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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

Cage of Eden 165

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Aug 4, 2012 15:34 | Go to Cage of Eden

-> RTS Page for Cage of Eden 165

Reserved for MangaBurn

Cage of Eden Chapter 165

Page 01

I.. I'm...
(Akira snaps at Mutou, who refuses to operate Kurusu!)
going to save her life....?
Yeah, that's right!
You'll do the operation!!
Wh- What are you saying... // Were you listening to me!? // It's not that I won't do it, but I can't...!!
M- My hands are shaking...
and I vomit upon seeing blood. // There's no way I can operate---
Chapter 165: Desperate Persuasion
(Latest Volume 18 finally goes on sale on the 17th (Fri) of August!)

Page 02

We're asking you because you're the only who can do it!!
I would have done it long ago if I could!!
Yarai said he would do it...
He isn't going to do it because he's confident about it. // He knows there's a slim chance of success.
But there's no other way...
If we do nothing, she will die!!
Are you fine with that...!?
A lot of people died here already.
A lot of lives vanish. We couldn't save them.
We might to save one this time!
Please, Mutou-san...

Page 03

You're the only one...
to pull that off...!!
I... I...
Geez, what a pathetic man... // You can't even face your dead son like this...

Page 04

I'm sure your son is crying on the other side. Poor boy.
I mean, he died so early.
What did you say...!?
You don't get it? He believed you were the best doctor in the world, right?
But here you are all depressed...
Don't you think he would be sad seeing your current self,
who's abandoning a patient...?

Page 05

Papa is the best doctor in the world.
When I grow up, I'll become a great doctor like you!
Fuh... Fuah...
I.. What...
What should I do...
Try to be one once more...

Page 06

The best doctor in the world, who your son was so proud about...
You're safe now, Sensei.
There's a real doctor.
Just hang in there a bit longer---

Page 07

5 Minutes after it's boiling, right...
Should be by now.
Get it down from the fire and let it cool.
What are you using it for? All this boiled water...
I'm going to wash the insides of her stomach.
Eh? The insides?
The treatment for "perforation ulcer of the duodenum" is to open the stomach and repair the perforated part.
For that we need to wash out the blood and stomach contents that leaked out through the perforation.
Normally you use isotonic saline solution warmed up to 40°C for that...
But that's asking too much here. // So we're boiling the river water to sterilize it and use it instead.
I.. I see...
Old man! I prepared the tools like you told me.
Sterilized them?
I left them in the boiled water for longer than 15 minutes.
G- Good!

Page 08

Let's begin...
Y-Yarai, are you ready?
Yeah. How's she doing?
Can I really do it..?
The current me
hasn't hold a scalpel for 5 years...
I can't stop my hand from shaking...

Page 09

K- Kirino-san...?
Calm down, Mutou-san.. // Please take a deep breath...
If you stay calm and focused, I'm sure you can do it.
I... believe you can!

Page 10

O- Okay...
You have my blessings too!
Don't suffer alone.
We're with you!
We can't come inside, but we'll be fighting with you from the outside!

Page 11

...That's right! // This hand saved a lot of lives, right?
Please be confident.
I don't get all the difficult stuff,
but it's all about the spirit!!
Please save our teacher!
Give your best...!
Please save Kurusu-sensei.
I'll do it too.
Me too..
Mutou-san, you have our blessing too!

Page 12

Please save
our teacher...
My hand's so warm...

Page 13

Give your best,
You'll be fine...
You're the best doctor in the world after all.

Page 14

M- Mutou-san,
what are you doing. We're already ready here.
The patient?
Right here. [no kidding?]
She seems to be in a lot of pain...
Yeah. We gave her herbs to relief the pain, // but it's not working...

Page 15

H- Hey, what are you...
Or I'll slip.
This is---
Her breathing got better...
The pain is fading...?
Anaesthesia through acupuncture. // A technique originating in the traditional Chinese medicine. 30 years ago it was used pretty often in China.
It's used declined over time and isn't in use anymore nowadays.
It's only a slight relief, but it looks like it works...
This old man...

Page 16

knows what he's doing...!
Okay, let's start the operation.
It.. will go well, right... // She'll be all healthy again, right...
Don't worry. We're waiting in belief that it'll succeed.
What's up, Akira-kun? You're still worried about something..?
Mm... Well...

Page 17

After I heard about him and his son,
I was remembering my mom...
Your mother...?
Yeah... // I wonder what's she doing right now...
Today's lunchbox is cute, isn't it?
The taste is perfect too!
Geez. You're really beyond help.
Back then I only thought of her as annoying,
It's so strange...
Just a bit longer, Akira-kun.
...Yeah, that's right.

Page 18

Our trip will
be over soon....!
When Sensei's operation is over and she recovered,
we're heading to the west of the island----

Page 19

If Yarai's map is correct, // then in the west
is the fourth and last tower,
which we haven't yet seen!
According to Yarai it might be a quarter. // Or it might be something else. We don't know...
But once we go there,
we might get clues about all the things we don't know yet.
Like why there are no other people...
Or why they made extinct animals...
And what exactly this island is...

Page 20

If we find out that,
we can go back to Japan!
That's right!
This is close to Okinawa. // If we build a boat, we'll---
Ah, speaking of Okinawa...
? Vice-Prez? What's up?
Well, you know...
It seems Nishikiori was saying something ridiculous...
(Nishikiori knows something about this island!!)
(Next time, increased 23 pages!)

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