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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Bleach 292

Bleach Chp. 292

+ posted by spacecat as translation on Sep 21, 2007 15:43 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 292

Well after reading the mix of the JOJO mini raw and matching it with the script we already had heres the translation of the chapter. Me and Danna are pretty sure it's an ok job but feel free to make corrections. Thanks to Danna for helping me do it :) visit us at BleachAsylum.com if you get the time :tem

Page 1:


Sidetext: Former Espada! Nel has transformed! Overwhelming!!

Page 2:

Tesla: Nnoitra sama!!!

Orihime: Ku…Kurosaki kun!

Orihime: Just wait a moment…..I will heal you.

Orihime: Now?

Page 3:

Ichigo: Nel.

Page 4:

Nel: Ichigo!!!!

Nel: I’m so glad!! I’m so glad that you didn’t get hurt!!

Ichigo: Aaaaaaaaaargh……

Orihime: “Wa..Wait, wait Nel-chan..Nel-san!?

Orihime: He’s gonna die! Kurosaki kun’s gonna die!!

Page 5:

Nel: Awww~~n!!

Orihime: Nel chan…Nel san!!

Orihime: That’s Kurosaki kun…he’s unconscious already…Kurosaki kuuuuuuun!!

Nnoitra: You fool..

Page 6:

Nnoitra: Who ordered you to let go of that woman..?

Tesla: M..My deepest apologies.

Page 7:

Nnoitra: What’s wrong? I was hit by the cero that you absorbed and then added your own cero to…

Nnoitra: Why am I still alive? Your face is asking me that.

Nnoitra: I guess I forgot about that ‘Cero Double’, your trademark technique.

Nnoitra: Listen up cos you don’t get it do you…

Nnoitra: You have forgotten one thing.

Nnoitra: Since you left Las Noches…

Nnoitra: How many years have passed since you disappeared?

Page 8:

Nnoitra: Don’t think that the power of the current Espada…

Nnoitra: is the same as when you were an Espada… Neriel!!!

Nnoitra: I’ll tell you this! That number on your back…

Nnoitra: is meaningless now!

Bleach 292 Rupture My Replica

Page 9:

Dondo: aaargghh!

Dondo: Danger.

Renji: Argh!

Dondo: Be careful yansu Renji!

Renji: Awww!!!

Page 10:

Dondo: Ah…that’s being dangerous yansu?

Renji: You bastard!! This is the real me!!

Renji: Didn’t your words become a question in the end!!

Renji: Don’t attack if you’re not sure!!

Pesche: Dangerous, Dondojack!!

Renji: Guboa!!

Pesche: Muu!? You bastard…you really are like Renji…

Renji: You…surely did that on purpose, right…

Ishida: What are you guys doing!? At this point, I just came to tell you that I can now tell the difference between the real us and the clones!

Ishida: Listen! Firstly, except for the skin around my eyes and Abarai kun’s, there is only a difference in our hair’s quantity, which is slightly hard to tell.

Ishida: Those are the 2 main differences.

Page 11:

Ishida: Next, Dondojack’s clones…They don’t have the same dots as yours on their back, so that’s very easy to distinguish!

Dondo: Not dots yansu! I prefer you call them polka dots yansu!

Ishida: So lastly Pesche’s clones! Everyone noticed I am sure…

Ishida: As it’s quite obvious…

Ishida: That his clones are wearing counterfeit trousers.

Everyone but Ishida: What!!!??

Renji: for real!!

Dondo: It is for real…yansu.

Pesche: Err! I didn't notice even though the differences were so obvious!

Ishida: You didn’t notice?? Then what on Earth were you looking for while fighting all this time?

Renji: But then that’s a mistake he made..

Renji: That bastard, isn’t he an idiot…

Ishida: And the one who didn’t notice such a big mistake is who?

Page 12:

Aporro: I am not an idiot you know..

Renji: Yikes! You were listening all this time?

Aporro: The loin cloth and dots didn’t suit my beautiful tastes…so I changed them.

Renji: Well I think changing the look of the clones over such a trivial thing as your gay fashion sense is stupid!

Dondo: This is not dots yansu, it is polka dots yansu!

Renji: Ishida, there is not much more we can do, there are too many clones, we need to escape.

Ishida: But how!? We just tried to escape and failed!!

Page 13:

Renji: Just wait a moment, I have a plan….


Renji: Hihou Zabimaru!!!

Ishida: No good…to try such a thing now…

Renji clone: Bankai!!

Renji clone: Bankai!!

Renji clone: Bankai!!

Renji clone: Bankai!!

Page 14:

No text

Page 15:

No text

Page 16:

Renji: Huh...

Renji: As I thought...while those copies were around, no matter how I attacked, I felt like I was being imitated...

Renji: So I decided that I should do a test and use Bankai to see if they would copy me...

Ishida: uh..uh

Page 17:

Renji: Yo! I'm still alive.

Renji: So then, how is my intellect?!

Ishida: I fail to see it.

Ishida: No matter what you say…

Ishida: You really are just like Kurosaki…

Renji: Haa! Cos you spit out Ichigo’s name I can’t take it as praise!

Ishida: That is because I was putting you down!!

Renji: Dondojack and Pesche are ok right?

Renji: They are fairly strong?

Renji: The problem is, that idiot Szayel…

Renji: It looks as though he is about to get serious.

Renji: He is coming this way suddenly!

Page 18:

Aporro: Well…

Aporro: you have damaged Las Noches..

Aporro: The person who must report this to Aizen sama…

Aporro: Is obviously going to be unhappy about it.

Page 19:

Ishida: The clones!

Aporro: Cut it out already, this fight is too boring.

Aporro: I guess I will just show you…

Aporro: The true power of Fornicarus.

End of WJ 43 Bleach chapter.

Note about next issue:
The scuffle involving Nel, Nnoitra and Ichigo will finish.
There will be a colour page.

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#1. by rhyuho ()
Posted on Sep 21, 2007
#2. by SilverDuder ()
Posted on Sep 21, 2007
wow nice, early today
#3. by  ()
Posted on Sep 21, 2007
so early, thanks for your job ;)
#4. by bax ()
Posted on Sep 21, 2007
Nice to see you post your translation here sometimes mate ;)
#5. by chair ()
Posted on Sep 21, 2007
#6. by Nafen ()
Posted on Sep 21, 2007
Thanks :)
#7. by ChaosCloud ()
Posted on Sep 21, 2007
#8. by emtelka ()
Posted on Sep 21, 2007
thank you :)
#9. by ceebo ()
Posted on Sep 21, 2007
thanks for the translation
#10. by kingfencer ()
Posted on Sep 21, 2007
#11. by ichimatsu ()
Posted on Sep 21, 2007
#12. by imintheradio ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
this is so cool..thanks so much dude..
#13. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
#14. by N07 ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
thanks, now we just need a scan
#15. by ginousuke ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
thanks a lot
#16. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
Yaaay!! Thx u very much for the trans spacecat and danna! ^^
#17. by ginousuke ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
#18. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
thanks for the trans!
#19. by OrangeRat ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2007

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