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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Cage of Eden 172

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Sep 30, 2012 11:38 | Go to Cage of Eden

-> RTS Page for Cage of Eden 172

Reserved for MangaBurn

Cage of Eden Chapter 172

Page 01

(Akira decided to move on ahead without mentioning Tooru's wound. Will their dangerous investigation reveal the mystery of the island...!?)
(Latest volume 18 is selling well!)
Chapter 172: God's Territory
This tower... has four floors, hasn't it...
That's how it looked from the outside.
Look here. This looks like a picture frame.
Maybe there hung a picture? A pretty big one...
Hey! C'mon guys, don't dawdle.
We have to search!
Y- Yes.

Page 02

Rei-san is so energetic again. Seems like crying earlier didn't happen. // Right, Akira-kun?
Hey, you have been acting strange for a while... // Is something up?
Ah, no, it's nothing...
Reminds me, it's since we parted with Tooru-san.
It looked like you two talked about something... // Did he say something...?
It's nothing! He just told me something that's bothering me...
So I have been thinking about it. // Guess that's what appears strange to you.
Tooru-san said something...
that's bothering you...?

Page 03

He said that something's...
wrong with the Isurugi mark.
The Isurugi mark? What...
Explain, Sengoku.
...How old do you think
is this building and it's equipment?
Mhm, about 30~40 years?
No, the ceiling is already breaking because of it's own weight, so it's older.
I would say even older than 50 years.
But don't you find that strange?
If this is related to the Isurugi Group... // that doesn't match up!
match up?
Ah! I see! You're right!!
Eh? Igarashi-san...?

Page 04

I told you before that the Isurugi Group
was build up by Isurugi Yoshimi in just one generation...
If this is older than 50 years... // Isurugi Yoshimi was a student around 20 years at that time!
S- So the Isurugi Group didn't exist yet!?
Then that marks is...?
What's the meaning of that...
B- But the mark was on the model of the island.
It might have been brought in later?
B- But the "antenna" had the mark too.
Yeah. And it looked just as old as this building.
I have a bad feeling about this...
What's up...?

Page 05

I don't see anyone...
I certainly feel like
being watched...
Eh. // Still...?
It wasn't your imagination!?
I- Is there really someone!?
D- Don't worry, Rion...
save everyone!

Page 06

Whatever might happen, we all
will make it back...!
Y- // Yeah...!
The stairs stop at the second floor...
Eh? That can't be..
Looks like there's a way over there...
Let's try it.

Page 07

No good. It's completely buried.
Damn, so the top floors crumbled too!
The floor is blocked too...
Isn't this right above the place where the doors didn't open?
There's quite some pressure on it. Just by opening a door the whole ceiling would crumble...
We can't go on now.
What now?
What's the matter, Mariya-kun?
Doesn't it bother you? // That space over there...

Page 08

It's quite spacious there,
but there's only one door---
N- Now that you mention it.
Must be some really big room...
And look at that door. // Unlike the others, it got a special design.
Maybe it's some really important room...?
O- Okay, let's check it out.

Page 09

I wonder what's behind that door.
I hope we find something...
A- Are you okay, Igarashi-san? With all the running...
Don't worry! // I won't lose to you youngsters!
It's quite big...
It looks really though.
It's a swing door...
Doesn't seem to be locked... // You think it'll be safe to open it?
Should be. // There's a gap below the door, so there isn't any pressure from above.
We're also a good part away from the collapse, so it should be fine.

Page 10

Okay, let's open it.
Yeah, on three...
*squeak* x2
Oh, it's opening...!
It's open...
Okay.. // Let's go inside!

Page 11

There are benches lined up...
So many...
It's quite big...
Just what is this room...?
Akira-kun, look!

Page 12+13

A statue of Christ...?
Th- Then
this is...
a church....!?

Page 14

Wh- Why...
is there a church here...?
...This island was a place
to experiment with DNA and create artificial life, wasn't it...
That's actually God's territory.
The researcher here were opposing god.
So maybe they needed a mental support....
Makes sense...
The "light house" also had a bell attached to it... // So it was a chapel...?
Reminds me, the "antenna" resembled a cross... // And there were some angel statues.
It might have not been just a momentum, but some religious stuff.

Page 15

Opposing god, but likewise seeking his forgiveness...
Why did the people here
go so far to create a new life...
Hey, boy! Look below

Page 16

Wh- What's this...
L- Letters...?
Yeah, it's hard to read because of the scribbling,
but it seems to be english...

Page 17

"Go to hell"!
"Motherfucker"! "You dumbass"!
They're all insults...
It's all swearing...!!
They were supposed to seek forgiveness,
but below are insults...?
What was going on here...?
!! // S- Sengoku-kun! Here's written something strange!!
Island of disaster...
Raika Island...?
...Raika Island...?
H- Hey, this is...
Yeah it might be...

Page 18

the name of this island...?
Have you heard of Raika Island before...?
No, it's my first time...
And you, Yarai?
I haven't heard it before either...
I- I see...
This name...
You know it, Rion!?
(A mysterious name, "Raika Island". Rion noticed something!?)
(Continued in Issue 45!)

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