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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Cage of Eden 162

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jul 15, 2012 20:39 | Go to Cage of Eden

-> RTS Page for Cage of Eden 162

Reserved for MangaBurn

Cage of Eden Chapter 162

Page 01

Let's settle this already,
(Akira turns the tables! Nishiori is cornered!)
H- Hey, someone stop that kid.
Otherwise we won't get what we want: The treatment for the female teacher!
You just can't beat up the doctor!
Don't interfere, Igarashi-san.
Nishiori's denial for treatment is the greatest threat on this island.
His threat is backed by the "fear of death". // One of human's basic emotions.
Chapter 162: Secret of the devil
...But normal methods won't convince him.
What are you going to do, Sengoku-kun...!

Page 02

You guys stay out of this...
I'll handle him personally!
Eh, Nishiori-san...?
What's with him.
He can't barely stand anymore.
Even his last punch hadn't had any strength in it---

Page 03

For something like this, // I'm alone are more than enough!!
Fine by me...
Bring it on, Nishioriii!!
That's why you're an idiot!!

Page 04

Wh- What's he...
Playing dirty!!
What you mean playing dirty!?

Page 05

You guys are just too naive!!
This is a fight!!
This is what it means to survive!!
You should have figured that out too after coming onto this island!!
Only the smart ones survive here!!
Those standing up to a beast all alone for the sake of others... // And those panicking from the fear---
The idiots all die!!
You don't need friends here,
but a hierarchy amongst the survivors!!
Idiots don't have to thinks!!

Page 06

That's not right...!
We're alive because we have friends.
We survived this far by combining our strength...!
D- Don't be a smartass now.
You guys are no different!!

Page 07

In the end, all you guys are doing is obeying Sengoku Akira...
How's that any different from us!?
Stop kidding me!!
I'm not obeying Sengoku at all!
I only act on my own will!!
...It's like Suzuki said.

Page 08

It's not like we have a hierarchy between us.
Everyone's here of their own free will.
We came together, because we have the same goal...
That's why we were able to survive until now...
Right! We...
were saved by our friends numerous times.
Even with the attack of the giant condor, we survived that by combining our strength.
And when our friends one after another collapsed at the mountain,
we didn't leave behind a single one.
We overcame all kind of
problematic situations together...!

Page 09

That's how it is, Nishiori!!
The reason we're alive is...
that we have the help of our precious friends!!
Precious friends my ass!!

Page 10

Stop spouting pretty words. Have you forgotten already!?
Those foolish girls wrote it!
The name of that girl onto the execution paper!
You're all proud of your friends, // but in the end you betray----
Rion wrote that herself.
Isn't that right, Rion...
There isn't a single traitor like you think.
Even when you changed your dirty rules, // I knew that no one would wrote down a name.
Even I wouldn't be able to. // And it's only obvious...

Page 11

But if all papers were blank, you were going to blame us like this: // "See, you all chose Akagami."....
That's why I wrote my name.
I thought it would make you happy.
And also, I believed that Akira and co // would come...
What trouble~~~
The game is over!
Everyone, get them!!
You can even whatever you want with the girls! // Kill them all---!!

Page 12

O- Okay, Nishiori-san spoke.
Let's go, guys---
I... // I can't anymore...
B- Boy?
What are you saying...
I understood...
that this is just wrong.
I obeyed Nishiori because I was too scared... // I think that can't be helped... // You all should be the same as me...
B- But, by looking at them, I understood...
That this is wrong. // We have forgotten something very precious...
I.. I can't do this anymore...
I can't go on betraying my friends or killing each other anymore...

Page 13

W- What are you saying? // What's up!?
Get them already!!
I'm giving you an order here!!
You all---
Are you sure!? If you don't listen to me---
...It's over, Nishiori...
Sengoku Akira...
No one will listen to you anymore.
It's already...

Page 14

Treat our teacher, Nishiori!!
Huh?... Treat...?
Yes, treat her!
You can't survive on this island alone...
You should know that the best.
Then you don't have any other choices.
From now on, you'll obey us!
Get on it quickly.
We don't have much time---
Hey, Nishiori!
What are you staying quiet for! Say something!
...You think you have won...?

Page 15

It's your loss...
In the end.... // Kukuku...
What are you saying...?
That woman will die.
She can't be saved.
Wh- What!?
You still refuse to treat her at this point!?
Hahaha... Just how much of a nice guy can you be!
At least doubt people a bit...!
What...? What's he going on about!?

Page 16

I'm not a

Page 17

What did he say..?
C- Can't be...!
When he's no doctor, // why is he so knowledged about illnesses....
...That's not strange at all.
Because I work at a Kazuka medicine industry.
Kazuka Medicines ...?
It's a large medicament company.
I was doing business there...
Ever heard of MR? // The ones going around selling medicines to the doctors... [MR: Medicall Representative]
Thanks to that, I got a certain knowledge of medicines.
And obviously about illnesses too.
B- But
even so...
It came to back then...

Page 18

When the guys from the pyramid
all collapsed...
From the symptoms, I immediately knew the cause.
I got the stuff for a medicine.
I'm the only one who can save them...
! That's when I had the idea.
What if I told them that I'm a doctor...?
On an island without a doctor, a doctor will get so most influence...!
And when I get that influence...
I get 50 loyal slaves.
My own slaves----

Page 19

Did you know? A doctor is nothing
but a build-up of a special consciousness...
They are treating us MRs like slaves.
That's why I treated these guys here as slaves now. // It felt really good! Hahaha!!
That's why, I'm afraid to tell you: I have no clue about the operation for her!!
What a shame. All that's left for her
is death!!

Page 20

W- Wait a moment...
...? Oomori-san!?
That sounds weird.
True, he might not be a doctor...
but in the plane we rode
there was definitely a doctor on board.
(Is there a doctor or not!? Oomori's statement calls for more turmoil!!)
(Continued in Issue 34)

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