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Eyeshield 21 284

Eyeshield21 284th Down

+ posted by Xophien as translation on Jun 7, 2008 01:18 | Go to Eyeshield 21

-> RTS Page for Eyeshield 21 284

Ikkyu inc. presents...

In this chapter, there's...
:luv KARIN :luv


Hello everyone, and welcome to this"who cares how many it's been"th translation of ES21~ You know, it's kinda impressive, I've been translating for a year and a half now, and I'm only now picking up a new weekly project... But well, it has nice art and I like the main female character, so this was a given. So if you've got some free time, please check [i]Dogashikaden![/i], I can't say it's quite original, but I found it a fun read nonetheless (enough for me to translate it anyway).

And this is just for the record, but... I have serious troubles keeping myself from inserting lame Skywalker jokes/references whenever Taka is speaking/jumping. Being a translator can be hard on the most expected things :XD

And Persona3 (PS2 RPG) is fucking awesome! :shakefist


Eyeshield 21 chapter 284

Page 01

Announcer : It... It’s been only 30 seconds since the start of the Christmas Bowl!
Announcer : With a touchdown born from the cooperation between Taka-kun and Yamato-kun,

Top left : First strike by the strong king!!
Board : Teikoku Alexanders - Deimon Devilbats
Announcer : The first points are for
Announcer : the Teikoku Alexanders!!
284th Down : Bloodline of sky riders

Page 02

Public : Nice, Takaaa!!

Public : Yamatooo!

Riko : Ever since the Christmas Bowl’s history began
Riko : Teikoku won all the tournaments!

Riko : They’re showing how different to the core they are with the debuting Deimon
Riko : By making this shocking start...!!

Yamato : Sena-kun... Right now
Yamato : In that showdown between you and me
Yamato : You thought this.

Page 03

Yamato : Even if it’s only speed
Yamato : Then I’m a little bit faster!
Yamato : Right?

Sena : Eeeh??
Sena : N-n-no, something like that, so full of self-confidence...
Sena : I may have thought that, I may not have thought that, I mean, I’m sorry, I mean...
3bros : You said that clearly yourself, you know.
Sena : Shin-san and I are definitely faster!
Suzuna : He’s acting so suspiciously...

Yamato : Haha! It’s alright.
Yamato : Rather than that...

Yamato : It’d be a problem
Yamato : If you couldn’t face me at least on speed.

Yamato : Oh yeah
Yamato : Everyone from Deimon
Yamato : Here is my “Absolute Prediction”

Page 04

Yamato : In this match
Yamato : We won’t let you score a single point.
Yamato : The Teikoku Alexanders
Yamato : Will have the complete supremacy.

Toganou : Ha?
Juumonji : Haa!?
Kuroki : Haaaaa!!?

Hera : Daaahahaha!
Hera : So nicely said, Yamato!
Taka : But
Taka : It’s the truth.

Yamato : Haha!
Yamato : That’s because it seems Deimon is always catching up from behind.
Yamato : I want them to be 100% on fire quickly, you know?
Karin : They seem to be burning like that already...

Page 05

Taki : Ahaha~ he certainly likes to bluff
Taki : Just like monsieur Hiruma, huh?

Hiruma : ... that’s not bluff.
Hiruma : It’s self confidence.
Hiruma : in the “Absolute Power”
Hiruma : Of himself and....

Hiruma : Honjou
Hiruma : Taka.

Hiruma : That aerial battle with the fucking monkey just now
Hiruma : It’s unbelievable
Hiruma : That distance
Hiruma : It’s not something a human can jump...

Page 06

Monta : I’ll manage somehow!!

Monta : I will
Monta : surpass Honjou-san...!

Monta : He isn’t
Monta : looking at me.

Monta : I will defeat
Monta : Honjou Taka!
Monta : Even if I die... I’ll do it somehow.
Monta : Somehow...!!

Yamato : Isn’t that nice?
Yamato : Such a hot-blooded challenger.
Yamato : Shouldn’t you answer him, Taka?

Page 07

Hera : Daahahahahaaa!
Karin : Are you serious?
Karin : Yamato-kun

Yamato : Haha!
Yamato : Battles shouldn’t be put off, don’t you think?
Taka : If Yamato wants to do that
Taka : I don’t mind, but...

Taka : Monta-kun... was his name, I think
Taka : Somehow
Taka : It seems my father... wants me to succeed his strength
Taka : by making my competitive spirit burn, but you know...

Taka : I’m not really
Taka : interested
Taka : by that guy.

Hera : Well... Quickly taking them down to a peg
Hera : isn’t bad either...!

Sena : This
Sena : kick...

Page 08-09 (spread)

Announcer : Th... This is!
Announcer : this daring short kick
Announcer : At the kick-off right after scoring points
Announcer : That big gamble for taking control of the ball once again...

Announcer : It’s an onside kick!!

Juumonji : Like we’d let you do that!
Kurita : Hurry up and get the ball, everyone!
Kuroki : Don’t make fun of us!

Yamato : Well
Yamato : It’s a shame but this is also an “Absolute Prediction”
Yamato : This ball
Yamato : Teikoku will get it!

Page 10

Kurita : Hyaaaa, they’re here already!

Aki : Are you guys stupid or what?!
Aki : In a speed contest to get to the ball
Aki : Then there’s no way you can match
Aki : All the members of Teikoku that are fast sprinters!

Sena : Speed
Sena : contest...

Page 11

Sena : If it’s speed...
Sena : Only
Sena : speed...!

Page 12

Yamato : Fast!!

Hera : He’s not going for the ball...

Monta : Nice block
Monta : MAX!

Someone : The ball is
Someone : bouncing wildly!

Yamato : Using your speed of light to block me
Yamato : In order for the catching expert Monta-kun
Yamato : to go for the madly bouncing ball... huh?

Page 13

Monta : My trump card
Monta : Devil Backfire!!!

Yamato : Sena-kun and Monta-kun’s
Yamato : famous combo!
Yamato : I’m surprised.

Yamato : That you were thinking
Yamato : the same thing as us...

Page 14

Millennium Falcon flying~

Page 15

Monta : A Devil Backfire
Monta : With the Japanese record at jumping

Monta : it’s like
Monta : you’re lightly laughing
Monta : at the result of my
Monta : ten years of catching...

Monta : Honjou
Monta : -san...

Page 16

Millennium Falcon catching~

Page 17

Referee : Teikoku
Referee : ball!

Announcer : The one who caught it is
Announcer : the Birdman
Announcer : Honjou Taka!

Monta : Wooooh!

Monta : Even though he wanted to deny it was desperate
Monta : His ten years of effort made him realize.
Monta : That intuition

Monta : For the first time he had
Monta : that painful intuition

Page 18

Monta : I’m no match...

Page 19

Mizumachi : nha!
Mizumachi : Next is Teikoku’s offense, so that means...
Yamabushi : It’s finally time!

Riko : The only girl in the tournament
Riko : And the ace quarterback of Teikoku

Riko : Koizumi
Riko : Karin!!

Karin? : Fuhihi, it’s finally my turn.
Karin? : My personality change on the field, you know.
Karin? : You bastards are worse than worms.
Karin? : I’ll tear your guts apart, so ready yourselves...!!

Left : An ominous aura... she doesn’t have that, but her true strength is frightening!!?

Hera : My turn.
Hera : You bastards [...] worms.

Karin : I wouldn’t say anything like that!
Karin (small text) : And what is that “fuhihi”?!

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#1. by Crayola ()
Posted on Jun 7, 2008
thanks, working on it now
#2. by Gulcasa ()
Posted on Jun 7, 2008
Thanks for the translation, Xophien. I wonder how awesome Karin really is

Unrelated thing:
And yeah, Persona 3 is awesome, but play Persona 3: FES instead (unless the Persona 3 you're refering to is FES). I'm too lazy to replay the main story again in FES because I didn't want to redo all the leveling up and persona creation. Oh well, time to play the epilogue part.
#3. by Xophien (Eroge Danchou)
Posted on Jun 7, 2008
Quote by Gulcasa;896366:
Unrelated thing:
And yeah, Persona 3 is awesome, but play Persona 3: FES instead (unless the Persona 3 you're refering to is FES). I'm too lazy to replay the main story again in FES because I didn't want to redo all the leveling up and persona creation. Oh well, time to play the epilogue part.

I plan to, eventually, but I bought the original Persona 3 to start with because FES never reached European shores in the first place. Yeah, sucks to be us. Normally, I would have bought the game in Japanese to start with, but it was a compulsive purchase. It was there, it was cheap, then it was in my PS2 -_-; I'll probably order FES in Japanese, together with Persona 4, next month, if I can afford it (if not, I'll just get Persona 4 >.>). Heck, what's the point in learning Japanese if I play games in english? <.< I seriously should learn to stop buying things just because I see them :darn
#4. by Gulcasa ()
Posted on Jun 7, 2008
Well, I won't blame you for buying Persona 3. It's still truly awesome. FES just expands on the main game and gives an after-story, so I guess Persona 3 can suffice unless you have this addiction to it (like I did). Oh, and I sorry for not realizing that FES isn't out yet. Sorry bout that. I almost forgot that Persona 4 will be out in Japan soon. Damn, I wish I could read Japanese. Oh well, I'll just wait for Atlus to bring it to us.

Another topic hop:
If you finish Persona 3 (which is about after 70-80 hours. for me anyway. I didn't complete all social links though. *sigh* epic fail), try Odin Sphere. The english version also have the japanese voices so... yeah... :P

Oh, and cool Plenair sig/ava. (forgive me if i make a mistake on the spelling. haven't touched my disgaea for a while)
#5. by Ankoku_22 ()
Posted on Jun 7, 2008
Thanks Xoph! :luv

That little bit at the end where "Karin" was talking reminded me of when Hiruma impersonated ES at the beinning of the series. :XD :yaha
#6. by imintheradio ()
Posted on Jun 7, 2008
thanks for ur effort xophi=)
#7. by HikaruYami ()
Posted on Jun 7, 2008
roflmao, I love how that guy just decided to talk for Karin! That was the best part of the whole chapter to me!
#8. by swankivy ()
Posted on Jun 7, 2008
Oh good lord. Thank you.
#9. by LegACy ()
Posted on Jun 7, 2008
Thanks a lot xoph!
#10. by heavens_dragon ()
Posted on Jun 7, 2008
Thanks again for another awesome ES21 translation, Xophien!
#11. by Phat ()
Posted on Jun 7, 2008
thanks :D
#12. by OS.Hoshi ()
Posted on Jun 7, 2008
Thank you so much, Xophien~! =3
#13. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Jun 7, 2008
Thx a lot Xophien!

#14. by sakura_hime04 ()
Posted on Jun 7, 2008
Sankyu Xophy-nii
#15. by kayako ()
Posted on Jun 7, 2008
Thank you Xophien ^^
#16. by jjmase03 ()
Posted on Jun 7, 2008
thanks for the trans!

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