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7th Garden 8 (0 comments)

Root 8: best friends\\
inserted: Eliza became leil’s servant… now the curtain opens on the tragedy\\
aw: why is that girl together with the angel!?\\
wu: who knows…\\ but you should have already understood it by now\\
wu: as long as the people believe in god\\ as long as the people cling to god…\\
wu: all of them\\ are servant of the angels\\
sfx: gashan\\
inserted: the decisive battle begins!!\\
both: demonion!!\\
gen: an earthquake…!?\\
gen: no…!\\ this is…!!?\\
aw: princess Elizabeth!\\ listen to me!!\\
aw: I’m not your enemy!!\\
le: you cannot listen to the words of the demon\\ you are the only one who can defeat it after all\\
le: just look at that black blade!\\
le:... Read More " "
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Hinomaru-Zumou 49 (0 comments)

Round 49: expectations surpassed!!\\
inserted: overwhelming above imagination!!\\
ara: wow…\\ I see…\\
ara: so that’s onimaru, huh…\\ he surely is strong…\\
ara: but he still didn’t show us everything about him, huh…\\ I could fight him if I’m lucky\\
sana: onimaru is strong\\ but these are team matches… you should also focus on the remaining 4\\
ara: oh?\\ sanada-san! That’s the guy I told you about!\\
sana: eh?\\
hi: I leave the rest to you\\
kuni: yeah!\\
?: here he is!!\\ the second fighter of dachi high\\ the king of national wrestling, kunisaki!!\\
ara: look at him,\\ this guy called chiharu is interesting\\
sana: yeah…\\ so that’s the guy you met\\
sana: when... Read More " "
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Assassination Classroom 140 (0 comments)
Chapter 140: past time 7th hour\\
inserted: the two of them offer their feelings to each other before departing…\\
side: koro-sensei’s past arc. Aguri’s body has been pierced by a tentacle mine. Not even the omnipotent assassin knows a technique to help her…\\
box: it was a fatal wound\\
box: a wound that not even the god of death who mastered medicine could heal\\
koro: why…\\
koro: if you didn’t jump in, then you wouldn’t end up mixed in all of this\\
agu: … I screwed up\\ I never thought that there would be a trap like that around here…\\
agu: but…\\ I knew that I wouldn’t be able to stop you if I just called you out\\
box: she was right\\
box: if I went in the world... Read More " "
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Assassination Classroom 139 (0 comments)
Chapter 139: Past time 6th hour\\
inserted: calm down, you can do (kill) it\\
side: koro-sensei’s past arc. The shape of the tentacles depends upon emotions. The god of death begins a twisting transformation when faced with his own certain death a year from now…\\
sfx: yah…\\ gah\\
shi: t-the self destruction device I put inside of him…\\
shi: he has ejected it!!\\
?: it is useless!!\\ both the gas and the electricity do not work on him!!\\
shi: impossible!!\\ hurry up and fire the anti-tentacles guns!!\\
?: m…\\
?: mucus!! The openings for the guns are all sealed…\\
koro: thanks\\ yanagisawa\\
koro: I could obtain this body…\\ thanks to the tortures of your humans... Read More " "
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Hinomaru-Zumou 48 (0 comments)

Round 48: the “real thing” and the fake\\
inserted: the curtain opens on the inter high tournament!!\\
box: last ten days of June\\
?: well… Let’s continue\\ we will have here to represent all the schools present in this tournament\\
on the board: national high school athletics tournament\ sumo tournament, chiba prefecture preliminaries\\
?: the captain of the school that won the chiba prefecture preliminaries last year\\ captain kanamori tsuyoshi of the ishigami high school\\
?: perform the athlete's oath of fair play\\
kana: I pledge!!\\
kana: that all the athletes gathered here\\ will show all of the “spirit-technique-body” that they have nurtured until today\\
kana: and... Read More " "
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Hinomaru-Zumou 47 (0 comments)

Round 47: from the starting ring\\
Inserted: the training for the inter high\\
Hi: haa…\\haa\\
?: good job for today\\
tera: from today onward you will come every morning right?\\ will you be alright with school?\\
hi: yes!\\ the sumo stable training is really early in the morning so I will come here!\\
?: well yamato kuni jr training every day in his father’s stable after all\\ in this way you will train under similar conditions\\
seki: the conditions are not the same\\ I am stronger than the sekitori they have in that stable\\
hi: hahah…\\
hi: putting aside jr\\ before that I have to win the preliminaries that will be hold in one month from now…\\
hi: first I have to focus on the... Read More " "
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Assassination Classroom 138 (0 comments)
Chapter 138: past time 5th hour\\
inserted: march. Aguri and akari, a talk between sisters.\\
aka: hey sis\\ could it be that you have found someone you like?\\
agu: eeek!?\\
agu: w-w-what!?\\ I am engaged, you know!?\\
aka: well\\ your voice is quite cheerful \\
aka: furthermore isn’t this for the best?\\ you should just break up with that guy who makes you work so late in the night\\
aka: I hate that guy\\ his first impression was good but…\\
aka: he is the type of guy who behaves like a tyrant once he has you under his control\\ I have seen a lot of people like him during work\\
agu: …\\ come on stop saying such things\\
agu: by the way, akari\\ tomorrow’s night I have a little of free... Read More " "
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Hinomaru-Zumou 46 (0 comments)

Chapter 46: the two secret weapons\\
inserted: someone visits dachi high while kirito and the others who went to investigate ishigami…!?\\
?: uwah… who is that guy…\\ ishigami…!?\\
??: why is someone from ishi high here…!?\\
?: onimaru…!!\\
prof: then from this you…\\
prof: eh?\\
prof: hey are you listening?\\ why do you think you must have lessons even during holydays? I don’t care if you repeat the year, you know?\\
prof: I’m talking with you\\ kunisaki\\
kuni: individual training?\ tomorrow?\\
kuni: impossible!\\
kuni: I have supplementary lessons you know\\
ki: … what?\\
kuni: well you know, I got a lot of red marks during the middle term test\\ eh? You also have... Read More " "
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Assassination Classroom 137 (0 comments)

Chapter 137: past time, 4th hour\\
side: koro-sensei’s past arc. The side effects of the experiment bring changes to the god of death’s body. Such change is called “tentacle”\\
box: while this entire year passed\\
box: this space became a place where the two of them could talk about anything\\
box: they found out the time when no one would look at the monitors\\ and she also heard about the god od death’s personal history\\ the god of death who did not have any family…\\ didn’t even know his true name nor the day he was born\\
box: his gentle words are a weapon for assassination\\ his smile is something he learnt to deceive people\\
box: she also talked about herself\\ to... Read More " "
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Hinomaru-Zumou 45 (0 comments)

Round 45: this is not the time to get nervous\\
inserted: right now he is crumbling, but all of this is connected to his victory in the future\\
boss: you put too much strength, you idiot!\\
boss: decide when to put your strength in the muscles and then relax it with the right timing!!\\
boss: if you are not able to do a good initial charge, you will be unable to do anything!\\ hinomaru!!\\
hi: yes!!\\
tera: … the stable master is all fired up\\ he is even more strict with him than me\\
?: hahahah, I’m a little jealous there\\
?: even the air around the sekitori is different…\\ his opponent is a national treasure, but still an high school student\\
?: it is like that he want to... Read More " "
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Hinomaru-Zumou 44 (0 comments)

round 44: even if I’m small\\
inserted: the stable master’s suggestion!!\\
hi: eh!?\\ stay here!?\\
boss: yeah, it’s probably better than going home and then coming back here\\
hi: no… it is just that I do not want to impose myself so much…\\
boss: there’s no need to hold back\\ or maybe it would feel too awkward to eat with us?\\
boss: in that case, hurry up and work\\
boss: I will make you taste the life of a new sumo disciple today\\
boss: hey tera-chan, teach to this boy everything he needs to know\\
tera: ok!\\
hi: eh!? Eeeh!?\\
side: he cooks, cleans and trains with all of his might\\ in a sumo stable you build both the wrestler and the man\\
hi: wow!\\ this is... Read More " "
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Assassination Classroom 136 (0 comments)

Chapter 136: past time, third hour\\
inserted: everyone changes their clothes for the extreme terakasa’s recital on stage!!\\
side: koro-sensei’s past. The connection between being an “assassin” and a “teacher”. Right now he is spending his time in a quiet way…\\
koro: are you preparing the questions for the test?\\
agu: yes\\
agu: I cannot bring a computer with me in this room\\ so I have to write them by myself\\
box: she works as a teacher from the 6 in the morning to the 7 in the night\\
box: then from the 8 in the evening to the 2 in the night she observes the subject of a human experiment\\
box: aguri is unexpectedly energetic…\\
near her: ah that’s right, let’s... Read More " "
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Assassination Classroom 135 (0 comments)

Chapter 135: past time, second hour\\
inserted: the happy octopus spends his afternoon looking all cool while whistling even if he is tone deaf…\\
side: koro-sensei’s past. The “god of death” was betrayed by his disciple and captured to be used as a test subject in an human experiment. What does such experiment consist in…?\\
box: inside of this capsule there is antimatter\\
box: by just 0.1 g of it you can generate as much energy as a nuclear explosion\\
box: at a first glance it can seem a dream like energy source, but\\ scholars do not think that such energy will be able to substitute fossil energy or nuclear energy\\
box: the main reason is the bad efficiency of its... Read More " "
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Hinomaru-Zumou 43 (0 comments)

Just a reminder of the sumo ranks, as we will talk a lot about it today. The first is the highest rank:
sandan me
maezumo (unranked wrestlers)
the best makuuchi become title holders like the yokozuna or the oozeki.
Wikipedia for reference

Round 43: flame and water\\
Inserted: how does the training with an “high rank” goes to!?\\
Hi: a-another round…\\
Hi: please…!\\
Girl: … just a moment ago he could fight on par and he was even better than the makushita wrestlers, and yet…\\
Girl: to think that…\\
girl: … to think that there is such a difference…\\ so this is…\\
girl: a... Read More " "
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Assassination Classroom 134 (0 comments)

Chapter 134: past time\\
inserted: the story before the moon was destroyed…\\
side: a certain experimental room. A black haired man trapped in some restrain apparatus. Now we will tell about koro-sensei’s past…\\
?: the restrain is quite tight\\
?: you don’t have to worry\\ I will not injure you…\\ even if you did such a thing to me\\
doc: eh, w-well\\ this is just to be sure\\
doc2: hey don’t talk to him!!\\ I heard that he also has brainwashing skills\\
doc: let’s take him to the laboratory…\\
doc: just act like he could kill you at any time!!\\
box: that smile was the kindest I ever seen\\
box: his words were the most assuring I ever heard\\
box: no one would have thought... Read More " "
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Hinomaru-Zumou 42 (0 comments)

Round 42: to take lightly\\
?: next stop is: nishigami high school\\
hot: eh!?\\ Hinomaru-san went to train into a sumo stable!?\\
hot: incredible… to think he would train with professional sumo wrestlers…\\ as expected from him!\\
oz: … yeah, that level of opponent is suitable for ushio’s real strength after all\\ one day he will become a pro, so he is on the right track…\\
oz: but why did you choose shibaki yama stable among the many sumo stables out there?\\
ki: … one reason is because of the sheer amount of training you get there even compared to the other stables in the sumo world\\ the stable master of that place was known to be one who went crazy with his training... Read More " "
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Assassination Classroom 133 (0 comments)

Chapter 133: confession time\\
Inserted: nagisa’s kiss gives him the possibility to attack!! Now the teacher’s life is at stake!!\\
Box: I have to extract quickly and thoroughly all of the tentacles’ roots!!\\
Box: otherwise I could not call myself a teacher!!\\
Oku: … kayano-san…\\ should be alright after this, right?\\
Koro: … yes, probably\\ she has to rest no matter what for now\\
Rio: oh my prince~~~\\ it was a great idea to stop her movements with a kiss\\
Nagi: I thought that it was the most efficient way to make her forget of her bloodlust for a instant\\ I will properly apologize to her later\\
Bi: a 15 hits kiss in 10 seconds\\ you still have a long road in front of... Read More " "
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Hinomaru-Zumou 41 (0 comments)

Chapter 41: the shibakiyama stable\\
red text: he will break from his shell\\ while practicing with the people he admires\\
on the plate: shibakiyama stable\\
?: fuh\\fuh\\
??: come on now, fight!!\\
???: hey!!\\
side: a swirling heat!!\\
girl: they have such an incredible enthusiasm…!\\
girl: it is true that this is not a big stable…\\ but I can feel the motivation even from low rank wrestlers…\\
girl: so this is the shibakiyama stable known to provide training to reach the second or the first spot in the pro world, huh…\\
boss: now, push, push!\\
girl: the stable master of shibakiyama… a former sekiwake kaoruyama\\
TLN: sekiwake: sumo wrestler of the third highest rank\\
Girl: he... Read More " "
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Assassination Classroom 132 (0 comments)

Chapter 132: killing move time\\
inserted: the tentacles violate both her body and mind…!!\\
f0: die\\die\\die\\
hiro: …\\ she is the one who dying right now\\
hiro: … can we do something about this?\\ can we really only stand and watch kayano getting corrupted…!!?\\
?: uoh!!!\\
ramen: why only the face!?\\
koro: I’m a clone!\\
koro: I don’t have much a margin of movement because of kayano-san’s fierce attacks…\\
koro: and I only have the possibility to create a distorted after image of my face!\\
?: that’s a skilful thing if you think about it\\
koro: please help me\\ we have to remove kayano-san’s tentacles as soon as possible!!\\
koro: she can add that flame power to... Read More " "
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Hinomaru-Zumou 40 (0 comments)
Round 40: what is done is done\\
inserted: the things he has to polish in order to become stronger are…\\
yuu: … my strikes are nothing more than attempts to kill with my bare hands, huh… well I guess that you are right\\ to be honest when I sparred with others I couldn’t use the proper karate form\\
ki: … so at the end you also are an half assed karateka after all\\
ki: I guess that you just rested on your laurels because of your physical skills\\ and then kissed them goodbye once you got your black belt\\
yuu: bull’s eye\\
ki: but that small karateka ingredient that flows inside of you\\
ki: even surprised the national king “kusanagi”\\
ki: That’s why gojou-san, you should stop... Read More " "
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Assassination Classroom 131 (0 comments)
Chapter 131: erosion time\\
On the cover: everyone,\\it’s movie time\\
f0: I am the one who named you koro-sensei, right?\\
f0: then it is time for your mama to “spank” you!!\\
text in red: the movie will be out this week!!\\
inserted: now she shows her black tentacles…!!\\
koro: kayano-san\\ it’s dangerous to use those tentacles more than this\\
koro: if you don’t remove them immediately and heal your body, your life could be in danger\\
f0: eh? What are you talking about?\\
f0: I feel perfectly fine\\ could stop bluffing just to agitate me?\\
nagi: … kayano\\
nagi: it was all an act?\\
nagi: were you always acting,\\ even during the enjoyable and painful things we overcame... Read More " "
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7th Garden 7 (0 comments)

Root 7: boredom\\
inserted: who will take under her control this planet,\\ the angels or the demons?\\
?: who the hell are these guys, they are strong!!\\
??: hey, don’t let them run away!\\
??: anyway gather the men!\\
inserted: will they be able to escape from the prison!?\\
sfx: eeek\\
sfx: guwash\\
aw: please…!\\ don’t get in our way…!\\
bubble: this way\\ surround them!!\\
eli: these two are strong but…\\ they cannot do it…\\they will never be able to escape together with me\\
sfx: haa\\haa\\
eli: please help me, sister…\\
eli: sister\\
?: uh…\\
??: ukuh…\\
??: he didn’t… cut me…!?\\
three bubbles: haa\\
eli: sister…\\
?: ok! Don’t kill them\\
?: and contact the... Read More " "
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Hinomaru-Zumou 39 (0 comments)

Round 39: as long we follow him\\
inserted: the only thing on the road to become the best in japan is… training!!\\
rei: …?\\ what are you doing so early in the morning, yuuma…?\\
yuu: what kind of question is that…? I’m going to the morning training\\
rei: wha?\\ it’s still the 5 in the morning, is the school even open?\\
yuu: from now on we will train outside in the morning\\
yuu: we are aiming to become the best in japan\\
yuu: so we are supposed to go to a trip to hell after all\\
side: is this only training…!?\\
yuu: what!?\\
yuu: … we are fishing wakame!?\\
TLN: species of edible brown seaweed, Undaria pinnatifida\\
Hi: hey yuuma don’t just stand there, do your... Read More " "
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Assassination Classroom 130 (0 comments)

Chapter 130: revenge time\\
inserted: a prodigy child actress. Now an assassin\\
f0: I will kill…\\
f0: all the people like you!!\\
?: now that you tell me, she certainly is kayano\\
??: incredible\\
text: I have already seen this drama\\
???: not only her looks, but even the atmosphere around her are totally different\\
ike: she was able to hide from us her real self thanks to those acting skills\\
box: kayano\\ went along with everyone, but no one became deeply involved with her\\
box: she was always near to me…\\ because she could hide her bloodlust behind mine\\
box: now that I think about it, even the giant pudding was just a dummy assassination\\
box: if you would not do anything in... Read More " "
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Hinomaru-Zumou 38 (1 comments)

Round 38: making the numbers\\
inserted: the true reason he says “don’t have any expectation of me as an athlete”…\\
?: do your best, tsuji!\\ we are all suffering together with you!\\
tsu: hah\\ another match…\\
?: eh?\\
??: !?\\ hey tsuji!?\\
doc: it will not be of any obstacle in your everyday life, but\\
doc: it is better if you avoid to perform intense physical activity\\ especially\\
doc: an harsh sport such as sumo…\\
hi: … I thought that he would strangely get tired quite fast\\ but the doctor said something like his lungs are small or quite rigid\\
hi: yet he didn’t tell anyone about that and continued to compete…\\
hi: sumo is a sport in which matches last a few... Read More " "
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