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erza scarlet

  1. Brandish μ

    Fantasy Erza vs Gildarts

    Yea, another Erza thread... The "Ace of Fairy Tail" is on the line here as Erza Scarlet takes on Gildarts Clive. This fight takes place in X793, both start fresh and raring to go. Restrictions: None Intent: To defeat their opponent Location: Where August destroyed Crime Sorciere The winner...
  2. Brandish μ

    Conditional Erza vs Acnologia

    'The Queen of Fairies' Erza vs 'The King of Dragons' Acnologia Now before you flip that table, do read the conditions. Erza is in Benisakura - Red Pants. She cannot requip into anything else. One of her swords has been enchanted by Wendy's Sky Dragon Slayer Magic. This is permanent Erza...
  3. BluePegasus

    Fantasy Battle of the Queens

    Battle of the Queens The queens of Ishgar fight it out in a battle royale. Erza Scarlet Magic Requip: The Knight Mirajane Strauss Magic Take-Over: Satan Soul, Take-Over: Sitri Soul, Take-Over: Seilah Soul, Take-Over: Alegria Soul Lucy Heartfillia Magic Celestial Spirit Magic, Star...
  4. Predictions Wendy will Sacrifice herself for Erza.

    At the start of the battle Wendy said she was gonna protect Erza this time around. Now seeing the current situation, Wendy may step in and face Irene. It seems the right thing to do. What do you guys think? Discuss in the comments.
  5. Fantasy Erza runs a gauntlet

    Participant : Erza Location : Hargeon Conditions : No PoF or plot armor. Use feats and portrayal only. Rounds : 1) Erza vs Wendy 2) Erza vs Lucy 3) Erza vs Makarov 4) Erza vs Mirajane 5) Erza vs Jellal 6) Erza vs Gray (no darkness) 7) Erza vs Natsu (no END) 8) Erza vs Laxus 9) Erza...
  6. Doughboy

    Fantasy Erza vs. 100 Berserkers

    Thought about this after she got rocked by one. Reminiscent of her fighting the 100 monsters in the GMG arc. No restrictions, Erza can use any/all armors until she burns through her Magic and the location is the same area in 505.
  7. Brandish μ

    Conditional Erza vs DiMaria

    Erza Scarlet The real female knight from Fairy Tail Requip - The Knight VS DiMaria Yesta The female Spriggan12 member who looks like a knight Age Seal; Take-Over God Soul (Chronos) Conditions Ultear(projection) is present in the Valley of time, so she allows Erza to move freely and can do so...
  8. Brandish μ

    Fantasy Erza Scarlet v Jura Neekis

    Erza Scarlet S-Class FT Wizard, 7th FT Guild Master Re-quip magic - The Knight VS Jura Neekis 5th ranked Wizard Saint Earth Magic Both wizards are in the current time-skip X792 (Alvarez arc) Both start with the intel that they know of each other now No restrictions on magic Location...
  9. Mirage

    Team Gray and Rogue vs. Erza and Wendy

    Location: Grass plains Distance: 100 meters Knowledge: Full Intent: To kill Restrictions: None - Pre 2nd TS Who wins?
  10. Mystic Mistral

    Team Mirajane and Erza vs Natsu and Gajeel

    Takes palce in the Alvarz arc . Which team wins ?
  11. BluePegasus

    Discussion S-Class Ranking

    I was wondering in which way the S-Class Wizards from Fairy Tail should be ranked. Now, there are five S-Class Wizards in Fairy Tail which are: Gildarts Laxus Erza Mirajane Mystogan What is your top 5 S-Class Wizards ranked from the strongest to the weakest? This is mine: 1. Gildarts 2...
  12. Ice devil slayer

    Conditional Gray vs Erza

    Take places in the alvarez arc Restrictions : Pof and Pis Who wins ?
  13. Kiki

    Discussion Erza Scarlet Thread

    This thread is for discussing Erza Scarlet generally. Feel free to discuss about Titania!
  14. Mystic Mistral

    Team Mirajane and Kagura vs Erza and Minerva

    No healing allowed . All have 2nd origin . Who do you think will win??
  15. Vasgoko

    Team [Fantasy] Raven Team (Gray and Kagura) vs. Reddish-Pinkish Team (Natsu and Erza)

    Basically you got two sides. Gray Fullbuster and Kagura Mikazuchi vs. Natsu Dragneel and Erza Scarlet. Not really any restrictions, so feel free to argue the way you want. All feats can be used. No time limit. Takes place in Ruins of Tartaros Battlefield. Starting position/length...
  16. goldb

    Fantasy Laxus and Mirajane vs Jellal and Erza

    And now is their turn! These two couples are often touted as parallel badass couples. No restrictions. Please feel free to share your opinions.
  17. Mystic Mistral

    Team Mirajane and Juvia vs Erza and Lucy

    Conditions *Lissana never ''passed away'' * near the sea *lucy and juvia have 2cnd origin *lucy has stardress and aquarias , mira has seliah takeover Which team will win ?
  18. Mystic Mistral

    Fantasy Erza and Mirajane vs Ultear and Kagura

    Mira has seliah takeover Ultear is still young Which team do you think will win