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Translations: One Piece 913 by cnet128 , Gintama 693 by kewl0210

Assassination Classroom 147

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 14, 2015 14:56 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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Chapter 147: stage time\\
side: right now I’m facing you, the one who was at the same time the closest and the farthest from me\\
bi: that nagisa\\ it was a bold thing to do to hide behind karasuma’s back…\\
ka: I am the referee, I am in the most suitable place to watch over the battlefield\\ and the one who cannot get in the way with the players the most \\
koro: and more importantly…\\ the thing that will be ignored the most by the players will be the referee\\
koro: not only he considered such a thing and used the referee as a camouflage\\ but he also waited for the moment he could kill the maximum number of people\\
koro: he really has the sense of a natural assassin!!\\
koro: I wonder what will karma-kun do now\\
koro: if one looks at his grades at school…\\ he is superior than nagisa-kun in any aspect\\
koro: but\\ he should have noticed it by now\\
koro: when it comes to this assassination classroom…\\ nagisa-kun is he strongest enemy that karma-kun can face\\
ka: nagisa-kun~~~!!\\
ka: throw away your weapon and come out!!\\ let’s decide things with this!!\\
ka: at the end we are the two last ones!\\
ka: instead of prolonging this by glaring at each other…\\ the team that wins should be the one that results superior in a one to one fight!!\\
rep: don’t be stupid and shoot at him, nagisa!!\\ he is walking in your way defenceless!!\\
f0: probably…\\ nagisa will not shoot\\
rep: eh?\\
box: karma-kun is…\\ unfair after all\\
box: if I ignore his challenge and kill him so that he cannot retaliate…\\ it will be a defeat that the people of the red team will be unable to accept\\ not only he knows that, but he even said it loud\\
box: in order to help koro-sensei\\ if I want to unite the class \\
box: I do not have any other choice than accepting to fight him in a close range where he clearly excels\\
rio: nagisa…\\
f0: “I want to help koro-sensei”\\ ... the one who wants…\\
f0: to make karma understand such wish the most is…\\ nagisa after all\\
?: does he really want to end this is a one to one fight!!?\\
??: let’s go to see it from a closer range!!\\
rep: … who do you think will win?\\
hiro: … karma holds an overwhelming advantage\\ … that’s what I think but\\ he could be defeated by nagisa’s unpredictability\\
ka: but I will not lose\\ because I will be the one to take your life, koro-sensei\\
oku: I-…\\
oku: I want that karma-kun wins too!!\\
hiro: hey okuda\\ you are part of the not killing faction just like us, you know?\\
oku: personally I don’t want that he loses\\
oku: because I know about the resolution and the effort he put together to reach this point\\
boobs: … you know\\ this doesn’t change the fact that I don’t want to kill people, but\\
boobs: the sense of accomplishment that I felt\\ when I have defeated a strong opponent such as you rinka\\ is still lingering on my hands\\
boobs: I wonder if I will have the same sensation…\\ once I will have killed koro-sensei as well\\
ki: We need to share the same opinion \\ I wonder if once the effects of the camouflage have disappeared even the colour and the faction we chose did change\\
tera: people like you\\ kayano, mimura and even kanzaki…\\ all showed a strength that was out of anyone’s expectations\\
tera: while on one side\\ there were people who went on a rampage just like we expected\\
tera: there are also people who will show their skills in the next occasion \\
tera: and there was also someone who feigned to not care, but in reality was the most diligent about everything\\
near rio: shut up\\
tera: the guy I thought was just a midget…\\ is an assassin genius\\
tera: while the guy I thought was a genius…\\ showed that he is putting a lot of effort\\
tera: I will not have any complains no matter who wins\\
tera: with all of this talent…\\ we can probably clear any kind of challenge\\
box: since the first year in middle school I can just say one thing …\\ about karma-kun\\ I admired him\\
ka: hey teacher could you teach me this?\\
?: ah akabane!\\ you are already capable to solve second year problems!!\\
box: he was self willed and not afraid of anything\\ and yet\\ he was smart and he could do wherever he wanted\\
ka: ok, that was the only thing that troubled me\\ I understand the rest after all\\
ka: I’m thirsty so I will leave early\\
prof: h-\\hey akabane!!\\
box: I had that all too common feeling that said to me\\ “If I only could become like him”\\
?: eh?\\ is this for real!?\\ natsuoni is the director of “sonic ninja”!? that sounds interesting!!\\
ka: oh man today is the first day it is available in theatres!?\\ let’s go to see it, shiota-kun!!\\
box: that’s why\\ I was happy when he talked with me\\
nagi: ok\\
nagi: then we began to hang out a lot together\\ on the half of the first year of middle school\\
box: but\\ it didn’t take a long time\\ to become friends\\
?: are you the guy called akabane\\ how dare you to kick my friend’s ass!!?\\
ka: eh?\\ I don’t know him\\
ka: and he was the one who picked up a fight with me\\
?: you liar he said that\\ gueh\\
ka: eh? I cannot hear you\\ you have to speak louder if you want the others to listen to what you say\\
box: both when it came to study and to fight\\ he would get alone on that stage because he had the power to win\\
box: and I could never…\\ get over that stage\\
box: and he probably felt that standing on the stage where I stood was boring\\
box: so we began to hang out less and less\\
box: and when he retired from school\\ he was once again a normal classmate\\
box: he was a small animal harmless to both men and other beasts\\therefore he was one of the few people I could stay together without being always on guard considering my personality with a short fuse\\
box: but now that I think about it\\ I put some distance between me and nagisa-kun, because…\\
box: I probably noticed at that time that there was something amiss about him\\
ka: … hey\\ where did he seat?\\
box: he was one of those guys with which I could lower my guard, and yet\\
ka: nagisa-ku…\\
nagi: I’m here karma-kun\\ didn’t you notice me?\\
box: there was something that made me feel like I shouldn’t be careless\\ something about him that could catch me out of guard\\
box: differently from me he is an earnest and good guy…\\ therefore I thought that my uneasiness was just part of my imagination\\
ka: … sorry man\\ you are small after all\\
nagi: yeah…\\
box: … and yet\\
box: I wanted to drag…\\ that strange thing that he had out and destroy it…\\
box: something is frightening about him\\
box: but there is no meaning in winning against it with my punches or by study\\ because that thing belongs to a totally different genre\\
box: … it was so difficult to drag that thing out from him that…\\
box: I estranged him before I could notice\\
?: and\\ for the first time in the third year of middle school\\ I can stand with that opponent on the same stage called “assassination”!!\\
?: and now\\ I have to win otherwise my opinion will not reach him…!!\\
I will make you surrender!!\\
box: the desire for victory\\ the desire of conquest\\ that is the fighting spirit that can be harboured inside of the young ones!!\\
box: just forget about me for a short while!!\\
koro: because in the conflict between the two of you there is the answer you are searching for!!\\
inserted: their selves clash against each other!!\\

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