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+C sword and cornett 20


+ posted by b1px as translation on Apr 12, 2010 10:42 | Go to +C sword and cornett

-> RTS Page for +C sword and cornett 20

Thanks kn1r and zerocharisma for proofreading!!

【 for IEM 】


{Left side box}
Inside Hector’s book….

Belca: Brother's book…

The page is actually 2 pages stuck together, and it looks like something’s written inside!!

I saw it when I held it against the light… //
I hope it peels off properly..

Guard: What’s that book? Is that the one from Prince Hector’s private study?
Those two reading a porn book…how embarrassing.


Linna: This is…

…ancient writing?

I have not studied it… // I only know that the ancient language is read from right to left

Belca: “To…towa heseru” // “Zemuriya…raika”

Linna: You can read it!?

Belca: Not really… I don’t understand this ancient language stuff but, // …When I was little, Brother showed this part to me.

Linna: ---- Prince Hector did!?


Young Belca: Big brother… is this some kind of writing? I don’t understand it at all…
Young Hector: Looks weird doesn’t it? // But you know, this is a story book...

{written on the map}
[Edge of the ocean (Great Waterfalls)]
[The Great Ocean]
[Azelprade Kingdom]

Belca: It is said that, to the far west of Azelprade… // …there’s a great waterfalls at the edge of the ocean, right? // The story is about a crew of a ship from an unknown country beyond it.

Linna: There is a country… // …beyond the edge of the ocean?


Belca: There was a man named Rovisco, and he was the captain of a large ship… // One time, he set sail with many passengers on his ship. But those passengers were murderers and criminals who were exiled from their country…

Some time after they set sail, // they suddenly lost contact with their country.

Linna: …Somehow, it doesn’t seem like an interesting story that a child would listen to. //
Belca: No…not really...

Belca: In the middle of the ocean, // they encountered many dangers, and so Rovisco and the criminals had to work together to face it.

And… they ate giant octopuses // and giant squids…
(Linna: Ah, and I suppose there was quite a lot of fighting before they ate them…)


Belca: This brings back old times…I wonder if this is what Brother wanted to show me. // Let's look at the other two books later.

Linna: But… Your Highness, don’t you think it’s strange for a mere story to be written in the ancient language?

Perhaps this is some kind of record of what happened in the past… //

Belca: What are you talking about? It’s just make-believe. // How could there be a country beyond the waterfalls?

----Wait a minute…

Now that I think about it… The ship’s captain and his passengers… // lost contact with their country. // That’s right… because it was destroyed. // That’s the reason why everyone worked together in order to survive---


Linna: Your Highness…

If I may speak… // Maybe the hidden pages are Prince Hector’s message after all.

Perhaps he wanted to pass this on to you… // and entrust to you the things he learned…

Linna: Let's also investigate the other two books! If we could use it with discretion, we can discuss with Prince Orcelito. And about Sir Eco too…

Belca: No.

Linna: Wha--

Belca: We don't need to discuss this with Orcelito.

Linna: But... Sir Eco is...


Belca: This book is just a book… it’s only a story. // I think it’s better to leave it that way.

Linna: … Your Highness..

----Could you, // …not trust me?

Belca: What are you talking about? That has nothing to do with this. // I know how good you are…

Linna: ….


Noble1: When Prince Hector suddenly passed away, for a while, I was worried about what would happen. // It’s a relief that we’re able to hold Prince Orcelito’s investiture ceremony without any problems.

Noble2: ----Hm? // Who is that?

Noble1: Oh… It’s His Highness, Prince Belca. // I had the chance to see him when I visited the royal prefecture before.

Noble2: He's been here in the castle all along. // He being caught in a conspiracy and embarking on a journey was just a bard’s tale after all.

The people in the territories must be disappointed.


Kiliko: There seems to be no problem with Belca… // This will probably clear up that annoying rumor.

Lord Lagen: Kiliko―

About Orcelito and Belca, // It looks like you’ve taken care of that issue. Well done.


Kiliko: Father, I have been waiting for your safe return!

Lord Lagen: Kiliko, // You called the Knights of Adine here for the “dance”… // Are you planning on creating a new army?

Kiliko: No… // I did not realize it made that impression…I only thought that the ceremony was a good opportunity to introduce the “Caluone” soldiers into the castle…

Lord Lagen: ----I see. // In that case, make sure they’re well replaced, // without the old-timers knowing about it…

- - - - -



What’s going on? There’s quite a commotion outside. // If there’s a crowd, send them away because Prince Orcelito is not scheduled to show himself on the ramparts.

---- No, // actually….

Princess Musca suddenly returned together with a single horseman. // It appears that she wants to attend the ceremony…

She returned from Chez with just a single horseman!? Are you sure she’s the princess!?

The nobles are attending the ceremony right now so we can’t contact them. // It looks like someone from the guards’ division will check to see if it’s really her or not.


Musca: Hey, doesn’t this lead to the north gate? // Why can’t we enter through the front gate?

Guard: We were ordered not to open the front gate until the ceremony over, no matter what happens,..
Musca: Hm―

Musca: Oh well, it’s fine. // It’s been a long time since I had my hair fixed so I’m in a good mood!

Eco: …So far so good, but…

Guard 1: That lady sure has broad shoulders.
Guard 2: And her eyes are purple too… It’s quite rare. // Ah! Speaking of which, I heard that the coachman who fell into the river had purple eyes too. They’re currently searching for him.

Eco: That incident just happened the other day… / It’ll only be a matter of time before they realize that this lady is really Eco-tan~~~~


Eco: Hmm, what if I use Princess Musca as a hostage…?

Seamrog: -----HEY

You fools! What are standing around for!!?

Eco: Seamrog…

Seamrog: Look to the east-northeast!!!!


Eco: Arrows!!?

Seamrog: Look.. // out!



Musca: Seamrog, why? // I’m taking a break from being a lady…

Seamrog: Are you all right Princess? / They'll come if you wait around, strolling along this area. // Because the Amontel already found this place.

Hokulea: Just as we thought… they said “princess” // …That means she’s a member of the royal family.

Hokulea: Oh Spirit of the Wind, // We are grateful to thee.


Seamrog: Hurry up and take the princess and the wounded inside the castle!! I’ll take the maid! / They’re in the trees by the cliff on the other side!!

Guard: Thank you! You should hurry up too because they’ll be firing crossbows from the ramparts!!

Hokulea: We won’t let you get away… / especially now that we’ve found a member of the royal family outside the castle!

Hokulea: Don’t chase after them! // Or else they’ll shoot!!
Hokulea: I don’t give a damn!

Guard: Here they come… Be careful not to hit the humans.

Hokulea: Damn… // They’re using crossbows…


Seamrog: Hey Mr. Eco, can you get up? / We have to go!
Eco: Uh…okay.

Eco: Eeeeouch!!

(Eco: Er--- my coat is stuck ---)
(Seamrog: What----!!?)

Hokulea: However… // until we get our revenge // we won’t die… // nor will we turn back.


Hokulea: We’ll be taking this one… // the princess got away but… // we’ll use this one as a hostage to buy us some time… We Hokulea will surely find a way to get past this stone wall.

And then… the Prince…

Eco: Prince…?

Seamrog: Hey, hey…. This is isn’t good. I can’t understand a word they’re saying!!! / If you’re gonna take a hostage then let’s negotiate with words everyone could understand----…

Eco: Seamrog

Seamrog: Huh?


Eco: 「I’m gonna be fine.」 // 「Just let them go.」

Eco: What? // Hey… wait…
(We’re going down this way!?)

Seamrog: Is…he really gonna be okay?

- - - - - -

Cleric: You who inherited the blood of the valiant savior, who descended from heaven in the ancient times,


Cleric: Orcelito, // Henceforth, // You shall become the Servant of the Hero King.


Belca: Finally, the main ceremony. After this, there will be singing and dancing…

Linna: …Servant of the Hero King… ?

Belca: ----Yeah.

Apparently, to become Crown Prince means to become the servant of the Hero King. // When he ascends to the throne, he becomes the guardian who will protect this country with his own power…or so I heard.

…Anyways… I’m sleepy…

Linna: If you’re bored, would you like to read Prince Hector’s book?

Belca: …You brought that in here!?
(This is a cathedral!)

…I think. // I’ve had enough of that.

Linna: …Your Highness… // Could you not trust me?


{Note: In the next conversation, Eco speaks in the Hokulea’s language.}

Hokulea: So there’s a waterway in a place like this?

Eco: Yup. / This waterway drains the castle waste water into the river. // This way is safer than going on a suicide mission!

Hokulea: You are a strange one. Why are you helping us? Is it alright with you if we kill the citizens of the Stone Capital, your own people?


Eco: I already told you, I just want to rescue some friends of mine who were captured in the castle!

You really saved me earlier. // I was trying to enter the castle disguised as a lady, but they almost discovered who I really was.

Hokulea: Saku said that if you do anything suspicious you’ll be killed----
Eco: I know. // But…I’m the only one who knows how to navigate this place〰
(Ah, walk 60 paces forward then turn left ♥ )

Oh yeah----…. // I forgot to tell you that,

There are--- // scary monsters in here…
(But it’s a pity that they could only survive in these waters--- )


Hokulea: Why you… // You tricked us!!?
Eco: No! I didn’t trick you!!

Eco-tan can’t even see in this dark place!!! // Besides, I’ll be in trouble if you guys die on me!!! / I’m really scared, so hurry up and get rid of them!!!

- - - - - -

Maid: *sigh*
Guard: Oh, came to take the water out? Thanks for the hard work!
Maid: Yes. It's because we’re cooking lots of food for the guests.


Maid: Hey, // There’s a commotion at the lower levels. Did something happen?
Guard: Oh that. They said some Amontel appeared at the back gates.

Maid: Amontel!? That’s scary… // Is it going to be alright? Aren't the waterways connected to the outside?
Guard: Yeah, it’s going to be okay.

Fire or Ether Ore lamps can’t be used down there because of the exhaust fumes from the waste water. // They won’t be able to navigate through the waterways because it’s too dark. / And…

Those creatures that took the Royal family and the Elders a very long time to create…. / those "watchdogs" live down there...

- - - - - -

Linna: ----Your Highness,


Linna: I’m…not a child, // who couldn't do anything and make you worry.

I decided to come here on my own, // knowing how dangerous it will be.

…I beg you, please trust me.


Belca: …I, // it’s not … // …that I don’t trust you.

No. It's just that… // you’re the one, // and only-------


Linna: …Your Highness!? // What is it…?

Belca: …There’s, // something over there!

… I saw a long thin reflection of something over there!

- - - - -

Eco: …They didn’t kill me even if they already knew their way out… //
I guess the Hokulea doesn’t follow through with their plans after all.

Well then… // Shall I go and fetch my prince?

{bottom, right side text box}
Towards an eventful ceremony!?


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#1. by Shinou ()
Posted on May 4, 2010
oh it always so exciting.
#2. by Shinou ()
Posted on May 4, 2010
The last line from eco is confusing?
The rest of it make alot of sense
#3. by b1px ()
Posted on May 10, 2010
Glad you like it^^ I tried to t/l the dialogue as simple as I can, sorry if it's still confusing.
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