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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Cage of Eden 167

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Aug 25, 2012 15:50 | Go to Cage of Eden

-> RTS Page for Cage of Eden 167

Boobs <3
Reserved for MangaBurn

Cage of Eden Chapter 167

Page 01

Why are there two of the same drawing...?
(The piece of the drawing from the "light house" and the real Miina's sketchbook. How are the two related!?)
Chapter 167: Two Pictures
What's this...
R- Right, Yara should...
Yarai isn't back yet...
! // Ah, right. He's still resting somewhere....
What's with this drawing...
(Latest Volume 18 is on sale!!)

Page 02

What's the meaning...
of this...
The stains on this piece show it's pretty old.
Is it a copy..?
Nah, the lines are scratchy, so that's not it. // Both were drawn with a pencil...
Show me.
Eh, Vice-Prez?
at the edge of this drawing.
This is from the sketchbook binding.
See, it's the same...

Page 03

Wait a min...
Hey, when you hold it against the fire..
the lines seem to be off a bit...?
This second drawing looks pretty similar, but it's different...
B- But isn't it too similar? It's totally Miina's art...
But Miina was never at the "light house" right? Then why...
You said you found this piece at the "light house", right. // Can you tell me more about that tower?
Sure... but why?
It might give a hint...
to solve the mystery behind this drawing.

Page 04

Mhm, let's see...
The "light house" was a rather strange tower...
It was build at the coast and looked like a light house. I think it was about 15m high.
There was only one entrance, which was closed by an robust iron fence.
Inside there were a lot of rooms along the wall.
It had 6 floors and every one was build the same...
Ah... // Reminds me, one thing was weird.
Yes. Normally you would have an elevator in such a building, right? (There are 6 floors after all)
But that tower hadn't one. // There was only a stair.
A tower with only a stair, huh...
That sure is weird.
Okay! Anything more you noticed?

Page 05

Well... the towers on this island have a rather particular form and design. // I think there might me some "meaning" behind it...
So there might also be a meaning to why there was only a stair.
Ah... You can't rule that out.
Sensei said that.
Kurusu-sensei did...?
We found an ID card in the light house. // It had only written the name and affiliation on it.
And Sensei thought that this was somehow related to the stairs.
The stair was a spiral stair after all...
Is that the tower's real name?
Spiral... A spiral stair!?
C- Can't be...
Mariya? // You figured something out?

Page 06

Spiral... // Originally it refers to "coiling"....
Don't you see the special meaning to the tower?
It's DNA!
Yeah. As you all already know, all the animals here are probably man-made...
Basically, there were created with DNA manipulation.
And the place to control the DNA and create the extinct animals
is this "pyramid"!

Page 07

Then that "light house" should have a special something too.
It's pretty much certain that it was a facility related to the extinct animals.
From what you said, the light house is by far smaller than the pyramid. // That means it's a facility that doesn't need big instruments...
It might be that the "light house" served as the brain----
B- Brain....?
The place where they developed
the extinct animals.
The development...
of the extinct animals...?

Page 08

Yeah. They were creating a new life.
There must have been a special division for that development.
I assume the development of the extinct animals was a top secret even on this island. // And far away from the pyramid, which had biological hazard.
Top secret?
That's why the iron fence...
Hey, wait!
That doesn't matter right now!!
Even if we know that the light house developed the animals
what did a similar drawing of this girl do there?
Hey, do you know anything!? // About this island!!
If you do, tell us!!

Page 09

Hey, don't play..
W- Where are you touching me <3 // Hey~
Give it a rest already.
Did you forget? She has amnesia.
That's right, Segawa.
I told you she barely remembers anything...
B- But--
Isurugi Miina...
A mysterious girl.
But she's related to this island after all...?

Page 10

There's no way I can say it front of everyone.
That the "Antenna" might be Miina's grave...
It would just confuse everyone. What should I do...
The key is
the last tower after all.
Did you forget?
The map shows another tower.
Let's say the "light house" is the development center. // The "pyramid" is the factory for the extinct animals and the "Antenna" is a monument...
Then the last one, the building has a large possibility // of being a quarter like Yarai said!

Page 11

If people were living there, there should be traces left...
We might find out something...
Maybe someone still lives there.
Okay, let's go.
When we go to the last tower...
we should find out something....!

Page 12

Oomori-san got really big breasts~~
Nishikiori-san. Nishikiori-san...
Kuba-kun and Saitou...
Let's take this chance and escape together.
The others are useless now. They're too scared... // Let's go on by ourselves. We can get some women and...
No need to...

Page 13

Kuku. Don't misunderstand.
I'm just saying we should pretend to listen to them for now...
They still...
missing out on the "essential" thing...
Fufufu... You don't know what might happen.
And it's pretty likely I'll get to rule them again
at such a time...

Page 14

1 week later----
So we're finally departing
After we investigated the "building"
we only have to head for Japan...!
It sure took a while.
I wonder how much time passed.
It's coming to an end now...!

Page 15

Hey, hey!
What will you do when we're back in Japan?
I want to eat sweets!
I want to go to a live concert.
I'll do karate!
I got stronger here! // I might beat my master now.
I'm thinking of making a blog about this island.
Ah, that's great. You'll be rich if it becomes a book.
it's obvious what we'll do first.
We get home, open the door // and say..

Page 16

Mom, Dad,
I'm // home...
C'mon, don't get all silent now.
What if the worst cases happens and we can't get home?
Guess we have to marry someone and make some kids.
M- Marry?
Well, guess Sengoku would make a good catch.
Why Akira-kun!?

Page 17

Yeah. Considering the others...
They're all too plain. (No choice)
Wh- What!? What's going on...
D- Don't tell me...
....!? (Kashiwagi, you....)
Wh- What the~~~ (You girls!)
---Fufuh. They're all still kids <3
Sengoku is all charmed by my big breasts <3
I pity the other girls...

Page 18

But it's troubling how energetic boys his age are <3
K- Kanako, I can't anymore <3
U- Umm~~ What are you doing there on your own, Rei-san...
Are you okay, Sensei?
Yes, I'm all fine now...
Except the embarrassment.
Y- Yarai-kun, I'm fine. Let me down...
Stay still or your wounds will open again.
Nishikiori! Walk properly!

Page 19

Let's go!
Why don't you go already?
Wh- What's up, Rion? // You seem to be in a bad mood.
Don't touch me, playboy---
Who cares about you! Just become a big daddy or whatever----
I don't care anymore!!

Page 20

---Overcoming various trails, we still had hope.
Hey, wait! // I said wait, Rion---
(What awaits them at the fourth tower, the "building" is a "truth" they're better off not knowing....)
That is until we saw "that tower"---
(Continued in Issue 40!)

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