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【 For IEM 】

Even if what you believe is but a fleeting path----


{left side text box}
At the castle, Orcelito is...

Orcelito: The situation at the Kuklant road... // Are you certain that it's the great plague?

Kiliko: It is currently under investigation...

Orcelito: I hope that it's just an epidemic but... / Make sure that the gates can be barricaded any time... // It's said that more than thirty percent of the population was sacrificed because of the great plague in the past.


Orcelito: Like what happened that time... / We must not let the Angel of Death in to Neue Favrille.

The Amontel, the "watchdogs"... and now the great plague... // For a new Crown Prince... / Things... Read More " "
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Belca: Reitz I… killed Captain Rovisco who was originally the leader----

Then, he likened the natives of the land, the Hokulea, to mystical creatures from a “fairy tale”…and drove them away…?! / What on earth does that mean…?

Does that mean the history that we have been taught // was all a lie?


Eco: I’m not exactly sure… / Because it’s also possible that the author…just made up this story in order to slander the Hero King…Reitz I.

But the question is---- // If it’s just a story, / Is there a reason why Prince Hector went through all this trouble of hiding the pages in another book and entrusting it to you?

Kiliko: If we did not stop Prince Hector, // then… //... Read More " "
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【for IEM 】


The person who kept the prisoners together... / ...was a prisoner himself on the ship, No.A-778-25.

A-778: Yo, // It's quite a storm out there, Captain.

A-778: What brings you down here in the prison quarters? // Did you come here to be eaten?

Captain: Prisoner A-778-25, and all of you... // Listen carefully.


Captain: This evening, the Syllogismos Accelerator Furnace went out of control... //
And because of that, our homeland, Tri Cantina―――is now gone.
Prisoners: !?

Captain: My duty was to take all of you to the island prison. / However,
Communications: We can't get through――― / We've lost all contact...
Captain: Now that the homeland is gone, the people on... Read More " "
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【for IEM】


Linna: I have been... / a heavy burden to you.

The truth is, // I only wanted to bring you to a place, // where you could bask in the warm sunshine.


Crow: Your Highness, // Why are you running away? / We have come to save you.


Belca: A gate...!? // Is it locked!?

Belca: I must give the letter... // to Shingetsu and the others no matter what!

Crow: ...What is that? // I see something written on it...Is it a telegram?

Crow: Don’t tell me... You don’t have an acquaintance... // ...among the Amontel, right?
Belca: Dammit... what should I do?

Belca: ...Huh? // What's that sound...?


Crow: Guh... my eyes... // Why are the gates opening!?

Belca: Now's our chance. / Hey... Can you... Read More " "
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【for IEM】


Eco: It's been a long time, Nathanael.
Just as I thought.

Eco: Oh... / That's right. You’re called Kiliko now.

Kiliko: Francesco
Eco: Shall I give it to you? // Such a trivial thing.
Kiliko: What are you doing here?


Adine Guard: Sir...Francesco? // The one who ran away from home in the past...?

Kiliko: You no longer have a place to return to... // I will be the successor of the House of Lagen.

Eco: Huh? // Haven't I told you? I don't have any business with that house anymore.

Eco: A House bound by the archives of Rovisco, // a golem that couldn't move at all.


Kiliko: Seize him!! / He's not a palace guard... He's the mastermind of the incident that happened the other... Read More " "
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☆ Thanks to kn1r and zerocharisma^^

{for IEM}


Belca: The terrace on the other side... // I saw something…a long thin reflection…

{Left side text}
The events occurring during the ceremony...

Linna: Your Highness, where are you going?
Belca: I'm gonna take a look.

Belca: Someone might be trying to take advantage of the ceremony to set some kind of trap...


Finally, the celebration of the Crown Prince's investiture...。
However, trouble brews behind the scenes―。


Belca: Hokulea...?

Crow: Please keep quiet Your Highness, Prince Belca.
Belca: This man― // Sometimes I see him inside the castle... He's one of Kiliko Lagen's men.


Crow: Please go back to your seat without disturbing... Read More " "
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Thanks kn1r and zerocharisma for proofreading!!

【 for IEM 】


{Left side box}
Inside Hector’s book….

Belca: Brother's book…

The page is actually 2 pages stuck together, and it looks like something’s written inside!!

I saw it when I held it against the light… //
I hope it peels off properly..

Guard: What’s that book? Is that the one from Prince Hector’s private study?
Those two reading a porn book…how embarrassing.


Linna: This is…

…ancient writing?

I have not studied it… // I only know that the ancient language is read from right to left

Belca: “To…towa heseru” // “Zemuriya…raika”

Linna: You can read it!?

Belca: Not really… I don’t understand this ancient... Read More " "
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kn1r감사합니다 and zerocharisma, thank you^^

{for IEM}


Belca: I should have / sent them on their way // first thing in the morning.

Then… // Both Eco and Linna would have gotten out of the castle safely.

They’re the ones who always come to my rescue, // yet I…


I depended too much on Linna, // and I tried to delay him because I didn't want to be left alone.

It’s all… // …all because of that….


Guard 1: How’s Prince Belca?

Guard 2: Quiet as a mouse.

Guard 2: But still, being locked up inside this creepy tower without even lights... // I hope he doesn’t go crazy.

Guard 1: Alright then, I’ll leave everything to you tonight.
Guard 2: ―Uh, master!

Guard 2: Why didn’t... Read More " "
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Another chapter^^ Thanks to Rena Chan for the raws!

【 for I Eat Manga 】

Judgment-15: Kelsa

High praises for 「Devil Adventure Arc」!!
Here comes......Maria cat♥






The shocking reality about 「Salamander Hell」...

> The humans are being burned alive in hell......!? // Now I understand why this town is full of vigor!! // Their objective is to―




> Idamaria!?

> What's wrong Idamaria!? // Are you okay!?

> Don't touch me, Kucabara...
> She's trembling!?


> I... really... // hate demons...

> Including you...

> We have to save them!
> No, Idamaria!!

> That place is crawling with death gods! / It's too... Read More " "
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Um...once again another chapter...while Queenofmuffins is on tour. ^__^
Thanks to Rena Chan for the raws!

【For IEM】


See Idamaria in action in Volume 4! On sale on 3/18!

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
「Devil Adventure Arc」!!

Defense Devil
Judgment-14: Brillheart


Kucabara and Idamaria are struggling in the Demon World!
Meanwhile, Shugarl is recuperating in the Human world...

> Oh...

> Good morning.


> Life in the convent is modest and thrifty. So even the cooking ingredients are simple. //
I don't know if it suits your taste but please go ahead and help yourself.

> Did they go to... // ...the Demon world?

> Do you mean Kucabara-san? / Yes. He went together with the... Read More " "
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kn1r, 감사합니다 and thanks to zerocharisma too ^__^

【for IEM】


Guard: The preparations in the assembly hall are complete.

Guard: Everyone… please take your seat.

Elders: Why, it’s … // Prince Orcelito…

{side text}
Orcelito appears before the Elders…


Elders: Wha… // …Your…Highness

Elders: What is this….

Orcelito: Elders of the Council… // Please…do extend your hand in guidance to this inexperienced youth.

Elders: …Your Highness! // Please stand up… //
We mere subjects, // are unworthy of such deference.


―Well then, // shall we begin?

Now― // Open the doors of the Council…!


Belca: Orcelito…. // What have you decided in the council…? //
The... Read More " "
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for I Eat Manga

I heard that Her Muffiness is sick... I hope she doesn't mind me posting this... Get well soon!! Sorry guys for the crappy translation. Thanks to Rena Chan for the raws^^


> Idamaria, why are you here...!?
> When did you get on the car!?

> Hmm, so this is the Demon world... // Not so fancy, is it?

> What about Jupiter!?
> Go back! // Go back, right now!


Judgment-12: Man & Woman

> When did they......!?
> You're dumb as usual. // What was that special training for?


> Returned to childhood, // while visiting home?

> Unauthorized intruder sighted! // Torture her to death!!

> Idamaria!! // I don't know what you're up to but,
> You have... Read More " "
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15 - Meisetsu Kougyou Koukou Ragubii-bu 1 (0 comments)
[Left side text]
A two-part story about youth rugby, presented by Naruse Yoshiki!!

> Thanks for the hard work.

15 Fifteen Meisetsu Industrial High School Rugby Club
[on white board]
Ajishima Middle School
2009 Graduation and School Closing Ceremony

[on ribbon]
Graduate / Congratulations

[written on rugby ball]

> ―... At last ...

> I can play rugby...
> with 「everyone」...
> I'm going to that place...!

> Aki!
> The boat has arrived // Hurry and come to the beach!

> Okay!!

[on ribbon]
Graduate // Congratulations

p.6 - p.7
You're not alone anymore.
It's a once in a lifetime experience...,

So...let's walk together, the 15 of us.

15 Fifteen: Meisetsu Industrial High... Read More " "
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