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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Beatless - Dystopia 5

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 10, 2013 22:49 | Go to Beatless - Dystopia

-> RTS Page for Beatless - Dystopia 5

Reserved for Schthaxe

Beatless Dystopia Chapter 05

Page 01

Phase 5 [Disquieting Advice]

Page 02

Since Lacia came, my mornings changed quite a bit.
You're late, Onii-chan.
Though there are still a lot of problems.
Lacia-san's first job is on Sunday.
Really, what are we going to do about that?
I didn't expect things to go out of hand with Lacia's prize.
Luck won't came your way if you don't at least laugh "Gehageha". // It's a big chance!
Are you bandit or what?
It is no problem for me.
Do not worry, Owner.
(For me it's a big problem though)

Page 03

I have day-duty, so I'm going ahead.
(I'm off)
Is that okay with the model job?
I checked all the documents handed to us. // It was a normal substitute contract.
hlE belong to their owners, // so it is made that they employed you and you make me, your hlE, work.
But you are also still a minor...
So they called to get my father's sign yesterday.
To think he would even allow to keep Lacia here.

Page 04

He just lets Yuka do whatever she wants. // I gotta smack him a good one.
To me it looks like you are quite spoiling her too though.
(See you tomorrow)
(Bye, bye)
What you mean you picked up a hlE?
Nothing I could do when I was asked by a girl.
Even an average hlE cost as much as a car. // And if it's a high-class series that can make it through a model audition easily... // Have you reported it to the police?

Page 05

If she's that expensive,
her previous owner will surely come up when she does the model work.
So you DO think things through once in a while.
Okay, I'm going to call home.
That Lacia hlE can take calls by herself?
(Call // Lacia)

Page 06

Owner, these two are your friends, I take.
You're so sneaky. I thought you were unsocial, // but you were hiding something like that!
Please let her say her serial number.
From what I can see, she isn't a normal hlE.
Lacia, do you know your serial number?

Page 07

My serial number is LSLX-22S99176LF.
Should I send the serial code too?
First come with me for a bit.
Just come.
Hey, // wait.
...Are you stupid?
The LSLX is Stylas best model!
Please at least look up stuff like this, since it's easy to!! // It's a high-tier machine!!

Page 08

Stylas? I think that was that super hlE making company in America.
Hey, there's something I want to ask you, Kendo.
What's a serial code?
To be able to differentiate hlE from humans, // each hlE is made to emit a signal.
With that you can locate the hlE. // So if you lost a machine like her, you would normally search for her with that.
You can't decipher the code,
but you can trace the signal.
Each dealer has information about the serial code of the hlE they sold, in case of thievery.
So that Lacia's owner can't track her down means... // that there's something suspicious about her.

Page 09

Deciphering the code might be impossible, but you can get something similar.
Still, no one showed up to pick her up.
Even though her face was all over TV due to the Grand Prix... // I wonder why.
No former owner and no dealer.
Guess you call that lucky?
You call that fishy.
Please be a bit more cautious.
You would never think to pick up a latest Ferrari from the streets, right? // And it's even more scary, when itself asks you to become it's owner.
(It's so suspicious!)
You sure like to compare stuff to cars.
(I wanna hit this idiot)
(Calm down)

Page 10

Have you already explained it to your father?
I did. // He gave his okay.
(His father did!?)
I can understand their reaction.
He's respected for his fundamental research of hlE.
Reminds me,
when I spoke with him yesterday, I asked about Lacia,
but he said he doesn't know anything.

Page 11

What's more, when he saw Lacia, he coughed, // looked away and immediately gave his okay.
I'm Lacia.
*cough* // *cough*
You can stay, Lacia-kun.
As his son, I feel awkward to see him // being so weak against beauties.
Anyway, say,
you're only informing us after a week. Isn't that a bit cold?
I made you wait, Lacia.
Your friends are really worrying about you, Owner.
Since I'm so careless, they look out for me.

Page 12

Send me the movement cloud serial too.
A hlE's "behaviour" is controlled by some service.
(Movement Control Service)
(Send Data)
(Appropriate Movement)
So when we know the cloud serial, (Thanks)
we know on which's company's code // this beauty is operating.

Page 13

What's the result, Ryou?
It's from our company.
(Serial Number: LSLX-22S991176LF // Used Movement Control Cloud)
(Memeframe Company // License: April 2105)
Kaidai-san's father. // The president of the Memeframe Company.
So it's Memeframe that's making
Lacia "act" at the moment.

Page 14

Do you know anything?
Arato, don't get involved.
Don't get involved
any more with this hlE.
So you say, // but I'm already her owner.
You better get rid of her.
Your life // is pretty decent even without a hlE, right?
What a face he's making...

Page 15

Sunday, the day of Lacia's first job----
It's this cafe, right?
Yes. The meeting with the manager is at 9 am.
Endou Arato-san, // Lacia-chan, nice to meet you.
She sure does looks real.
H- Hello, nice to meet you too.

Page 16

Please get out your cellphone, // so that I can send you my card.
It's kinda a first for me.
I'm the human!
So you're Lacia-chan's owner. // So young!

Page 17

I'm Kisaragi Asuna
from Favion MG's project division.
Then she is...?
She's <Kasumi>, a hlE. // She doesn't have a personal owner, but belongs to the company.
Quite different from your case.
Ah, hello, Kasumi-san. I'm Endou Arato.
Do people tell you that you're dutiful?
Kisaragi-san, please stop your friendship approach just because he's a high schooler. // This is work.
First, let's take a seat.

Page 18

I take you have read the contract.
I have explained it to my Owner already.
I see. // You're using a secretary cloud too, huh.
That's great.
As for us, // we would like to promote Lacia-chan by hiding all information about her.
Something like a secret hlE model.
I'm grateful for that, but will it be alright?
We concluded that it would be hard for her to gather fans // when too much information is leaked, since she's such an expensive model.

Page 19

Lacia-chan's model jobs will // aim from high schoolers till those in their twenties.
We think it'll be hard to gain their attention.
She's expensive?
It's my first time seeing
Stylas latest model.
I can't tell her that I just picked her up, not knowing anything about her type.
I see that you haven't put an emblem on Lacia-chan.
Reminds me, Kengo wondered about that too.
It's quite strange that there isn't the maker's emblem
or stamps on her clothes or accessories.

Page 20

I don't want her to stand out too much.
So that's how it is.
And I here I thought about warning you not to have any images of you two flirting floating on the internet. // Guess it's not needed.
Just because I'm her owner, doesn't allow me to do anything.
Yes, // sorry for doubting you.
But on a serious note,
if you're seen too close to a hlE model, // the fans will get angry at you.

Page 21

Normally we don't restrict the owners of our hlE models,
but the fans tend to treat hlE models like humans // and such see it as a lover's relationship.
I see the sign of your guardian. Endou-sensei, right?
Lacia-chan isn't his?
I'm surprised he gave his okay.
My father is quite famous in the hlE scene.
You're well informed.
I might not look like it, // but I studied artificial intelligence in university.
Class was sure to cover "Matsuri", // so I was made to write a report using your father's work for reference.
I'm sorry, but he hasn't really told me // anything about that.
My father is rarely at home, so it hurts // talking about him.

Page 22

It's cloudy today, so it's a bit cold, // but it's a hlE model's advantage that she can still wear summer clothes.
Now then.
Lacia-chan's first job will be a summer vacation PR.

Page 23

We, Favion MG, are a big media fashion group. // We promote humans and hlE.
We publish various media like fashion or local speciality magazines.
This time, we'll use 7 camera units to shoot Lacia-chan
and stream it real-life on the internet.
She's just going to walk like this over the Meji road up to Shibuya.
You're doing great, Lacia-chan.

Page 24

See, she's looking back.
Making use of the surroundings like this, makes it easier to gain people's attention.
They're more likely to buy the clothes when they know how it actual does look like in real life.
hlE models like Lacia-chan, who have a sense of motion, // are sure to succeed----
Phase5 [End]

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