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Assassination Classroom 149

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 31, 2015 14:45 | Go to Assassination Classroom

-> RTS Page for Assassination Classroom 149

Chapter 149: results time\\
Inserted: karma endured the nekodamashi, and now nagisa is attacking him, how will this duel end…!?\\
Box: you protected yourself from losing consciousness\\ and reduced the paralysis to the minimum!!\\
Box: karma-kun\\ your sensitivity when it comes to the battlefield is a natural talent!!\\
Box: all of his bloodlust\\ has been condensed in that knife\\
Box: If I’m able to defend myself from it\\ then it will be my victory!!\\
ka: I have to knock down the hand holding the knife\\
ka: he is totally defenceless without a blade!!\\ and he will not have any other way to kill me…\\
ka: … eh!?\\
ka: he threw away\\ the knife!?\\
ka: he doesn’t have any\\ bloodlust…?\\
tera: an arm triangle choke!!\\
kara: it is a move that makes your opponent lose consciousness by closing the carotid!!\\ and this time the move is executed even better than the triangular hold he used earlier!!\\
nagi: I-I will make you listen\\ no matter what!!\\
?: he wants to win…\\ fair and square against karma by using such pinning move!!\\
koro: karma-kun is still suffering the after effects of the nekodamashi!!\\
koro: furthermore\\ he sent flying the knife were he put all of his bloodlust\\
koro: nagisa-kun\\ used all of his greatest techniques as an assassin like sacrificial pawns\\ in order to enter into a bare hands duel\\
koro: furthermore he chose an hand to hand move to decide this match\\ he decided to\\ put an end to this fight not with his own best moves but with the techniques preferred by karma-kun\\
ka: just like I wanted to defeat nagisa-kun\\ he wants to be sure that I accept my total defeat…!!\\
ka: this is really bad\\ I will lose my consciousness\\ if it continues like this!!\\
justice: his knife is!!\\
megu: such bad luck…!!\\ … to think that it would fall so close to them\\
na: me, fighting?\\ that looks so frightening, so I will never be able to do such a thing\\
na: well…\\ clearly it would be different if I will have to die if I don’t fight\\
ka: I give up\\ I surrender\\
ka: you win\\ nagisa\\
ka: cough\\... hey listen to me\\
kara: that’s enough!!\\ the red team surrendered, so the blue team…\\ the not kill faction wins!!\\
?: yeah~~~!!\\
rio: … aaah\\so you won at the end, nagisa\\
na: I won…?\\
na: … against karma-kun…?\\
ka: if I would have used a knife against a small animal who charged against me…\\ without any weapon, then no one would have acknowledged my victory\\
ka: I couldn’t stab you, nor I could get away\\ you really cornered me in a situation where I could only give up\\
ka: to throw away your knife and win against me in a hand to hand fight\\ that certainly was the most suitable way to kill me\\
ka: it is my total defeat\\ you want to help koro-sensei, right?\\ fine then, I will hear what you have to say\\
na: … really?\\ are you sure?\\
ka: don’t give me that stupid face when you are totally beaten up\\ you look like an infected mouse\\
na: … why are you always able to insult people so smoothly\\ karma-kun?\\
Ka: you know\\ we should stop using honorifics when we talk to each other\\ I don’t feel like adding a “kun” after you name after such fight\\
Na: changing the way I call your name all of the sudden…\\ that would feel quite strange, you know?\\
ka: in that case I will be the only one to do that\\ is that fine with you?\\nagisa?\\
na: … ok\\ let’s do it\\ karma\\
koro: when the moment to make an important choice approaches\\ people show their real nature\\ and sometime they end up fighting\\
koro: but,\\ look at our students\\
koro: for the very reason they fought each other earnestly…\\ now they can understand each other even more deeply because they have seen a part of their opponents that they didn’t know\\
koro: sometimes conflicts…\\ are a way to deepen the bonds between people\\
near nagi: to be honest your attacks were lighter than I thought, karma… ouch\\
near ka: I went easy on you\\
kara: … in the way you put it\\you are saying that even division and war are part of your education\\
?: karasuma-sensei\\
box: everyone has their own feelings\\ … but\\
box: there is no single student who objects to\\
box: the plan decided today by class E after this battle, that is…\\
box: ”to find a way to help the target”\\
kara: … I don’t have any other choice\\
kara: but at one condition\\ you must find a way to help him by the end of this month\\
kara: even if you will stop the assassination…\\ there are many people who will want to kill him other than you\\
kara: and I also want that\\ you should be the ones to kill him\\ and not someone else\\
ka: therefore promise me this\\ no matter what are the results you reach in this month\\in February, you will dedicate all of your strength once again to assassination\\
kara: try to make him survive or kill him\\ with all of your strength\\
everyone: yes!!\\
inserted: the conflict ends!! They will all go down the path they have decided, with all of their strength…!!\\

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