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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Cage of Eden 163

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jul 21, 2012 18:22 | Go to Cage of Eden

-> RTS Page for Cage of Eden 163

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Cage of Eden Chapter 163

Page 01

Th- There was a doctor on the plane...?
(Nishikiori was a fake doctor! But there is another doctor!?)
Wh- What do you mean, Oomori-san...?
Therer's a reason why I didn't had any doubts
that Nishikiori would be a doctor.
Chapter 163: Who is the doctor?
It happened right before our take-off in Guam...

Page 02

I... I did something...
*swing* x3
Awawa, what now...
There isn't much time until we take off..
What a mess, Nanako...
C'mon, don't cry.
I'll help you, so let's fix this quickly.
You know, you're always overdoing it. // You made mistakes on outward flight too.
Like tripping and spilling beer on the costumer...
Or you got vomited on by a crying baby with a fever when you tried to calm it...
B- But there wasn't a doctor. I couldn't leave it alone...

Page 03

Ah, you don't need to worry about that on the return flight.
Seems we'll have a doctor with us..... // I just heard it from the staff here.
I- Is that so. That's assuring for when we have a case of sickness!
Guess so.
Are you really sure...?
Reminds me, the CA was desperately looking for a doctor when we crashed...
But I don't remember it well, since it was so chaotic.
She was running around the passenger.
Ah, I remember that too! // She was really desperate, shouting "Where's the doctor?"...
I didn't pay it much attention at that time...
But she knew there was a doctor amongst them, // so she was that desperate to find him...

Page 04

But what happened to him then...?
Isn't it obvious.
Or have you forgotten the danger of this island...
That we haven't found him so far means
that he already died...

Page 05

...Geez, Akira-kun is just too soft!
To let them roam around so freely.

Page 06

They touched my butt before!
They all should just be locked up! // Together with Nishikiori!
We can't do that.
Assuming we do lock them up... what then? // Do we kill them off?
Th- That's...
If we don't kill them, we ought to release them at some time. // And then they're holding a grudge against us for locking them up.
Then we'll be fighting again. This time out of a grudge and not hate...
Well, isn't that right, Sengoku.
Even if they were used by Nishikiori, what they did to us
can't be forgotten, nor forgiven...

Page 07

But we still have to get along.
Because... // we now have more than 80 people to move around with...
Well, for a while we should be a bit alerted.
Specially the girls...
..Seigou-san! Igarashi-san!
Aw~ I'm so tired!
It was my fist time interrogating someone...
Got some food?
If fruits are fine...

Page 08

So, did Nishikiori say something...?
Yeah. Looks like he wasn't lying.
He's without doubt a employee from that pharmacy company.
We throw him some question he would only know as an employee,
but he answered them all perfectly...
I don't think an outsider would know
about the positions of the toilets and meeting rooms of the company...
...I see.
Then he // really isn't a doctor...

Page 09

H- How is she doing....
Isn't it getting worse..?
Y- Yeah...
H- Hey, when Nishikiori wasn't a doctor...
then her "internal bleeding in the abdominal cavity" was just made up, wasn't it...
M- Might be...
what's she suffering from...!?
Just what... // will happen to her....!?

Page 10

Hey, Sengoku, don't eat so fast!
I know you're worried about Sensei, but...
But it's strange.
I wonder why that doctor name himself at all...
I mean, the CA was looking for him, but he didn't reveal himself. Isn't that strange? (There were injured people...)
Maybe it was too troublesome for him?
Though there was someone faking to be one...

Page 11

He hid it...?
What do you mean?
Well... It just came to me. // That doctor might have had a reason not to reveal himself...
When he's a doctor, he graduated university... // So he isn't all that young anymore.
Seigou-san is a monk. // So not him.
And Igarashi-san showed me his business card. // No reason to doubt him on that...
The man is hiding the fact that he's a doctor to begin with.
Then he should
take an attitude that the farthest away from a doctor---
That Nishikiori---
Totally surprised me...
So, what do we do from now on...

Page 12

Huh? The old man...? // Can't be....
Wh- What are you saying, Akira-kun.
What's going on?

Page 13

Well, you know, our Akira here
thought you might be the doctor...
O- Oh my~ // M- Me a doctor!? That came out of nowhere, so I was taken aback.
See, Akira-kun.
Someone insecure as him can't be a doctor...
But if you consider that he's hiding it...
he should be acting the opposite of a doctor.
Like showing of that he's
extremely weak to blood or shy....

Page 14

Wahaha. Just stop it.
I guarantee that he's just perfect good-for-nothing. // His weakness for blood isn't an act either...
Haha, yeah.
Yeah. The only reason he knows about injuries
is because he's a bonesetter doctor.
That's it...!
I knew it was strange!
I mean, no one would
name himself a "bonesetter doctor"!
Wh- What do you mean...?

Page 15

You know I'm in the volleyball club, right?
I suck at it, so I sprain my fingers or get other sprains. // So I always visit a bonesetter.
Once when I twisted my leg, it hurt so much that I said to him
"At least roentgen it". // And then...
He answered:
"We bonesetters aren't doctors, we can't take roentgens".
They can't officially call themselves doctors... // I think the correct term is "Judo physiotherapist"...
In other words...

Page 16

The term bonesetter "doctor" shouldn't exists.
There's no way you can mistake your own occupation...
Why would you lie?
Ah... No...
I didn't lie...
I- I mean, that term is long isn't it...
So it became a habit to just called it "Bonesetter doctor". // It's easier to understand too...

Page 17

...Does that sound plausible?
Well... he has a point...
Is that the truth?
We throw him some question he would only know as an employee,
but he answered them all perfectly...
Mutou-san! How did you get that job...?
You need a license for bonesetter... // That means there's an exam for it.
What kind of exam is it.

Page 18

I wonder what kind of exam...
Does anyone know?
Y- Yeah!
Of course I know that.
That exam was...
Ah, old man.
I can tell if you're lying. // Because I'm studying sports science <3
I know a lot about that exam <3
That should do, right, Akira-kun.
Aw, that surprised me. He suddenly looked at me, so I thought he was into me.

Page 19

My speciality is the 100m run. (A lie)
They call me the "Florence Joyner of Jounan Uni" (A lie)
My record is 9,5 seconds...
That's a new world record!
Ah... I... I'm...
D- Don't tell me, he really...
is the doctor...!?
N- No...
can't do it...
I just can't do it!!

Page 20

Sensei... I'll save you!
means possible!!
(Is there a way to save Kurusu!? Next time, with a grand opening colour page!!)
(Mutou is the real doctor!? Continued in Issue 35)

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