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Bleach 300 (4 comments)
Happy 300 Chapters! And Happy Birthday! Lot's of things are happening! Enjoy!

A question: On page 2, do you think it could read Zomarre? (intriguing)

Bleach Chapter 300

Page 1
Shinigami: Huff, huff, huff, huff
Shinigami: Y…You’re so mean Captain Kuchiki
Disappearing on me with Shunpo…
Even though I told you that I couldn’t use Shunpo before we…
Shinigami: Left.
Shinigami: Owww!
Sidetext: The captains are in battles!! And here we have a lone Shinigami! And their name is…!?

Page 2
Bleach 300. Curse Named Love
Sidetext: He prays without disturbing his heart.*
[*Note: かくあれかし is added on after this. I believe this refers to a phrase where one prays with their heart. If anyone knows... Read More " "
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Bleach 299 (3 comments)
Nearly at the 300th Chapter! Exciting! Anyhow, enjoy!

Bleach Chapter 299

Page 1
Sidetext: Las Noches assaulted!! All the Captain’s battles have begun!!

Page 2
Exequias: Let us retreat.
Isane: Wai-
Unohana: Isane,
Unohana: Our duty is to heal those who are injured.
It is not to chase after those who have run away.
Unohana: Now,
Let us heal them.
Unohana: Both Sado-san,
And that Arrancar.
Ishida: …Wh…

Page 3
Ishida: Why are you…
At a place like this…!?
Szayel Aporro: What’s this?
You know each other Quincy?
Mayuri: Know each other? Well…
You expect me to know such an inferior race?
Ishida: What did you say…!?
Szayel: Now now.

Page 4
Szayel: Please don’t squabble. It’s so unsightly.
Szayel: Now,... Read More " "
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Bleach 298 (4 comments)
Yay Captain madness! Lots of translations this week, which is super too! Enjoy!

Bleach Chapter 298

Page 1
Ichigo: …K…
Sidetext: An abrupt entrance – it’s Kenpachi!!
Ichigo: …Kenpachi…!!!

Page 2+3
Sidetext: Phones tie me to you.
As hearts tie you to me.

Bleach 298. Intruderz 3

Page 4
Ichigo: …Is it…
Kenpachi: Huh?
Of course it is.
Did you get so beaten up that you’ve lost it in the head?

Page 6
Tesla: Bastard,
Who are you?
Tesla: Don’t feel like answering?
Tesla: Then be gone with it!

Page 7+8
Nnoitra: God damn idiot!!!
Get away from him!!!!

Page 9
Tesla: Nnoi…tra…

Page 10
Kenpachi: Next.
Kenpachi: Come on.
You’re next right?

Page 11
Ichigo: K…Kenpachi…
Why…are... Read More " "
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Bleach 297 (8 comments)
Missed another two chapters. Anyhow, enjoy!

Bleach Chapter 297

Page 1
Ichigo: Nel!!!
Sidetext: Ichigo disastrously injured and Nel back as a kid! Nnoitra draws near!

Page 2
Nnoitra: Give it up. Nelielle was your final light.
And now that’s gone.
Nnoitra: This is the end,
For all of ya.

Page 3
Nnoitra: …Tesla
Nnoitra: Switch with me.
I can’t deal with them anymore. Do as you like.
Tesla: Understood.
Tesla: Strike down,
Tesla: Beluga.
*Kanji Tusk-Armored Warrior

Page 6
Ichigo: …Wh…
Ichigo: Gwaaarrrggghhh!!!
Inoue: Kuro–
Nnoitra: Shut it, you Pet.
It’s your job,
To shut up and watch.

Page 7
Nnoitra: Let’s watch the boy who came to help you,
Be turned into mince meat!
Sidetext: Absolute despair!!

Bleach... Read More " "
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Bleach 293 (14 comments)
Yay, here we are, nice and early from me this week! Enjoy!

Bleach Chapter 293

Page 1
Sidetext: A present unseen from that time.

Bleach 293. Urge For Unite

Page 2
Szayel Aporro: Dear me.
I’m sorry.
Szayel: It looks like you didn’t hear me.

Page 3
Renji: Tch,
Even though they’re fakes, I don’t like seeing them being blown up.
Szayel: Well now,
Sorry to have kept you waiting.
Allow me to show you,
The true power of Fornicarás.

Page 4
Ishida: Sorry for being so anxious, but…
Unfortunately, I don’t have any interest in your power.
Ishida: We’ll be intruding in on your debut.
Renji: I’m doing the same!!

Page 6
Szayel: …I'll be the one to apologize.
You don’t have any say in this.
Szayel: I’m... Read More " "
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Bleach 292 (9 comments)
Here we are, translated from the manga released a while back. Hope it flows, I'll be proof reading it a few times just to make sure it's safe. But for now, enjoy!

Bleach: Chapter 292

Page 1
Sidetext: The Former Espada! The transformed Nel is overwhelming!!

Page 2
Tesla: Nnoitra-sama!!!
Inoue: K…Kurosaki-kun…!
Inoue: Just wait a bit…
So that I can heal…
Inoue: You…?

Page 3
Ichigo: …Nel…

Page 4
Nel: Ichigooo!!!!
I’m so glad!! I’m so glad that you’re safe!!
Inoue: H…Hang on Nel-cha…Nel-san…!?
He’ll die! Kurosaki-kun will die!

Page 5
Nel: Uwaaahhh!!!
Inoue: Nel-cha…Hey Nel-san!!
You’ve made Kurosaki-kun’s eyes white…Kurosaki-kun!!!
Nnoitra: …friggin’... Read More " "
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Bleach 291 (2 comments)
Alky's last. =( Oh well, enjoy!

Bleach: Chapter 291

Page 1
Dondo: !!!
Sidetext: Dondo Chakka notices!! Her chaotic change into…!?
Dondo: T…That’s…!?
Dondo: P…Pesche…!!
Pesche: I know!

Page 2
Ishida: What’s wrong!?
Pesche: …It’s been a while…
Pesche: This reiatsu…
Pesche: Is nothing random.
Nel-sama has…!

Page 3
Ichigo: …Nel…?

Page 4+5
Sidetext: The Former Espada Nel – transformed!!
What does this change…mean!?
Bleach 291. – Thank You For Defend Me

Page 6
Inoue: …That is…

Page 7
Noitra: So you’ve changed back,

Page 9
Noitra: You little shit…!
Ichigo: …Nel…

Page 10
Ichigo: You…
Is that really you Nel…?
Nel: Yes.
Nel: It’s thanks to you,
That I was... Read More " "
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Bleach 290 (3 comments)
Hey there, been a while since I've been around. Too many things have happened (got sick first, followed by many other events), so hopefully I can bring back my form again with translating. And since I was working with Bleach last, I'll continue with that weekly (not always the fastest trans though). Enjoy!

Bleach: Chapter 290

Page 1
Noitora: That is Nelielle Tu Odelshvank
Sidetext: The cornered Ichigo is shocked again! Nel is…a former Espada!?

Page 2
Bleach 290. – The Broken Mask
Sidetext: Innocent. That’s how she is. Pure. That’s how she’ll be.

Page 3
Inoue: …Former…
Noitora: That’s right! What’s up? You didn’t think she was dangerous?
You idiots!... Read More " "
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Blue Dragon: Ral Ω Grado 29 (7 comments)
Yes, all good things must come to an end. I must say I’m quite sad myself that this manga is finishing, as it was one of the things I really found myself looking forward to, translating it to English even before I would get a chance to read it. Well, it was worth the trip and I hope you enjoyed the series. Hmmm, what series do I translate next…?

Blue Dragon: Chapter 29 (Final)

Page 1
Obscuria: It’s just as Biyon said. You either don’t know what you’re doing or you’re just a complete fool!
SFX: *stomp stomp stomp*

Sidetext: The Rhinoceros and the Human…A plan to defeat them surely is…

Obscuria: The Demon of Fury is said to be the strongest of all shadows!! You look pitiful, Blue... Read More " "
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Bleach 282 (2 comments)
Here it is, the latest addition to the Bleach world. Included with shoddy sound effects. You can debate the last sound effect in predictions of the next chapter. Enjoy!

Bleach: Chapter 282

Page 1
SFX: *wind*
Voice: Look at that.
The space is still distorted.
Voice: Gran Rey Cero…
Such a thing…
Is a technique that shouldn’t be used beneath the dome of Las Noches.
Sidetext: The transformed Ichigo vs. the released Grimmjow!! And those watching the battle from afar are…!?

Page 2+3
Fracción: Hah! What are you scared of, Mira Rose!?
SFX: *step*
Mira Rose: Who is?
You’re blabbing so loud that I can hear you from here, Apache.
Fracción: Quit it both of you.
If you raise your voices, you’ll look... Read More " "
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Bleach 281 (4 comments)
Hey. I know you've probably read Bleach this week, but I've made a decision that I will be translating Bleach weekly from now on (the more, the merrier right?), for a multiple number of reasons (can ask me in my Ask Thread). So sit back, and enjoy the music!

Bleach: Chapter 281

Page 1
SFX: *don*
SFX: *don*
Inoue: …Ku…
SFX: *don*
Inoue: …ro…
SFX: *don*
Inoue: …kun…?
SFX: *don*
Sidetext: Ichigo vs. Grimmjow! Ichigo’s completed Hollow transformation before Inoue…!?

Page 2

Page 3
Ichigo: Sorry, am I scaring you?
Even if I say ‘don’t worry’ with this face, it’ll be tough.
Ichigo: …But, I’m going to say it anyway.
Don’t worry.
Ichigo: Because I’ll,
Put... Read More " "
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Blue Dragon: Ral Ω Grado 28 (4 comments)
Probably my best chapter in translating yet. Hope you enjoy it, with the additional sound effects. =P

Blue Dragon: Chapter 27

Page 1
People: Ugh…
People: Ugh…
Mio: That’s Alenimon’s web!
Suns (thinking): Biyon.
Ral: There’s no way I could break down this castle with the blue flame.
Kafka: Going inside won’t be easy.
What should we do?

Tale 28 – RUN

Sidetext: The impregnable fortress…surrounded by a web!?

Page 2
Shadow: Fufu
SFX: *drop*
Biyon: Let’s kill anyone trapped in my web without relying on my followers.
Biyon: Play around with the humans in this web as much as you like.
Shadow: You’re interesting Biyon. Fufu.
Shadow: I’m going to the back of the castle.
Golza, move west.
Urs, take... Read More " "
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Boku no Watashi no Yuusha Gaku 4 (2 comments)
Translation in Progress - Incomplete

Hello all. I haven't exactly finished translating this yet, but I thought I'd post it here to give other translators a proof read, as this manga is not my style (but I'm sure after a few chapters or so, I'll get the hang of it). I just want to make these chapters right, so if a translator or two could please spend a bit of their time proof reading and helping me where the (?)s are, it would be greatly appreciated...I will be updating this tomorrow.

Watashi no Boku no Yusha Gaku: Chapter 04

Page... Read More " "
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Boku no Watashi no Yuusha Gaku 3 (10 comments)
After many weeks of waiting, here it is! I will probably make my own (less elite) translations of Chapters 1 and 2 later down the track, but I will get started on later chapters for scanning first. Enjoy!

Watashi no Boku no Yusha Gaku: Chapter 03

Lv3 ツッコミストーカー盾
Title: Our Hero Studies
Red bubble: 2 Action packed chapters in 1!
Haganeno: Yeah, good luck!
Masayuki: Yay!
Kouno: I’m the... Read More " "
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Blue Dragon: Ral Ω Grado 27 (7 comments)
Long chapter, but at least it's out a day earlier! Enjoy!
PS. Working on Our Hero Studies too at the moment...keep tuned...

Blue Dragon: Chapter 27

Page 1
Men: *chomp chew*
Men: It’s been ages since I’ve eaten stuff like this!
The food before was very different.
This is great!
Fighting makes you hungry! Let’s eat!
Men: This stuff’s awesome!

Sidetext: Despite the joy and the cheers from the men, Mio looks ahead to…!?

Page 2
SFX: *Buhaha* *Hahaha*

Sidetext: …The deep sleeper who is sound in his world of happiness and peace.

Tale 27 – Awake

Page 3
Kafka: Mio, How’s Ral?
Mio: He’s fine.
Mio: His recovery’s amazing despite the fact that he took so much damage from the Phoenix’s attacks.
Well,... Read More " "
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Blue Dragon: Ral Ω Grado 26 (2 comments)
Yay, another installment of Blue Dragon for my fellow readers! I've definitely got the gist of this manga now (I think). Let me know how I'm doing! Enjoy!

Blue Dragon: Chapter 26

Page 1
Yaya: Ahaha, you will be the ones to die.

Tale 26 – Strength

Sidetext: A puppet of the girl

Ral: When we cut the Phoenix up, that girl gained consciousness!
She said ‘help me’.
Mio: Ah, so she was being controlled by the Phoenix.

Page 2
Ganette: The Phoenix is in a normal human huh? Her patterns have been a bit off…I’m glad we didn’t kill her with your flames.
Ral: Hehe, if that’s the case…
Ral: I will definitely save this girl!
Ganette: !
Ral: As Yaya-chan is super cute!
Ganette: You…save her…?
Ral:... Read More " "
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Blue Dragon: Ral Ω Grado 25 (6 comments)
Why is Blue Dragon one of the last? =( Anyway, here it is! Might be a bit later next week as I have to sleep early (3AM now) for an exam the next day, so I apologise in advance if it is released Sunday...nonetheless a new change!

*Grado is officially read as Grad! (According to the new volume release)


Blue Dragon: Chapter 25

Page 1
Ral: Since we are humans with the Friend Form…
Ral: It’s our fate to fight. Shadows. Humans. Till one of us disappears from this land, it is our destiny to kill one another.
Ganette: In order for the Dragon and Tiger to bring the world back to what it was…we too must to use their powers to defeat the Shadows.

Sidetext: Reciting their saddened... Read More " "
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Blue Dragon: Ral Ω Grado 24 (6 comments)
Hey all, sorry about the delay. I was actually overstate for a day (surfing and other things). Anyway, enjoy!

Blue Dragon: Chapter 24

Page 1
Ganette: She’s better than I thought.

Sidetext: The unstoppable Phoenix of Darkess!! The search for the beginning of capture!

Yaya: Ahaha, you’re weak. The dragon’s side is already wounded.
Ral: I’m not doing too well against her. There’s no way I can beat Obscuria.
Ral: Grado!

Page 2

Sidetext: The blaze of the dragon surges!!

Ganette: Fire blast!?

Tale 24 – Fate

Yaya: Aha.

Page 3
Ganette: Shit! Dodge them Ral!
Ganette (thinking): He’s not moving very well.

Page 4
Ral: Grado was brought back from the wind pressure…flame’s no good. Not only is she... Read More " "
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Blue Dragon: Ral Ω Grado 23 (8 comments)
After 6 translations of Blue Dragon, I'm starting to get a grip of things now. The reason I have a lot of trouble with this manga is because there is no punctuation (except at the end of speech *some* bubbles). Imagine reading something like that in English! =P My fave chapter yet, enjoy!

Blue Dragon: Chapter 23

Page 1
Yaya: You’re not coming any closer till you decide to be my best friend.

Sidetext: The emotionless girl takes away a precious life!

Others: Suns!

Tale 23 – Immortal

Mio: Y-You’re nothing like a human!
Ral (thinking): …nothing like a human…

Page 2
Ral (thinking): I’m wouldn’t be a normal human even if Grado returned to the world of darkness…not a human huh?
Kafka:... Read More " "
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Bleach 276 (9 comments)
Bleach: Chapter 276

Page 1
Sidetext: Renji stops and Uryuu strikes. The power of the liquid dropped by the two…charges!

Page 2
Sidetext: A Counter attack…!!

Bleach 276. Blookin’ Beast

Page 3
Fracion: Sz…Szayelapporo-sama!
Pesche: W-
Pesche: What was that technique just now!? Uryuu…

Page 4
Ishida: Sprenger. It uses the silver tubes and Seele Schneider to destroy an area of confinement that one creates.
Ishida: Seele Schneider scatters spirit particles. The pommel has the function of gathering spirit particles when I fight enemies. It consumes the particles and temporarily recovers as a sword.
Ishida: Using the particles, it draws the Quincy Sign of battle on the ground.
Ishida: The concentrated... Read More " "
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Blue Dragon: Ral Ω Grado 22 (5 comments)
Blue Dragon: Chapter 22

Page 1
Obscuria: Is that so? So it worked out well?

Sidetext: A strategy thought over? The lady’s evil laugh…!

Biyon: Yes, the Dragon’s group either don’t know what they’re doing or they’re idiots. They tried to interfere with us, but the plan is going as we wanted.
Shadows: Incredible Biyon-sama. Just as you planned? I’ll be promoted too.
Obscuria: They thought they could pass by without us knowing? They did well.
Biyon: The Dragon and Tiger think they can finish this together.
Obscuria: Hahahahaha!
Shadows: …Ha ha ha..

Page 2
Ganette: Listen up! It’s not going to be easy with you men in rescuing the women. Prepare yourselves!

Tale 22 – Doll

Kafka: To be... Read More " "
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Blue Dragon: Ral Ω Grado 21 (4 comments)
Hmmm, sorry about the delay. I'm not too good with translating stuff the moment it comes out (as in, I'm usually out). Anyway, with Golden week, I spent some time learning a bit more Japanese, so hope it helps in some places. Enjoy!

Blue Dragon: Chapter 21

Page 1
Mio: Damn it, I wonder where they’ve gone…
Kafka: Leave this to Nui
Nui: *Sniff sniff*
Mio: Nui’s tail is…!

Side text: The search for Ral…

Kafka: Rizu!
Suns: Argh, what’s happening here…?
Mio: No, they are…

Tale 21 – Freedom

Mio: Ral, Suns and Aya!

Page 2
Ganette: Well, that’s how I feel. You and us have to save those captured people.
Senol: Unlike before.
Kafka: Ral won against Ganette…I can’t believe it…
Ral: Even with... Read More " "
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Blue Dragon: Ral Ω Grado 20 (16 comments)
From one manga to another! Blue Dragon takes its time for some reason!
Um, apparently I stuffed up the last chapter and there going to have a duel according to the final few lines of the last chapter. Sorry!

Blue Dragon: Chapter 20

Page 1

Ral: At last, I can win against you Ganette

Tale 20 – Change

Suns: …Ok, it's a match…
Ganette: You coward…

Sidetext: A boy who ought to challenge…

Suns: I’m not a coward! Ral did what could by watching his opponent
Suns: When Ral looked like he was about to die, that woman left! You’re the one who’s a coward!

Page 2
Suns: As a boy, I definitely won’t forgive you! I’m gonna beat you up!
Ral (thinking): That’s enough Suns
Ganette: …
Ganette... Read More " "
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Bleach 273 (4 comments)
It's pretty close to the Chinese version, but I thought I'd have another stab yet again. Enjoy.

Bleach: Chapter 273

Page 1
Menoly: …ah…
Menoly: …ahhh….
Loly: …Gri…

Sidetext: The vicious intruders of the party, stand in fear, and then cry out! The name…

Page 2

Sidetext: …of arrogance!

Both: Grimmjow!

Bleach 273 – Dog eat dog

Page 3
Grimmjow: Yo
Grimmjow: While Ulquiorra’s away, you decide to come in and have some fun huh?
SFX: Step
Menoly: Shit
Loly: W-what! What the hell are you doing at a time like this!?

Page 4
SFX: Kick

Page 5
SFX: Slide
Loly: Ugh
SFX: Cough, cough, cough
Menoly: Grimmjow!

Page 6
SFX: Cero blast

Page 7
Loly: Y-you…you’re doing this at such a time…
Loly: Aizen-sama won’t... Read More " "
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Blue Dragon: Ral Ω Grado 19 (1 comments)
Err, these delays in translation are what you get for living in Australia plus going clubbing and such till 5am in the morning. =P

Hello again! I’ve finally caught up in reading all the chapters and now am up to date. Some things still confuse me, but let’s see how this week goes. Enjoy!
- Pages 20 and 21 are the wrong way around

Blue Dragon: Chapter 19

Page 1

Tale 19 – Next

Ral: Suns! Aya!

Sidetext: The absolute end…!

Ral: Kuru kuru!

Page 2
Ganette: Aaargh, so troublesome!

Page 3
Ral: Ganette!
Ganette: There’s a few of them. Adios!
Biyon: A-A White Tiger?

Page 4:
Biyon: Even when the white tager comes, th-
Ganette: Shut up you bastard!
Biyon: What? I am Bira-sama’s–
Ganette: Don’t you... Read More " "
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