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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Cage of Eden 166

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Aug 18, 2012 18:56 | Go to Cage of Eden

-> RTS Page for Cage of Eden 166

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Cage of Eden Chapter 166

Page 01

Nishikiori // is saying something ridiculous...?
(Just what does Nishikiori know!?)
Tch, him again.
He doesn't learn...
What's with him...
What did he say, Vice-Prez...
(23 pages as thanks for the popularity!!)
(Latest Volume 18 on sale!)
Chapter 166: The thing stars show

Page 02

Oh, what's up, guys?
Kokonoe! How's Nishikiori?
He's behaving like you can see...
Oh my..
Sengoku-kun and company...
What's up that you're all here?
Ah, reminds me, that plain guy was a doctor, huh... // Totally surprised me!
But is it true? He might be a fake one too? Kukuku....

Page 03

That doesn't matter now.
What are you plotting this time!?
I heard you're spouting some nonsense.
Ahh... about that...
Judging by that, I guess you guys really haven't noticed it.
I'm not lying. Listen well...
This island...
isn't close to Okinawa...!

Page 04

D- Don't make stuff up!
We have evidence. // Here and on some other tower there were coordinates....
Heh. so what..
This is without doubt not close to Okinawa.
What!? You don't even have proof!
Proof, huh. I have.
Where! // Where is that proof you speak of!
It's right here...
ABOVE you.
Above he said!?
Just what's above....
Th- There's nothing...
You can't see it? It's right there...

Page 05

The stars.
Th- The stars...!?
Hey, you don't get it? // What are they teaching you at school...?
Well, whatever... I'm bored since you tied me up, so I'll explain.
I hope you at least know that the stars are moving every day.
That's caused by the earth going around the sun in one year.
That means when you see the same stars again, one year has passed.
A stars position depends on the time, you know.
Well, you should have learned that in school.

Page 06

Then did you know that stars look positioned differently even on the same day?
It's one way of giving coordinates on earth besides the longitude.
The equator is 0° and the north and south pole are 90°.
Well done, Four-eyes..
To see constellations the latitude is important...
(North Star)
That's because the earth is round, so the region of the sky you see changes too.
(Southern Cross)
Close to the north pole you can't see the southern cross and close to the south pole you can't see the North star.
Even if you stay in Japan, you see different stars in Naha and Sapporo. // That's because there's a 17° difference in the latitude.
(Sapporo // Northern Latitude 43.12°)
(Naha // Northern Latitude 26.12°)

Page 07

...You get it?
When the latitude is different, the constellations definitely look different.
...The day before we crashed, the 3th October.
That day had the same sky.
Wh- What do you want to say...
On that day I came to Guam accompanying a doctor.
And even though I don't drink, I emptied some glasses with him.
When I was out in the middle of the night, I looked at the sky.
I saw stars you don't get to see in Japan that often.
Before I noticed, a few hours had passed. // So their sight burned into my memory.

Page 08

And on the next day
that accident happened---
It became night and people panicked from the animal's attack. After that..
I found a G-watch with an compass. Someone must have dropped it...
I had no special reason,
but I adjusted the point of the compass and looked at the sky.
I still remember it clearly to this point...
The stars looked just like the stars
that I saw before the accident...!
Guam is around 13° and Okinawa around 26°. // If this is close to Okinawa as you say, then the latitude differs by at least 10°. // Then the stars' position should be different too...
I tell you, this is close to Guam.
Or at least it's a place where the latitude doesn't differ much.

Page 09

W- Wait. Then what were these numbers on the antenna.
Heh, who knows. Guess you mistook them?
Th- That can't be!
H- Hey, this can't be real...
But if that's true..
what should we do...
Hah! Stupid!!
S- Sengoku...?
You damn liar! In the end you're nothing but talk. // What are you plotting this time by making us insecure?

Page 10

Yeah, just like Sengoku says.
I don't know what plan you have, but give it a rest already!
Or are you saying you have some other proof?
For example, a photo of the starry sky in Guam and here...?
.... // Heh...
Fine... It's up to you if you want to trust me.
T- Tch, so it was nonsense.
I got scared for a moment.
He's really an asshole...
Mh? That's...

Page 11

Wh- What's up? You're in such a rush...
Huh!? C- Could it be..
The operation... is over.
H- How did it go!?
Is Sensei okay!?
Yes, rest assured...
it was a success...!

Page 12

For a while she needs to rest.
She's sleeping tightly now...
There's still a change of infection, so it's already to be all relieved..
But for now, the operation went well!

Page 13

I'm so glad...!!
Kurusu-sensei is alright!!
As if she would die! // I knew it.
You were looking all depressed though.
I'm really glad...
Mutou-san pulled it off!

Page 14

Oh, right, Segawa-san. // Where's Yarai...?
pretty tired.
And said he wants to be alone for a while...
I'll save you.

Page 15

Well done, pops! // Eat this. My treat!
Th- Thanks:

Page 16

Sorry for earlier. // I let my tongue run free.
It's me who should apologize...
I'm really sorry...
I let
a lot of people die on this island...
If I had found the courage earlier, I might have saved various lives.
I might even have stopped Nishikiori's tyranny...
It's not over yet!
This case might it pretty clear. // Even if they try hard, they're just kids...
In crucial times, we the adults have to support them.
That is our true duty from now on!!

Page 17

You're right... I have to work as
hard as I can...
Well, I'm glad that the doctor // was someone like you...
Imagine the doctor being some weird guy.
Then he would totally go after my nice body <3
Bu with you I can relax <3 You're too old.
Hahaha. Do I look that old...?
That's right. I have to work hard for the kids now...

Page 18

good luck.
I'll do this...!
Eh? Pops?

Page 19

*tip* // *tip*
*tip* // *tip*
What'cha doing, Mariya?
I'm trying to connect the HD that Yarai found. // It got some heavy protection though...
Well, with a bit more time...
I see...
Hey, Mariya.
Guess we can't ignore his story.

Page 20

Nishikiori you mean...
Yeah! You too understood, right?
Back then I said all that in front of the others, // but it's too plausible for a lie.
I sure hope it is...Damn, so troublesome.
If he's right, then we're 1500km away from Okinawa.
(Guam // Okinawa Islands // Naha)
Not a distance you can easily cross.
If we go out into the sea
we'll all die...

Page 21

Please do that if I don't last.
To Yarai, she's the third...
Aww, what am I getting so happy about.
She's my rival....
Kyaa! Amazing! // So skilled!!
What's up..?
Ah, Saki

Page 22

Look at the pictures she draw!
There are so much in the sketch book. // She's really good.
Hee, let me see...
See? Isn't it good!?
You wouldn't think a 10 year old girl draw this!
Huh? That drawing...
I'm sure I found it at the "light house"... // and put it into my pocket...

Page 23

Found it!
H- Hey, some me that book!
I knew it...
Wh- What's this...
(Just who is Isuragi Miina!? The key to solve the mystery about the island's position and the extinct animals is a single girl)
(Continued in Issue 39)
It's the complete same drawing...

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