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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 613

"The Mermaid Princess in Koukaku Tower"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 3, 2011 00:52 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 613

*Only for use by MS.

tl by molokidan

Chapter 613 - "The Mermaid Princess in Koukaku Tower" (*Koukaku = Hard Shell)
newspaper: The Straw Hat Pirates Are Completely Revived
bottom text: Short Term Cover Page Serial Volume 19
From the Decks of the World Vol. 1 "News Coo Traveling the Ocean"

1: Wadatsumiiiiiiiii!!!
2: Yeap, nothin' yet, Cap'n Decken!
3: How many years have I been waiting for a reply?!
4(2b): Mmmm, 10 years, I think. Still not here yet...maybe if we wait a little
Flying Pirates Crew Member
Oonyuudou Watadsumi
(Giant Tiger Blowfish Fishman)
5: I still haven't gotten a reply yet?! Where is Princess Shirahoshi's letter
reply to me?!
6(3b): It all must be that abominable Neptune's fault!! He's after a political
wedding for Princess Shirahoshi!! -I think!! And as proof, he's shut up the
Princess in that "Steel Tower" for 10 years now!!! Oh, the pain!! You see, we
are in love with each other!!! --I think!!
white: Ahh!! This guy is...!!
7: Today I will present her...
8: with an axe that has a full rose painted on it...!!
9: Doueiiiih!!

1: spin
2: Owaaaaahhh!!
3(2b): Captain, it came baaaack!! You completely missed!!
4: You morons!! I never miss my target!! -I think!! Bahohoho!!
5(2b): Princess Shirahoshi!!! --no matter how long I search this wide ocean
floor...I will never find such a "grand" and beautiful woman as you!!
6: Flying Pirates Captain
Vander Decken IX
(A Japanese bullhead shark Fishman) (*Which is called a 'cat shark' in
7(2b): If the love you possess will allow us to be united, then good!! But you
must not live on your life with someone else!! If that time comes...then you
will die, Shirahoshi!!
8: You must either "pledge your love to me" or "die!!!"
9: Your fate is "DEAD OR MARRIAGE!!!"

1: Ryuuguu Kingdom [Ryuuguu Palace]
2: It's coming from [Koukaku Tower]!!
3: It's Princess Shirahoshi crying!!
4: What happened to the guards in the tower!!?
5: Why isn't anyone at her side?!?!
6: I'm very sorry, we madde an error in shifting the guards!!
7: Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!
8: Fatherrrrr! Brother Fukaboshiiiii!!
9: Hey, hey, heeey!! C'mon! I'm just a pirate who was looking for a little
10: Brother Ryuuboshiiiiiiiiii! Brother Manboshiiiiiii!!!
11: Man, she's so loud...what a mess...
12: A human is in my room attempting to take my liiiiife!!
13: I didn't know it was YOUR fooooood!!

1: Eh..
2: schwing
3: flash!!
4: bah!!
5: Uooorryaaaaaaaahhhh!!!
6: Nnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

1: Princes Shirahoshiiiiiii!! We have arrived!!!
2(2b): ? Haa...haa...why an axe?! Where did that fly in from?!
3: Look, the dooor is open! What's going on?!
4: Princess Shirahoshi!!!
5: Are you alright!!?
6: Zeh zeh

1: Are you hurt anywhere...!!?
2: Uwaaah, what are you doing?
3: We heard you crying in an unusually loud voice, so we were worried. Who in
the world opened your door?!
4: Is there an invader present?!
5: Be quiet...!!
6: Hey, lemme go...!!
7: ...s...sorry for making you worry...!!
8: There isn't anything wrong...!!
9: ...I guess...I was just having a bad dream...!!
10: ...haah.
11: I could have sworn I heard someone's voice just now...
12(2b): --is that so...well, it's good that nothing was the matter. Oh, that's
right. There is something I must let you know...
13: It's about the pirate "Straw Hat Luffy" who saved Megalo...and the trouble
surrounding him...!!
14: Hm?

1(3b): --and so, because of the "suspicions of kidnapping" in regards to the
missing mermaids -- and since they are "indefinite dangers" to the future of
this island,
2(2b): it has been decided that all the "Straw Hat Pirates" will be locked in
the castle's prison. --we have already secured the swordsman who came first to
the palace!
3: I suspect that the other three who just arrived here recently have also been
captured by now...!!
4(2b): But Captain "Straw Hat," who should have entered with them, has
disappeared. He may have already caught on...!! We think he is hiding somewhere
in the palace, so be very careful.
5(2b): We will capture the other members of his crew around the island one by
one, and protect the safety of this country no matter what!! It is truly
unfortunate that instead of holding a banquet for the people who saved Megalo's
life, we had to present them with ropes instead!
6: --ahh..."five minutes" have already passed.
7: I must be going now!!

1(3b): Really...thank you so much. I am very sorry for my rudeness
earlier...please forgive me. I never would have imagined that you were the one
who saved Megalo!
2: Shaah shaaah!!
3: Your name is Luffy-sama, I assume?
4: Yeah.
5: But if you're a pirate, Luffy-sama...then are you a bad person?
6: ...hm? ...mmmm...I dunno, that's up to you to decide.
7: They said that the soldiers captured your crew...
8: Yeah...it's alright, it's alright. There's no way you guys could actually
capture them for real!!
9: But that doesn't matter! What was that "axe" about, huh?! What super strong
guy threw that thing up here?
10: I know...who the criminal responsible is...--a gentleman named Vander
Decken-sama...he hates me for refusing his invitation to marry him...
11(2b): This fellow has received a demonic curse known as "Mato-Mato"...
(*Target-Target) and is apparently capable aiming at which ever "target" he
decides upon - in this case, my life - from any location and at any
time...therefore it is too dangerous for me to take a single step outside this
"Koukaku Tower"...!!

1: --it's been...ten years now.
2: On top of that, my father has decided that the soldiers can only stay in
here for five minutes at a time.
3: Ten whole years?! That must have been so boring!
4: So the only one I have to talk to is Megalo...he's my precious friend.
5: --so that's why they we were gonna get a feast! Not anymore though, I guess.
6: --still, though...your human body is so small
7: yet you can truly eat a significant deal, Luffy-sama...
8: Gah munchy munch chomp gnash...munch muuuuunch...gulp!! Burp!!(That hairy
old guy said he was gonna start the feast, but he kept getting yelled at, so I
couldn't take it any longer and followed this scent!)
9: They called you a princess, didn't they?! So you're the mermaid princess!!
10: ...yes, I'm the daughter of King Neptune.
11: My name is Shirahoshi!!
12: Hmph! That's a hard name to say.

1(2b): --you really don't look like a bad fellow to me. If you're a "pirate,"
then you must go on adventures, correct?
2(2b): Have you ever seen the "sun?" --and...have you ever come across many
different kinds of "flowers," and... creatures with lots of hair all over their
bodies known as "animals," and places with lots of greenery known as "forests?"
3: That's too many questions, hold on a bit! I'm eating now!!
4: What big cheeks!
5: Buh
7: Kya
8(3b): P...p...please...don't chastise me in such a loud voice...so you really
are a scary person after all...Luffy-sama...!! U...ueeennn....I've never been
yelled at by someone in my whole life, you know...!!
9: thump thump
10(2b): Huh? Hey, hey, why are you crying now? Stop it!
11: Eeeeeeeeeen...
12: How could you be so big and yet be such a cowardly crybaby...

1: I don't like youuuuu!! Ahahaha
2: Eh?! Ehhhhhhh?!
3(2b): Wh...wh...what horrible words...I...I've never been told such...!!
You're such a horrible man...!! Please leave...!!
4: I can't take it...eeeeeen
5: Shah shaaaaah!!
6: Wheeeeew, I sure at a lot! That was delicious!!
7: --10 whole years in here, huh...? That'd make me sick.
8: Hurry up and leave, Luffy-sama!
9: Isn't there anywhere you wanna go?
10: --of course...there are many--but...
11: I thought so!
12: Let's get out of here, then!! Let's go for a walk!!!
13: Eh??
14: If more things come flying, I'll just bounce them all away!!!
15: Ehhhhh!!? I...! I can't do something like that...!!!

1: Ryuuguu Palace Front Entrance--
2: Are you telling me you can't manage to capture a measly three humans?!
3: Usopp-chin!! Nami-chin, Brook-chin!!
4: If you resist any further, you'll really become criminals!!
5: --however, we have no reason to obey them, Keimi-san.
6(2b): If we don't resist, they'll just arrest us!! They're the ones that came
at us with some crazy reason!
7: Regardless of what we may do in the future, you think we're just going to
sit here and let them capture us now because of it?!

1: I will take on as many of you as you wish...
2: These pirates have caused a ton of incidents up until now!
3: Even without their Captain here, they're extremely strong...!!!
4: I was really looking forward to the alcohol here at the Ryuuguu Palace, you
5: Did "Nose" always sound that reliable?!
6: Do not falter, soldiers!! Look, this is without a doubt the "prologue" of
the future that was predicted!!
7: Defeat them at all costs!! Protect our country!!!
8(2b): --that's a good one! If you guys hadn't attacked us in the first place,
we'd have no reason to go wild like this!!
9(2b): This crowd is nothing compared to the collected attack of the giant
insects from the "Boin Archipelago!!" Watch the power of my new weapon: "Black"
10(2b): Neptune-sama!! Please, your power!!!
11: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
12: I would like some time to decide whether it's OK or not...
13: to arrest people because of a prediction!!
14: Therefore...!!
15: Just capture them for now, everyone!!!

1: Soiyahhh!!!
2: This will be a powerful one!!
3: Zoro!!
4: Weren't...you in the prison...?
5: --I heard the sound of a party getting started...
6: so I came out!!!

1: Fishman District "Noah"--
2: Wait there, Wadatsumi!
3: Got it!
4: Captain!! Vander Decken-sama has arrived!
5: Uoooohhhhh
6: This way!
7: Nnnnnnn
8: Sorry for being late...I ran into a little volcanic eruption. So...you're
the infamous Hodi!! --I think?!
9: We're both "infamous" here...Vander Decken, you crazy bastard!!!
10: Pleased to be doing business with you...
11: --ohhh, a handshake...?! That's a bit of a problem, hold on a minute...!!
12: kyuh
13: --this will do it...
14: Nah...don't worry about it.
15: Decken!! Decken!!
16: Bahohoho!! The pleasure's all mine!! Hodi Jones!!!
17: --now we're invincible on the ocean floor...!!
18: two really dangerous guys have teamed up!! Kyah kyah!!

1: A single goal, from which we shall both profit!!!
2: Hodi, Hodi!
3(2b): Crush the Neptune Army, which lacks both Fishman and Merman pride...!!
Take the the head of the Sea God Neptune!!!
white: A frightening plot...!!
4: Then, the "complete collapse of the Ryuuguu Kingdom!!!!"

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