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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

To-LOVE-Ru 133

Trouble Game

+ posted by kenji_37 as translation on Jan 24, 2009 03:18 | Go to To-LOVE-Ru

-> RTS Page for To-LOVE-Ru 133

for redhawk only

int translator can use this as refrence

proofreaded version

Trouble 133: Trouble Game

Page 1

[title: trouble game]

[left text: The reason why a maiden wears a kimono is to conceal their faint feeling. The light crimson colour kept in their heart]

Page 2

Lala: YESS// is the preparation done?

All: kanpai!!*

Lala: it’s a little late but, “this year, please take care of me’’**

[bottom left: take care!]

[*kanpai = cheers in western language]

[** the real word to this is “kotoshimo yoroshiku” is phrase often used on the first day of the New Year]

Page 3

Saruyama: hehe… isn't fun to have a New Year gathering like this, Rito…..

Rito: aah.. yeah!

Saruyama: You should be thanking me for arranging this.

Rito: you arranged this?? Aren’t you just following what everyone else is saying? // but

[haruna chan in Kimono… // is sooo cute~]

Page 4

Saruyama: looks like kotegawa was running late today…

yui: you’re the one who said that girls should wear kimono… it takes time to wear these you know..

Saruyama: hahaha… but the kimono really fits you/ am I right?

Rito: eh? / yeah….

yui: …………..// really?

Rito: ah.. You look gentle….

Page 5

yui: what’s with you! Isn’t “you look gentle”, what people usually say?
Rito: sorry!!

Mikan: sigh // as always, he didn’t understand a women’s heart…

Lala: eh Haruna! Risa and Mio did not come in the end….

Haruna: yeah. Oshizu chan also did not come…I don’t know why but I couldn't contact them

Page 6

Lala: oh I see… // I wonder what’s the problem

Nana: we think we know what the problem is…..

All: NANA!! MOMO!!

Momo: I wish you all a happy New Year…..

Page 7

Nana: yo haruna!

Haruna: what do you mean by knowing the problem…

Momo: nana and I created a game just for this day. // we wanted you guys to enjoy yourselves…

All: ga.. // game!!

Momo: yes// that’s when I asked all your friends to help us with this game…

Page 8

Lala: game? Don’t tell me this game is the same as ‘’trouble Quest’’ that you’ve made before…

Nana: yeah // this game is a virtual reality game with full body experience.

Lala: hee…. Sounds fun

Yui: I wonder if we should do this…

Haruna: yeah…

Nana: Now then everyone, please wear this ‘’player recognition ring’’ on around your wrist.

Page 9

Mikan: the..There won’t be anything dangerous, right?

Momo: of course! // is everybody wearing the ring? // now then, we'll take you into the game!

All: kyaa!! // uwaa!!

Page 10

Rito: this place is // this is // a big dice game!!?

Page 11

Momo: ahem / you’re right! // we based this game on the Earthling’s dice game! // the rules are the same. Throw the dice, and move accordingly to the numbers that appear on the dice. The first person to reach the goal is the winner // we have prepared a wonderful prize for the winner so do your best!

Yui: So far the game doesn’t look dangerous….

Haruna: thank god….

Page 12

Nana: Now then, let us start the game with the person with possession of the dice…

Yui: eh? I’m the first!? // yah!! // 3!

Nana: alright, move 3 steps forward, kokegawa!

Yui: Kotegawa!!

Page 13

Yui: 1 // 2// 3 // eh?

[Command: get a sexy underwear at a lingerie shop]

Saruyama: looks like the instructions are out…

Nana: an instruction will appear when a player stop at a box, and they must follow it~

Yui: get a sexy underwear at a lingerie shop…. // what the…

Page 14

Yui: eh ~~~~!!!

Rito: oh~!!

Yui: change me back!!

Nana: you will stay that way until the next time you throw the dice…

Page 15

Yui: it can’t be~ // !! // hey! Don’t look at me you shameless men!

Rito: I’m sorry

Lala: hee…. What a great system…did momo doing the programming?

Peke: as expected from lala sama’s little sister….

Nana: next is saruyama san!

Saruyama: I’m already excited about this, it looks so fun!

Nana: 5!!

Page 16

[command: lose 1 turn]

Saruyama: lose one turn? Come on! I just started…// oh…

Rito: saruyama disappear?

Nana: because of the instructions, he has disappeared!

Saruyama: what is this place…. // looks like I end up in this strange room….

Mikado: fufu // Saruyama kun….

Page 17

Saruyama: mi..mikado sensei!!?

Mikado: fufu // come here~

Page 18

Saruyama: here I go!!

Nana: yeah! Saruyama is off 1 round!

Rito: why is Mikado sensei here…

Nanan: fu fu fu… not only is Mikado sensei here…. // there are lots of guest participating in this game playing various roles….

Page 19

Momo: And also the game instruction… // it will instruct you to do ‘this’ and ‘that’ and many other things that have been programmed. // Now then... Rolling next is rito san!

Rito: I’m…I’m nervous!!

Mikan: I wish I didn’t participate in the first place

Haruna: me too….

Nana: isn’t she the one who’s having fun the most?

[top left: the six face object is…..]

[bottom left: invitation to the ultimate trouble]

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#1. by Lsshin (Intl Translator)
Posted on Jan 25, 2009
curse you once again XD
#2. by kenji_37 (Scanlator)
Posted on Jan 26, 2009
lol like I said, I post it around midnight, your time. I cant pm you since Im busy with RH at that time....XD
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