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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Eyeshield 21 266

Eyeshield21 266th Down

+ posted by Xophien as translation on Jan 26, 2008 02:36 | Go to Eyeshield 21

-> RTS Page for Eyeshield 21 266

~credits goes to the star Hoshi~

Seems like Hiruma has had a hammer week too >.>

Hey there everyone, and welcome to this new translation of the translator guy~ Translator guy is rather happy because this chapter had a lot less text than all the previous chapters of the Hakushuu match, and it was overall quite easy to translate, and it came out even before Bleach, and a lot of good stuff that makes this a good raw day <3 Don't forget to hug the big guy Sai_the_Shaman, since with complete disregard for his much needed resting time (I sent him in Japan to buy me some doujins >.> he came back just in time for this release :3), he still went and scanned this chapter just for the ES21 fans :nod

Anyway, scanlations, international translations, credits, thank you posts are still much needed, or you will taste the fury of my goldion hammer :shakefist


Eyeshield 21 chapter 266

Page 01
(Translator’s note : just LOL XD)

Left : Even Mamori is shocked!!?

Suzuna : Long
Suzuna : Pass!

Page 02-03 (spread)

Suzuna : Long
Suzuna : Pass!
Suzuna : Long
Suzuna : Pass!
Middle text : Using the whole stadium as an ally, it’s time to carry out this sink or swim plan!!
266th Down : The long pass of one’s life
Mamori : Long
Mamori : Pass!

Marco : Kaa~~
Marco : Here it comes, the usual Hiruma way

Tengu : A long pass, they say...
Tengu : With his broken right arm??
Marco : He’s just bluffing, I’d say.
Marco : If not, what would have been the point in having Gaou crush him?

Gaou : No, it’ll come.
Gaou : if it’s this man.

Gaou : He’ll definitely throw it with his broken right arm.
Gaou : He is that kind of monster.

Kisaragi : ...If Gaou-kun says so, then
Kisaragi : I’ll defend with that belief, Monta-kun.
Kisaragi : Even if it’s just for the long passes, I won’t let you go.

Page 04

Kisaragi : With the Ptera Claw
Kisaragi : I’ll tear your arm to pieces.
Kisaragi : Because strength
Kisaragi : is absolute...!

Monta : Yeah
Monta : let’s settle this, Kisaragi!
Monta : Your secret skill, the Ptera Claw
Monta : I’ll defeat it head-on...!!

Page 05

Announcer : Well then, it’s Deimon’s offense!
Announcer : Will it come for real!?
Announcer : The long pass.......

Page 06

Nothing to translate! It’s been a while <3

Page 07

Marco : He did it
Marco : For real......!

Monta : It’s different
Monta : From the pass course we decided...!

Sena : It’s going 30 degrees to the side
Sena : Because it was just reckless
Sena : Throwing this with that arm...

Monta : Just one shot
Monta : It’s the long pass of his life......!

Page 08-09 (spread)

Monta : I’ll catch it!
Monta : I will catch it!!

Suzuna : Monta!

Tengu : Kisaragiii!

Monta : Devil Backfire!
Kisaragi : Ptera Claw!!

Page 10

Announcer : Here... Here he goes, Monta-kun!!

Announcer : A sink or swim one-hand catch!!
Sakuraba : That’s right, with only one arm
Sakuraba : He can use the other one as a sacrifice for the Ptera Claw......!!

Kisaragi : ... Monta-kun
Kisaragi : You are really skilled.

Kisaragi : But
Kisaragi : Whether it’s efforts, dreams, talents
Kisaragi : They will crumble down
Kisaragi : In front of violent strength.

Kisaragi : The claws of my slender arm
Kisaragi : I can use it to crush either of your arms...!!

Page 11

Ikkyuu : He caught
Ikkyuu : The arm that got the ball......!!

Sena : Montaaaa!!

Kisaragi : Haa!!!

Page 12

Monta : A sink or swim one-hand catch?
Monta : I wasn’t aiming at that ever since the beginning.

Monta : The long pass of
Monta : Hiruma-senpai’s life
Monta : It wasn’t sink or swim
Monta : There was no way I didn’t have 100% of chances of catching it......!!

Page 13
(note : 13 and 14 are reversed in the raw, page 14 is 13 and vice versa)

Kisaragi : Why!?
Kisaragi : He won’t let it go... Even though I’m directly attacking his arm
Kisaragi : Such a thing

Kisaragi : Even though
Kisaragi : Even though strength is absolute.....!!

Monta : Yeah
Monta : That’s definitely not wrong too
Monta : because Tetsuma-senpai is a power type receiver

Monta : I told you, Kisaragi!
Monta : That I’d defeat you head-on.
Monta : Because head-on
Monta : I will win with the strength of my catching power!

Monta : If it’s catches
Monta : Then I won’t lose against anyone......!!!

Page 14-15

Kisaragi : Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!
Monta : Oooooooooooooh!!

Page 16

Referee : Deimon
Referee : Long pass complete!
Someone : First down!!

Page 17

Monta : Catch
Monta : MAX!!
Suzuna : Monmon!!

Hiruma : My right arm
Hiruma : just died.

Hiruma : I’m losing consciousness
Hiruma : with the pain
Hiruma : it’s like someone is hitting the inside of my bones with a hammer.

Hiruma : This can’t show on my face
Hiruma : “Kekeke, I’m completely alright, Marco”
Hiruma : “I had complete control over that long pass right now”
Hiruma : I must make that kind of face.

Page 18

Hiruma : That way Hakushuu will separate their defense to cover for the long pass
Hiruma : Even if I don’t have 10% of strength left to play a hand
Hiruma : I can go 120% bluffing...!!

Someone : Wooooh, Deimon
Someone : They’re going for successive runs this time!!

Sena : This... is what we gained
Sena : in exchange for Hiruma-san’s arm breaking

Page 19

Sena : It’s a touchdown with his life.............!!!
Left : There is nothing the tenacity of Hiruma can’t do!! The points they gained with his soul... 9 points left until they turn the tables!!!

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#1. by Dark-Kaomi (Registered User)
Posted on Jan 26, 2008
EEE!! Even before OP trans! Xoph, you rock my socks!
#2. by OS.Hoshi (Registered User)
Posted on Jan 26, 2008
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! Thank you so MUCH, Xophy!!!!!! :confetti Much MUCH appreciated!!!

On page 07, I dont think it's Sena speaking. By the way the hair looks, it's not Sena. & by the level of 'smartness' in the comment, it leads me to think it's actually Manabu. Just saying... ^_^; but I know, the panel is so small & everyone wears helmets! XD

Is it my computer, or is MH being really slow? O.o'
#3. by Hayate-taichou (Registered User)
Posted on Jan 26, 2008
Thank you for such a fast trans!! And to the poster before me, no, its not just you. x_X"
#4. by Ankoku_22 (Registered User)
Posted on Jan 26, 2008
Woh, so fast! Thank you Xoph! ^_^
#5. by kazamakj (Registered User)
Posted on Jan 26, 2008
Brilliant story and brilliant translator.
#6. by gatsuuga9 (Registered User)
Posted on Jan 26, 2008
What in the WORLD did I just read??! Thanks for the translation!!!
#7. by imintheradio (Registered User)
Posted on Jan 26, 2008
very nice job!thanks
#8. by DeepEyes (Intl Translator)
Posted on Jan 26, 2008
Thx a lot Xophien! =D

#9. by Griffith (Registered User)
Posted on Jan 26, 2008
thaaaanks! ^^
#10. by Cherry (Registered User)
Posted on Jan 26, 2008
Thank you so much for your wonderful work!
#11. by swankivy (Registered User)
Posted on Jan 26, 2008
I am drowning in happy and . . . this is YOUR doing!!!
#12. by Phat (Registered User)
Posted on Jan 26, 2008
thanks :D
#13. by Rock-Bird (Scanlator)
Posted on Jan 26, 2008
thx Xophien!!
#14. by Imperium (Registered User)
Posted on Jan 26, 2008
Thanks Xophien :)
#15. by Xophien (Eroge Danchou)
Posted on Jan 26, 2008
By the way, pages 13 and 14 were reversed in the raw, not 12 and 13 as I believed at first, so I corrected it in the translation >.>;

Quote by Star.Hoshi:
On page 07, I dont think it's Sena speaking. By the way the hair looks, it's not Sena. & by the level of 'smartness' in the comment, it leads me to think it's actually Manabu. Just saying... ^_^; but I know, the panel is so small & everyone wears helmets! XD

Maybe. Or maybe it's actually Sena with a wig. Who knows? :p
#16. by Bonifasius (Registered User)
Posted on Jan 26, 2008
#17. by Mirror (Registered User)
Posted on Jan 26, 2008
Thanks Xoph!
My connection broke rigth after the raw came out (-after- ;phew) but without your translation I was kinda puzzled... especially with that first page 'facedown' XD (LOL)
#18. by coby0 (Registered User)
Posted on Jan 28, 2008
thanx for the translation

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