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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Cage of Eden 164

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Jul 27, 2012 17:34 | Go to Cage of Eden

-> RTS Page for Cage of Eden 164

Reserved for MangaBurn

Cage of Eden Chapter 164

Page 01

(Celebrating great popularity! A midsummer colour page!)
(You won't even notice)
(the fireworks!)
Chapter 164: Dangerous Operation

Page 02

(A real beauty! Don't miss the colour page.)
He's... // a doctor...!?
N- No...
I... I'm... // I can't...
Answer us clearly, Mutou-san!
Were you the one and only doctor // on that plane?

Page 03

Th- Then you really are... // a doctor!?
B- But didn't he vomit upon seeing blood? // That wasn't an act.
Are they any doctors like that?
What does it mean...?
Who cares about that.

Page 04

It doesn't matter if you're an internist or a surgeon.
If you're a doctor, you know about anatomy, right?
You know, right? // Can you operate?
I- I can't.... // I'm just....
Look here----
You only need to tell us.
You just need to tell us your knowledge....
...? // My knowledge...?

Page 05

I'll do the operation.

Page 06

Wh- What are you saying!!
Th- That's reckless!!
M- Mutou-san!
You're the only one---
He won't do it...
You know about it too, right?
About how Nishikiori let the previous group leader and his kid die.
And he just watched silently.
There's no way he'll act now, just because a single teacher is dying.
B- But it's impossible even for you!
There's no way an amateur can do an operation!
Besides it's too reckless to do here without the proper tools!
That's like you're going to kill----

Page 07

Sensei agreed // to it...
She left it to me if there's no other way
W- We have to work together... // She doesn't have much longer...
Only Yarai can do it!
W- Well, if she agreed to it..
I have to stay by her side.
You guys go get the needed tools.
O- Okay...

Page 08

Nishikiori told me the tools we need at least...
Scalpel, needle, thread, forceps and an electric scalpel. These 5.
H- How are we going to get these...
We can make a scalpel by breaking up some glass. // The needle from a mending set. A girl's hair will do as a thread.
The electric will be a fired steel piece and the forceps can be made out of make-up tools.
...That should do, right, Old man?
Will this do..
What about narcosis...
Seems there's a plant with a soothing effect.
But that can't be all too effective.
Will this really go well....

Page 09

Do think it will go well?
500 years ago there was often used an operation called "Trepanation" in the Inka Kingdom.
It was a primitive operation of cutting into the scalp and opening a hole into the skull. // But it's survival rate was pretty high and even after the operating people lived quite long.
There are others, like an architect who learned the anatomy by studying art.
He then operating soldiers with appendix...
But still...

Page 10

It's no good.
There's no way it will go well..
She isn't suffering from "inner bleedings from a hit".
I'm afraid it's a "perforation ulcer of the duodenum".
of the duodenum...? What's that..
A digestion ulcer.
The symptoms for "inner bleedings" are a swelled stomach from all the blood. // But that isn't the case for her...
She often had pains in the night and when she was hungry, right?
C- Certainly...
That's a common symptom for "perforation ulcer of the duodenum".
At worst it might also be a peritonitis.

Page 11

What are you staying quiet for...
! Yashimi-san....
These boys don't even have pubic hair growing,
but they're desperately trying to save a life.
And we adults are just watching... Are you fine with that?
You don't think anything of it!? // Don't you feel any shame!?
Shut up...!!
What do you know....!!
It's impossible for me...!!
I have...

Page 12

I have killed a human...
with these hands...!
K- Killed...!?
Wh- What do you mean...
It was // 5 years ago...
One day a 10 year old boy was brought in by the ambulance.
He was run over by a truck.

Page 13

Hurry!! Bring him into the operation room!! // And prepare some blood transfusion!!
He had six broken bones. // And various damaged organs---
H- Hang in there!
I'll definitely save you!!
Doctor, are you okay!? // You haven't slept at all because of the emergencies tonight...
I'm okay! I'll...
do this operation!
His wounds were terrible, but it was possible to rescue him.
Heartbeat stopped!
Prepare electric shocks...
Doctor, your orders. // Doctor!
B- But that's not your fault...
...It was my mistake.

Page 14

A mistake of treatment...
In my haste I mistook the artery for a vein.
It was such a beginner mistake...
I killed him....!
What's more, I wasn't even blamed...
Wh- What do you mean?
The hospital covered it up. It's nothing uncommon...
B- But that's in the past now----
Why do you think I was in such a haste...?

Page 15

That boy was
my son. [Isnt there a rule that doctors aren't allowed to treat their own family members oO?]
...You see, // I have killed my own son.
With my own hands...

Page 16

Papa! I took first place with my picture today!
Oh! What did you paint?
You! I painted you wearing a white robe! // When I told them you're the best doctor in the world, // the teacher was praising me with "That's amazing" and "You must be proud of him".
When I grow up, I want to be an amazing doctor like you!
...You think I can...?
Yeah... You can do it!
He was kind and smart.
I was so proud of him.

Page 17

And with my own hands
I killed him----
And since then, every time I went into the operation room...
I remembered my son's dead face....!
My hands started to shake and I couldn't hold the scalpel...
And I even started to vomit upon seeing blood...!
It's impossible. I can no longer be...
a doctor...

Page 18

..Indeed, I sympathise with you, but...
that doesn't justify everything.
I'm sick of seeing people die.
It should be the same for you!!
So stopped clinging to the past----

Page 19

You're going to
save a life!!
(Will his scream from the heart reach Mutou!?)

(Continued in the combined Issue 36+37)

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