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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 613

The Mermaid Princess in Shell Tower

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Feb 6, 2011 21:01 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 613: The Mermaid Princess in Shell Tower
Short-Term Focused Serial 19
From Shipdecks Around The World Vol. 1: "The News Coos Soar Across the Seas"

[Insert Text: Ah! This is...!!]
Decken: WADATSUMI~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! // Has there still been no response?! Has Princess Shirahoshi replied to my letter yet?!!
Wadatsumi: Nope, no response yet, Cap'n Decken!
Decken: How many years have I been waiting now?!
Wadatsumi: Uhhh... About ten years! / And still no sign... Maybe it'll show up soon...
[Box: Member of the Flying Pirates / Oonyuudou Wadatsumi / (Giant Puffer Fishman)]
[TN: "Oonyuudou", meaning "giant monk", is a type of demon from Japanese folklore (similar to, but not the same as, the Umibouzu that the Strawhats mistook him for)]
Decken: This must be the work of that detestable Neptune!! The fiend means to force Princess Shirahoshi into a political marriage!! I know it!! / Why else would he lock her away for ten long years in that steel tower?!!! / Ah, the shame of it all!! Does he not see?!! The two of us are in love!!! I know it!! // Once again, I shall send her... // ...an axe embossed with the image of a rose...!! // HAAAAHHHH~~~!!

Crew: Guaahhhh~~~~~~~~!! // It came flying back this way, Cap'n~~~~~~~~!! / You missed good and proper~~!!
Decken: Fools!! I never miss a target!! I know it!! Bahohohoh!! // Princess Shirahoshi!!! No matter how I roam these ocean depths... / I have yet to find another woman as vast and beautiful as you!!
[Box: Captain of the Flying Pirates / Vander Decken IX / (Bullhead Shark Fishman)]
Decken: If our love can be fulfilled, then so be it!! / But I cannot allow you to live your life with another!! If that should happen... you must die!! Shirahoshi!! // Either swear your undying love for me!! Or choose death!!! // Yes, your life is a choice... between "death or marriage"!!!

[Box: Ryuuguu Kingdom: Royal Palace]
Guards: It's coming from Shell Tower!! // That's Princess Shirahoshi's voice!! She's crying!! // What happened to the guards at the Tower entrance?!! // Why is nobody by the Princess' side?!!! // I must apologise!! There was a mix-up with the changing of the guard!!
Shirahoshi: Uwaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! // Father~~~!! Fukaboshi-oniisama~~~~~!!
Luffy: Hey, hey, hey!! What's the matter?! I'm just a pirate who was looking for some food!!
Shirahoshi: Ryuuboshi-oniisama~~~~~~!! Manboshi-oniisama~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: Man, she's noisy......! What do I do now...?
Shirahoshi: A human has entered my chambers to make an attempt on my life~~~~~~~~~~~~!!
Luffy: I didn't know this food was yours, okay~~~?!!

Luffy: ?!
Shirahoshi: Eh...?
Shirahoshi: ?!!
Luffy: HNNNGGHHHHHHH~~~~~~~!!!

Guards: Princess Shirahoshi~~~~~~!! We are on our way~~~~~!!! // Look - the door is open!! What's going on?!!
Luffy: ? *pant*... *pant*... / Why is there an axe?! Where did it come from?!
Shirahoshi: ...............!!!
RightMinister: Princess Shirahoshi!!! // Are you all right?!! // *pant* *pant* // !!

Shirahoshi: ...............!!
RightMinister: Are you hurt at all...?!!
Luffy: Ahhhh~~! What are you doing~?!
RightMinister: We were so worried when we heard your plaintive cries! Who on Earth opened this door?! // Was there an intruder?!
Luffy: Lemme go...!!
Shirahoshi: (Shhh! Be quiet...!!) // ...I... I apologise for causing you alarm.........!!
Luffy: ..................
Shirahoshi: It was nothing, really......!! // ......I think...... I must have had a bad dream, that is all......!!
RightMinister: ............I see... // (I was sure I heard somebody else's voice.........) // If that is the case... then I am most relieved. / Ah, yes. There is something else that I should speak to you about...... // It regards the pirate, Straw Hat Luffy, who was responsible for saving Megalo. The situation has become rather complicated, you see...!!
Luffy: Hm? // ...............??

RightMinister: ...And as such... / Under suspicion of the kidnapping of the missing mermaids... / ...and as a precaution against these possible future misdeeds...
Shirahoshi: ..................
RightMinister: ...the decision has been made to confine the entire Straw Hat crew to the Palace dungeons. / The swordsman, who arrived at the Palace ahead of the others, has already been apprehended. // The three further crew members who just arrived at the castle have most likely been apprehended by now as well......!!
Luffy: ..................
RightMinister: The only problem is... the Captain of their crew, Straw Hat Luffy, who was last seen entering the Palace along with those three crew members, seems to have gone missing...!! / Presumably he discovered our intentions to apprehend him somehow, and has concealed himself somewhere in the Palace. We must all be on our guard! // Fear not; we will apprehend his other crewmates from their various locations across Fishman Island and ensure the safety of our proud Kingdom!! / It pains me greatly that we are forced to greet Megalo's saviours with chains and cells rather than the planned celebrations. // ...Ah... It would seem that five minutes have passed. // In that case, we will be leaving!!

Shirahoshi: I must thank you ever so much. / I apologise for the rudeness of the guards just now... please forgive them. / Still, I never imagined that you were the one responsible for saving Megalo! // Your name... is Luffy-sama, yes?
Luffy: Uh-huh.
Shirahoshi: And you are a pirate... Does that mean you are a bad person?
Luffy: ......Hm? ...Uhhhh... I dunno. You can decide that yourself.
Shirahoshi: It would appear that your companions have been captured by the Palace guards.........
Luffy: Yeah... But don't worry. They'll never be able to keep my friends captured for long!! // Anyway, I really don't mind! So... what was that axe that flew in here just now?! What kind of crazy guy threw that thing, and from where?!
Shirahoshi: I believe... I know the one responsible. It is a man named Vander Decken-sama... He seems to have a grudge against me because I refused his proposals of marriage... // From what I gather, he is cursed with a demonic power by the name of "Mato Mato"... / It allows him to target me at any time, no matter where he may be...... As such, I am never permitted to leave this Shell Tower, for it would be far too dangerous for me to be out in the open......!!

Shirahoshi: ...It has been ten years now...
Luffy: Ten whole years?! You must get pretty bored~~!
Shirahoshi: What is more, my father has decreed that even the guards may not spend more than five minutes in my presence... // And so I have nobody to talk to but my beloved Megalo... He is my only friend in the world.
Luffy: So that's why you were going to throw a party for us! ...Though I guess it's not gonna happen now...
Shirahoshi: ...Still... for someone so small... // ...You certainly do eat an awful lot, Luffy-sama. Humans are so strange......
Luffy: Mnglphrmmbgln, brlphmng hrnglg frmlurmnglp... mnghlphrng! (The shaggy old guy said he was gonna throw us a party, but then he just kept getting told off, so I couldn't take it any more, and I followed the smell in here!) // Those guys were calling you "Princess", right? So are you the Mermaid Princess?!!
Shirahoshi: Indeed. I am the daughter of King Neptune. // My name is Shirahoshi!!
Luffy: Huh... that's a weird name.

Shirahoshi: I do not think you can be a bad person after all. / Since you are a pirate, do you go out on what is known as "adventures"? // Have you ever seen the "sun"? / Also... have you seen the many types of "flowers", or the hair-covered creatures known as "animals"? Have you ever been to a green location known as a "forest"?
Luffy: Too many questions!! Hold on a minute, I'm eating!!
Shirahoshi: ......... / My, how large your cheeks are!
Luffy: Mnbphh! // Don't do stuff like that!! What was that for?!!
Shirahoshi: ?!! // Aahh! // I... I... I am sorry...! Please do not shout at me with such a loud voice...! You are a scary person after all... Luffy-sama...!! // Uu...
Luffy: !
Shirahoshi: Uwaaaahhh~~~!! Nobody has ever got angry with me before~~~~~!!
Luffy: Huh? / Whoa, whoa... I wasn't trying to make you cry! Stop that!
Shirahoshi: Uwaaahhhh~~~~~~~~~!
Luffy: Man, you're a real crybaby for someone so big...

Luffy: I don't think I like you that much~~~!! Ahahahah!
Shirahoshi: Eh?! / Ehhhhh~~~~~~~~~~?!! // Th... Th... That's so horrible... N - Nobody has ever said anything so horrible to me before.........!! / You are a terrible person......!! Please, you must leave me at once...!! // I cannot take this any longer...... Uwaaahhhh~~!
Megalo: Rrghhhhh~~~~!!
Luffy: Ma~~~n, that was good! Thanks for the food!! // Still, ten whole years in this place, huh~~~~? Don't think I could stand that.
Shirahoshi: Luffy-sama, would you please leave...?
Luffy: Hey, isn't there anywhere you'd like to go?
Shirahoshi: ?! // W - Well, of course... there are many such places... but...
Luffy: Yeah, there must be, huh...? // Let's go somewhere, then!! For a walk!!!
Shirahoshi: Ehh?!
Luffy: If anything comes flying at you again, I'll send it flying right back where it came!!!
Shirahoshi: Ehhhhhhh~~~~~~~?!! I...... I could not possibly...!!!

[Box: Ryuuguu Palace, Main Entrance]
Guards: Hurry up and catch them!! They're only three humans!!
Caimie: Usopp-chin!! Nami-chin, Brook-chin!! // If you resist them any longer, you really will become criminals...!!
Brook: Nevertheless, we have no reason to surrender, Caimie-san.
Usopp: If we don't resist, we'll just end up as prisoners!! / It's their fault for picking a fight with us over some crazy reason! // I'm not letting them capture me for something I haven't even done yet!!!

Brook: Should you so desire, I will gladly face you in combat.........
Guards: This crew have caused all kinds of crazy incidents... // Even without their Captain, they're a force to be reckoned with...!!!
Nami: Such a pity... I was looking forward to sampling the Palace wine...
Pappagg: Did Nosey used to be as imposing as all that?!
LeftMinister: Do not falter, soldiers!! See this for what it is - a prelude to the terrors to come!! // They must be stopped at all costs!! To protect our proud nation!!!
Usopp: ...Oh, that's rich! We'd never have tried anything here... / ...if you hadn't attacked us first!! // This army is nothing compared to the giant insects of the Boin Archipelago!! / Taste the power of my new weapon: Black Kabuto!!!
LeftMinister: Neptune-sama!! / Lend us your strength!!!
Neptune: Hmmmmmmmmmm......... // I feel unsure whether it is right to imprison them for a future crime...... // I would like some time to think this over...!! // As such.........
StrawHats: ?!
Neptune: I will capture them for the moment!!!
StrawHats: ?!!

Neptune: Take this!!!
Brook: Such force...!!
Neptune: ?!!
StrawHats: !!!
Nami: Zoro!!
Usopp: Zoro... I thought you were in the dungeons...!
Zoro: I heard the sounds of merrymaking...... // So I thought I'd come out and play!!

[Box: Fishman District "Noah"...]
Decken: You wait there, Wadatsumi.
Wadatsumi: Gotcha!
People: Captain!! Vander Decken-sama has arrived! // Ahhhhhh~~~~! // Right this way!
Hordy: Hmmmmmmmm...
Decken: Sorry I'm a little late... Got caught up in a little volcanic eruption. / So... you're the one, right? The infamous fishman known as Hordy!! I know it!
Hordy: You're pretty infamous yourself... Mad Captain, Vander Decken!!! // It'll be a pleasure working with you...
Decken: Oh, you're after a handshake...?! Can't be having that... hang on a second...!! // That's better...
Hordy: ?
Decken: Oh, it's nothing...
People: Decken!! Decken!!
Decken: Bahohohoh!! The pleasure is all mine!! Hordy Jones!!!
Hordy: This alliance benefits us both!! Our goal is the same!!!
People: Hordy!! Hordy!!
Hordy: To crush that despicable army, who have none of the pride befitting their races!! / To take the head of "Sea God" Neptune!!!
Zeo: ...With this, there's nobody under the whole ocean to oppose us......!!
Daruma: This sure is quite the gathering!! Kyakkyah!!
Hordy/Decken: And to bring about the total destruction of the Ryuuguu Kingdom!!!!
[Insert text: A terrible plot is afoot...!!]

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