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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Kurogane (Ikezawa) 7

Best Order

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Oct 16, 2011 15:04 | Go to Kurogane (Ikezawa)

-> RTS Page for Kurogane (Ikezawa) 7

Reserved for Lazy Ass Scans. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Text: Natto? I'll gladly have some!!
Sayuri: Ooh~~
Hiroto: Hah!
Hiroto: Hah!
Hiroto(thought): I was chosen as a regular.
Chapter 7: Best Order
Hiroto(thought): There are only a few days left before the matches.
I need to get stronger, even if only by a little bit...!!!
Sayuri(thought): So he started running on his own. I guess he's finally got some determination.
Arrow: Breakfast
Hiroto: Alright!
200 meters...!!
Sayuri: What the hell!!!?
That's nothing you should be saying "alright!" for!!!
Kakei: Oi oi...you should at least aim for 2 kilos!!
Hiroto: !

Page 2
Hiroto: Kakei-senpai!?
Kakei: Hurry up, 2 more laps!!
Hiroto: ...!!!
Sayuri(thought): ...
Kakei: ...
Hiroto(thought): ...How awkward...
Kakei: ...Kurogane, so you are the Jihou.
Hiroto: !! Yes...
Kakei: ...You go after me in the ordering...do don't screw up.
Hiroto: ...Yes.
Hiroto: ...Uh, um...
Hiroto: What is Jihou?
Kakei: Huh!?
Kakei: Why doesn't a regular member understand the positions!!?
Hiroto: I'm sorry!! Forget I said anything!!
Kakei: ...Geez.

Page 3
Kakei: Listen up...in team matches for kendo, five people compete in a set order to try to get the most number of wins.
Kakei: Jihou goes second!!
Kakei: The orders in which people go are very important...so each position has its own role.
1. Senbou: The attacker who will set the flow for the rest of the matches. Often someone who continuously attacks.
2. Jibou: Least likely to affect the overall outcome. Often filled by first-years to gain experience.
3. Chuuken: The pivoting point for the matches. Usually consists of the second strongest team member.
4. Fukushou: Skilled members who, instead of attacking in futility, achieve a draw so the taishou can take over.
5. Taishou: The pillar who often decides the outcome of the matches after a 2-2 score. Almost always the strongest member.
Kakei: So don't think the only thing that's different is the order!!!
Text: Well, my personal opinions included
Kakei: Well, "Taishou" has to be Captain Kamiya.
Kakei: He will definitely win it for us, so the four people before that can fight without worry.
Hiroto(thought): Wow~
Hiroto(thought): So I'm the Jihou...
Is it the position filled by the weakest person...?
Kakei: Didn't I say that you can fight without worry!?
Kakei: It's nothing to get depressed over!!
Hiroto: Wah!

Page 4
Kakei: ...Our captain will never lose.
Hiroto: !
Kakei: It's frustrating, but Hazakura is on a totally different level as well.
He probably won't lose either.
Hiroto: ...
Hiroto: Hii!!!
Kakei: ...Listen up!!
I don't want to say this, but...
Hiroto: ?
Kakei: With 5 people, only 3 needs to win.
...If captain and Hazakura win, then just one more---
Kakei: If one more person has to win...amongst the remaining candidates,
Kakei: You have a chance as well.
Kakei: Don't you forget that...!!
Hiroto: ...

Page 5
Sign: Kendo
Tsubame: Funfuun(music note)
Tsubame(thought): Both Kurogane-kun and Shidou-kun are regulars...they're so amazing-
Tsubame(thought): I'm looking forward to the matches this weekend...(note)
Personal comment: Aren't you a member yourself? What the heck are you in the club for!? So useless.
Tsubame(thought): Hm?
Did I forget to close the door...?
SFX: *Smirk*
Tsubame: !!?
Tsubame: Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
Both: !?

Page 6
Sarutobi: Did someone peep at you while you were changing!!?
Tsubame: That's right!!
And old man with a beard and messy hair~
Both: !!
Kinoko: ...Oh...Sounds like...
Sarutobi: It could only be one person.
Tsubame: Huh?
Man: Oh---
Tsubame: !
Man: It's been a while, you brats!!
Man: ...Are you all doing alright?
Tsubame: I-i-it's him! He peeked at me---------!!!
Man: Oh?
Kamiya: ...Geez.
Stop doing that already.

Page 7
Kamiya: Coach Kakurai...!!
Kakurai: Ooh, Kamiya.
Nice to see you!!
All: Coach...!!?
Tsubame: This is the first time I've heard about any coaches for the kendo club...!!
Kakurai: Oh? Well, don't sweat it...Same for me yesterday---
Kakurai: Now that I think about it, I haven't come to club even once this year.
T+H(thought): So unmotivated----!!!
Text: It's already May!!!
Kakurai: ...But this year,
There are some impressive first-years.
Kamiya: ...Have you read through the data for everyone?
Kakurai: No need...my eyes haven't gone out on me...
From the top, 93-58-91---

Page 8
Kakurai: ---H cup!!! This one will grow...!!!
Tsubame: What kind of data is that!!?
Sayuri(thought): So he's the dojo master.
Hiroto(thought): Will we be ok with him...!!?
Kakurai: Oh yeah, I heard that some practice matches are coming up.
Both(thought): You don't know even though you're the coach!!?
Kamiya: Yes.
I have made the decision myself.
Kakurai: Hm, Hakurei and Rakuyou, huh...
They are on a whole different league compared with us.
Kamiya: !
Kamiya: I thought it would be good to learn from the best...
Kakurai: Hm...
I guess...
Kakurai: ...Hey.
I'm just going to ask this...

Page 9
Kakurai: The lot of you...
Kakurai: Still want to win?
Hiroto: ...!!?
Kakurai: Every single year, you get beaten up in the first round.
You should already know that it's hopeless.
Kakurai: And wanting to go to Kanto or Nationals...
Aren't setting those impossible goals painful?
Kakurai: Huh?
Hiroto(thought): Is...is it ok for the coach to say something like that...!?
After hearing that, the senpais---

Page 10
No matter how many times we continue to lose...
That is no reason to give up.

Page 11
Kamiya: People can become stronger.
Kamiya: No matter their starting points.
Kamiya: With the help of every single person in this club,
Kamiya: We will bring back the "Japan's Number One" flag.
Kamiay: I will continue to believe,
...That the day will come.

Page 12
Everyone: ...!!
Kakurai: ...Hah!
Kakurai: ...You don't ever change, Kamiya.
Kakurai: And that's why you're the captain.
Kakurai: It seems like that the past month---
Everyone: ?
Kakurai: Wasn't spent in vain.
Everyone: !!!
Kakurai: All the practice routines up to this year's tournaments,
Everyone: ...!!
Kakurai: And one year's worth of data on all high schools in Tokyo, tactics for individual kendoists---

Page 13
Kakurai: It's a bit late...
Kakurai: But we can make it!!!
Kamiya: ...!!
Kamiya: Yes sir!!
Hiroto(thought): This is the captain and the coach...
Hiroto(thought): And this kendo club...
Hiroto(thought): With everyone's strength,
To become the best in Japan---
Hiroto(thought): ...I'm,
Hiroto(thought): A regular...!!!

Page 14
Everyone: Ooonnne, twoooo!!
Everyone: Threeee, fouuuur!!!
Kamiya: Louder!!! I'm sure you can do better---!!!!
Everyone: Yes!!!
Kakurai(thought): ...
There are two first-year guys this year huh.
To be chosen as regulars by Kamiya, they both must be interesting.
Sayuri: Oho--------!!
So these are the practice routines!!
Kakurai: !?

Page 15
Sayuri: Hohoo...doing Kakarigeiko while changing the drills...
Protein intake after working out...things sure have changed in 150 years.
Kakurai: !!?
Oi oi, what is a little brat doing in here?
Sayuri: Hm...there would be no chance to reflect on the mock tournament matches.
But if you substitute that with free hitting practices before and after...
Kakurai: Ooh!?
Kakurai: Woah---you know about kendo!?
Sayuri: I ran a dojo in my previous life.
Kakurai: ...!?
Sayuri: But that aside, look at this...
Sayuri: If he were to work on his footings for a month...
Kakurai: ...
Box: One hour later
Kakurai: Buhyahya---you totally know what I'm talking about, Sayu!!
Kakurai: Drink up!!! It's my treat!!!
Sayuri: Hohoho, I'll help myself then!!!
Kakei(thought): So loud...
Hiroto(thought): I have a bad feeling about this...

Page 16
Mom: Welcome back, Hiroto!!
Mom: How was the club activities!?
Sayuri: ...He collapsed so many times, but he did make it all the way to the end.
Mom: That's quite impressive!!
Mom: Are you going to sleep right away!? What about a bath!?
Hiroto: ...
Mom: And I prepared dinner for you---
Sayuri: I'll have
Hiroto: I'll eat it!!
Hiroto: ...I have to consume,
Hiroto: I'm so tired...

Page 17
Hiroto(thought): It feels like I haven't been in bed since forever...
I can finally sleep...
Sayuri: ...Alright.
Don't think that this is the end.
Hiroto: !!?
Hiroto: It's another dream...!!
Hiroto: And what's this!?
Sayuri: Fufu...every night from now on...
You will be practicing "Sakura One-Strike Style" with me.
Hiroto: Huh!?

Page 18
Sayuri: I will make you learn to use your eyes and use sword skills to kill!!!
Sayuri: You have unlimited stamina in dreams!!!
Even you would be able to practice until I'm satisfied.
Sayuri: You get to have harsh training at noon in the club,
And personal lessons from Edo's strongest master at night in your dreams...
Hiroto: ...!!
Sayuri: I'd say that you have quite the luck, don't you think!?
Hiroto: ...Will I,
Hiroto: Be able to survive until the matches...?
Sayuri: ...Well then.
Sayuri: Let us fight to the death until morning.

Page 19
Kamiya: You're changing the regulars!?
Kakurai: Only the ordering though.
Kakurai: Your setup is quite safe, and not bad.
But you really want to win this year, right?
Kamiya: ...!!!
Are you serious...coach?
Kakurai: ...Yeah.
Text: Just what kind of strategy is it!?
Kakurai: If you want to win against Hakurei and Rakuyou,
...Then this is the only way.

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