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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Cage of Eden 173

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Oct 6, 2012 17:46 | Go to Cage of Eden

-> RTS Page for Cage of Eden 173

Reserved for MangaBurn

Cage of Eden Chapter 173

Page 01

(The name of the island! Rion noticed something!?)
(Latest Volume 18 is selling well!)
Chapter 173: The name of the Island: Raika
This is...
Eh!? You know the // name Raika, Rion!?
You know something, Akagami?
Just what does it mean?

Page 02

Ah... // N- No...
It's not anything special...
Any trivial stuff matters!
We can use any kind of hint!!
N- No, well...
It's just something irrelevant...
You don't know that yet!
That's right, Rion! // Do it for us...!
A- // Akira...

Page 03

It... It's an anagram!!
When you reorder the letters,
Raika becomes Akira. That's what I noticed!
I... I told you it's irrelevant! // But you forced me to say it...
That's what you think of in this situation!?
Impressive you can say such embarrassing stuff...
Guess it's true that big breasts equal stupidity.
It doesn't equal.

Page 04

B- But thinking up an anagram, that's surprising...
W- Well, I played it often with Akira-kun's mother...
Played? With anagrams?
Akira-kun's mother likes mystery. // She specially like anagrams and secret codes.
We played by giving us challenges each others, so when I see names, a habit kicks in...
Geez, and here I thought we had a clue...
What a disappointment, right Yarai?
Whatever! // The name might have some meaning or not,
but just knowing the name is good in itself.

Page 05

This room might hide something else.
Let's look around some more!!
Wh- What did you say!? // That monster who attacked the plane might be nearby!?
Yeah... We found the debris of a helicopter close by. // It was all flat, like being trampled over by something...
The only monster who can do that is the Megatherium!
Wh- What now? We only just started the searching, stopping now would be..
...I have an idea. Fire!!
Yeah, I heard from Sengoku. // That monster retreated when the plane burned.

Page 06

I.. I see. A camp fire! If we light up a big one...
Okay! Let's gather firewood!
A monster, huh...
But it's just a sloth, right? // Is it really that dangerous..?
Ah! You haven't seen that hairy beast before?
I fled when the captain was stabbed, so...
The attack on the plane happened after that, right?
Yeah, right.
I thought I was a goner there...
It looked through the windows with it's big eyes and shook the plane like a toy...
Mhm, I can't imaging it...
Look here.

Page 07

5~8m high, 3t heavy...
It has powerful claws and a long tongue. // Not even the fangs of a Smilidon can piece the long hair that's covering it's body.
..Hee, sure sounds like a monster.
So such a big animal existed.
...There's an even bigger one.
Are you kidding? I mean, this one is already 3t heavy. // Then even bigger would mean 5t? 1ot?
8.8m long...
7m high...

Page 08

Recorded in history as the largest land mammal:
P- Paracera? What a big animal---
That's as big as my house... // It's like a walking two-floor single-house...
You kidding. Doesn't that already count as dinosaurian?
W- Was there really such an animal?

Page 09

go take a look at that sketch-book.
Take a good look at the page
she has opened right now.
What do you mean?
If I'm not wrong...
something completely identical to
what she draw will appear.
....Eh? (What do you...)

Page 10

What's the matter, Sengoku-kun?
This has been on my mind...

Page 11

Take a look around.
Everything else are letters, // but just this one is numbers.
Mh? What's up, Oomori-san?
Well, I feel like I have seen it before...
Mhm, but I don't know where...
I'm sorry. It's probably just my imagination...
I see.
AH! // What's this!?
What's up?
Look here. // I found something weird at the broken piano.
Something weird?

Page 12

...What's this..
A silver box...?
Looks pretty sturdy...
Maybe something important is in there?
You think so too?
It was buried deep under the piano pieces..
The lock looks broken. // Can you open it?
Y- Yeah.
So heavy... Has it rusted?
I- It moved! // I'm opening it!!

Page 13

A bottle...?
It's all blue.
You can't see what's inside.
What the...
Seems the inside is covered by something like blue paint...?
Damn, what's inside?
Could you let me have a look, Sengoku-kun?
Sure, Vice-prez.

Page 14

Hey, look here...
It's not just blue. There's also pink and yellow mixed in. // What a weird colour combination...
But for what reason would the inside be painted? // Does it preserve what's inside or...
Hey, let me see too!
If it's about colours, me a press worker should...
H- Hey wait..
Don't pull on me...
Th- The bottle!?

Page 15

S- Sorry. Are you hurt?
N- No, I'm fine. // It only dropped by my feets.
Oh damn. // It broke...
What about the contents...!?
What was inside...!?
W- Well...
It seems it was empty...

Page 16

You're right...
The paint on the inside is really dried out....
Seems like the contents vaporized in an instant
after being locked up for so long.
Just what was inside...?
I don't know...
But it as conserved so carefully. // It might have been something dangerous.
It might be
that it was one of the reasons for the biohazard that happened here..
Well, it's broken now.
And looks like nothing happened...

Page 17

Okay, what now?
We searched the whole room already.
The debris blocked the floor, but wanna try getting to the 3rd and 4th floor?
Yeah... If we take a rope, we can climb up...
No... rather than risking that, we should go to the other building.
Eh? Yashiro-san?
Other building...?
I noticed it by looking at the windows.
Judging by the shadows, the sun is here...
(Present location)
That means this is south.
Having a south-alignment with good sun exposure
is a great advantage for a building.
What's more, this building is the center of the "building"..

Page 18

If anyone important lived here
then it should be in that one...!!
N- Now that you mention it...
Okay, let's check it out!
For now we're going down?
Yeah! There was a passage on the first floor.
We might get to the center building through that--

Page 19

I wonder what we'll find...
I don't know...
If you think about it...
maybe traces of people... // or...
something even more horrible...
Eh? Please don't say something so scary.
Ah... Sorry. Don't worry about it...

Page 20

Wh- What's up!?
Th- This...!
Another corpse....
holding onto something...
What's this...
(The "biohazard" returns!! What is the small organism (?) in that bottle!?)
(Next time, a break. Continued in Issue 47)

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