on and on,
P6.B2: sometimes it won't work even if it's repaired completely. // They're such mysterious things.
P7.B1: Nearly as it wants to tell something to his owner...
P7.B2: No expert can fix that... // It's like a problem related to the owner.
P1.B1: N- No way...
P2.B1: You really are such a bother.
P3.B1: Anna... You were here?
P5.B1: ...Can't be helped,
P5.B2: I'll let you take some photos of me till it works!!
P6.B1: But listen, // if you ever take photos of me without asking...
P6.B2: you get no food!
P1.B1: That idiot!!
P3.B1: He vanishes so suddenly.... // and even took all Future Shots with him...
P4.B1: Analog Photo Club Rule 31... // "Photos are a once-in-a-lifetime".
P5.B1: It was time...
P5.B2: he changed his feelings...!
P1.B1: Even so... // it's quite the mess here.
P1.B2: Y- Yeah.
P2.B1: It's because Matataki was always doing the cleaning.
P2.B2: Yo- You're right.
P3.B1: Hello---
P3.B2: I'm giving back the photos I lend for our newspaper!!
P4.B1: Niimi-san!! Nice timing!! // Come in!!
P4.B2: E- Eh!?
P5.B1: Then let's get started with cleaning!!
P5.B2: Eeh!? // Why me too!?
P2.B1: Puh, that you liked cleaning really helped us...
P2.B2: I don't like it, but I couldn't leave this mess alone!!
P3.B1: Mh...? What's this?
P4.B1: Ah, that's a diascope!! // To think we had one!!
P4.B2: Matataki was using it once in a while.
P4.B3: Let's try it out for a bit!
P4.B4: Y- Yeah, if it still works...
P4.B5: Y-o-u t-w-o!
P6.B1: If you act like this, we'll never finish!!
P7.B1: Y- Yes...
P2.B1: Why!? It's totally useless!!
P3.B1: It's so strange!!
P4.B1: Sagrada Familia....
P4.B2: Barcelona's bull fight arena...
P4.B3: Costa del Sol's beach.
P5.B1: Matataki, read the atmosphere!
P5.B2: The theory is to be able to photograph again, // by getting moved in photographing Spain's beautiful spots, right?
P5.B3: Eeh!?
P1.B1: Matataki... // when you were in Japan, you were able to take them properly, right?
P2:B1: What were you thinking back then?
P3.B1: ...Well, I wasn't specially aware of it...
P4.B1: But when I looked through the finder,
P4.B2: I thought "How beautiful"...
P6.T1: And "I want Mirai to see this too"...
P3.B1: Somehow there seems to lie the problem.
P4.B1: Well, whatever. If you don't wanna talk about it, I won't ask.
P4.B2: Since I'm a lady.
P6.B1: Y- Yo, // Anna.
P1.B1: ....Hose.
P2.B1: So that's the Japanese boy, who started living with you...
P3.B1: Hoo.... I didn't know,
P3.B2: that you had a fancy for Europeans...
P4.B1: Like it has anything to do with you!!
P5.B1: Wh- // What's with you...
P6.B1: Hose... What are you doing? Let's go already.
P6.B2: Ah, Yeah....
P5.B1: Let's get going too!!
P6.B1: Matataki, I'll show you,
P6.B2: the pride of us Spanish, the siesta.
P2.B1: Wah, Anna... Where are we going!?
P2.B2: And what's with "Siesta"....
P3.B1: Just be quiet,
P3.B2: and follow me!!
P4:B1: Eh, this...
P5.B1: ...Yes.
P5.B2: The backyard close to our house.
[no text]
P1.B1: Sagrada Familia,
P1.B2: Barcelona's bull fight arena,
P1.B3: Costa del Sol's beach,
P1.B4: I showed you various places...
P2.B1: but in the end,
P2.B2: I love this place the most.
P3.B1: Having a siesta here, with a book, is the best there is.
P4.B1: ...And that siesta is...
P4.B2: You see, a siesta is...
P5.B1: to take afternoon nap!!
P1.B1: An afternoon nap?
P2.B1: Yeah, too much worrying and thinking... is not good.
P2.B2: That's why I come here and close my eyes.
P5.B1: I also think this is a great place.
P1.B1: Hey, Matataki, // just be yourself.
P1.B2: That's the best way.
P4.B1: ...Yeah.
P1.B1: *click*
P2.B1: Somehow it felt..
P2.B2: like that one worked...
P4.B1: Wah, Wah, Anna, look!!
P4.B2: The photos I took before...
P2.B1: Eeh!? How mysterious!!
P2.B2: So it wasn't you not be able to take them!!
P5.B1: Anan.. Do you remember the first photo I took?
P5.B2: I'll give it to you.
P5.B3: Eh?
P1.B1: I think it's natural and fantastic expression.
P3.B1: Wh- What are you saying...
P4.B1: Hey, Anna...?
P5.B1: Being yourself,
P5.B2: applies to you too.
P4.B1: Ma- Matataki....
P4.B2: Just now... // you were cheeky!!
P3.B1: H- Huh? What's this...
P3.B2: It turned on by itself...
P4.B1: Ho- How strange... // I can't shut it down...!!
P5.B1: Th- This...
P6.B1: All Future Shots...
P6.B2: till now!?
P2.B1: Th-
P2.B2: This is ..!?
P2.T1: Tennis Guy in an accident!? The Future is moving...!!

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