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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

7th Garden 9

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jun 9, 2015 15:20 | Go to 7th Garden

-> RTS Page for 7th Garden 9


Root 9: the hate is sloth\\
side: it is a desperate situation for awyn…\\
eli: this is my sister’s garden\\this is the entire world I know\\
eli: I never went outside of the palace\\ it seems that the capital is dangerous because of riots\\
eli: the people in the capital are suffering for famine\\ … or so I heard\\
eli: my sister used the money for her mundane life and the country is suffering…\\ … or so I heard\\
eli: I don’t understand well, and even if I understood I couldn’t do anything about it\\ because I’m just a kid after all\\ and I don’t have any power\\
eli: I’m sure that everything will be alright\\ and that the adults will solve everything\\
eli: I should just…\\ play around in the garden\\
eli: oh god…\\ am I what they call a lazy person…?\\
eli: haa\\haa\\
aw: stop seeking your…\\ revenge…\\
aw: no matter what you break with your anger…\\ the people who died will not come back…\\
aw: and the only thing you can do\\ is to stay close…\\
aw: to the people you have left…\\
aw: to protect…\\
aw: the people dear to you…\\
aw: only that…\\
eli: it’s red\\
eli: did I…\\ do this…?\\
aw: stay close to them\\
eli: aisha…\\
eli: I want to meet her…!\\
eli: t-\\t-t… there is someone…\\
?: l-…\\ lady… Elisabeth…?\\
?: it… is me… kure… n…\\\
?: it is dangerous here…\\ hurry up and escape, please…\\
eli: a-…\\ aaaah…\\
eli: aisha…!\\
eli: she was imprisoned around here…\\
eli: where did you go…!?\\ hurry…! Come to me!\\
eli: haa\\haa\\ ai…\\
eli: aaaah\\ uguoh\\ ooooooooooh\\
eli: guh\\ bleeeah\\ bleeeah\\ bleeeah\\
eli: haa\\haa\\haa\\haa\\
eli: ah…\\ aaaaaah\\
eli: it cannot be…\\ no\\
eli: I…\\
eli: I hated to be lazy…\\
eli: I just…\\
eli: did this for my sister’s sake…\\
eli: I just wanted to do something about it\\
in all the bubbles: eli: I’m sorry…\\
eli: ugih\\
sfx: clack\\
eli: w-wha…!?\\
sfx: click\\clack\\click\\
sfx: clack\\
eli: ah…\\ uh… ah…\\
sfx: pokin\\
wu: who told you that you could die?\\
eli: ogyah!\\
wu: weren’t you going\\ to avenge everyone with your own hands!?\\ is this the real extent of your determination?\\
eli: ugiih\\ gygyuh!!
eli: ha…\\ hahah…\\ ahahahah…\\
eli: that’s right…\\ this is a dream\\ it was all a dream\\
eli: I saw a long dream while I was sleeping\\ I will wake up and aisha will help me change my clothes…\\ then I will eat a delicious meal while surrounded by all the people I know\\ and go to say the morning prayers\\
eli: then after that…\\ I will go to play with my sister in the garden…!\\
eli: aishaaa!\\ I’m here!\\
eli: hurry up!!\\ hurry and wake me up!!\\
wu: ahhahaha\\ if you are talking about your maid, she lies crushed and dead over there\\ and you killed her!!\\
eli: it’s a lieeeeeeeeeeeee\\
in all the bubbles: eli: I want to go back!!\\
all the bubbles in the first frame: eli: I want to go back!!\\
eli: I want to go back in that garden!!!\\
wu: shut\\ up\\
wu: get a grip of yourself, brat,\\ from now and for hundreds of years your sister will be remembered as the “demon”\\
eli: uuuh\\
eli: fuh\\
wu: from now on and forever\\ forever!\\ forever!!!\\
wu: and do you know why!?\\ because she lost!!!\\
wu: why did she lose!\\ because she was weak!!!\\ and because she was weak she was framed by God, one of his angels or some other invisible guy!!\\
wu: they steal everything\\ from the losers\\ and they lost everything dear to them!!\\
wu: all the people you love!!\\ they will never be back!!!\\
wu: listen now!! The only answer to this is to win!!!\\
wu: those who win become justice!!\\ the losers are marked as the “evil”!!\\ and driven out from the “world”\\
wu: that is the reason of this world!!!!\\
wu: show me that you can become strong\\
wu: so that you will never lose against anyone no matter what!!\\
wu: engrave the revenge in your heart\\ you rage is your own strength\\
wu: you ended up in a sorry state, gardener\\
wu: you were mislead by your stupid emotions, lost your objective and lost sight of the things really dear to you… and as result you died…\\
wu: at the end you weren’t able to protect nothing, not you village, your mansion nor the young lady\\ those are the suitable last moments of happy go lucky humans like you\\
aw: fuh…\\fuh…\\
near wu: what the, he is still alive…\\
wu: … heh\\ at least your toughness helps you…\\
ai: … za…\\
ai: liza…\\
ai: eliza…!\\
eli: a… i…\\
eli: sha…\\
ai: it seems that there was an incident with the explosives in the armoury\\ they said that we were saved together…\\ I don’t understand well what happened as well\\
ai: eliza…?\\
ai: does it hurt somewhere…? ( it doesn’t seem that you were injuried, but…)\\
eli: aisha!!\\
ai: gofuh!!!\\
eli: I’m sorry\\
first frame: I’m sorry…\\
ai: stand up and let’s go\\
ai: we have been sent together in a monastery in preiss\\
ai: to think that we weren’t executed and were sent to the same place together…\\ there are some mysterious mechanisms at work that no one can phantom\\
ai: probably an harsh life is waiting for you, but…\\
eli: was all…\\ really a dream…?\\
eli: aisha…\\ I will not lose\\
eli: I will study a lot\\ and become strong\\
eli: and one day…\\ regain the good name of our family for sure\\
ai: I will accompany you\\ anywhere\\
ai: even at the end of this world…\\
sfx: clap…\\
?: hahah\\ clap clap\\ clap\\
?: you are doing great, figol!!\\ go go!!\\
??: ah! Awyn!\\
mary: welcome back!!\\ did we wake you up?\\
mary: this is the party\\ to welcome back my father\\
aw: the master?\\
mary: I thought that you were tired so I didn’t wake you up, but…\\
boss: hey awyn!\\ it must have been very hard for you, but good job!!\\
aw: master\\
boss: come on now\\ let’s drink together!!\\
?: hey wayn! What kind of person is wude?\\
aw: ray…\\
ray: she gets along with the people here, right?\\
aw: … wude…\\
near ray: she is so cute\\
?: hey what kind of interests do you have?\\
??: what do you want to drink next?\\
fig: I’m still not done yet, Ashley\\
ash: fuhohoho, you are tougher than I thought, figol\\
ir: hey awyn~~~\\
aw: irmina!? Are you drunk?\\
ir: you spend a lot of time with wude since she came here!\\
aw: you reek of alcohol\\
ir: even if you have me!!\\
aw: h-help me haoma!\\
near aho: that sounds interesting so I will leave you two alone…\\
mary: I’m a little drunk awyn\\
aw: it’s alright, young lady\\
mary: glom\\
aho: no you don’t\\
?: make anita sing next!!\\
boss: ok! Let’s go!!\\
?: phigol collapsed!!\\ ashely won!!\\
?: winner!!\\
?: she is the strongest!\\ she is invincible!!\\
?: hey masa could you bring us more food?\\
masa: I’m doing it right now, so just wait!!\\
ir: uguh…\\
aw: are you alright, irmina?\\
aw: wude…?\\
sfx: munch\\munch\\
wu: geez, iola and liz…\\
wu: they have gathered so many unnecessary miniatures here\\ and built a strange manor\\
wu: my garden…\\ my world…\\
wu: the sky is beautiful\\
wu: the food is delicious\\
wu: I wonder if…\\ I would live happily if I spend my live here laughing with everyone…\\
wu: … sis\\ I have killed bel\\
wu: she always avoided troubles\\ she was always late\\ and she would never work\\ she really was a troublesome little sister…\\
wu: when…\\ I killed bel…\\
wu: I felt so empty…\\
wu: I thought that I would feel better and yet…\\
wu: it is like a hole opened in my heart…\\
wu: I…\\ will feel like this another 5 times, right…?\\
wu: sis…\\
wu: I would like that you are forever by my side\\
wu: you don’t have to do anything\\ just hug me softly and that would be enough…\\
wu: just… like that, together forever\\
wu: forever…\\
all the bubbles: forever\\
wu: forever\\
wu: shivering because of my anger…!!\\
wu: just wait for me\\ my dear late sister\\
wu: just wait for me\\ my dear friends who I loved so much\\
inserted: she swore her vengeance on a rain of falling stars…\\
wu: I will kill you no matter what\\

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