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Smoky B.B. 2


+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Jun 23, 2013 15:03 | Go to Smoky B.B.

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Reserved (Mangaburn)

1 (color page)
Yellow text: Fighting his way through winding and wicked roads.

Smokey B.B. // Chapter 2 Indebted

black/Purple text: Author: Komiyama Kenta // Artist: Kawada Yuuya

Box: November
XXX: We're starting!
Box: Kanagawa-ken, Tsurugawa grounds

Text: From behind~~!?
Enjiro: Hey, heey.

Enjiro: You should bend your knees more.

Komado: Hey, Enjirou-kun. It's okay for you to practice, // but don't you think you're just hindering these little kids right now!?
Enjiro: I've had enough of running practice... // I want to touch the ball!!

Komada: You don't think you're a hindrance!?
Enjiro: Why do you think a pigeon craps in a clean park!?
Hayata: You don't feel sorry at all, do you!!?

Komado: I know I was the one who selected him... // But I'm not so sure about this anymore...
Box: It all started because this girl scouted Enjirou.

Box: Enjirou gave up on baseball due to a one hundred million yen debt // but to prevent him from doing so, this girl made him an absurd offer...

[T/N: one hundred million yen is about one million dollar]

Box: This is what happened --- 5 days ago
Enjiro: You... Do you understand what you're doing!?

Komado: Yes... // An oral agreement is not enough, right!?

Komada: So all that's left is for you... // is to sign this written contract.

Girl: Making one hundred million yen by winning the Koshien Tournament for Benten High School // will be enough to write off the debt on your house, right!?

[T/N: the Koshien Tournament is the National High-School Baseball Tournament.]

Hayata: C'mon now...
Enjiro: Ah, that's right.

Enjiro: So even among sweat and tears and youth secret fixing happens. // It's perfect!!
Komado: I don't care what you think of me...

Komado: Just like you gave up on baseball to protect your family // I also have something I want to protect!!

Hayata: Komado-chan, you family runs Benten High, right...
Komado: ...yes.

Komado: Benten is on the brink of bankruptcy... // We have no other choice but to win the Koshien Tournament!!

Hayata: That... What do you mean, Komado-chan. // You think you can save the school by making a name in baseball!?
Enjiro: Or do you think you can fill your purse by gathering students!?

Hayata: But assuming he wins the Tournament // and you have to pay Enjiro, wouldn't that put even more pressure on the management!? // How is this supposed to save the school!?

Hayata: How much profit will the school make // by winning the Koshien Tournament!?

Komado: 400 million yen...

Enjiro: What!? That as much as you gain from winning the WBC!!
Hayata: You're lying, right Komado-chan?
Komado: Eh!?

[T/N: WBC is the World Baseball Classic, a premier international baseball tournament.]

Komado: Ah, well... maybe I'm wrong!! // Any.. Anyway, you guys don't have to worry about that!! // I made sure I can pay you for your work and also hire a management consultant to save the school.

Komado: But...

Komado: Of course it won't be easy to win.

Komado: The Koshien Tournament next summer will also be a commemorative meeting to celebrate its 100th anniversary. // It'll receive a lot of attention from the media... // The school presidents of the other powerhouses // will also take this seriously.

Komado: Yet that's no excuse for the result one delivers. // ...it's a fact that the other schools have an enormous slush fund // that is used to buy training equipment and gain more fighting strength. // All the more because...

Komado: This year will become a high-level Tournament // like never seen before in the history of High School baseball.

Komado: At this festival where all prodigies, talents and young princes gather, // there will be a lot of players that'll be better than you.

Hayata: She's right... they always say that our generation was born with exceptional talent... // So what will you do? This offer isn't all roses... // If the JHSBF finds out, you could get in trouble...

[T/N: JHSBF is the abbreviation for Japan High School Baseball Federation.]

Hatata: But I don't think you'll find another school who'll invite you... // This could be your last chance... it would be foolish not to take it.

Enjiro: If we win, I can write off the one hundred million yen debt... // ...and above all

Enjiro: I can play baseball in High school!! // I'll do it!! // I'll play for Benten!! // Even under those circumstance, I'll take the win!!

Box: "A sarcastic smokey" // Haimura Enjirou (15) // <Benten High> // Contract money: 5 million yen Performance pay 100 million yen

Komado: Alright!! // Then about the off-training until you officially enter our school.
Enjiro: I know the perfect place for that...

Enjiro: I'll have them include me in the boys baseball team I used to play for.
Kid: Go home!!
Komado: This doesn't work...

Enjiro: Old man, why don't they show respect for me, even though I'm their senpai!?
Coach: Well, what should I say..

Coach: Look, you made quite a name while you were on this team... // You're that legendary boy, right!?
Kid: Right!! They say you threw the ball at 140 km/hr while you were still in elementary school// And that you could throw a disappearing miracle ball...
Enjiro: That is an overstatement.

Kid: That... That our legendary player...

Kid: We didn't expect him to be such an asshole!!
Enjiro: Hi~~!! I'm an asshole~~!!

Kid: Don't get in our way anymore!! // It'll be your fault if I don't become a professional!!
Komado: The problem is his personality...
Enjiro: Then you just didn't practice enough!! // How about I teach you some tricks!?

Komado: Sure enough, his baseball senses are first class. // But I'm not so sure anymore that he's the right person...
Kid: Go home!!

Kurumada: Hm!?

Komado: I'm worried...

Kurumada: What's going on here!?

Kid: AAAH!! It's Kurumada Kazuto!!
Enjiro: Who!?
Kid: Didn't you see his drafting session on TV?

Kid: Look, there. // He's a large strong-armed outfielder with a good pitch. His run, hit and field are of a high level. // He's the star of our city.

Kid: He's like a department store of talent!! // (Give me your sign!)
Enjiro: Well... it would be nice if he held a clearance sale next year...

[T/N: In Japan only "rich" people can afford to shop in Department stores.]

Kid: Kurumada-san.

Kid: Ouch.

Kurumada: Watch out, brat... // Don't bother the elite!!

Kurumada: Hey, old man. Didn't the city officials give you a call?
Coach: Eh!?

Kurumada: From today on, I can use this field // during this time period. // Get out of here already!! (after you've raked the grounds)

Coach: Wait a moment, you can't just do that. // Then where should we practice!?

Kurumada: Just find an open space!! It's not like your baseball play // would make you even one yen... // My dear friends... can you see that expensive car!?

Kurumada: I bought it using my contract money... // It's the proof of my success.

Kurumada: It's better for everyone if that car and these public grounds are only used by the elite, right!?

Hayata: Did they put a signboard somewhere... that says "Asshole meeting place!!" !?

Komado: Hey, you!! I don't know if you are a baseball elite and all. // But you should be nicer to the kids that'll be the future's professionals!!

Kurumada: I will, on the grounds. // But right now being nice to this brat won't make me any money, right!?

Komado: That bastard...

Kurumada: ...oh.

Kid: Hey, Kurumada!! One day I'll be a pro too and then I'll take you down.
Kurumada: Eh, you'll never become a professional baseball player...
Kid: I will!
Kurumada: Never, never, it's impossible!!

Kid: Shut up!! I'll become a pro for sure!! // If I become a professional player, I'll buy my parents a house!!

Kurumada: That brat really doesn't know his place. // ...hey, look at that hanging banner.

Kurumada: It has my name written on it. // It says "Kurumada".

Kurumada: Just try to hit it from here making a long throw!! // If you can do that, I'll acknowledge you as an elite... and leave these grounds.

Kurumada: Come one... Try it. // It's only a long throw of about 80m.
Kid: But I'm only a fourth grader... That is..
Kurumada: But you can do it!! Because you'll be a pro one day, right?

Kurumada: He wants to buy his family a house, but can't even do this much~~ // Oh!? Are you kidding me!? Are you crying!? // You want to be a pro, but cry this easily!?

Kurumada: Believe me, those tears // won't make you any money!!

Kurumada: Ha ha ha, Hah-hah

Kurumada: What!?

Komado: Ah!!

Komada: It went high up in the sky over the banner.

Kurumada: A long throw of 100m!!

Kid: Amazing!
Kurumada: Ha!! // But... but there no meaning behind a long throw with poor control!! // I told you to try and hit my name "Kurumada" written on that hanging banner!

Enjiro: Ah, how stupid of me. // You said "Kurumada"...

Enjiro: My mistake.

Kurumada: The car I bought with my contract money!!

Kurumada: Nooooo!! // I only got it today~~~

Enjiro: Hey, Kurumada-san.

[T/N: "Kuruma" means "car"]

Enjiro: You're // crying...

Enjiro: Because the tears of elites have a high value // I'm sure you'll be able to pay the repair costs.

Kid: ...Am

Kid: Amazing...

Kid: Sa...say, sis. Do you know him!?
Komado: (Hm!?) Yes.

Komada: Well, guess I'm his manager!?
Kid: Eh!?

Komado: Yes, I'm really glad I chose him!!

Komado: Hey...

Komado: Even if just a bit // you're indebted to... // your "Legendary player".

Box: April // Benten High School

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