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Blue Dragon: Ral Ω Grado 23

Blue Dragon - Ral Ω Grado Ch. 023

+ posted by Alkador as translation on May 27, 2007 15:10 | Go to Blue Dragon: Ral Ω Grado

-> RTS Page for Blue Dragon: Ral Ω Grado 23

After 6 translations of Blue Dragon, I'm starting to get a grip of things now. The reason I have a lot of trouble with this manga is because there is no punctuation (except at the end of speech *some* bubbles). Imagine reading something like that in English! =P My fave chapter yet, enjoy!

Blue Dragon: Chapter 23

Page 1
Yaya: You’re not coming any closer till you decide to be my best friend.

Sidetext: The emotionless girl takes away a precious life!

Others: Suns!

Tale 23 – Immortal

Mio: Y-You’re nothing like a human!
Ral (thinking): …nothing like a human…

Page 2
Ral (thinking): I’m wouldn’t be a normal human even if Grado returned to the world of darkness…not a human huh?
Kafka: Suns!
Ganette: Don’t move. She won’t hesitate to kill any of us. If you get close, she’ll do it.
Kafka: But–
Mio: Suns!
Ral (thinking): …No!

Page 3
Ral: I am a human…
Mio: Ral!?
Ral: Because I’m a human, I want to bring back…the world of these people, their lives!
Mio: Don’t move so carelessly close! This enemy is…
Ral: Mio-sensei, please tell me something about my opponent
Mio: The Red Phoenix…

Page 4
Mio: Is an immortal shadow!
Ral (thinking): An immortal shadow…
Mio: Shadows in the world of darkness are immortal…

Page 5
Mio: But if you kill revived shadows the world of light, they die. Even shadows within living thing would die.
The Red Phoenix is an exception. It’s the only shadow that will not die even in the world of light…
Mio: It can even continuously bring out firsts without having to rest.
Kafka: An immortal shadow that can continuously bring out…
Aya: So scary
Ral: If that’s true, then she’s an incredible opponent. But, can I kill the human part of the shadow?
Mio: She probably wouldn’t die.
Kakfa: Wouldn’t die!?
Ral (thinking): No way…

Page 6
Ral: So if I kill her or the shadow, they won’t die. If that’s the case…How do I win against such an opponent?
Suns’ sister: Suns!
Kafka: You won’t be able to get any closer to Suns from here.
Kafka: Ral, don’t go!
Ral: Aah, but I have to save Suns!

Page 7
Yaya: Will you be my friend?
Ral: I wouldn’t if I died!
Yaya: Well, die then!
Kafka & Mio: Aaah!

Page 8
Ral: I took up the dragon’s skin and got only got cut this much? This is really something.
Kafka & Mio: …Friend Form!
Ganette (thinking): He…his body…
Yaya: What? That body’s ugly…Did you throw away your human side?
Mio: …
Ral: I didn’t throw away anything…

Page 9
Ral: While I was locked away in darkness for 15 years, I raised myself. Mio-sensei and Suns taught me about…the heart.
I’m a human who has a heart. Unlike you who has thrown away yours.
Others: Suns!
Mio: No way…
Kakfa: He is…already…
Suns’ sister: Suns! Suns!

Page 10
Yaya: Ahahaha! Aha! Fuhuhuhuhahaha!
Kakfa: What’s so funny!?
Yaya: You want me to help that kid?
Yaya: The Phoenix’s blood can heal any kind of disease or injury. If he still has the energy to drink.
Yaya: What will you do?
Mio (thinking): It’s true, that blood will…

Page 11
Mio: Suns! I’m so glad
Aya: Yay!
Ral: For someone who seemed to be dead…brought back by immortality. What a shadow.
Suns: W-What’s should I do? That’s right, I finally saw my sister’s face…
Mio: It’s alright Suns. You can move around a bit.
Suns’ sister: Suns…
*Note: It seems Mio got some of the blood…not sure how though…

Page 12
Kafka: Hey you. You tried to kill us earlier. Why did you help us?
Yaya: Ahaha. Don’t you get it? It’s how the human heart works!
Yaya: No reason. I only wanted to show my strength. It’s incredible isn’t it, immortal. Be grateful…

Page 13
Ral: Let’s do this Grado!
Yaya: Are you an idiot!? You still don’t understand? I am immortal.
Ral: You will die! I’ll just half kill you then!
Ganette: Ral! I’m going along with that plan.
Lela & Senol: Ganette-sama!

Page 14
Ral (thinking): So Ganette’s serious too.
Ganette: Friend Form!
Mio: Ganette is perhaps the fatest shadow on land…

Page 15
Kakfa: Suns, Aya! We’re gonna help Ral and Ganette. Together with their powers, we’ll save those women!
Suns: Yes!
Aya: OK.
Kakfa: Mio! There’s a lot of shadows as our openents. Tell us their weak points.
Mio: Sure!
Kafka: Go to shadows in front of me! Rizu will take out their weapons!
Guys: Got it!
Shadows: Ouh!? I’m up for this! Our numbers are greater than yours! Our opponents are humans!

Page 16
Guys: Hyooorgh!
Shadows: Gyah!
Shadows: Aaargh!

Page 17
Yaya: You can do it now Corey.

Page 18 + 19
Ganette: Don’t hesistate Ral!
Ral: Shut up. That’s my line Ganette!
SFX: *Slice*
Yaya: That’s why I said I’m immortal.

Sidetext: Despite the cut, it regenerates! The threat of the immortal shadow!

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#1. by Clod ()
Posted on May 27, 2007
thank you very much.
hehe, first to thank:)
#2. by coungpow ()
Posted on May 27, 2007
thanks man the look better and better each week keep up the good work
#3. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on May 27, 2007
You make a great progress with this trans! A very good one! =D

#4. by waruikitty ()
Posted on May 27, 2007
Thanks for the translation!
#5. by Lanowen ()
Posted on May 29, 2007
Great translation!

However, question: Why is the name 'Ganette' being translated thusly? In chapter 11, his name was illustrated as 'Galette'. :/
#6. by Alkador ()
Posted on May 29, 2007
Quote by Lanowen;410786:
Great translation!

However, question: Why is the name 'Ganette' being translated thusly? In chapter 11, his name was illustrated as 'Galette'. :/

Thanks. I noted that as well, but in the comics, his name in Japanese is written as 'Ganetto', which best fits as Ganette (or Gannette, but that doesn't sound as cool). So I'm I was wondering if there was an English flaw somewhere along the line or something else...?
#7. by zindryr (誰も知らない)
Posted on May 29, 2007
(Figure I can shed some light on this since I was the first one to notice that.)

Ganette was first written as Galette (garetto) in chapter 11, it was even romanized in the artwork so I could only assume his name was translated as such. However in chapter 12, they referred to him as both Ganette AND Galette, (mostly the former though).

Basically, this is a case of the author changing his mind on a name, or a really bad typo/miscommunication between author and artist.

Since they've been using Ganette lately, I'd be more inclined to assume it was merely a mistake in chapter 11, and just go on calling him Ganette.
#8. by Lanowen ()
Posted on May 30, 2007
Alright, thanks.

I was just curious about that.

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