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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

D.Gray-Man 89

D. Gray Man Chapter 89

+ posted by uchipu as translation on Sep 7, 2006 15:41 | Go to D.Gray-Man

-> RTS Page for D.Gray-Man 89

I can't input in Japanese from here, so it's only English.
I apologize for the inconvienence.

You have to read one of the Reverse novels to really understand where this Kanda vs Allen thing comes from :(

Here goes:

89th Night: Love Comedy

Page 1 (347)
+Side Text+ The one that stopped the Earl was....Allen!!

Page 2 (348)
(no text, no sfx)

Page 3 (349)
(no text, no sfx)

Page 4 (350)

Earl: That form....!♥

Earl: Just like the 『White Clown』 (self translated as "Clown") that chases around 『Fallen Clown』 (self translated as Auguste)♥

Page 5 (351)
89th Night: Love Comedy

Earl: What an odd child...♥

+TEXT+ Two Pierrots. Dancing to a dream of two separate endings.

Page 6 (352)

Lavi: Whoa!
+SFX+ GOoo

Lavi: !! (notices)


Page 7 (353)

Lavi: Huh!?
+SFX+ Gyo (startled)

(Lavi: Akuma!!?)

+SFX+ TA! (Lands)

+SFX+ Ba
Allen: Lavi!?
Lavi: !!! (notices)

Allen: Did you see the Earl come....(gets cut off)
Kanda: YO!! Stop right there!!

Page 8 (354)

Kanda: DIE!!
Lavi: WHOA!?

Allen: Kanda!?

Kanda: !!?

Kanda: WHAT THE FUCK....?!
(text: sprout...?)
+SFX+gichi gichi gichi gichi (sounds of blades)
Allen: That's my question as well
(text: It's ALLEN)

Kanda: I was chasing the Noah with the curls!!
Yo Lavi You know where he went!?
Lavi: O? What happened to the macho guy I was fighting....

Page 9 (355)
Allen: What's going on...
Kanda: Noah ain't anywhere...?
+SFX+ Ooooo (wind sound)

Kanda: Shit
Allen: 'cuse me...why are you cussing at me?
(text Allen: like you were in my way kinda way)

Allen: I believe they got away cuz Kanda was SLOW POKE
Kanda: (loses it) Yo, what did ya say
Shit, you come poking in later and what the fuck are you saying anyways SLOW SPROUT
Allen: My name is Allen
How many times do I have to tell you?
O yea, Kanda your head is SLOW POKE too, I guess
Kanda: Good attiude...I'll teach you who's the real slow poke
Let's draw (swords) I'll shave off that white hair of yours and sell it to old foggies

Lavi: Cal Calm Down you two
(text Kanda: I'll just leave you with one hair on top of your head)
(text Allen: I'll shave it off like a kappa)

Lavi: This is um..supposed to be a moving reunio.....
Kanda & Allen: Shut the fuck up, I'll shave you
(text Lavi: whaaaaaat)

Page 10 (356)
+SFX+ Suuuuu (inhale)

+SFX+ buhaaaaa (exhale)

Tiki: Why are we retreating, Earl It was fun
(text Tiki: Explanation please)
+SFX+ zuru zuru zuru (sound of dragging)

+SFX+ zuru zuru zuru (sound of dragging)
Tiki: That girl Exorcist could've been the Heart you know
Earl: So heavy....♥ Both of you have grown so much♥
Tiki: Hey, are you listening?

Road: It's under 4 hours to the move (self translates "download"), Tiki~
+SFX+ zuru zuru zuru (sound of dragging)

Earl: Hey Road♥ Good work on the programing♥
(text Road: um where's Relo~?)
Road: Candy for one year~
Earl: ok ok

Tiki: You letting 'em go?
Earl: No way ♥
Tiki: I knew it

Earl: Your "work" has returned as well♥

Page 11 (357)
(text Tiki: What?!)
Tiki: Serious? Alive? Left Arm too!?
Earl: Alive and hopping Perfectly in my way♥

(Tiki: awww shit~~)
Road: ummm what are we talking about~?
(text Road: where is Relo~~?)
Earl: Just another sad Tiki story

Road: I see~~~~~~?
Road: ! (notices)

Road: Tiki~ changed (ciggarette) brands?
+SFX+ Sururu (flip)
+SFX+ kun kun (sniff sniff)
Tiki: What suddenly....no I didn't change?
(text Tiki: panties panties)

Road: ......I see....

Road: Hey~ Earl Where is Relo~~~~?

+SFX+ pock pock pock pock (chicken noise)

Page 12 (358)
+SFX+ pock pock pock pock

Chicken: Cocka doodle doooo~!!

+SFX+ hyuoooooooo (wind blows)

Justavi: shit WHERE IS CROSS?
(text: FIND HIM!!!!!!!)
+SFX+ Dopapapapapan (sound of bottles breaking...I guess)
+SFX+ Cocka doodle doooo~!!

Page 13 (359)
Theodore: Reprogramed Akuma, the Plant, Noah's Ark....
I came to Japan on orders to look for more Chosen
I have no intention of helping that guy

Theodore: He thinks of those other than himself as mere pawns
As far as I can see, you guards were used as a decoy to play out a scneario written by reporgrammed Akuma and Marian? You do understand?
Bookman: Yes

Bookman: We came here after being warned. So I was expecting
Theodore: hmmmmm
+SFX+ Bori bori bori (scratch, scratch, scratch)

Theodore: ...currently all the Exorists left in this world are Hebulaska, Sokalo, Cloud in the Missionary, Marian and

Theodore: the nine that are here, is all that is exists, you know.
Since, I think, that it isn't the time to fight the Earl of Millenium right now, I believe it is your duty as Believers to live through until that time.
I feel that Cross team should immediately leave the battle line.

Page 14 (360)
Allen: Rinali


Allen: Yes I'm sorry

Allen: I'm sorry, Rinali

Page 15 (361)
Rinali: Why are you apologizing...?

Rinali: If it's about Suman, Allen you saved him

Rinali: He didn't die in vain

Rinali: I'm sure Suman's soul was saved by you, Allen

Rinali: Welcome back, Allen

Page 16 (362)
Allen: I..m ba..ck

Alen: I'm back...Rinali

(text Lavi: Awww, he's crying~)
(text Allen: Ki! +glares+)
(text Rinali: You were crying too, Lavi)

(text Lavi: I...I wasn't crying!!)
(text: Ahahaha)
+noise+ Crack!

(outside bottom frame text: What does the Earl have planned for Rinali!? What is Allen going to do!!)

Page 17 (363)
+SFX+ VHOOOSH (Gattsu)
TEXT: The Earl...won't let them get away!!

Allen: Rina....

++to be continued++

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#1. by BlackPearl ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2006
Thank you~~!!!
#2. by Calootoo ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2006
Thanks uchipu!!
#3. by destinator ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2006
Thanks so much, we love you <3
#4. by prince leon ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2006
Thanks so much for the translation. ^^
#5. by Galth (Puella Magi)
Posted on Sep 7, 2006
Ehm, sorry for posting so late, though i've read it some time ago ^^"
*insert large red flashing thankyou sign here*
Yeah, urm, that, thanks lots :)
#6. by Shaka ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2006
Thank you ;)
#7. by eni (MH's Socialworker)
Posted on Sep 7, 2006
Thaaaaank you! :love
#8. by TBBX ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2006
thanks for the translation
#9. by adopsi ()
Posted on Sep 8, 2006

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