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Translations: Gintama 510 (2) , Naruto 692 by aegon-rokudo

Naruto 442

The Final Gamble

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Apr 3, 2009 21:09 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 442

[Side text: A conflict that has claimed the lives of many comrades from his village... can Naruto finally bring an end to it...?!!]
Neji: Why did you have to do such a crazy thing......?
Sakura: ...... // (Hinata... you... love...)

#442: The Final Gamble
[TN: Wait... Nagato's hair is red? Did we know this before? >_< It's certainly a surprise to me...]
[Insert text: One boy who believed in a cruel reality. / One boy who stubbornly believed in his dreams. // Which belief will survive this battle...?]
[TN: NAGATO'S! plottwist lol]

Katsuya: Naruto-kun successfully suppressed the Kyuubi without outside aid. // Right now, he is nearing the decisive moment in his battle with the final Pain.
Sakura: ...! // (He suppressed it himself...)
Guy: Lee! We should move out there and back Naruto up!
Lee: Right!
Katsuyu: I would request that you refrain. / You would only be a hindrance to him now.

Lee: But...... / let him fight the man who did all this to the village, alone...!
Katsuyu: Naruto-kun appears to have a plan. / Our best chance is to believe in him.
[Box: Five seconds remain until the Deva Path can use his next technique]
Deva!Pain: (What?! // He used this as a shadow-shuriken, and...)

[no text just the unspoken end of that sentence being "...and he's about to REALLY kick my ass"]

Naruto: !!

[no text just the split-second combat continues - this five seconds is so going to take quarter of an hour if it ever gets animated]

[Box: Four seconds remain until the next technique]
[TN: That's right... those three-four pages took one second.]
Deva!Pain: (To think, he had already planted his shadow clones at that point...)

[Box: Three seconds remain until the next technique]
[TN:, that second wasn't even one page...]
Naruto: *pant* // *pant*
Deva!Pain: (He's missed... twice now... // It's over.)
[TN: Protip, Nagato - never tempt fate like that.]
Deva!Pain: ?! // (What?!)

[TN: ...because this is what happens when you do. XD]
[Box: Two seconds remain]

Pain: (He transformed this many shadow clones into pieces of rubble...?!)

[Box: One second remains]
[Text: No seconds]

Naruto: Guahhh!!
[TN: All part of the plan, I'm sure]

Naruto: Nghhh!!
Deva!Pain: (Propelling his shadow clones from within the crowd...) // You are a fool... a fool who has found no answer...! / .........Give this up!!
Naruto: Nnghhhhhhhh...

Flashback!Jiraiya: But I believe... / ...that one day, an age will come when people will truly be able to understand one another!! // If I never find that answer, then I guess I'll leave the task of finding one to you!
Flashback!Minato: You have the power to find that answer. // ...I believe in you.
Flashback!Kakashi: Because you are the only shinobi who can surpass the Fourth Hokage... That is what I believe!

Deva!Pain: He... withstood it...?! // *pant*
Naruto: *pant* // *pant*
Deva!Pain: Ngh...
Naruto: *pant* // *pant* // *pant*
Deva!Pain: ......... // (He cannot use that attack as a projectile... // Five seconds... at this distance, it should be enough.)
Naruto: Why don't YOU give up already...

Deva!Pain: !!
Naruto: ...on making me give up!!!!

Naruto: RASENGAN!!!
[TN: Oh, he just had to finish it with a classic Rasengan, didn't he =p]
[Insert text: Naruto has found his own answer!! With the technique he learned directly from Jiraiya... Pain is obliterated!!!]

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#1. by rukori (Registered User)
Posted on Apr 3, 2009
Well, your translation gives a much better meaning to the ending than Sakura's... Thanks!!
#2. by arimareiji (Registered User)
Posted on Apr 4, 2009
Thank you for the more precise translation; the first one I saw had me scared that Neji was bemoaning Hinata's death. As always, you rule. \(^_^)/
#3. by Arcanis (Registered User)
Posted on Apr 5, 2009
You are the only one that got the last line the way it should be =)
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