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Bleach 292

Bleach Ch. 292 Trans

+ posted by Alkador as translation on Sep 22, 2007 08:29 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 292

Here we are, translated from the manga released a while back. Hope it flows, I'll be proof reading it a few times just to make sure it's safe. But for now, enjoy!

Bleach: Chapter 292

Page 1
Sidetext: The Former Espada! The transformed Nel is overwhelming!!

Page 2
Tesla: Nnoitra-sama!!!
Inoue: K…Kurosaki-kun…!
Inoue: Just wait a bit…
So that I can heal…
Inoue: You…?

Page 3
Ichigo: …Nel…

Page 4
Nel: Ichigooo!!!!
I’m so glad!! I’m so glad that you’re safe!!
Inoue: H…Hang on Nel-cha…Nel-san…!?
He’ll die! Kurosaki-kun will die!

Page 5
Nel: Uwaaahhh!!!
Inoue: Nel-cha…Hey Nel-san!!
You’ve made Kurosaki-kun’s eyes white…Kurosaki-kun!!!
Nnoitra: …friggin’ idiot…

Page 6
Nnoitra: Who the hell let go of that bitch…?
Tesla: I…I’m really…sorry…

Page 7
Nnoitra: …What’s up? Even though ya hit me with your Cero along with my one ya sucked up…
How am I still alive? That’s painted across your face.
Noitra: It’s true...that I forgot that “Double Cero” is your special move…
I shoulda’ been more careful…
‘Cept, you’ve forgotten somethin’ too.
Nnoitra: How many years do ya think have passed,
Nnoitra: Since you've been gone from here?

Page 8
Nnoitra: Don’t go thinking that,
That the Espada’s power is the same as it was last time!
Sidetext: Former #3…redundant!?
Nnoitra: Let me tell ya,
That number on your back,
Holds no meaning whatsoever now!

Bleach 292. Rupture My Replica

Page 9
Fighters: Uwooorgghhh!!
Fighters: Yaargh!
Dondo: Watch out Renji!
Renji: Uwaargh!!!

Page 10
Dondo: I…I was being dangerous?
Renji: You idiot!! I’m the real one!!
Why did you ask yourself that!? If you’re not sure, then don’t attack!!
Pesche: Watch out Dondo Chakka!!
Renji: Gwargh!!
Pesche: Huh!? No way…you’re just like Renji…
Renji: You bastard…you intended to do that…
Ishida: What are you all doing?
Ishida: I’ve just come to tell you I’ve noticed the differences between us and the clones!
Listen up!
Ishida: First, there’s only a small difference with the skin around Abarai-kun’s and my clone’s eyes, as well as the quality of our hair, which is tough to notice!
Ishida: They’re the two main differences!

Page 11
Ishida: Next are Dondo Chakka’s clones. There are no spots on their back! These are extremely easy to see!
Dondo: They’re not spots! I want you to call them polka dots!!
Ishida: And lastly are Pesche’s clones! I think they’re the easiest to notice…
Look that way...
Ishida: His clones are wearing pants!!
Others: WHAT!!?
Renji: Ah, he’s right!!
Dondo: It’s true!!
Pesche: O…Oh! I can’t believe I didn’t notice differences so big…!
Ishida: You hadn’t noticed…? What were you looking at when fighting then?
Renji: They’re some major screw ups…
Don’t tell me that bastard is really an idiot?
Ishida: And who was it that didn’t notice those major screw ups?

Page 12
Szayel Aporro: I’m not an idiot.
Renji: Uwooh! You’re listening to us!?
Szayel: The clothes and the spots weren’t appealing to my sense of beauty… so I chose to remove them.
Renji: Even though they’re clones, you made it a stupid hobby of yours to go change their clothes!!
Dondo: They’re not spots!! They’re polka dots!!
Renji: Kuh!
Renji: Ishida! This space is too small to be fighting in! We have to get out!!
Ishida: How!? We couldn’t escape before!!

Page 13
Renji: Hang on…I've got an idea...!
Renji: Baboon King, Zabimaru!!!!
Ishida: Idiot…if you use that in a place like this…
Clones: Bankai!! Bankai!! Bankai!! Bankai!! Bankai!!

Page 16
Renji: Heh.
Renji: Just as I thought...Since they’re just my clones, I figured they’d copy my attacks.
I thought that if I tried using my Bankai, they’d try and copy me…
Ishida: *cough* *cough*

Page 17
Renji: Yo! You’re still alive!!
What’d you think of my idea?
Ishida: What idea!?
Ishida: How do I put it…
You’re just like Kurosaki!
Renji: Ha! Don’t! Bringing out Ichigo’s name won’t make me feel special!
Ishida: Of course it won’t! I’m being harsh to you!!
Renji: Dondo Chakka and Pesche…they’ll be alright.
Those guys are pretty tough.
Renji: The problem is Szayel Aporro. We should be careful about him.
He’ll most likely come out from below us with a ‘Boom’.

Page 18
Szayel: …Oh well…
Szayel: This place is all in ruins now…
The one to tell that to Aizen-sama…
Szayel: Will find it unpleasant.

Page 19
Ishida: …The clones are…!
Szayel: Let’s stop this…Fighting this way’s kinda boring.
Sidetext: A further terror!
Szayel: I’ll do it personally. Let me show you,
The true power of Fornicarás.
292. /End

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#1. by cowbouy1 (Scanlator)
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
Thanks a lot Dude!
#2. by hatsuharupeace (MH Senpai)
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
thanks very much!!!
#3. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz (Intl Translator)
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
Cool!! Thx u very much alkador! ^^
#4. by jaimacando (Registered User)
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
thanks for the trans!
#5. by OrangeRat (Registered User)
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
Thank you. Translators don't get enough credit :(
#6. by coby0 (Registered User)
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
thanx for the translation
#7. by Linkmasta (Registered User)
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
Thank you. :)
#8. by Silhouette (Registered User)
Posted on Sep 23, 2007
thanks a lot Alkador
#9. by ChaosCloud (Registered User)
Posted on Sep 25, 2007
bankai thx

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