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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Bloody Monday Last Season 35

From then on

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Jun 27, 2013 11:25 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

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1 (165)
File 35 From then on

New announcer: The aftereffects of the occupation of Tokyo Neo Tower by the unidentified terrorist group "Bloody Monday" // at the end of November, still affect the world's economy.

2 (166)
New announcer: Our next news item. // The memorial service of the last Prime Minister Kujou Makimune and his daughter Kaname-san, was held a few days ago. Both died in the aforesaid terrorist attack. // To honor their courageous act, over a 1000 people coming from all over the world attended-

Kanou: The villain // became the hero.
Kirishima: It can't be helped. // If we would tell that the mastermind of this terrorist group was Japan's Prime Minister // It probably wouldn't be the total destruction of Japan.. but we'd certainly lose the faith of the whole world.

Kirishima: Using bluff to shake up // the image of Prime Minister Kujou. // The truth wasn't broadcasted all over the world.. // That firm decision of Falcon // became the decisive factor.

Kirishima: He rescued Japan and the whole world // from the hands of "Storyteller".

3 (167)
Kanou: ....well, // his reason to act like that // probably wasn't such a great intention though.

Kirishima: It's possible // he just wanted to protect the lives of Otoya-kun and Haruka-chan.... right?

Kirishima: That would be just like him.

Kirishima: Kanou-san. // According to the reports I looked through in the last 4 months // it looks like the survivors of "Bloody Monday" // still have key positions in the Self-Defense Forces of Japan.

Kanou: ...what's the plan? // Will we hunt them down? Or..

Kirishima: In the end // "THIRD-i" will pretend to turn a blind eye to it.
Kanou: What!? What are you saying.. // They were involved in the terrorists attacks that could've ruined the world, right!?

Kirishima: That's right. // But this is what I decided. // I aim to have those who personally committed the acts of terrorism, // except those who only assisted in the acts of violence, to be purged.

4 (168)
Kanou: ....is that okay with you?

Kirishima: If you or me make a single mistake, they would probably forgive us. // They just used the wrong method, // but there's no doubt they acted out of concern for the future of this country.

Kirishima: Or maybe I just want to think like that.

Kanou: ...isn't that the judgment of a great director?
Kirishima: Praising me won't do any good.

Kirishima: Kanou-san. // It's time for you-
Minami: Ah! // I finally found you! Why are you still here!?

Kanou: I get it, I get it! // I'll be on my way now!

5 (169)
J: .. I'm surprised.

6 (170)

J: Coming here because "Falcon" told me there was something that he absolutely had to // hand over in person,

J: Really // I didn't expect this.

J: What do you want? // Did you come to tell me about the grudges that messed up our family?

Otoya: That's not why I'm here for.

Otoya: I just wanted to return // a memento of our mother.

7 (171)
Otoya: If you don't want it // just throw it away.

Otoya: ....you. // Were you able to break with---- the things you wanted to break with?

J: Well? // I couldn't achieve my initial goal, to tell the whole world about the reckless remarks of Kujou.
Otoya: Are you unhappy that // Fujimaru didn't expose the true colors of grandfather--- "Storyteller" to the world?

J: Of course.

J: ....that's what I'd like to say, // but it would be too predictable. // Anyway, I'm thinking that for the sake of the country and my friends, it's better if just go back on those words that I selfishly said.

8 (172)
J: After all, "Storyteller" died. // .... and that woman too. // I would like to think that // my worthless history--- came to an end.

Otoya: ....I see.

Otoya: So.... what are you going to do now?
J: Not sure. // How about you, what will you do?

J: Right now, // you are the only successor of the hero who sacrificed himself for the country. // How will you play that part?

9 (173)
J: ....hm.

J: It's fine, right? // Well, just make sure you keep "Pandora's box" closed.

J: But I'm sure you knew already // that the system of this country // is build on the basis of distorted ideologies.

Otoya: I'll try to remember that.

Otoya: Fujimaru

Otoya: asked me to tell you // this much.

Otoya: Thank you for // your interference back then.

10 (174)

Otoya: Thanks to you // I didn't lose what's most important to me. // Is what he said.

Fujimaru: Hibiki!

11 (175)

12 (176)
Hibiki: Fujimaru.
Haruka: Ah! // Don't, Hibiki-san! It'll fall into disarray.

Hibiki: That's right! I'm sorry. // But I'm just so happy! // How do I look? // Am I pretty?

Fujimaru: ....yes.

Haruka: ....hey, brother. // Where's Otoya-san....?
Fujimaru: Eh? // Hm.... Ah.

Fujimaru: You've been behaving a bit rough lately. // Maybe he got cold feet?
Haruka: Gee, why would you say such a thing!? // Stupid brother!

Fujimaru: ....fine feathers make fine birds. // Dad // and mom will be happy.

13 (177)

Haruka: ....yes!

Woman: This way! Everyone's already dressed up....

Haruka: Ah! // Otoya-san..!

14 (178)
Otoya: Haruka-.. chan // Prett....

Woman: Alright, hurry up!! // Now that you're finally here, get dressed already!

Fujimaru: He can look at his bride as much as he wants later, right!?

Fujimaru: ..did it clear your mind?

Otoya: ..I guess so.
Fujimaru: That's great. // You'd be brooding over this forever, if you hadn't talked to him.

15 (179)
Otoya: You sure it's okay like this?
Fujimaru: It's not like we really want to see each other.

Fujimaru: Besides // because I broke my promise about the old man Kujou, // I wouldn't know what to say.

Otoya: ...I wanted to know // what he was going to do now. // But in fact the opposite happened. // He made me, who's restricted by the bonds of being the only surviving member of not only the hero, instead of the traitor's family

Otoya: tell him.. how I will live from here on.

Otoya: It's my dream to become a public prosecutor. // That didn't change --- And I'm not giving up on it.

Fujimaru: You really don't want // to become a politician.. right?

Otoya: ...well, // even I.... should change I guess. // There are also people who showed me that you can live your life as a politician while having genuine feelings. // I don't intend to deny everything that my grandfather established.

16 (180)
Otoya: If I can make my dream come true // and look at the people around me from my own point of view // Then....

Fujimaru: That sounds great, not? // Well, and if you ever have trouble finding evidence, I'll help you out. // This "Falcon"-sama will!
Otoya: The hacker who saved the world will help me?

Fujimaru: Sure! // I'll give you family discount. // Okay, little brother?

17 (181)
Micheal: What will you do?

J: ....I'm not throwing it away.

18 (182)
J: Well then! // It's time to go! // Where // will we go this time?

19 (183)


20 (184)
Woman: Excuse me. // I came to deliver a flower bouquet // from a friend.

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