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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Byousoku 5 centimeter 5


+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on May 2, 2011 00:49 | Go to Byousoku 5 centimeter

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Page 1
Chapter 5: Cosmonaut

Page 2
Kanae: Uwah!
Touno: Huh?
Touno: Sumida.
Kanae: Ah...
Kanae: Touno-kun.
Are you going home?

Page 3
Touno: Why are you over here...
Kanae: Ah! I had to do something in that classroom over there. Ehehe!
Touno: I see...
Kanae(thought): This is earlier than usual...
Touno: Are you going home now?
Kanae: Ah!
Kanae(thought): I'm acting too suspiciously!
Kanae: Yeah.
That's right-
Touno: Then why don't we go together?
Box: Touno-kun...
Box: Is so nice even to someone like me.
Kanae: Sure!

Page 4
Kanae: Ah!
Kanae: I forgot.
Touno: ...A postcard?
Kanae: Ehehe...
Kanae: It's for a friend who transferred away in third year middle school.
We were good friends, so I send her a New Year's card and a card in the summer every year.
Kanae: Her parents are really strict and won't let her have a cellphone. That's why I have to send postcards.
Touno: Third year...you mean Yamashita-san?
Kanae: Yeah! Do you remember her?
Touno: Yeah. I wonder where she went...
Kanae: Hyogo prefecture.
Now she even writes in Kansai-ben.
Kanae: She always puts on photo stickers on her replies, but she's really showy now!
But even though her outer appearance changed, she's still the same person on the inside.
Kanae: Touno-kun, do you exchange letters with your friends in Tokyo?

Page 5
Kanae: ...
Kanae: Um...
Kanae: S...sorry, for being nosy.
Kanae: And for asking.
Touno: Ah, no.
Touno: I did at first.
Touno: The replies became slower on both sides.
Touno: And now we don't keep in touch anymore...
Kanae: I see...

Page 6
Kanae: But...writing letters tend to become like that.
Kanae: I'm the same with Yama-cha...not Yamashita-san...a friend who moved away in elementary school.
We have always been friends you know. We wrote to each other for a bit, but...
Kanae: Naturally, we just stopped.
Kanae: We started talking about people the other didn't know.
Kanae: And then we ran out of topics to write about.
Kanae: Then, maybe I'm bothering her,
Is how I started to feel...
Kanae: Hey!
Kanae: Maybe sending a New Year's card would work.
Kanae: Because Yama-chan sends me those, I feel I should do the same...
Although we don't call each other...so it'll be really late.

Page 7
Kanae: But if I send one, I'll feel connected again.
Kanae: And so...
Kanae: ...Maybe I'm wrong.
Kanae: Well,
Kanae: Sorry.
Touno: No, that's not it.
Touno: ...I guess you're right.
Touno: I understand.

Page 8
Touno: ...Let's go.
Kanae: Ah,
Touno: There's a TV show that I want to watch today.
Kanae: Huh? Touno-kun, you watch TV!?
Touno: I do.
Touno: It's a special program for the rocket that they're launching.
Kanae: Ah, I knew it...
Speaker: Third-year, Class 3, Sumida Kanae-san.
Speaker: Itou-sensei is calling for you.
Speaker: Please come to the student counseling room.
Speaker: Ping-pong, pang-pong. TN: It's the sound that marks the end of the announcement.
Guy: Isn't that your girlfriend?

Page 9
Touno: She's not my girlfriend.
Itou: You're the only one who hasn't handed it in-
Kanae: I'm sorry...
Itou: Although...it seems to be giving you a lot trouble.
Itou: Have you tried talk to Sumida-sensei about it?
Box: This has nothing...
Kanae: No...
Box: To do with onee-chan...
Itou: Sigh...
Itou: With your grades, you can go to junior college or start working.
If your parents don't want you to go to Kyushu for junior college, you would be finding work within this prefecture.
Itou: Those are your choices.

Page 10

Page 11
Kanae: Buah!
Kanae(thought): This is not the place for me.
Kanae(thought): I really think...
Kanae(thought): That I don't belong here.
Kanae(thought): But I don't know where I want to go.
Kanae(thought): And I don't have legs that can carry me somewhere.

Page 12
Woman: Kanae-
Kanae(thought): With me like this...
Woman: Home?
Kanae: ...
Kanae: School.
Box: "Have a long talk with your sister tonight."
Box: "I'll talk to her about it too."
Kanae(thought): I wonder why I don't say anything about it.
Kanae(thought): She naturally starts fussing.
Kanae(thought): Somehow,
Kanae(thought): It's painful.

Page 13
So I guess he's gone already...
I'm so terrible these days-
It's just not my day today...

Page 14

Page 15

Page 16
Kanae(thought): He's doing it again...
Kanae(thought): I shouldn't do it.
Kanae(thought): I shouldn't disturb him...
Touno: Huh?
Kanae: !
Touno: Hey.
You sure know where find me.

Page 17
Kanae: ...Ehehe.
Kanae: I came here because saw your motorcycle.
Kanae: Sorry...
Touno: I see.
I'm glad.
Kanae: Huh?
Touno: Since I didn't see you at the parking lot today.
Box: I wonder when it began...
Kanae: Same here!
Box: That whenever he is nice to me,
Kanae: Sorry to disturb you!
Box: It makes my heart throb.

Page 18
Box: I wonder since when...
Kanae: Hey,
Touno-kun, you are taking university exams right?
Box: It became that,
Touno: Yeah.
Box: Happiness also comes with pain.
Touno: I'll take the one for Tokyo University.
Kanae: Tokyo...
Kanae: I see...
Kanae: That's what I thought.
Touno: How come?
Kanae: It feels like you want to go far away.

Page 19
Touno: I see...
What about you?
Kanae: Me?
Kanae: ...I,
Kanae: Don't even know what I want to do tomorrow.
Kanae: ...Even.
Kanae: I think.
Touno: It's the same with everyone.
Kanae: Huh?
No way!
Kanae: You too?
Touno: Of course.
Kanae: It doesn't seem like you're worried at all.
Touno: No way...
Kanae: All I do is worry.
Touno: I...
Touno: Am only somehow managing the things I can do.
Touno: Nothing else.

Page 20
I see...
Is that so...

Page 21
Touno: ...
Touno: A paper plane?
Kanae: Yep!

Page 22
Woman: What have you been doing so late?
Woman: Hurry and take a bath, or you'll catch a cold!
Kanae: Sigh...

Page 23
It's going 5 kilometers an hour they say.
All the way to the launch site in Minamitane.

Page 24
Touno: ...Yeah.
Kanae: They'll be launching it this year huh.
Touno: Yeah...it going very far into the solar system.
Touno: It will take many years...
Kanae: Touno-kun,
Kanae: You like these kind of things, huh.
Touno: I loved science as a child.
I bought books like "Newton".
Kanae: Then have you been to the space center?
Touno: Right after we moved here.
Touno: I...really treasured the memory.
Kanae: Is that so...

Page 25
Kanae: It didn't seem like it would rain today-
Touno: Let's hurry.
Kanae: Bye, Touno-kun, be careful.
Touno: Yeah.
Touno: Sorry about getting you wet today.
Kanae: No way, no way!
Kanae: It's not your fault!

Page 26
Touno: But I'm glad we got to talk.
Touno: See you tomorrow.
Touno: Be careful to not catch a cold.
Good night.
Kanae: Yeah...
Kanae: Good night, Touno-kun!

Page 27
Kanae: Good night, Touno-kun.
Kanae: Wow- Today is stew-!
Kanae: It looks good-
Woman: Isn't a midsummer stew nice?
Go dry your hair.
Kanae: Ok.
Oh, hey.
Kanae: Itou-sensei talked to you today, didn't he?
Woman: Yeah...he did say a few things.
Kanae: Sorry for the trouble.
Woman: There's no need to apologize.
Woman: It's fine to decide slowly.
Kanae: Ok...
Mom: Kanae,
Did yo do something bad?
Woman: It's no big deal. That teacher is just being paranoid.
Mom: No big deal you say...
Is it really ok?
Kanae(thought): Thank you, onee-chan.
Kanae: Kabu-

Page 28
Kanae: Hey, Kabu.
Kanae: I talked a lot with Touno-kun today.
Kanae: He said he's also confused...
Kanae: He is...
Kanae: Just like me.
Text: It is a really unspeakably lonely journey.
Text: Single-mindedly moving in the darkness.
Text: Not even being able to see a single hydrogen atom.
Text: Simply, simply, moving toward the secrets of the world within an abyss.

Page 29
Text: Just like that,
Text: I wonder how far we will go.
SFX: *Beep*
SFX: *Beep*
Screen: Would you like to save? Yes/No

Page 30
In wonder since when...
I got into a habit of typing out texts that I will never send.

Page 31

Page 32
SFX: *Beep*
Screen: I don't remember which of us stopped writing letters first.
Text: If there is nothing important anymore, then the letters lose their meaning.
Text: We both grab ahold of the present,
Text: Almost as if severing the bond between us...running away from the fact that we are so far away,
Text: And it became an exchange of meaningless words with no attachment.

Page 33
I have always thought the same thing.
Even if I never see you again, this feeling won't change.

Page 34

Page 35
Guy: I would like to go out with you.
Akari: ...I'm sorry.
Akari: ...
Guy: Ah...
Guy: I see.
Akari: Ah,
That's not it.
Akari: Um...
Akari: Will you wait for my reply...?

Page 36
You aren't here with me.
I can feel your thoughts every time I'm at Iwafune Station. TN: It's the station where the two met up.
Even that,
Is gradually disappearing.

Page 37
Do you have someone that you like?
What are you thinking about,
In a place that I don't know?
Am I...
Already a memory for you?

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