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+C sword and cornett 18


+ posted by b1px as translation on Mar 12, 2010 16:29 | Go to +C sword and cornett

-> RTS Page for +C sword and cornett 18

kn1r, 감사합니다 and thanks to zerocharisma too ^__^

【for IEM】


Guard: The preparations in the assembly hall are complete.

Guard: Everyone… please take your seat.

Elders: Why, it’s … // Prince Orcelito…

{side text}
Orcelito appears before the Elders…


Elders: Wha… // …Your…Highness

Elders: What is this….

Orcelito: Elders of the Council… // Please…do extend your hand in guidance to this inexperienced youth.

Elders: …Your Highness! // Please stand up… //
We mere subjects, // are unworthy of such deference.


―Well then, // shall we begin?

Now― // Open the doors of the Council…!


Belca: Orcelito…. // What have you decided in the council…? //
The Hokulea // …are not monsters.

If they’re wounded, they use herbal medicines. //
And they eat fruits from trees, and do other things…. //

Belca: Even if they truly are descended from the followers of the Evil Deity… // Perhaps, living in the human world for so long has made them no different from people―


Orcelito: They are no different from people. //

I’m sorry to say, Belca… //

…Of course I know that!!! //

The Amontel are monsters.

I heard that there were Amontel at the Earl of Arlon’s estate. //
Perhaps…they put you under a spell.

Belca: No, wait! They didn’t do anything to me―
Orcelito: After the investiture, I’ll call for a skilled spell master.

Orcelito: Okay… // I'll go now because I have some official business to attend to. // And it looks like you’re feeling better now.
Belca: Wait…


Belca: I said wait!!!

Please tell me the truth… // We'll keep this from Lagen... // You’re planning something, right!?

Didn’t you tell me that // you’d like to think about why the rules turned out this way…?

But now, you’re―

Orcelito: ……


Orcelito: I did think about it.

Let go of me!

Putting them under supervision is much better than killing everyone.

Perhaps, in the next generations…. Their descendants may eventually find freedom.

Belca: Orcelito!

Orceilto: Until when are you going to follow me, Belca? // That matter has already been decided in the council. //
And no matter what you say, it won't change anything since you’re not eligible to participate in the Council….

Besides... // Each of the respective areas――Everyone is already making their move.


Guard: Open the doorway― // Prince Orcelito has arrived.

Guard: Open the doorway―

Orcelito: It's alright. // As long as they don’t resist, no harm will come to them… We have no intention of killing them. //
Haven’t I told you? You don’t need to worry about anything.


Belca: ―So he doesn’t even plan on // talking to me about it…

“As long as they don’t resist”!? // That’s… impossible!

In the end… // nothing has changed!

Orhaldi: …Your Highness
Belca: What is it, Linna…?

Orhaldi: Could you please… // lend me your ear for a moment?


Kiliko: Prince Orcelito, // is it alright to leave Prince Belca like this, and let him do as he pleases?

Orcelito: …What are you talking about? // You’re the one who said that Belca doesn’t have the strength to do anything by himself.

That he was just your spare in case your plans don’t go well with Brother and me.

The Third Prince was raised in an environment that you chose, so that as much as possible, he would grow-up demoralized, ignorant, and without self-esteem.

Kiliko: Yes, that is correct //… However,


Kiliko: People… // do not always stay the same.

- - - - - -

Eco: ―Hm,

What’s this? // There's an opening…

Oh my― // Looks like they found the hidden library.

I wonder who did this?

Maybe the old-timers? // Or...


Eco: Prince Orcelito… // …perhaps?

Eco: Alrighty…

Guard: Ah!? // Was I sleeping just now!? //
But it's okay, right? The keys are all here anyway... / Waah― / How did that happen!?
Eco: (Ah― Mr. Diet's medicine is handy―♥)

Guard: Hey there! // Did you watch the dance?
Eco: Sure did♥♥ Thanks very, very much!!


Eco: Mister guards, see you all again tomor…
Marik: HEY!!!

Eco: Marik-tan!? Why did you hit me all of a sudden!?
Marik: What were you doing!? You weren’t at the rehearsal area earlier when I called you!!

Eco: I couldn’t help it! I went to the toilet!!
Marik: …Nevermind! Hurry up ‘coz we got work to do!!

Eco: …Huh?

Marik: It's station number two! The stable gramps and I were asked to put the harness on the horses!!!
Eco: So…sorry…
Marik: Wear your clothes properly or you’ll regret it!!!


Orhaldi:「You’re late Eco.」// 「Where have you been?」

Eco: 「Sir」 Orhaldi… and… Prince Belca!?

Marik: See…? I told you it’s no ordinary job!


Orhaldi: 「His Highness, Prince Belca would like to eat some food from the town.」 // 「I shall go and buy it for him.」//
「I'll be asking you to drive. If we go now, we can return before the bell rings for the closing of the gates.」

Belca: Er... I’d like roasted skewers if you can find some, the ones seasoned only with salt. // If there’s none… flattened seafood or baked biscuits would be fine.

(Gramps: Street food? // He’s quite familiar with it.
Marik: Hmm, he is.)

Eco: …Orhaldi // What is this…?
Orhaldi: We must go and inform Her Royal Highness― // And… we have another errand to run.


Eco: I see. Belca’s… // not coming.

Orhaldi: It was His Highness' decision. // He has decided to stay and continue to try and convince Prince Orcelito.

Eco: …Convince Prince Orcelito? // I don’t know what’s going on― // Tell me all about it later, okay?

Guard: Signal from the station to the lower level control tower. // 「Clear the way to the outer gates」!
「The Earl’s coach is departing from station number two.」!


Belca: You two… // Sorry, I’m counting on you...

Eco: ―Okay...!

Guard: ―Hey, / What the? There’s a strange signal coming from the upper level control tower. // It says "emergency" though… //

Guard: I wonder if it’s alright to pass it on to the outer gates?


Marik: Um… Your Highness, would you like to wait in the hall?
Belca: ―Uh, // no, it's okay…
Gramps: Hey

Gramps: That control tower is giving weird instructions. Is that all right?
Marik: Huh?

Gramps: It says,「Lower the outer gate lattice」… // What does that mean? The Earl’s coach won't be able to leave if they do that.

- - - - -

Eco: Huh? // Belca…?

Belca: Dammit… // …I’m not going to make it―

Eco: What...? // I can’t hear him―


Belca: FASTER!!! // ―――GO FASTER!!!

Eco: …The outer gates!!!


Guard 1: They picked up speed. At this rate they’ll be able to escape.
Guard 2: I apologize… I took my eyes off of them for a moment...

Guard 1: Since that incident in Sana, I see that we'll be continuing to work as crows…

Guard 1: I’ll back you up. // Don’t kill them.

Guard 2: Yes sir.

- - - - -

Orhaldi: Sir Eco! The rear wheel has been shot… // And it looks like it's not just one arrow!

Eco: I know!! But we can still escape somehow. We have to hurry!!


Eco: Or else…

Orhaldi: Sir Eco, what’s wrong…?

Guard 2: …Such fine horses. // Not even scared of an “irregular”.


Eco: No way! // He cut the harness!!?

We’re slowing down…! No, the coach is going to turn over…!

Guard 2: Coachman… // Stop the carriage.

Eco: Even if you ask me for the third time, // I’ll still refuse!!!


Guard 2: …Wha…. // Arlon’s poison smoke…!!!

Eco: Waah☆

Eco: Ohhh―― // Eco-tan’s not really good at physical work〰!!! (I’m scared!)

Eco: Orhaldi!! Can you hear me!? Jump over here! // I'm now about to unfasten the last clasp... // The carriage is no good anymore. We'll have to force ourselves to ride on horseback―


Guard 2: I'm telling you to... // Stop!

Eco: The smoke has no effect on him!?


Eco: Thanks Orhaldi // I unfastened the clasps. // Get over here quickly…

Belca: What’s that? Isn’t that the poison smoke from the Earl’s mansion…? // What are they doing...!?

Eco: Orhal… // !!

Oh no! He’s already too far behind!!

If I go back for him, we won’t make it…



Orhaldi: Sir Eco…. // The message!!!

Eco: What… // Orhaldi, you’re…

Orhaldi: He is the real Prince Orcelito… // and he is probably not being controlled by anyone!!! // If she wishes it, please accompany her to wherever she wants to go…!

And another is… // about the Hokulea――


Eco: … // Orhaldi… // I’m sorry…


Guard 1: That “coachman”… // …It can’t be…!

- - - - -

Kiliko: Your Highness, Prince Belca,


Kiliko: Honestly… // I never thought you could do such a thing.

While trying to escape, the coachman fell into the Cassia River and has not yet been found. // The waters are freezing during winter... you must be worried.

Orcelito: Hey, Belca. // Someone told you to do this, that’s why you had no choice, right?

Was it the coachman? The poison user? The Earl of Arlon―


Belca: ―No… // I…wanted to inform the Hokulea // …so I ordered both of them to go.

Kiliko: ….. // Your Highness…Sir Linna is not a poison user, is he?

Poison users have been handling drugs since their youth, and so their stamina and physique is weaker than normal people.

However…he would not even need to catch his breath if he ran. // He could face five of my men with just a cane in hand.

Belca: ―Li… // Linna… Is he alright!?

Kiliko: He is fine. // But I sent someone to keep an eye on him just to be sure he keeps quiet.


Kiliko: He said that… // he did this on his own. // And that Your Highness had nothing to do with this.

Belca: NO!!! // It was I who ordered them!!!

Kiliko: ......

Kiliko: …Prince Orcelito, it’s time for your dinner meeting with Lord Taine. // We need to head for Regia Mare palace soon.

Orcelito: Ah!

Kiliko: The investiture will be on the day after tomorrow… please understand…
Orcelito: ―Yes, // I know.


Kiliko: Well then…Next time, I will be asking you little by little about various other things.

It is alright, you do not need to worry. // We will also find the coachman soon. //
In the meantime…please attend the investiture ceremony the day after tomorrow.

If you do, then I shall guarantee Sir Linna’s safety. // …I'm sure you understand what I mean.

Belca, concerned about Linna’s safety, is struck by Kiliko’s words…
Amidst the turbulence, the investiture ceremony approaches!

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#1. by Shinou ()
Posted on Mar 18, 2010
Also! Thank for you hard work
#2. by b1px ()
Posted on Mar 18, 2010
Thank you!!! I hope you enjoy reading the series as much as I do ^^
#3. by Shinou ()
Posted on Mar 26, 2010
This I have too say one most interesting series. It series is great!!!
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