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Bleach 2 (0 comments)
This is the Kon in Hana Omake that's been featured a page here and there starting with vol 20 of the original tanko. However, I didn't add or trans the vol 20 portion of the tanko, because imo, it wasn't as funny as the rest of it, and to be honest, I didn't really have the time... but the quick recap of it is... that Hanatarou is a guest on Kon's radio show, and during the process of the show, Kon takes over Hanatarou's gigai and goes to SS... That's where I pick up the transes...

The raw is a SendSpace mirror that you're going to have to d/l because this thing spans 20 some-odd pages and I don't have the time nor patience to u/l every page and post them. Sorry. But if you need other... Read More " "
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D.Gray-Man 94 (5 comments)
eh...Skin talks a little funny...he refers to himself as "thyself". When I translate, I try to translate so that the characters have "character". Like..Allen always talks extremely politley, and Kanda always talks more masculine.

I am using "myself" for when Skin refers to himself even though it may not be grammatically correct....m(_ _)m

++++94th Night: Noah's Memory++++
(uchipu: these days the titles are getting a bit....mundane...)

Page 1 (199)
+SFX+Ooooo (wind blowing)
Skin: Yet Exorcist...

Skin: as you slash myself

Skin: block the power of mysef
+SFX+ KI (squeaking noise)

Skin: you are beginning to lose
+TEXT+ Are Skin's words the truth...!?
+SFX+ Ki

Page 2 (200)
+Left... Read More " "
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D.Gray-Man 92 (3 comments)
Just the manga part - I'm skipping over page 112-116 which are tidbits about the animation.

I apologize for not being here last week.....Work has taken a turn for the worse, and I can't find time at ALL!!!!! I scraficed lunch break for the below ; ;

+++92nd Night: Skin Bolic Room++++

Page 1 (117)

+Box Text+
Time left until the collapse of Noah's Ark which holds Allen and the team captive
is approximately 110 minutes...

+Side Text+
Allen, Kanda, Lavi and Crowley can fight!
The curtain rises for the hard battle against the Noah!!

Page 2 (118)

Kanda: You guys go ahead

Kanda: I will take him on

Page 3 (119)

Lavi: !

Kanda: The Noah that's been after my General

Kanda: seen a few times
+SFX+... Read More " "
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D.Gray-Man 90 (5 comments)
Again, at work, so no Japanese text...I hope you don't mind.

UGH, and seriously busy today!!! I'll be back to edit spellings and esthetics a little later, but here's the rough cut.

+++++90th Night: Starting Bell Will Not Yet Ring ++++++

Page 1 (207)
+SIDE TEXT+Difficult assignments continues everyday! But there will be happy days when every one can laugh!!

+BOTTOM TEXT+With Earl's single strike, Exorcists including Kanda and Lavi were badly hit. Then, Allen finally joins them by coming through the "Ark". Forces the Earl back for moment!! However, the Earl reacts to the strange works of Rinali's Innocence and....!?

Page 2 (208)
+TEXT+Rinali is swollowed....!!

Allen: What....

Page 3 (209)

Al... Read More " "
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D.Gray-Man 89 (9 comments)
I can't input in Japanese from here, so it's only English.
I apologize for the inconvienence.

You have to read one of the Reverse novels to really understand where this Kanda vs Allen thing comes from :(

Here goes:

89th Night: Love Comedy

Page 1 (347)
+Side Text+ The one that stopped the Earl was....Allen!!

Page 2 (348)
(no text, no sfx)

Page 3 (349)
(no text, no sfx)

Page 4 (350)

Earl: That form....!♥

Earl: Just like the 『White Clown』 (self translated as "Clown") that chases around 『Fallen Clown』 (self translated as Auguste)♥

Page 5 (351)
89th Night: Love Comedy

Earl: What an odd child...♥

+TEXT+ Two Pierrots.... Read More " "
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D.Gray-Man 88 (1 comments)
Yoropiko beat me to it..but o well. Here goes mine :(

88th Night: The Evil Starts Laughing

Page 1

That’s hot, Earl

You cleaned out Edo

TEXT: 一撃で... 形勢逆転!!
With one hit…and situation is reversed!!

Page 2

TEXT(but in Earl-speak):... Read More " "
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D.Gray-Man 87 (1 comments)
第87夜 ティエドール、エントリー
87th Night: Theodore, Entry

--Page 369--
Text: 神田、ティエドール、マリ、江戸に現るッ!
Kanda, Theodore, Mari appears in Edo!

Theodore:... Read More " "
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D.Gray-Man 86 (6 comments)
Spolier Script is up! ...and still working on Vol. 8 :eyeroll

And .. Kanda pops in at the end!
Can't wait for next week! Weeeeee

第86夜 そして眠りにつく頃に
86th Night: And As You Fall Asleep

Edo-Jo (Edo... Read More " "
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D.Gray-Man 85 (10 comments)
Last week, I translate left and right hand reversely. I apologize.
It's a little hard just translating words, without seeing the actual pictures lol.

This week it's extra long (....more work!) with some "summer special" featuring Kanda :smile-big

It's really long, so I aplogize if it is hard to read. I'm not very good a making this look more aethtically pleasing. :notrust

Also, some cuts from the Animation on pages 65 (Colour Allen & Kanda) and page 249 (Black & White Allen, Kanda & Renali rough cuts). There's also Timcampy, drawings of HQ & Kanda's Golem. Voice actors will be announced next week.

Anyways, here... Read More " "
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D.Gray-Man 84 (3 comments)
さて 文字バレきたけど どうしましょうか。。。
RAWがアップされるまで 待つべきかな?

I got the "description sneak peak" (Moji Bare) but do you want me to wait to see the RAW to... Read More " "
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D.Gray-Man 83 (11 comments)
:blink I dunno why, but it jumped to 85. :blink

Should I translate?

第8583夜 道と道 その間は棘(いばら)
85th 83rd Night: Path and Path, with Thorns in Between

Fou's disguise as Allen becomes undone, and Fou returns to... Read More " "
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D.Gray-Man 82 (15 comments)
「バクさんが ここを開けられないなら 僕が開けます
僕が ひとりで開けて行けば 文句ないでしょ!!」

"If Mr. Baku cannot open this, I will open it.
There shouldn't be any argument if I open this by myself... Read More " "
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