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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Byousoku 5 centimeter 4

Kanae's Feelings

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on May 1, 2011 04:40 | Go to Byousoku 5 centimeter

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Page 1
Chapter 4: Kanae's Feelings

Page 2

Page 3
Kanae: Hah...
Woman: Kanae.
Woman: How was it?
Kanae: Today is no good either.
Kanae: It was all offshore wind...
Woman: Oh well, there's no need to rush...
Are you coming here again after school?
Kanae: Yeah, are you fine with that, onee-chan?
Woman: It's fine- But you have to do your studies too-
Kanae: Haaai.

Page 4

Page 5
Kanae: Phew...
Kanae(thought): Ok!

Page 6
Touno: Sumida.
Touno: Morning.
Kanae: Good morning, Touno-kun.
You're up early again today.
Touno: Yeah...
Touno: Sumida, you went to the ocean, right?
Kanae: Yeah.
Touno: You're sure working hard.
Kanae: Huh?

Page 7
Kanae: Th-
That's not-
Kanae: Fuheh!
Kanae: See you later, Touno-kun.
Touno: Alright.
Touno: Later.
Kanae(thought): Kya-
Kanae(thought): I made a really weird sound.
Kanae(thought): But...
Kanae(thought): I'm so happy-!

Page 8
Girl: Good for you-
Girl: You have to decide soon-
Girl: Go talk with your family and fill out the form.
Girl: I hear that Sasaki-san was accepted to an university in Osaka.
Girl: From Class 1? Wow.
Girl: Maybe it's Kumamoto Junior College for me-
Girl: What about you, Kanae:
Kanae: Huh...?
Girl: Are you going to start working?
Kanae: Yeah...
Girl: You really are thinking about nothing.
Girl: Only about Touno-kun.
Girl: He definitely has a girlfriend in Tokyo.
Kanae: Hey!
Girl: Ahaha!

Page 9
Girl: Where are you going, Kanae-
Girl: She ran away.
Kanae: I'm going to go buy a drink!
Girl: Again!?
Girl: Oh yeah! Go to Class 1 and ask Touno-kun "where are you going? <3"
Kanae: Shut up-
Girl: Buy me an orange soda-
Kanae(thought): Geez...
Kanae(thought): I never told them about Touno-kun...and yet they just make fun of me...
Box: ...Speaking of which, there's going to be a launch.
Box: It feels like forever since the last one.
Box: I'm sure that it will be nice to see it together.
Box: ...If I can, that is.

Page 10
Woman: It's still not going well?
Kanae: Yeah...
Kanae: I was standing up fine in the beginning...
Kanae: So I wonder what happened...

Page 11
Woman: Don't worry too much about it.
Woman: You'll be able to do it again.
Kanae: It's nice to be so carefree.
Woman: ?
Why are you so worried? You're doing it because you want to.
Kanae: ...
Woman: If this keeps up, you won't make it by graduation.
Girl: Sumida-sensei, goodbye.
Woman: Bye.
Kanae: Thanks, onee-chan.
Woman: Should I give you a ride?
Kanae: No, I'll go by motorcycle.

Page 12
Touno: Sumida,
Touno: Are you going back now?
Kanae: Yeah.
What about you, Touno-kun?

Page 13
Touno: Yeah...
Touno: Do you want to go together then?
Kanae(thought): Ah, I'm glad...
Kanae(thought): That I'm not a dog.
Box: ---Is what I seriously thought.
Box: I was shocked by my stupidity.
Box: ...Since the very beginning,

Page 14
Box: Touno-kun was a bit different from the rest of the guys.
Box: At the beginning of the second year,
Touno: I'm Touno Takaki.
Box: For me, Nishonoomote is considered a city, and Kagoshima a metropolitan city.
Touno: Due to my father's work, we moved here from Tokyo.
Box: Touno-kun came from a completely different world called "Tokyo".
Box: His words on the first of the transfer:
Touno: I'm already used to moving,
But I haven't gotten used to being here yet.
Box: If it were me, I probably would have panicked and not been able to say anything.
Touno: Pleased to meet you.
Box: I started to like him on that day.

Page 15
Box: And always watched him from afar.
Kanae(thought): I'm glad that our names are so close.
TN: For the Japanese "alphabet", "To" and "Su" are very close. She's talking about seating based on last names.
Box: I didn't get to talk with him very much, but...
Box: My heart pounds from just seeing him,
Box: And I'm happy to hear his voice.
Box: I wanted to go to the same high school, so I studied really hard and managed to pass.
Box: But of course we were assigned to different classes,
Box: So again, I can only watch him from far away.
Box: It was really by chance that I got close to him.
Girl: Culture festival...is here-
Kanae: We-
Girl: We're from Class 1-3.

Page 16
Kanae(thought): Touno-kun...!
Girl: Let's sit over here-
Guy: Ah- You're reps from Class 3?
Guy: What's wrong?
Kanae: Huh?
Kanae: !!
Guy: We're from Class 1-
Touno: Ah...
Touno: Sumida?
Kanae(thought): Oh...
Touno: Yeah...we were in the same class in middle school.
Kanae(thought): He...
Kanae: Ehehe,
Kanae: Long time no see...
Kanae(thought): Remembered me-

Page 17
Guy: We're both thinking of doing a haunted house,
And the chair told me to sort it out.
Girl: Huh? We don't even have a second choice.
Guy: Then should we decide it by rock-paper-scissors?
Girl: We should do it together.
Kanae: Huh!?
Guy: It looks like Class 2 will be doing something music-related, so they don't need the classroom.
Kanae(thought): Sa...
Saki: Then let's borrow the classroom and connect it using a bit of space in the corridor.
Kanae(thought): Saki-chan...
Saki: Having a bigger area is better, and it'll be easier with more people to help out, right?
Guy: Hm...
Touno: Let's ask the chair then.

Page 18
Touno: Sorry, can you hold this for me?
Kanae: Ah,
Touno: Sumida, be careful.
Kanae: Ok.
Box: Just like that,
Box: We started talking more and more.
Box: And because of that,
Box: I began to like him more.
Box: And just seeing him,
Box: Makes me really happy.

Page 19
To do better than the day before,
I like him even more,
...I get scared,
And everyday is painful.
But I'm really happy,
Everytime I see him.

Page 20
Box: I couldn't help feeling that way.
Kanae: Touno-kun, the same thing again?
Touno: This is really good.
Touno: Sumida, you always seem so serious.
Kanae: Yeah...
Touno: I'll go on ahead now.
Box: I AM focusing really hard right now,
Box: Thinking about buying which would make me seem cute.
Bubble: It would be too obvious.
Bubble: The packaging is cute, but I don't like the taste.
Bubble: It doesn't seem to suit a girl.
Bubble: I like it, but usually guys like it.

Page 21
Box: In the end, I got the usual.
Cashier: That'll be 90 yen-
Kanae: !
Touno: There you are.

Page 22
Touno: What did you get?
Kanae: ...Well,
I wasn't sure, but I got this.
Box: Touno-kun...
Box: Sometimes writes texts to someone.
Kanae: Actually, this is my 4th one today. Isn't it amazing?
Touno: That many?
Touno: Now that I think about it, you always get that, huh.
Box: Every time,
Box: I wish that it would be a text...
Box: For me.
Box: And then,
Even though I can make it a "coincidence" to see him,
Box: When I think that I don't even know his email address,
I somehow want to start crying.

Page 23
Box: Listening to Touno-kun's voice,
Box: It really feels nice.
Kanae: I'm back, Kabu-
Kanae: Kabu-
Kanae: I'm back now-
Touno: I'll be going then.
Kanae: Ah, ok.
Good night!

Page 24
Kanae: Let's go inside,
Box: Compared with when we didn't speak to each other at all,
Box: There are many more things that make me happy,
Girl: Touno-kun and Sasaki-san are talking.
Box: ...But there are more painful things as well.

Page 25
Kanae: !?
Girl: Those two sure are close-
Girl: Recently they went home together.
Girl: This is pretty picture-worthy.
Girl: They're the top two students in our year.
Girl: And they're secretly going out-
Girl: Ahahaha!
Girl: Huh?

Page 26
Sasaki: No, we're not going out.
Sasaki: I already have a boyfriend.
Girl: Huh!?
Girl: I didn't know anything about it!
Sasaki: My cram school teacher.
But it's a secret.
Saki: Cram school!
Girl: Teacher!
Saki: Sasaki-san, you...
Sasaki: No...
Sasaki: That's not true-
Oh, and about Touno-kun.
Sasaki: In our class, they say that he's going out with someone in Class 3.
Girl: Ah- about that...
Saki: It's not true.
Sasaki: ...But I asked him about it once.
If he has a girlfriend.
Girl: Realy!?
Girl: What did he say?
Sasaki: He wouldn't tell me.

Page 27
Sasaki: Although it's more like...
Sasaki: It felt as if I shouldn't ask.
Sasaki: Maybe he has a secret love like mine.
Girl: Ah- That seems likely.
Girl: He's so mysterious.
I don't understand why he'd go home with someone who's not his girlfriend.
Sasaki: I think he just doesn't differentiate between guys and girls.
If you were in the same class, you would know that he treats everyone exactly the same way.
Sasaki: He's equally nice to everyone,
Sasaki: But I don't really understand him.
Girl: Yeah! That's it! I felt that way during the culture festival-
Sasaki: Anyway, as for your friend...
Box: ...I wanted...
Sasaki: The one who likes Touno-kun? It would be best if she asked him directly.
Box: Block out their conversation about halfway.
Box: It made me very sad.

Page 28
Box: It was Saki-chan who wanted to go talk to Sasaki-san.
Girl: Maybe only someone who really likes him would understand.
Girl: It feels that way.
Box: Although I pretend to not care...
Box: The way they talk about Touno-kun...
Box: I really...
Box: Hate it.
Box: I'm so stupid.
Box: Stupid.

Page 29
Kanae(thought): This is punishment.
Box: The archery club still had practice,
Box: But I won't wait for him.
Kanae: Sigh...
Kanae: Kabu...
Kanae: If I keep on going straight, I'll get to Touno-kun's house.
Kanae: I took a look secretly before...

Page 30
Kanae: ...Sigh~~~
Kanae: I'm terrible...
Kanae: Kabu~
Box: Like that,
Kabu: Woof!
Box: Every little thing makes me depressed.
Box: My spirits still soar whenever I see him.
Box: It's been 5 years.
Box: All of my feelings have been wrapped around Touno-kun.

Page 31
Kanae: Sigh...
Kanae(thought): Touno-kun!?
Kanae(thought): Wh-wh-wh-wh-
Kanae(thought): Why!?
Kanae(thought): Ahh!
Kanae(thought): Did he see me fall!?
Kanae(thought): Uwah~!

Page 32
Woman: Hello-
Woman: You are Touno-kun, third year, right?
Kanae(thought): !!
Touno: Sumida-sensei.
Woman: Groceries?
Touno: Yes.
Kanae(thought): Onee-chan...
Woman: I'm with my younger sister.
Kanae(thought): What are you saying-!?
Touno: Ah...surfing.

Page 33
Woman: Huh? You know about it? Aren't you two in different classes?
Touno: We were in the same middle school, so we talked a lot.
She told me that she comes here every morning.
Woman: I see.
Woman: I surfed when I was in university.
Because of that, she started doing the bodyboard.
Woman: She started trying the shortboard around last year,
But, well...
Kanae(thought): Geez-
Woman: Touno-kun, would you like to give it a try?
Touno: I'm not very good at swimming.
Woman: Really? You don't look it.
Woman: Kanae?
Woman: You still haven't changed yet?
Kanae(thought): It's not like I can change while Touno-kun's there...!
Kanae: To-
Touno-kun is busy, so you shouldn't keep him!

Page 34
Woman: Ah...
Touno: ?
Woman: No, it's nothing.
Touno: It's fine. I'll be going now.
Touno: Sumida.
Touno: Good luck.

Page 35
Woman: ...Hey, go change now.
Kanae: Ah.
Kanae: Ok.
Kanae: Onee-chan!
Kanae: Actually, I'll practice a bit more!
Woman: Huh?

Page 36
Woman: What about lunch?
Kanae: I don't need it!
Woman: It's getting windy.
Box: Yes.
Box: I decided to do it when the time comes.

Page 37
When I can stand on the waves...
If I can stand on the waves!

Page 38

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