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Defense Devil 43


+ posted by b1px as translation on Mar 31, 2010 13:56 | Go to Defense Devil

-> RTS Page for Defense Devil 43

Another chapter^^ Thanks to Rena Chan for the raws!

【 for I Eat Manga 】

Judgment-15: Kelsa

High praises for 「Devil Adventure Arc」!!
Here comes......Maria cat♥






The shocking reality about 「Salamander Hell」...

> The humans are being burned alive in hell......!? // Now I understand why this town is full of vigor!! // Their objective is to―




> Idamaria!?

> What's wrong Idamaria!? // Are you okay!?

> Don't touch me, Kucabara...
> She's trembling!?


> I... really... // hate demons...

> Including you...

> We have to save them!
> No, Idamaria!!

> That place is crawling with death gods! / It's too dangerous!!
> Don't touch me! I can't just let this happen!!

> That's not what I meant! We'll approach them quietly!!
> But the people are suffering!!
> Will both of you keep your voices down!?


> You're one of them, aren't you!? // I no longer want to be with....

> ...I understand, Idamaria. // Those feelings you have.

> You're so angry, it's unbearable. // I......

> I'm so ashamed, / I can't stand it...


> Please...please have a bit more faith in me. // I'll save those humans, no matter what the cost!

> Hey, don't hug me all of a sudden! / You demon pervert!

> What's the matter?

> Oh, it's nothing☆

> What are you planning to do, master?


> The demons in 「Salamander Hell」 possess strong dark matter. / And, living humans are being thrown into this hell. // What all of these means is probably......

> Yes? // Probably what?

> It can't be!

> Master!!


> This!
> The reason why they throw humans into this hell...




> What is that!?
> It's a tamed animal in hell called 「Kelsa Marcati」. // It sucks in dark matter, which is accumulated inside its body, then distributes it to the demons. / But I've never seen a Kelsa that huge...

> If living humans are thrown into hell, the amount of dark matter / that can be obtained from their suffering is greater than normal...

> But that's strictly forbidden! That would cause too much strain on hell. // And just like that enlarged 「Kelsa」, the Demon world would become abnormal...

> You said it distributes dark matter to the demons... // How does it do that...?


> Brillheart-sama, it has started.


> Woooh! It's raining dark matter―!!
> The harvest rain! It's hell's blessing!
> We can increase our powers again―!! / This feels gooood―!!

> Gyahahaha―!
> Gyahaha!! This is the best feeling!!


> Legato....

> Is this the Demon world... / ...that you dreamed of...?


> Brillheart-sama, how is today's dark matter?

> It's not enough☆ / Or I should say.... // More please?☆

> Bichula, get ready to transform. // We'll sneak up on the Kelsa and kill it!

> We'll let this rotten system collapse, // and we'll save the humans.


> Hey, if I throw these guys into hell... / Will I become prettier?


> Bichula, look out!!

> Not bad!!


> But this is the end☆


> Who are these guys...!?

> Since we've been found, it can't be helped. // We'll change our surprise attack strategy.

> We'll show you... // Our power!!

Next issue, Collision!!!
To be continued in Issue#18

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