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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

7th Garden 8

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on May 28, 2015 11:31 | Go to 7th Garden

-> RTS Page for 7th Garden 8


Root 8: best friends\\
inserted: Eliza became leil’s servant… now the curtain opens on the tragedy\\
aw: why is that girl together with the angel!?\\
wu: who knows…\\ but you should have already understood it by now\\
wu: as long as the people believe in god\\ as long as the people cling to god…\\
wu: all of them\\ are servant of the angels\\
sfx: gashan\\
inserted: the decisive battle begins!!\\
both: demonion!!\\
gen: an earthquake…!?\\
gen: no…!\\ this is…!!?\\
aw: princess Elizabeth!\\ listen to me!!\\
aw: I’m not your enemy!!\\
le: you cannot listen to the words of the demon\\ you are the only one who can defeat it after all\\
le: just look at that black blade!\\
le: that is the very symbol of a demon!!\\
aw: kuh… what should I do…\\
wu: gardener!\\ she is our enemy now\\
wu: stop being so naïve and throw everything away!\\ if you die I will be unable to bring you back to life!\\
wu: it just kill\\ or die!\\
ai: haa\\haa\\ what the\\ hell happened here…!!?\\
ai: I have to help her…\\
ai: eliza…!!\\
aw: haa\\haa\\
le: good, good!\\ you are doing great alizabeth! (continue just like that!)\\
eli: this is…\\ incredible angel…\\
eli: to think I would be able to do such a thing…\\
eli: is this the power to defeat the demons entrusted by god!?\\
le: it is not just for the demons\\ this is the power to give divine punishment to all those who oppose god\\
le: the power of those chosen by god\\ the power that only you have\\
eli: my only…?\\ power…!?\\
le: exactly!\\
le: you are princess of this country\\ you have born with the right and the duty of lead this world with the will and the mission given to you by god\\
le: you have been so unlucky\\ you have been dirtied by the demon\\
eli: power…\\
le: betrayed by the people you have helped so much\\ they have taken your good name from you and forced you to live in dishonour…\\
le: the angels are your only allies\\
eli: for so much time I\\ have hated\\ myself because I couldn’t do anything…\\
le: the angels will be the only ones to fight with you\\
eli: I see…\\ so this is …\\
le: now fight!\\ you have to get back the pride of the royal family!!\\
eli: power…\\
?: uguh…\\
?: uh…\\ uuuh…\\
aw: there are people in this building…!!\\
aw: please stop princess Elizabeth!!\\
aw: people will end up mixed in our battle if we fight here!\\
eli: people…?\\
le: all the people here are those fools who have killed your family\\ are you really worried about them?\\
eli: f-…\\ fuhuhuh…\\ ahahah…\\
eli: ahahah\\ this feels so good!!\\ this is god’s wrath!!\\
eli: you and also all the rebels here!!\\ I will never forgive those who have messed with us, the royal family!!\\
eli: I\\ I\\ I!!!\\
eli: will avenge everyone by bestowing divine punishment upon you!!\\
wu: listen, gardener\\
wu: her transformation put all of her strength in her arms\\
wu: her arms became stronger and all the parts of her body has been reinforced only for close range fighting\\
wu: she is not an enemy that we can defeat by exploiting her weakness\\
wu: I don’t think that she came at us by thinking that she could really win after taming that child…\\ she doesn’t care if she wins or loses… as long as she enjoys herself…\\
wu: begin to cut her off starting from the shoulder\\ it’s alright, she will not die…!!\\
wu: and the angel will surely help her miniature…\\
aw: but… she will suffer\\
wu: this idiot…\\ to what extent does he…!!\\
aw: wude!\\
aw: give me the greatest strength you can muster\\
wu: what are you going to do?\\
aw: I will insert the blade in the middle of her fists\\
aw: and remove the outer part without hurting her\\
aw: I will use the power of the demon\\ and my skills…\\
aw: to cut off\\
aw: the power of the angel\\
aw: from the princess!!!\\
aw: it didn’t even scratched it…\\
eli: give back\\
eli: give back!!\\ give back!!\\ give back!!\\ give back!!\\
eli: give back all back!!\\
eli: give back\\ my sister…!!\\
le: oh man\\
le: I have overdone things\\ and all the story changes I have made after so much troubles were all wasted\\
le: well, I have taken care of the intruders after all\\ so ur will forgive me for this time\\
le: and my opponent’s miniature is also an idiot\\
aw: haa\\haa\\
aw: he got more or less the right point of contact but that kinds of attack will never work after all\\
aw: I really enjoy the foolishness of humans\\ no sweets can compare to this delight\\
le: that idiot who died while crying only because she believed in god’s existence\\
le: those other idiots who think to have attained freedom while they where just dancing on the palm of my hands\\
le: the idiot who pretends to be an hero without knowing that 5 years from now his head will roll after the new government will have judged him as a war criminal because of his actions during the rebellion\\
le: and finally the idiot who thinks to be almighty only because I gave her just a little of power\\
le: these happy go lucky miniatures\\ who quarrel because of misunderstandings\\and hate each other with all themselves\\
le: are the best show I could ever witness!!!\\
gen: those who are unhurt must help those who suffered injuries!!\\
?: please run away, general!!\\
gen: I will take all the prisoner I can and then head outside!!\\
ai: hey!!\\ where is Elizabeth!!?\\
gen: you are…!!\\
gen: I will help the princess without fail!!\\ just take refuge for now!!\\
ai: what!?\\ I cannot just run away and leave eliza here!!\\
gen: move!!\\
?: uoooh\\ general\\
ai: haa\\... haa\\ wait for me…\\ I’m coming for you…\\
ai: I’m sure that you are crying somewhere alone…\\
ai: haa\\\haa\\
ai: because you are such a cry baby…\\
ai: god…\\ please…\\
eli: hey\\ don’t just stand there, come to play with me\\
ai: I-I cannot do such a thing\\ I was given the mission to stay always on your side, lady Elizabeth\\
eli: could you also stop talking like that?\\
eli: relax when it is just the two of us!\\
eli: I…\\
eli: don’t want a servant, but a friend!\\
eli: look aisha!\\
ai: god…\\
eli: I did it together with my sister!\\
eli: for you because I love you so much!\\
ai: please\\ I beg of you\\
ai: I don’t care what happens to me…\\ but please at least protect…\\
ai: eliza…\\
sfx: buchi\\
eli: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah\\
wu: I cannot regenerate you in time!!\\ stop going head on while fighting with her!\\
wu: hurry up and attack her servant!\\
le: ahahah, it’s useless!!\\
le: those kinds of attacks will never work against me!\\
wu: are you going to die just because of some stupid pity toward her!?\\
wu: you have it, right!?\\
wu: a place where you are supposed to go back to!!\\
eli: haa\\haa\\
eli: eh?\\
?: k-…\\kyaah…\\
eli: what…\\ was that…\\
wu: gardener!!\\ hey!\\ gardener!!\\
wu: gardener!!\\
mom: awyn\\ don’t forget awyn\\
mom: the demon\\ is always here\\
aw: here?\\
aw: mother…\\ what do you mean… by here…?\\
mom: … here\\
aw: here in my chest…?\\
mom: humans were created by god in order to follow the right path, and yet\\ anyone can meet the demon by mere chance\\ and before long they will have everything stolen by that demon…\\
mom: don’t lose awyn\\ never\\
mom: and then\\ if one day…\\
mom: you will meet someone who is going to lose himself to the demon\\ go beside him and protect him\\
mom: don’t lose!!\\
aw: gahah\\ cough\\cough\\
aw: haa\\haa\\
wu: stop this madness gardener\\
wu: if you want to commit suicide do it by yourself once you have won!\\ haa\\
wu: haa\\ just don’t bring me down together with you!\\
wu: there is something that I must do no matter what!\\
wu: and I cannot die here!!\\
aw: cough\\
aw: she is also…\\
wu: that trash is only moving around her big new toys\\
wu: if you hit her with one of my strikes to her stomach you would win \\ it should be simple considering your abilities!\\
aw: … heh\\ you have always acted all high and mighty until now, and yet…\\
aw: you weren’t able to make a single scratch on the angel’s fists!\\
wu: w-\\ what did you just say~~~?\\
wu: damn iola and liz~~~~!!\\
wu: w-…\\ who do you think protected you until now?\\
wu: and healed you wounds…?\\
wu: they have raised a really troubles happy go lucky human!!\\
wu: … fine\\ if you want to uphold to your ideals to this extent I will make a gamble…\\
wu: this was the only method I didn’t want to use, but…\\
wu: if you want to go through to the end with those foolish beliefs of yours, then\\ you have to pay a appropriate compensation for that\\
wu: are you ready…!!?\\
eli: angel…\\ I cannot see the demon anymore\\
le: probably that monster is hiding somewhere right now\\
le: did it run away…?\\ playing hide and seek is so annoying…\\ it will cool down my excitement\\
le: Elizabeth\\ let’s put an end to this\\
le: I’m tired of playing this game already…\\
wu: listen gardener\\
wu: angels and demons have a set limit\\
wu: and this time I will use my power to the max limit!!\\
wu: once I exceed this maximum limit, I will not be able to operate anymore\\
wu: If I don’t focus on defence, I can put that strength into your attacks\\ and in the moment I use a lot of power I will be unable to use the space transfer and the demonbelion at the same time\\
wu: I normally strengthen your defence and regeneration in order to avoid sudden death when you fight against an angel\\
wu: from this moment onward I will totally calling off those “protections” I casted upon you\\ what awaits you from now on is all the pain coming from the angel’s attacks\\
wu: in the worst conditions you body could crumble and you could disappear from this world\\
wu: furthermore I am also not that sure that I can protect my body in such a situation. And for this reason I didn’t want to use this possibility\\
wu: this is a gamble\\
wu: you will be able to use \\
wu: attacks that have all of my power value into them\\
wu: to my limit!! (capacity)\\
aw: dunamites limit buster (restriction release state)\\
?: what!!?\\
aw: light cutting scissors!!!\\
aw: my body…\\
aw: guaaah\\
aw: is falling into pieces…!?\\
eli: wah\\wah\\
wu: go all-out gardener!!!\\
le: aaaaaaaah\\
wu: use this power (tool)\\
wu: to cut the branches that get in your way!!!\\
le: bigyaaaaaah\\
eli: a-…\\ angel…!?\\
le: gyahiiiiiiih\\
le: guheh\\
wu: haa\\ s-she separated herself from the miniature!\\ she intends to run away from this area!!\\
wu: d-don’t let her escape, gardener!!\\
wu: gardener!!\\
wu: dammit…!\\
aw: so wude… protected me from this pain until now, huh…\\ I’m at my limit…\\
aw: but at least…\\ that little girl is…\\
eli: wa\\a\a\ aaaah\\
le: ahahahah\\ oh man~~ it was so fun!!\\
le: but it was out of my calculations that I would ended up cut into two…\\
le: I have to report what happened to ur now\\
le: this was in incredible way to kill time!\\
le: let’s play once more in the future!!\\
le: eh!?\\
le: there are some limitations to the gate and I cannot cell out…!?\\
le: what the hell…!\\it never happened before!!\\
le: the only one who can do a trick like this\\ is ur, huh…\\
le: he is the only one who…\\
le: m…\\maria\\
wu: long time no see bell\\
wu: did you enjoy playing god?\\
le: i-impossible…\\
le: you should be dead…\\
wu: I’m back\\
wu: to kill all the six of you\\
le: kill\\
le: eeek\\
le: w-wait maria…!\\ I’m sorry, I’m sorry!!\\
le: I will apologize for all the things I have done to you\\ I will also give you back this planet!!\\
le: so you will forgive me!?\\ right!?\\
le: we are best friends, right!!?\\
wu: best friends…\\
le: that’s right\\ the maria I know would never have such a frightening expression on her face…!\\
le: so…\\
le: could you return the gentle maria of those times…?\\
le: just a little more…\\
le: if I’m able to put just one of my fingers\\ in her hears, nose or mouth\\ I will be able to turn this situation around…\\
wu: you are right…\\
wu: you always tried to avoid responsibilities as much as possible\\ and were one of my juniors who made things really troublesome for me\\
wu: I wondered if this is how my big sis felt about me\\ that’s what I thought…\\
wu: the eight of us were always together\\
wu: and I… loved every single one of you…!!\\
wu: belfel foglet and Marian dunamites are best friends!\\
wu: yeah best friends\\
le: maria…\\
sfx: move…\\
le: ah…\\ah…\\
wu: my name is wude…\\
wu: maria died…!\\
wu: and you are the ones who killed her!!\\
wu: she is not here anymore!!!\\
sfx: pih\\
sfx: piiih\\
wu: one\\ down\\
inserted: the demon slaughters the angel\\

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