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Assassination Classroom 146

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 5, 2015 20:51 | Go to Assassination Classroom

-> RTS Page for Assassination Classroom 146

Chapter 146: fierce battle time\\
ka: nakamura\\ are you planning to go to attack unarmed?\\ where are your weapons?\\
rio: I will use the stupid trio\\ that’s the reason why you have deployed them there, right?\\
bubble: tera\mura\yoshi\\
ka: I knew that you would notice it\\ well then~~~\\
rio: ok\\
inserted: these two understand the whole situation by just looking at one part of it\\
sfx: kyuiiin\\
?: ah…\\ he is there!!\\
rep: I knew that our battle formation was spotted by someone…\\ so he was watching us!!\\
box: isogai killed mimura who was assigned to reconnaissance\\
red\mimura koki\ dead\\
box: on the other side\\
box: hara who was too exposed because she was setting once again the trap…\\ was shot down by hayami!!\\
blue\ hara sumire\\dead\\
box: number of people still alive\\
right: red (kill faction)\\
left: blue (not kill faction)\\
box: now that the two teams had their numbers cut by half…\\
box: they will commence the plan to take the enemy’s flag soon\\
box: I knew that we would end up in this situation, and I devise my plan since the beginning by knowing that\\
box: the fact that kataoka and takebayashi were killed at the beginning…\\
box: was in order to leave the enemy without any battle options\\
box: furthermore\\ I have deployed the pivot of our team…\\
ito: … tsk\\ the high mobile drone is difficult to operate\\ I have to postpone its first test run, huh\\
tsun: be sure to protect my position, itona\\I will rely on you even if you cannot use that thing\\
box: hayami-san is a mobile artillery that can move freely on the battlefield\\
text: … maehara has been detected\\
tsun: I would prefer to aim more to the right\\
mae; uoh\\
tsun: tsk\\
box: both her range and accuracy are lower than chiba, but\\
box: her visual ability and balance are far better than him\\
box: her abilities show their real best value on a battlefield where she is able to move\\
box: hayami is to difficult to deal with!!\\
box: by just moving around the top of that tree and keeping an eye on us…\\ she is stopping us in our tracks\\
box: even if we invade their territory\\ not only we have to surpass terasaka and his group’s strong line of defence…\\
box: but we at the end the enemy’s flag will still be inside of hayami’s range\\
on the map:{
from the centre: hayami\ itona?\ Karma?(near the flag)\karasuma\\
upper left: muramatsu\terakasa\yoshida\\
upper right: in the forest: maehara\\ near the flag: yada\okuda\isogai\\
box: if we want to steal the enemy’s flag…\\
box: the best plan is to kill hayami!!\\
koro: … that’s what isogai-kun is probably thinking right now\\ just like karma-kun expects\\
?: but hayami’s strength right now is not something common\\ only 5 people remain in the blue team\\ it will take all of them in order to kill her\\
ka: hayami-san, hitona\\ really soon a large group of people will come near you\\at least slow them down, or get rid of them entirely if you have the chance\\
ito: … roger\\
ka: nakamura\\ once the gun battle begins, go to put an end to this battle in one move\\
rio: ok~~\\ I leave the rest to you three, you are my meat defence wall after all\\
tera: what!?\\
rio: listen now\\ while the enemy will be fighting rinka…\\
rio: on the opposite side their defence against us will become thinner\\
rio: in that moment I…\\ will storm their base by using you three as a shield\\
rio: I will just focus on taking the flag\\
little bubble: karasuma\\
rio: the enemy will leave no more than one person to defend the flag\\ so you must focus on defeating her and scatter around in order to become a decoy\\
rio: when you will be all dead…\\
rio: I will be able to reach the flag without any problem\\
??: so we are scapegoats\\ you don’t know half measures as well\\
rio: sure\\
rio: because I want to win this duel…\\
rio: and kill\\ koro-sensei together with everyone\\
tera: hey nakamura\\
tera: you tried to do many foolish things because you wanted to become stupid\\
tera: and you were the first to step into the kill faction because you felt the obligation to protect our bonds\\
tera: the truth is that you are…\\ the most diligent person in our class\\
rio: …\\ heh\\
ka: things are proceeding according to the plan\\
ka: the only unclear thing is…\\ nagisa-kun. Not even mimura was able to spot him\\
box: that guy…\\will come attacking us from the most unexpected place\\
box: I have to admit that I lost my cool against him before this duel\\ but\\ why was I so irritated by him?\\
box: now that I think of him as an enemy…\\
box: I have the feeling that I am able to understand the reason behind my reaction before a little better\\
rep: listen everyone\\ we have to take risks to win, considering our inferiority\\
rep: we will abandon the defence\\ we will defeat both hayami and itona with all of our strength!\\
rep: if we defeat them\\ karma will be the only one to defend the red flag!!\\
rep: let’s finish this in one move!!\\
rep: let’s go!!\\
tera: now!\\ let’s move!!\\
oku: wah\\
blue\\ okuda manami\ dead\\
reo: yada, maehara!\\ surround her from the left\\
box: to kill isogai is my top priority\\ our victory will be assured once he is killed!!\\
iso: uwah\\
blue\ isogai yuuma\ dead\\
box: I’m not good at fights\\ and I have never beaten rinka when it comes to shooting grades\\
box: please\\ let this shot be a good one\\ for koro-sensei’s sake!!\\
red\ hayami rinka\dead\\
tsun: … yada!!\\
box: I-…\\ … I killed her!!\\
boobs: … and then I die!!\\
blue yada touka\ red horibe itona\ dead\\
mae: I find myself more confortable with knives after all\\ I would never hit you with guns after all\\
box: after a fierce battle that lasted no more than an instant\\ the blue team was able to gain control of this area with a lone survivor\\
near mae: karma is next\\
box: just a few seconds before that\\
box: abane karma witnessed it\\
box: all the strategies\\ all the attacks maneuver\\ all the defences tactics\\
box: they were all ridiculed…\\
box: the camouflaged god of death\\
box: harvested four people in a mere second\\
red nakamura rio\ red terakasa ryouma\ red yoshida taisei\muramatsu takuya\ dead\\
box: f-…\\ from very close range and at our backs!?\\
box: he suddenly appeared out of nowhere!\\ no one was there until a moment ago…\\
box: … I see\\
box: nagisa-kun camouflaged himself with\\ karasuma-sensei\\
box: everyone used a camouflage suitable for this mountain\\ and karasuma-sensei was the only one using the self defence force’s camouflage!!\\
box: he waited for his prey from the most suitable spot!!\\
mae: you are mine!!\\
box: … thank you maehara\\ for making all that noise\\
blue maehara hiroto\ dead\\
ka: with this it is one against one\\
ka: let’s end this, itona-kun\\
inserted: nagisa Vs karma, the unexpected one against one!?\\

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