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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Beatless - Dystopia 4

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Mar 14, 2013 18:39 | Go to Beatless - Dystopia

-> RTS Page for Beatless - Dystopia 4

Reserved for Schthaxe

Beatless Dystopia Chapter 04

Page 01

Phase4 [Place of the soul]
I do not possess a soul.

Page 02

According to human's words and actions, // I react in a way convenient to them.
I just predict their expectation and act upon it.
There is no set personality behind me words.
With the progress of science,
the "behaviour of humans" is no longer limited to humans.

Page 03

If hIE look like humans, // they can also act like ones.
Even if they don't have a heart or a soul,
with their mimicking patterns, they can be used for simple jobs
and get it done.
Owner, you were only concentrating on the "behaviour" of this hiE unit
and were fooling yourself with it.

Page 04

I talked myself into believing that I had saved her.
That's why I was burning with anger.
Even I know that what she says is right.
I disillusion myself that she would be grateful.
Don't misunderstand, Arato.
hiE aren't humans.
They're just helping humans on set patterns.
So that's what he was speaking about...

Page 05

As fellow humans we share a lot of things,
so there also a lot of things I can endure from them.
But it's different for her.
I wonder if I had get myself involved with this
when she didn't look like a human...?

Page 06

I do not possess a soul.
Whenever I'm lost
remember my very own starting line----
A dark red explosion and
a dog waggling it's tail.

Page 07

Back when I just entered grade school, I was hospitalized with burns over my whole body.
My father was busy and Yuka was still small,
so only some relatives dropped by shortly from time to time.
I believed that I wasn't worth the attention.
It wants to be your friend, Arato-kun.
I can't remember the nurse's face,
but I remember clearly the dog's playful behaviour.

Page 08

It would follow me everywhere, so I
forced my body to move around even a bit.
After a few days
He also wants to play with you, Arato-kun.
The nurse brought over a boy.
I didn't know what to do // and didn't look at him.
A human's heart is moved by actions.
*wuff* // *wuff*
And non-human things // also shake the heart.

Page 09

He seems in pain, like he's begging for help...
Even when you think the world and yourself are pretty sad,
there are others that behave quite happily.
Looks like he's having fun.
Words broke the silence.
Feeling a warmth, I was near the tears for some reason.
I thought that when I appeared to be happy // that I wouldn't be sad anymore.
I'm Endou Arato.

Page 10

Extending my arm when my body hurt all over was a risk,
Let's be friends.
but I mustered my courage and took the first step.
I was saved by the happy "behaviour" of the white dog. // It made me get up.
Even without a reason, I'll extend my hand.
Possessing no soul, // doesn't mean you won't sway anyone.

Page 11

I never thought that the white dog had a soul.
But his happy behaviour gave me courage.
Even then, the heart will be moved.
Just sitting around, wouldn't calm your feelings, would it?

Page 12

since I don't possess that either.
Right, she doesn't even have feelings.
But I still wanted to do something for her.
I'm really such a simpleton!!
You're so noisy, Onii-chan.
Ah, sorry.

Page 13

Even when I go to sleep with unsettled feelings,
the morning comes nevertheless.
Yuka just lives in the moment.
Father is busy and never comes home.
Lacia appears more and more human
(Looks my clothes are too small after all.)
(F- For now, I'll lend you mine)
by her repeated actions.

Page 14

Without any troubles,
four days passed.
*beep* // *beeep*
Uh... // Mm...
Breakfast is ready. Are you awake already?
What did you make?
French Toast. // Since you said you never ate it before.

Page 15

Uwa, so embarrassing.
It's like I'm totally spoiled by her.
Is this really okay...?
Can't be.
(I'll think about it while I eat..)

Page 16

did you get up alright?
Eh? Ah, well, guess so.
It's kinda embarrassing seeing Lacia wear my clothes.

Page 17

You're too horny in the morning.
Wha, I wasn't...
I didn't want to hear that from Yuka.
(Am I that transparent?)
Doesn't it...
bother Lacia?
Even if she isn't human, I wouldn't want her // to hate me.

Page 18

Looks like // we really need to buy some clothes for Lacia.
I'll have your portion ready in a minute.
(I can at least do this)
I have so much free time in the morning, since Lacia came here.

Page 19

I'll deal with this later.
This too...
(! Redirecting from Endou Yuka-sama to Endou Arato-sama)
(From: Fabion MG // Subject: Your application from // Endou Yuka-sama, our company's "model)
I got a mail,
but isn't it for you, Yuka?
Well, // just read it.
O- Okay.

Page 20

Yuka, sit down there for a sec.
I'm already sitting.
what's with that?
[Only the part in the middle:] The hiE "Lacia" you applied to our company's model audition was accepted to the grand prix.
Isn't it amazing!?
It's a grand prix!

Page 21

In short, a media group was looking for hiE models
and Yuka made Lacia participate in it...
(Let's enter Lacia-san <3)
And the result
is this.
Look // here!

Page 22

Yuka made her wear her school uniform...
Even with all the other hiE,
Lacia is the most outstanding.
She's really pretty. // Yeah, yeah <3
Hey, Yuka.

Page 23

Isn't this pretty famous?
Yes. It's even promoted on TV.
Lacia will be big in the media now!?
When we still haven't solved the petal attack....!

Page 24

By the way, Onii-chan,
don't you have anything to say to me?
You're... an.... // IDIOT.
She's such a beauty.
It would be a waste not to make use of it.
But you didn't say a word to me.
Show some reservation.
I don't have a problem with it.

Page 25

Lacia herself gave the okay, so what's the problem.
A hiE
can't oppose a human in situations like this.
Either way, // it cannot be undone now.
What now?

Page 26

When we met, we were both attacked.
If there should be an enemy after her,
we just announced her whereabouts to the whole word.
I told you there was a lot going on, right? // You keep accumulating problem without solving them.
I never heard of such a way.

Page 27

I live for the future.
What kind of future are you headed for!?
(Whatever is fine!)
*giggle* x2
It was different from the one she usually showed to please humans.
Her first bright smile.

Page 28

So hiE
can laugh....
It was an expression from the heart,
that made it really hard to believe that she didn't have a soul.
Phase4 [End]

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