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+C sword and cornett 24


+ posted by b1px as translation on Jul 28, 2010 15:01 | Go to +C sword and cornett

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【for IEM 】


The person who kept the prisoners together... / ...was a prisoner himself on the ship, No.A-778-25.

A-778: Yo, // It's quite a storm out there, Captain.

A-778: What brings you down here in the prison quarters? // Did you come here to be eaten?

Captain: Prisoner A-778-25, and all of you... // Listen carefully.


Captain: This evening, the Syllogismos Accelerator Furnace went out of control... //
And because of that, our homeland, Tri Cantina―――is now gone.
Prisoners: !?

Captain: My duty was to take all of you to the island prison. / However,
Communications: We can't get through――― / We've lost all contact...
Captain: Now that the homeland is gone, the people on the island prison can no longer survive.

Shipmate: Where's the Captain?
Man: He hasn't come back yet! Let's believe in him and wait.


A-778: Hey...you're kidding, right? // That's...impos...

Captain: That is why I want you to choose now... // Do you want to be sent to that island prison and slowly die? / Or,

Rovisco: Work with us...and together risk our lives // in search for a place where we can survive.


A-778: Hey...

A-778: Are you sure you wanna remove our handcuffs, and collars too? Maybe an insect got into your brain or something? // Have you even thought of the possibility that we might kill you immediately and take over the ship?

Captain: Do you want to try it? // Let's see if you could move this Palme d'Or Class Walter ship, the "Azelprade".

(A-778: Uh...yeah, I think that's impossible..)

Captain: Right, what are your names by the way?
A-778: Huh? It's A-778-25...
Captain: Not that, your real name.

A-778: What? // Prisoners don't have such a thing. It's part of our sentence.


Captain: Prisoner numbers are difficult to remember. // If you don't have one...just choose any name you want.

A-778: A name, huh? Let's see--- // Reitz... / How about "Reitz the First"?

Captain: Ah, the Knight-King from the fairy tale. / The one who led the seven knights to save the Lady of Light from the Amontel monsters...
A-778: Poetic, isn't it? // I'm educated too, you know.

Captain: I'm Rovisco. / I look forward to working with you.


Then--- // Two weeks passed since the exiled fleet sailed from the home port Franche...

Reitz: Hey, Captain!!!

Rovisco: What is it Reitz!?
Reitz: We're surrounded by a damn horde of giant octopuses! // And there aren't any grenades left...

Shipmate: The main cannon can fire one more shot, but there are too many of them!
Shipmate: Captain, what are we gonna do?!


Rovisco: The neighboring country has not responded to our request for aid. //
And we are running low on fuel...That being the case,

Rovisco: All of you... / Are you willing to go along with my gamble?
Reitz: Gamble? What gamble...?

Rovisco: We sail to the edge of the world--- / and descend the waterfalls!!!

The exiled ship crew... and the surviving citizens of Tri Cantina--- /
The No.3 ship Azelprade, the lifeboat Quelle, and the research vessel Mermat.


[The three ships sailed to the edge of the world and descended the waterfalls,]

Reitz: Dammit!!!

Reitz: What did he say!? Suppress the impact of the fall through the cannon's blast and recoil!? // What the hell is he thinking, acting like he's the boss!?

[To that place where they say no one has ever returned from.]


And this was written in Rovisco's journal:

"I've forgotten that they were prisoners."

"I think," // "We might probably get along with each other---"


Belca: The story that Brother once told me ended there.

Eco: Do you want to know what happened next? // Orhaldi said that... / you didn't seem interested in it.

Belca: ---Yes.

Belca: If...this is the truth behind the founding of Azelprade, // ...then I want to know.


Belca: I... / ...have to know---

- - - - -

The world at the foot of the waterfalls... // ...was a peaceful place. A place that those on the ship never expected.

Prisoner: Whoa... / I've never seen a place with so many trees before.

Prisoner: Hey...Reitz. / We've now reached dry land. What are we gonna do now? // Are we gonna let the ship's crew live?


Reitz: Until we figure out if this place is heaven or hell... don't lay a finger on them. // Make sure you tell the others.

Reitz: ...Especially that doctor. We'll need that one in case something happens.

Prisoner: ...Maybe, // you're starting to like them?

Reitz: Who knows...

In that land, there lived the dark-skinned people, the Hokulea, // and the Concolor, whose features were not that different from the ship's crew.


The Hokulea are able to use a certain power unknown to the crew of the ship.

The Concolor revered the Hokulea and learned from their ways.

And so Rovisco and the others also started to learn from the Hokulea.


There were also some in the crew who were against it.

Reitz: That Rovisco... What is he thinking...? // Mingling with those hideous creatures...

Rovisco: We're back. We have learned new things today.
Reitz: ...Rovisco
Rovisco: Reitz... you should come with us next time---


Reitz: They are, // Amontel!

Rovisco: Amontel? That's just a fairy tale. // The Hokulea are bit different from us. But it's because they are humans, / ---who have evolved.

Rovisco: And more importantly, how can we survive in this unfamiliar land? / It's by learning from those who came before us.

Reitz: Then what...? Be attacked from behind with that creepy power of theirs?


[And with that, / the crew was divided into two factions... ]

Reitz: If that's the case, then you people should just live near their village from now on. / We'll be staying in the ship.

[The pro-Hokulea group headed by Rovisco, / and the anti-Hokulea group led by Reitz. ]

- - - - -

Man: Captain! / I don't think it's a good idea to go near them! Recently, they've been causing trouble around here. // ...Captain!! Please wait!!

Rovisco: Reitz... Winter is coming. / It will be cold inside the ship. Won't you come and take shelter from the wind and snow in our homes, at least for the winter?

Reitz: ......


Reitz: Hey... Rovisco

Reitz: I've been thinking... // I was born in a damned place... and lived a damned life. / I thought that God abandoned me right from the very beginning...
Rovisco: The captain's room is wrecked... / What on earth---?

Reitz: But... that's not the case. // God... led me all the way here, / in order to grant me this land.


Rovisco: Hey...Reitz! Get a hold of yourself! // There are no such things as gods!!

Reitz: You're wrong. They do exist. / We conquered the Great Waterfalls, and we're here right now...you and me.

Reitz: Everybody else says so, right? They say it's god's miracle.

Reitz: Hey, Rovisco. / You have everything, don't you? // Popularity, position, power...and women too.


Reitz: ...That's why, / ...you wouldn't mind, right?

Ship crew: Captain, are you finished with your conversation? / It's already sunset so we've come to pick you up---


Reitz: The miracle of god that you performed, / I'll take it for myself.

[And so the long holy war began.]

[The Hero King, Reitz I, took the sword and freed the land from the Amontel, / who were the descendants of the Evil Deity.]

[Thus it was written as the history of the founding of the kingdom of Azelprade.]


Guard: Hold it tight and then pull! That weird sludge will ooze out if the ropes snap!

[Royal Prefecture---Neue Favrille]

(But it's already oozing out...)

Guard: Get the waterwheel out of the way first!! / If that gets damaged, we're the ones who will have to fetch the water from underground!!

- - - - -
Woman: Your Royal Highness, Princess Musca, // All of us... / have been waiting for your safe return.

Woman: We are the replacements of the former servants. // We are pleased to be in your service.

Musca: What...?


Musca: Hey, where's my maid? / Hasn't she come back yet?
Woman: It appears that the previous maid was held responsible for what happened in Florel, hence she was relieved of her duties.

Musca: I...I haven't heard anything about that!! Even though she's my maid... / And what did you mean by held responsible...?
Woman: ...Even if you ask me, I do not know anything about it.

Musca: ...And what about Seamrog!? / Is he gone!? // There were monsters in the castle...then Seamrog---...

Woman: Ah, that commoner who saved your life. I hope that they find him safe and sound but... // since they have not found him yet, then the "watchdogs" probably...
(Musca: You're wrong! Seamrog is my knight...)


Musca: I hate you!! / I don't need a new maid!!
Woman: Princess!!

Musca: Leave me alone!!

Woman: Princess...A lot has been going on. It can't be helped. / It will be a problem if you do not let at least one maid to attend to you. // Please don't give me a reason to get angry!

Musca: I'm the one who's angry right now!!! / You mean snake lady!!!

Musca: Just as I thought...it's strange...

Musca: There's something strange about the castle...


Musca: My maid, / And Seamrog, and the monsters...I don't know what's going on...

Musca: They won't even let me see Big brother Orcelito, or the Commoner.

Musca: Fine then! / I'll find out for myself. // It's okay because I'm still taking a break from being a lady!!!

I'll put on my training clothes...and ride the horse that Big Brother Hector gave me! / It'll be easier to move around this way.
(Although, I haven't worn this before because I look like a boy.)

Woman: Geez... / What is that child's problem!?


(Musca: It's the mean snake lady!!!)
Woman: I wonder if she knows... / that the maid was executed because she ran away from Florel...

Guard: Be careful not to become like her.
Woman: Of course I'll be careful! I won't let myself get killed! / I'll use Sir Lagen's drug or whatever it takes to do my job well!

Musca: ----Huh?

Musca: No way... / What is she talking about...?

Musca: My maid just got lost on her way back here! / And Seamrog too... // If I look for those two, I'm sure I'll be able to find them!!

The truth that surrounds Musca...

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