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+C sword and cornett 21


+ posted by b1px as translation on May 24, 2010 10:33 | Go to +C sword and cornett

-> RTS Page for +C sword and cornett 21

☆ Thanks to kn1r and zerocharisma^^

{for IEM}


Belca: The terrace on the other side... // I saw something…a long thin reflection…

{Left side text}
The events occurring during the ceremony...

Linna: Your Highness, where are you going?
Belca: I'm gonna take a look.

Belca: Someone might be trying to take advantage of the ceremony to set some kind of trap...


Finally, the celebration of the Crown Prince's investiture...。
However, trouble brews behind the scenes―。


Belca: Hokulea...?

Crow: Please keep quiet Your Highness, Prince Belca.
Belca: This man― // Sometimes I see him inside the castle... He's one of Kiliko Lagen's men.


Crow: Please go back to your seat without disturbing the ceremony, // and without being noticed.
Belca: But... // I think I've seen him somewhere else...

Belca: Wait... Explain what just happened!!
Crow: I shall explain later, // because I have to take care of this first...And, there is an urgent matter I have to investigate.

Belca: Wait a minute! // Where did he come from――・・・

Crow: Your Highness, please behave and remember what Sir Kiliko said. // It will also “make things easier” for us.

Belca: ...... // Let's go back, Linna.
Linna: ―Yes...Your Highness...


Guard 1: More security personnel have been stationed at the entrance and exit. // There are no signs of Amontel in the vicinity of the cathedral as of this time.
Guard 2: Roger that. // But how were those filthy creatures able to enter the castle grounds?

Guards: How could the gods allow such creatures to exist? // It would be better off if every last one of them were exterminated.

- - - - -

Linna: Your Highness... // With all due respect... I think that we should inform them about the plans for the concentration camp...
Belca: I know― / But it’s―


Belca: Hokulea!? // Not again...


Hokulea: Alright, / on my signal... right above the 「prince」 // We'll show them.

Belca: Are they with the Hokulea we saw a while ago...!?
Cleric: Ah!
Belca: I'll borrow this.

Guard: Amontel...Don't tell me they came from the roof skylight!?
Hokulea: We are... // ...not that powerless!
Guard: Damn! // We’re not going to make it...!!


Amontel: Tch.......

Orcelito: Ah.... // Bel...

Belca: ...... // Linna!! Take care of Orcelito!!
Linna: ...Yes Your Highness...!!!


Guard: It's Prince Belca......!! / Alright, // Now's our chance... protect the Crown Prince!!

Hokulea: I won't― // ―let you!!!

Belca: ...Linna!! // What happened...Are you oka―――


Linna: Your... // Your Highness...!!!

Guard: Mr. Representative, this way please...! We must stop the bleeding!

Hokulea: Heh… // Good work, Taihaku.


Hokulea: Uh-oh.

Guard: ―Stop right there.

Guards: From here on, you will have to get through us. // If you value your lives, drop your weapons and surrender!

Guard: It's all right now Your Highness, Crown Prince. This way, please, to the other chamber―・・・

Orcelito: Wa... wait... // Belca’s still...


Hokulea: I have no idea what they're saying. // Well…perhaps they're telling us we're going to die here.

But we were already prepared for that right from the start. //

That prince, and you people as well.... / We will take you with us to the bitter end.


This hair piece... Evidently this child is also a member of the royal family. / We will take him with us and return to the waterways.



Hokulea 2: Don’t tell me you’re scared!? / I don’t care any more if I don’t get out of here alive…

Hokulea 1: We will retreat for now.

Hokulea 1: Even if you people do not know what I’m saying, you understand don't you? // If you take one more step, this noble’s head comes off.

Linna: Let me go! You can stop the bleeding later!!
Guard: Sorry, but we can't do that!!!

...... // We cannot let the Hero King's blood be shed―

...His Highness, Prince Belca...


Guard: Damn those monsters... // They're making a fool out of us!

Guard: At this range, I could aim for those monsters... // But they've still got that troublemaker as a hostage... Perhaps just a scratch on him wouldn't hurt...

Guard: The Crown Prince has already taken shelter. We shall now take you to the doctor, Mr. Representative...

Linna: Wait! I must save His Highness...
Guard: What are you talking about? It's impossible in your current condition!


Mysterious Guard: You fools!!!

Mysterious Guard: You would dare fire a crossbow to retrieve the descendant of the Hero King? // Here…inside the cathedral!?

I know you cannot forgive those evil creatures, but you must lower your weapons!!

Guard: ―We... // We apologize...!!

Linna: Your Highness! // Your High... // ...

Guard: ...Huh? // Who was that? // Haven't seen him before... Maybe he's the leader of a different platoon?
(Weird…he looked a bit too flashy.)

Sfx: *sneak*


Seamrog: This is just great―

Musca: Hey― // Seamrog―

Musca: Why won’t they let us out of this room even if I’m the princess?

Seamrog: We're stuck.
(This is sooo uncomfortable...)

Musca: I'm worried about that meanie bar... Um, I mean 「maid」.

Seamrog: Huh? // Princess... I thought you didn't like him.

Musca: Yup, I don't like him. (I really don't.)

But, // I don't want him to get killed.


Guard: Um... // 「Princess」!

Musca: What is it?

Guard: There's a bit of a problem... // Before you meet with the palace guards, could you move somewhere else for the moment?

Seamrog: Problem? What happened?

Guard: Uh... actually, // there were Amontel who appeared in the cathedral.

Guard: They're probably the same Amontel who appeared earlier today... But it's still unclear how they infiltrated the palace. //
Seamrog: 「How they infiltrated the palace」?
Guard: For now, the princess must go to the nearest citadel at the basement of the castle ramparts...

Seamrog: It couldn’t be―


Doctor: I've finished the stitches. // I'll go and get some more painkillers. Could you put some pressure on it while I’m gone? //
Mysterious Guard: Roger!

Linna: Let me out of here! // I have to go...

Mysterious Guard: What are you talking about? // That's a serious wound you got there, you know?

Linna: I don't care about that! I have to rescue Prince Belca! // He was taken by the Amontel...

Mysterious Guard: Yup, yup. That IS serious...

Mysterious Guard: But it's Belca. // So I don't think he'll be killed that easily!


Linna: ...Huh? // Sir Eco!! You are safe! Uh...those clothes...
Eco: Hehe, does it suit me? // I borrowed it from the guards.

Eco: So, about the plan... // I'm about to cause a commotion...

Eco: While I do that, // I'd like you to do me a favor――


Crow: It looks like they already closed all the gates. / Heavily-equipped guards have also been deployed in each level.

Crow: With this, the Amontel will be trapped in the second level, Master.

Crow Master: No... // The Amontel were able to climb the roof of the cathedral and were strong enough to break through the skylight that easily. // Don't think of them as normal humans.

Palace guards: To the other side! Work with the third platoon and take the rear. // The tides will turn soon!!

Crow Master: Leave it to the palace guards to take care of matters here... Let's go, Lott, Lutz.

Crows: ...Yes, Master.


Hokulea: Taihaku, why did you take that kid as a hostage? // Turning back wasn't part of the plan in the first place...
Taihaku: There's something that’s been bothering me... We'll talk about it later.

Taihaku: Here they come.

Guards: Return the Prince to us quietly....

Guards: If you do that, // you will be given amnesty and we will overlook what has happened today.


Hokulea 1: So they think they can stop us with this?

Hokulea 2: No wait...look carefully.

Hokulea: There are more of them behind us. / And, there are archers standing by the windows of the building on the left... // They probably lured us here on purpose.

Guards: Prepare Arlon's poison smoke from the drug storage. // We'll bombard them... / when the direction of the wind changes.

Guard: ―What was that?


Guard: Wha… / what’s that sound...? // It’s coming from the lower level.

Hokulea: What’s going on...? A landslide!?


Guard: Wha― // What are those...

Guard: It can't be... // The 「watchdogs」...?

Taihaku: I don't know what's going on but, // Now's our chance to get out of here!!!



Guard: Don't... // Don't let them get away... After them!! Archers, stop them...!

- - - - -

Guard: Sir Kiliko...where are you going?

Kiliko: I'm going back to see Prince Orcelito for now. // I have to report to him about what happened to Prince Belca...

Guard: Alright, Sir.

Kiliko: You over there! What do you think you're doing? Regular guards are not allowed to enter the drug storage―・・・

Kiliko: Hey― Why you... / Stop right there!!!


Eco: Owww! / Let go of me! That hurts!
Eco: Just kidding. / Ahaha. // It's been a long time, Nathanael.

Kiliko: Why... / What are you doing here?

Eco: Oh... // That's right...you're called Kiliko now.


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#1. by Queenofmuffins ()
Posted on May 31, 2010
Thanks!! <3
#2. by b1px ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2010
Welcome back and thanks ^__^

Enjoy your SE Asia trip...and bring lots of sunblock!
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