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7th Garden 6 (0 comments)

Root 6: sister\\
Text: in the country governed by the “demon”, the people stood against the wastes, the oppression and the selfishness that dwelled in the royal palace\\
An: you are a chosen one\\ you have to use as much as money as possible to show to the people and the other countries your dignity\\
An: this is such an hassle\\
An: this is god’s will\\
Text: general Legion lead the people to the palace and gained control of it. All the members of the royal family and their servants were captured without exception.\\
An: gather money from the people, and live only according to your desires!!\\
An: such an hassle\\
?: we will never forgive the demons who are ruining our country!!\\
?:... Read More " "
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Assassination Classroom 128 (0 comments)
Reserved for mangatopia

I plan on releasing assclass' translation every sunday from now on, so you can enjoy some early and complete spoilers.

Please do not use it without permission.

Chapter 128: tempest time\\
Shi: the first time I entered in that classroom I was quite surprised\\ because there was one person who surprised me\\
Shi: why did I think it* was a monster?\\ well…\\
TLN: he is referring to one of the students, I’m sticking to the neutral pronoun because I don’t know the sex\\
Shi: if I have to say it\\ it was because “the monster was behaving like it was in a normal classroom”\\
Side: shiro talks about a monster. Someone in the classroom that still didn’t show its deep... Read More " "
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Assassination Classroom 127 (0 comments)
Reserved for mangatopia

Chapter 127: play time\\
shi: I have the weapons\\ I have gained the hints\\ and an excellent bloodlust\\
shi: well then, it is almost time to hit the target\\
shi: my dear monster\\
inserted: what will be shiro’s next move…!?\\
nagi: a play, huh\\
just: we have to do something like this at the end of the second terms of all times\\
tsun: I want to dedicate myself to the assassination preparations during the winter break, and yet…\\
perv: according to this…\\
perv: we are the only ones with scarce time to do it\\ we cannot bring the stage all the way to class E after all…\\
perv: furthermore\\ we are the only ones who must go on stage when the others are eating\\
on... Read More " "
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Hinomaru-Zumou 37 (0 comments)

Round 37: the yokozuna sumo that belongs only to you\\
inserted: their story when they were younger\\
ki: ?\\ is there still someone here?\\
ki: hey! Hinomaru!?\\
hi: heh?\\ ah… I fell asleep\\
ki: you were here training all alone for all of this time, huh…\\ I have to give back the key of the dojo, you know\\
hi: wha…? I still cannot go back…\\ this is still not enough\\
hi: I can feel it… that I’m becoming stronger with the passing of the days…\\ uheheh! I’m sure that at the end of this road there is\\
hi: the strength of the yokozuna…!\\
hi: hey kirito! Keep me company if you are free!\\
ki: I told you that I have to close this place…\\
ki: … those efforts…\\
ki: I... Read More " "
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7th Garden 5 (0 comments)

Root 5: garden \\
text: that angel loved freedom\\
ur: … oh my\\
ur: you are still alive…\\maria\\
text: he said that the people should live by their own free will, setting them free from the control of their creator, God\\
text: then the angel was touched by God’s wrath and had his wings plucked\\
text: then he was driven away from the place he belonged to and fell to the earth. Then that angel who lost everything…\\
text: become the devil and swore vengeance\\
vi: kuh…!\\
vi: the gate to this dimension was supposed to be perfect…!\\
vi: to think that he was able to break it so quickly…!!\\
ur: … what is that appearance?\\
ur: … I see\\
ur: the appearance of a demon, to... Read More " "
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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 255 (0 comments)
Night 255: the power of omniscience\\
Side: a magic to resist to the black power, this is aladdin’s “secret move”!!\\
B1: isn’t that… king solomon’s power magic that I saw in alma toran!?\\ it is not like you are using a magic formula that I don’t know.\\
B1: are you sure?\\
B1: that’s…\\
b1: solomon’s wisdom, huh!\\ are you going to show me another vision from my past? That will not work!\\
b1: you are wrong! You are misunderstanding the true nature of solomon’s wisdom!\\
b1: what?\\
b1: solomon’s wisdom…\\
b2: is the power that connect me to the “sacred palace”.\\
b1: the sacred palace…\\
b2: is the special room that controls all the rukh. And also... Read More " "
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Assassination Classroom 126 (0 comments)
Reserved for mangatopia

Chapter 126: surviving time\\
inserted: what lies after his defeat…\\
?: well then chairman asano\\
?: will you open the last workbook?\\
koro: no matter how you are incredible…\\ you will not be able to solve the question and close the workbook before the grenade explodes\\
bike: this is a bet the you proposed\\ if you don’t want to die, just give up like a real man\\
sfx: look\\
sfx: eeek\\
megu: furthermore\\ we don’t care if you fire koro-sensei\\
yuki: it will be sad to leave this school building, but…\\ we will follow him\\
yuki: no matter if we have to leave our homes\\ and seclude ourselves in some mountain recess\\
yuki: we will continue to attend this... Read More " "
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Assassination Classroom 125 (0 comments)

Chapter 125: perfection time\\
inserted: those feelings are pilled up in the sparkling snow\\
TLN: sparkling is an onomatopoeic word written as “kira kira”. The transliteration of “killer” in Japanese is also “kira” with the prolonged sound on the last vocal.
box: the two monsters…\\
box: took the same role in the same school\\
box: one did it so because he regretted his strength\\
box: the other one because he regretted his weakness\\
inserted: toward the depths of a monster’s mind…\\
asa: ikeda-kun\\
asa: you weren’t able to defeat me today\\
inserted: another monster\\
asa: so keep up your promise\\
asa: and study like a good boy for today as well\\
ike: … dammit…\\... Read More " "
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Assassination Classroom 124 (0 comments)

Chapter 124: teaching staff exam time\\
inserted: he is going to be fired…!
on the paper: dismissal notice\\ second line: to the dear monster who is going to destroy the earth\\
?: t-…\\ the dismissal notice for koro-sensei!?\\
mae: … finally…\\
mae: he is playing his prohibited trump card\\
koro: hawawawawawawawawawa\\
on the headband: assassins’ labour union\\
right: we will not allow an unjust dismissal!!\\
korosensei’s weakness (33)\ personnel downsizing\\
left: workers of the world unite!!*\\
TLN: this is not literal but I wanted to cite Karl Marx\\
On the cartel: asano gakuhou got mad and tyrannically said that I should die in the eternal hellfire\\
Ike: and yet I never... Read More " "
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Assassination Classroom 123 (0 comments)

Chapter 123: malfunction time\\
inserted text: the four seasons, what lies ahead of the things accumulated in this year…?\\
side: the results of the decisive battle of the second term tests has been announced!! What results did the so called “second blade” that has been put on trial in this battle give…!?\\
koro: talking about your scores, you did well\\
koro: and about this test’s focal point…\\
koro: let’s see if you were able to rank in the top 50 of the entire third year!!\\
koro: right now in the main building…\\ they should have affixed the results already \\
koro: therefore I will\\ announce the final results in front of you of class E!\\
perv: … uoooh…\\
tera:... Read More " "
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Assassination Classroom 122 (0 comments)

chapter 122: space time\\
side: the decisive battle of the second term’s final tests!! The last question of math will decide the fate of the Karma VS asano duel\\
asa: well then\\
asa: let’s put an end to this\\
text in the second frame: in the picture on the right there is the so called body centred cubic structure, where the atoms are positioned at every vertex of the cubes of side a. many alkaline metals such as sodium and potassium have such cubic structure. In such body centred cubic structure, we call with D0 the region where, given a certain atom A0, there are all the other atoms attracted to A0. What is the volume of D0?\\
TLN: this is the final term test for translators... Read More " "
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Assassination Classroom 121 (0 comments)

Chapter 121: solution time\\
inserted: the time limit get closer…!!\\
box: the right answer will surely\\
box: come to them after they killed each other\\
box: the decisive December\\
box: 3 months left to korosensei’s\\
box: assassination\\
box: deadline\\
?: time’s up\\
bowlhead: I’m wasted…\\
boobs: I couldn’t answer to everything\\
hina: not only the question are difficult, but there are also many of them~~~\\
hina: the listening part was terrible\\ even bitch-sensei doesn’t have all of that vocabulary\\
bitch: yes!! Like that\ do it! Fuck!!\\
tsun: and there are other 4 subjects after this…\\
nagi: I’m already this exhausted after just the first test\\
box: and English is... Read More " "
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Assassination Classroom 120 (0 comments)

Chapter 120: killing intent time\\
side: their last battle, the end of term test, is in front of them!! The one who was at the top last time appears in front of the students of class E, who are also aiming to the top…!!\\
box: asano-kun suddenly dropped in…\\
box: an assassination request for the board chairman\\
asa: clearly\\ I don’t want you to kill him physically\\
asa: what I want you to kill is…\\ his education policy\\
boobs: education policy…\\ what do you mean?\\
bio: koro-sensei: he goes at mach 20 that is 600 times faster than a flytrap.\\
asa: it’s quite simple\\ I want you of class E to monopolize the high positions in the results of the end of term tests\\
asa:... Read More " "
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Assassination Classroom 119 (0 comments)

Chapter 119: end of term time, second hour\\
side: the school festival has ended and now the final tests for the second term are in front of them. This is the usual dining table for the father and the son.\\
box: my father is a teacher…\\
box: and I am a student\\
box: and…\\
box: when he doesn’t have anything in particular to teach me…\\
box: he never talks with me\\
box: ah…\\ stop here for a moment\\
?: yes\\
guy: uh…\\ ah…\\
boss: hello there\\ it seems that you don’t have anymore beer left\\
boss: but there are signs that something is changing in this city\\ and I have the feeling that this change will make me earn some money, therefore…\\
boss: I will give you some... Read More " "
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Hinomaru-Zumou 36 (0 comments)
Reserved for Fallen Angels

Chapter 36: to improve the others\\
red text: I will polish onimaru\\
inserted: I will show you a way to improve yourself! His old friend steps on the ring…!!\\
rei: what…? he can fight…\\
rei: didn’t he say that he would be their supervisor?\\
kuni: … he is not that ripped, but he has good muscles\\ wasn’t he a little humble when he said “don’t expect much from me as an athlete”?\\
oz: you were together in the sumo club during elementary school, right?\\
oz: so ushio\\ what is tsuji’s real strength…?\\
yuu:…\\ aren’t they supposed to be friends…?\\
hi: … are you sure about this, kirito?\\
hi: I don’t hold back when I step up on the ring,... Read More " "
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Hinomaru-Zumou 35 (0 comments)
Reserved for Fallen Angels

Round 35: the things I want to say\\
inserted: a cheeky declaration…!?\\
yuu: y-…\\
yuu: you will use these middle school students\\ to win against us…!?\\
ki: … indeed in your actual condition you are not enough\\ and indeed I am an excelled supervisor\\
ki: and I was thinking of giving you a glimpse of that truth\\
hi: uheheh\\ this looks like fun, let’s accept, captain\\
oz: ah… ok…\\
oz: a supervisor uh…\\ well it is true that\\ now the one deciding our training exercises, guiding us and deciding the order in which we appear in the matches\\
oz: is no other than ushio\\ and the burden on his shoulder is really heavy… (even if I’m taking care of the... Read More " "
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Hinomaru-Zumou 34 (0 comments)
Reserved for Fallen Angels

Round 34: tsuji kirihito\\
inserted: the one who defeated hinomaru, sousuke… is talking with his father!?\\
yama: raise your head, sousuke\\
sou: … I entered in an official match\\ while knowing that you were against it, father\\
sou: but…\\
sou: even if this will cut our ties as father and son\\ I do not regret it\\
sou: … until now I\\ considered that practicing sumo for me was something inevitable\\
sou: and I never deeply thought about it…\\
sou: today, after entering in the match, I thought again about it\\
sou: and realized that I love sumo\\
sou: I want to test\\
sou: what results I can reach with the sumo I love so much\\
sou: … there are still things... Read More " "
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Hinomaru-Zumou 33 (0 comments)
Reserved for Fallen Angels

Round 33: why are you so much into sumo?\\
inserted: it is a story that goes back to three years ago, when hinomaru was sent in the deeps of the earth\\
gla: excuse me! What happened to hinomaru…\\ ushio hinomaru!?\\
fat: ushio…? Ah yes, onimaru\\ he should be gone… he disappeared after he lost, right?\\
fat2: hey stop calling him “onimaru”\\ right now he is nothing more than just a midget, poor thing\\
fat: are you his friend?\\ then could you tell him this?\\
fat: you are not suited for sumo\\ go and try some other kind of sport\\
fat: hahahah, I’m so kind\\
?: w-…\\ what the hell are you doing, you bastard!!\\
gla: … just answer the question\\
gla: there... Read More " "
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Hinomaru-Zumou 32 (0 comments)
Reserved for Fallen Angels

Chapter 32: what can be done more than this…\\
inserted: everything he put on stake for this duel was mercilessly…\\
?: kusanagi has\\ pushed his opponent out of the ring!!\\
sou: fuuh…\\
?: wow it was such a good match!\\ who is that guy? He is small but I never expected that he would be so good\\
??: hey, don’t you know about him? He is onimaru\\ he was yokozuna when he was in the elementary school\\
?: well he lost at the end, but\\ he did a great job considering that body of his\\
?: he has a great fighting spirit to challenge “kusanagi”, right?\\
punk: ah…\\
punk: … so you didn’t go home\\ reina-san…\\
rei: … this is how\\
rei: it ended after... Read More " "
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Hinomaru-Zumou 31 (0 comments)
Reserved for Fallen Angels

Round 31: onimaru kunitsuka and kusanagi no tsurugi 3\\
inserted: they clash with everything they have got… and then it is decided…\\
box: orochi dachi…\\
box: the outside arm throw\\ that the young man inherited together with his blood by his grandiose father\\
box: in it he hides all of his absolute pride and self confidence\\
box: hyakki nagi…\\
box: the underarm throw\\ consisting of spinning and “combined moves” where the young man was able to multiply of several times his small strength \\
box: in it he burns his frankness showing all of his rebellious spirit and hopes\\
box: the both of them want to become yokozuna\\ and to do that they need\\
box:... Read More " "
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Hinomaru-Zumou 30 (0 comments)
Reserved for Fallen Angels

Round 30: onimaru kunizuka and kusanagi no tsurugi 2\\
right: exceed your “full strength ”\\ left: until your souls are tied together\\
in the centre: hinomaru no zumou\\
inserted: the atmosphere in the air after the first strike spells “total defeat”\\
oz: ushio!!\\
?: blood!\\ just after the first charge!?\\
shun: what the…\\
shun: sousuke won the lottery when they decided the brackets…\\
shun: and he were finally able to go on the same ring as onimaru, and yet…\\
shun: it seems that you don’t want to make it last long…\\
yuu: w-…\\ what the hell is this strength…\\
?: he sent him all the way to the edge of the ring with just one hit!!\\
?: it is... Read More " "
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Hinomaru-Zumou 29 (0 comments)
Reserved for Fallen Angels

Round 29: onimaru kunizuma Vs kunasagi no tsurugi\\
inserted: hinomaru’s decisive battle is close, but…\\
?: eh!?\\
??: are we going back already!?\\
rei: well yuuma will not fight anymore, right?\\ therefore there is no reason for us to be here any longer\\
thug: w-well\\ but…\\
thug: there is that midget match next, right?\\ furthermore his opponent is the monster who defeated yuuma-san…\\
thug: aren’t you interested…?\\ even you when… he was fighting against that guy called kariya were…\\
rei: if you want to see them fight that much, then why don’t you remain here!?\\ I’m going back!!\\
rei: why aren’t they following me!!\\ yuuma told them to be... Read More " "
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Hinomaru-Zumou 28 (0 comments)
Reserved for Fallen Angels

Match 28: a stupid question\\
Inserted: a few matches left… to the championship\\
?: from now on we will perform the decisive tournament among the 16 athletes who won the preliminaries\\
?: now we will begin the extraction for the brackets\\
oz: at the end the only one who reached the finals was ushio…\\
oz: and yuuma-san and kunisaki… they really had no luck…\\
oz: because they were put in the same block as that monster…\\
kuni: hey captain\\ there is no meaning in winning and advance in a tournament because of pure luck\\
kuni: we are aiming to become the “best in japan” after all\\
kuni: well, I have lost so I should just shut up, shit…\\
oz: e-even if... Read More " "
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Hinomaru-Zumou 27 (0 comments)
Reserved for Fallen Angels

Match 27: those who continue to win\\
Inserted: yuuma’s strikes defile the prediction and common sense!!\\
Shun: he…\\
Shun: hit sousuke with a strike…\\
Kuni: this is once in a lifetime chance…!!\\
Kuni: push gojou!\\
Kuni: don’t give him the chance to regain his stance!!\\
yuu: aaaaah\\
yuu: my strikes…\\ work on king level opponents!!\\
yuu: I will push you all the way to the edge of the ring!\\
?: kuze is only defending…\\
?: could it be that…\\
?: …eh?\\
thug: … hey…\\
thug: yuuma-san is the one supposed to be pushing here, then why…\\
thug: is he on the edge of the ring…!?\\
yuu: it is like… that time…\\
yuu: it is…\\ not…\\... Read More " "
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Hinomaru-Zumou 26 (0 comments)
Reserved for Fallen Angels

Match 26: an uncomfortable place\\
inserted: the king kusanagi sweeps the contest!!\\
?: the next opponent is the “striker”\\ I wonder if we will be able to enjoy this match a little\\
?: … the two previous opponents didn’t last long against “kusanagi”\\
?: even if the one winning is “kusanagi”, it is boring to see him win so easily every time (ha ha ha)\\
shun: … kusanagi, huh…\\
sou: yeah…\\
sou: the two previous opponents were good athletes, you know…\\ kunisaki-san was a little too exaggerated in his movements\\
sou: he also has good perception, I’m sure that he will improve in the future\\
sou: the other one, kinoshita-kun, didn’t charge... Read More " "
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