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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Air Gear 252

+ posted by Shurou as translation on Aug 19, 2009 09:28 | Go to Air Gear

-> RTS Page for Air Gear 252

Air Gear Trick 252

= Bubbles
++ Everything else

I just do the easy SFX’s or the one’s I like... Can’t be bothered to do every single one...

I’m also skipping stuff like summaries and advertisement texts

!! This translation can be read by anyone (obviously), but for English scanslation use, it is reserved for Franky-House.

Sorry for missing last week... didn’t have Internet at my new place...

++ "Air Gear" restart!! Onigiri is disqualified. Who is the next target!?


++ (If you can find it, エレエレラマサバクダニ) Eloi Eloi Lama Sabachthani

(Not translating the alien language OG is inventing...)

= The Ark of the Covenant has been opened

= Push open the gates of hell and come forth, my servants

= Whooo----a!! What curse is this!!

= Plane 10 has plunged straight into the black smoke of the downed plane ---

++ Fighter (t/n: battle participants) on fighter (t/n: the plane)!!
++ And fantasy added on top of that!?

= Ku
= Ku
= Ku
= Kuku

= .... As expected.... you remain calm (t/n: Japanese literally says “you aren’t getting shaken” but... tryin’ to keep it short like the text here)

++ (Big SFX) Psh

= There are quite a few fellows who jump off the plane with just this, you know

= How boring

= Images of those figures projected by a lens of wind...
= Way too cheap, Afro-magician

= Not... I might have jumped off, too, if I hadn’t heard the secret from Kilik.. (small text) Way too real...

= .... I
= Do like smart people

= They’re actually worth tricking

= Wha..!?

++ Shi...!!

++ All of them... images projected on a lens ---..

++ --- This one’s... an ima... (t/n: getting cut off before he could finish his sentence here)

= Oh? How horrible
= Did YOU fire off that one?

= No, no, what false accusation. It must have been you

= Maybe he can tell

= Indeed

++ (all those SFX’s that are hovering over his heads ワサ = afro rustling... I believe -___-) Rustle

= However, all of you would do well to take caution. As expected of the Flame King (tentative) (t/n: I have no idea why I translated 仮 as “fake” 2 chapters ago... oh well, I’m going by the right one now o__O)
= He reduced the impact of the palm strike with “Time” the second we struck

= How cheeky

++ Even his voice.... from all different directions....

++ I can’t tell... which is the real one at all ---..

= Damn it...!!

++ Well then, for the moment

++ I’ll just multiply, too

KG groupie with crazy hair
= Oh shiiit~~ (t/n: not a true translation, but fits better) It’s here!! The flame clones!!

= Kazu Δ~~~~~

Other KG groupie
= Kazu... Δ?

= Kazu sankakukei ->
= Kazu-san, kakke-----!! (t/n: Kazu-san, you’re awesome----!!)

(t/n: OK, so this is one of those things that can’t be translated properly at all, so I’ll just explain the joke briefly. “Triangle,” in Japanese, is “sankakukei”. Now the crazy-hair groupie starts off with the symbol, confusing his friend. Then O!G spells it out and then transforms it to “Kazu-san, kakke---” (カズさん, カッケー), where the last part is an intentionally incorrect application of shortening phrases for colloquial uses to produce the final, transformed line with the syllables mostly intact. Yeah, this explanation kills the joke, but I hope you at least understand it >__<)

KG Groupie
= ... The time?
= It’s alright, there’s plenty of time until the next plane goes down

= Oh, no, no

= It’s nothing, don’t worry about it

++ What.... is this..

= (SFX) Badump..

++ Somehow... a really... bad feeling...

++ I feel like... something’s.... “wrong”..!!

= That Onigiri-kun couldn’t win against a girl..

++ It’s as if... in a precisely crafted clock, just one

++ Crucial part is missing and forgotten ---..

= (SFX’s – ドクン) Badump

= Whoooa---- Plane 10!!
= Some crazy stuff’s going on!!

= The top of the plane is in a state of mad panic and chaos (t/n: the last part is guessing, really... couldn’t find the exact meaning and context... :\ )

++ Shit....

= Well, well

= Hmm, too bad

= Wrong

= Good try

(t/n: Following are onomatopoeia of Kazu panting)
= Pant.. (Haa...)
= Wheeze (Zeh)
= Pant.. (Haa....)

= Not....
= Not good

++ My... legs..!!

= The correct answer is here

= Kuku
= Kukuku

= Hm?

= Clones are... tiring, are they not? Hmm?
= On top of a plane that’s unfamiliar as it is... and in such intense winds to top it all off~

= You

= You bastard..!!

= Look

= An i---diot loo----ks
= At a pig ass~~~ (t/n: sorry, I don’t really know what he’s trying to sing here... -___-)

Something (don’t tell me it’s the LION talking.. o__O)
= Nottdagr’s Battle Level is 147...
= But that’s most likely a fabricated number

Lion dude (name’s Leo, apparently)
= Well.. at most, the real number’s give-or-take somewhere from 95 to 100

Lion chick
= Hah...
= What a complete bluff..

Bystander girl
= Hya!?

Bystander guy
= Whoa

Whisperer 1
= That’s Leo-san... (t/n: kanji says 麗(れい – rei=elegant)王(おう - ou=king), so the syllables make Leo, but the meaning is quite far from a lion... thought it was kinda funny :P)

Whisperer 2
= From “Lion Heart”...

Whisperer 3
= They must have come to observe their rivals... (t/n: more like reconnaissance, but I can hardly put that in such a short line...)

= Mommy --- It’s a circus. There are circus people.

++ (small text) Stop it

Leo (I assume)
= Just as a pair can defeat a full house in poker (t/n: when?)

= What separates victory and defeat is, in the end, the “heart”

++ Nottdagr cleverly gets inside

++ The “crack” in that person’s heart

= Kukuku

= For some reason... you seemed to be in a hurry, but...
= Is it OK?

= You’re resting so much

= Bluffing... makes oneself infinitely stronger and bigger

= And makes the opponent weaker and smaller

++ What he controls

++ Is the “wind of the heart”

= Bastard~

16 (Action page!)

= Seems like you’ve got some strength, slow-poke!

++ Fuck..!! He blocked it from this range

++ My “Full-powered Fang”...!!

= .... What are you doing

= It’s about time you get serious
= He’s there, isn’t he? ....”Inside” you, as well

= A “comrade” of ours!!

= --- This is

= Not entirely so, but

= 5 minutes is unreasonable... Young master

= No need to say what I already know fully well

= It’s a waste of time

++ Sleipnir... if my guess is correct..

++ As I thought... they.... our lab’s --- (t/n: Looks like Sleipnir and Aeon’s company are both somehow linked to the research of the Twinkle Eye, but I won’t insert any implied verbs that aren’t there until there’s confirmation)

= Kilik... most likely isn’t aware of their “true identity”...
= The more precise a clock is... everything gets out of order with a single missing part

= I’m the only one

= Who can correct this “time”

= Full-throttled after burners to speed up to Mach 2.5
= 7 minutes 30 seconds to destination

= ....It’s about time you got inside, Young Master (small text) You’ll be ripped to pieces

++ Ikki-sama... Please ---..

++ Hang on until I get there --- !!

= Where did we come from?
= Who are we? Where are we going?

= So neither
= Are you able

= To answer... this question

= Storm King

++ Kogarasumaru (t/n: kanji written “the defeated”) and the seal of sadness reflected in the eye.
++ What is the true identity of Sleipnir (t/n: kanji written “Wind Kings”) --- !!?

- NOT as usual, you’re free to read this or use for international translations, just please let me know and give credit where it’s due (to Shurou)
- Again, this translation is reserved for Franky-House for ENGLISH scanslation
- Scanslators, please try to keep all the formatting... the emphasis are there for a reason - especially the italics (if I used them)!

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#1. by Kimei ()
Posted on Aug 19, 2009
Thank you! ^^

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