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15 - Meisetsu Kougyou Koukou Ragubii-bu 1

+ posted by b1px as translation on Oct 4, 2009 15:39 | Go to 15 - Meisetsu Kougyou Koukou Ragubii-bu

-> RTS Page for 15 - Meisetsu Kougyou Koukou Ragubii-bu 1

[Left side text]
A two-part story about youth rugby, presented by Naruse Yoshiki!!

> Thanks for the hard work.

15 Fifteen Meisetsu Industrial High School Rugby Club
[on white board]
Ajishima Middle School
2009 Graduation and School Closing Ceremony

[on ribbon]
Graduate / Congratulations

[written on rugby ball]

> ―... At last ...

> I can play rugby...
> with 「everyone」...
> I'm going to that place...!

> Aki!
> The boat has arrived // Hurry and come to the beach!

> Okay!!

[on ribbon]
Graduate // Congratulations

p.6 - p.7
You're not alone anymore.
It's a once in a lifetime experience...,

So...let's walk together, the 15 of us.

15 Fifteen: Meisetsu Industrial High School Rugby Football Club 【First Part】

A youth rugby story of 15 boys that chase after an elliptical ball...
A one-shot, presented in two parts!!

GWC 「Kyoudai -BROTHERS-」
All 3 volumes, on sale!!
Naruse Yoshiki

sign > Miyagi Prefecture Meisetsu Industrial High School

top of door > Rugby Club
sign on door > Rugby Club
poster > Rugby Club, recruiting members!!

{no dialogue}

box > WTB (wing), Second Year, Ebina Yui


headline > FB switching from defense to offense is the best!!
subheadline > A position of trust and courage

{right picture} Defense
{left picture} Kick ・Kick process
{bottom headline} Positioned behind the team and watches reassuringly

> ―... // He doesn't exist...

{poster on wall} Rugby Club
Recruiting members
> There are no members!!

box > SO (stand-off), Third Year, Sakai Makoto
> Hey...everyone!! // Why won't you join the Rugby Club!?
small text > You're too loud...
> Oh, the Soccer Club's poster is cool―

> This is so irritating!!
> Mako-chan we'll get scolded!

> Since the third years have graduated // we only have 12 people left.
box > SH (scrum-half), Third Year, Nagase Hiromi
> We have to do our best in recruiting members this year...

> That's right! // But first, to make them understand rugby, // how about letting them experience the actual thing!?
> I see! Like letting them handle the rugby ball? (Sounds fun)
> Nooo!! When you say rugby, it's all about...

> No one would do that!! What if someone got hurt!?
> Ok then, SCRUMMAGING!!
> We won't let them do that either!

> (Aaaargh) Then what ―?
small text > Come on guys, please like rugby!
small text > Uh...
> I think it's enough to just let them watch our practice...

> I agree with Hiromi. // If we explain it to them, that it's similar to soccer but instead we carry the ball and run, // it would be easier...
box > HO (hooker), Third Year, Kubota Chisato

> Don't compare rugby to a sport where in you kick a round ball!!
> Look who's talking!? Aren't you originally a member of the Soccer club!? You're getting on my nerves!


small text > Well, a lot of things happened...
> ... But still, // It would be nice if someone who plays rugby would join the club...right?

> Almost everyone in high school rugby is a beginner...
> There are few like Yui-chan, Mao-chan, or Chi-chan, // who's been playing since junior high...

> That's why I'm saying we should let them experience how to tackle, and find someone who has potential!!
> Will you stop saying that already!

> Makoto has a point.

> We need a player who can accurately
> kick the ball.


> Yui... (what do you mean?)
> Tackling and scrummaging... // Do you think mere physical offense is what rugby's all about?

> Well yeah (isn't it?)
> There are many players in rugby who are well-built, // so if we don't have physical strength then we can't win...
> Are you speaking for yourselves?

> ...Huh?
> Is there someone in our team who is well-built?
> It's just Chisato, Ayumu, and Mikiyo. // The rest of us are all Backs.

> You're only trying to play 「power」 rugby. // We can't win with just that.
> (What...!?) Are you saying we don't even have the slightest chance of winning!?
> No, it's not that.
> I'm saying we need an excellent kicker.

> One way we can surely get into the opponents territory is
> by using an accurate 「high punt kick」.

> If we have someone who can control where the ball lands, kick it high, making it stay long enough in mid-air, // then it will be easier for the team mates to follow through.
illustration > [offense] [defense]
illustration > [opponent territory] [team territory]
> And then, they could immediately take down the opponent who catches the ball, retrieve the ball, // and widen the team territory at the same time.

> An “up and under” huh?
> The rules have changed through the years. // Right now, a kicker is considered a key player.
> In present rugby, // we can't win with power alone.

> And... // I think it's useless to train someone with no potential...

> I guess you're indirectly referring to us...
(Sorry, I'm not good at kicking myself...)
> I'm not saying that // It's just...
> “fun” is not enough anymore.

> The neighboring school has already started training for the nationals. // If we don't hurry up and find key players...
> We'll be left behind.

> I know that, but... // everyone is playing rugby because they enjoy it. // What'll happen if the fun's gone?
> Why are you're still saying that!?

> Every year, we lose the first match at the prefectural tournament.
> And even if we don't get good results, // you still keep saying it's 「fun」, that's why...


> ...we can never // go to *Hanazono!

small text > Ooops...

{Note: *Hanazono is the name of the oldest rugby stadium in Osaka, Japan. It is where the annual National High School Rugby Tournament is held. }


small text > Ok!
> ―That's right.

> We need to aim higher!
> It's just as Yui said!!

> B... but, // ...go to Hanazono? ...us?
small text > anyway, good morning...
small text sfx > *whistle!*
> Hey you! Negative attitude is not allowed!

> But we can't participate in a match because we lack players!
> So let's do our best to recruit new members!!

> ‘Coz that golden egg of a kicker... // might be out there somewhere!


> This year, let's chase the dream!!
outlined text > Alright― !
outlined text > Yeah― !
small text > Of course― !

> I understand why you're so upset about it though.
> But still...

> I think it's better to stay positive, cheerful, and have fun
> So that we could give our best everyday, right?

> ... ... .. // Um... ...

> I said some harsh things... // Sorry... (murmur.)
big text > SHOCKED!!

> OHO― ! The proud Yui-chan said "sorry!"
small text > Whoa― That's rare―
small text > I'm not proud!
small text > Stop teasing me, stupid!!


> Please join us!
> We're the Tennis Club.
> They're holding Basketball tryouts!
> The Brass Band Club will perform a concert after school!
not in bubble > Join the Judo Club― !!
> Won't you join the Athletics team?

not in bubble > Please come to the Girls' Ballet orientation―
> Listen...

> The ferry was out of service due to landslide...
> I understand how difficult that was... // but the fact remains that you're 2 weeks late.
> ...Teacher...


> May I go to the club orientations... ?

> Are you listening to me!?
> What are you talking about!? You have to quickly catch up with the lessons!!

> (Wha!?) What is this!?
> Supplementary lessons!

> Huh―!? This much!?
> Club activities are fine, but you can do that after finishing those!

> You're not allowed to go to the orientations until you're done with it!
> No way!
door sign > Staff Room


> Since it's come to this, I'll just have to finish up.

thought > Then after school, I'll go to the rugby club. And then do passes and tackle,
small text > Hahaha
small text > Come with us― !
> And lots of other stuff with seniors. Things that I wasn't able to do by myself
big outlined text > I d o l s

> ...Huh? Are you in our class?
> Uh...?

> It's the first time we've seen you.
small text > Right?
> Ah!
> That's right!! I need to make friends!!

> I'm not alone anymore. // With this many people, I can make 100 friends.

> Th... then someday, meet the 「best friend」 // I've always wanted to have...!!
small text > I'll watch your back


> My name is Akira!! Nice to meet you! // Please be my friend!!

> !?
big text > Shock
small text > Shake hands!
> Pleased to meet you!

> He... he's kinda scary!
> Come on...let's go.
> Uh... Huh?

> Wh... what's wrong?
small text > I'm not scary...

> Ah... maybe, // 「Hey I'm Aki! Let's be friends!」 would have been better.
> Or perhaps something wild like 「Yo! What's up my pal?」...

small text > Or maybe I should have mentioned rugby!? I wonder if they know what a “kanpei” is? Maybe if I talked about pickoff plays it would have been more interesting.
{Note: “Kanpei” is a Japanese term used to refer to pickoff plays}

> He's weird after all...
> I wonder what kind of upbringing he had...


> I did my best to promote the club but... // we only got two orientees... (swarthy kid and country kid)
> Please to make your acquaintance.
> I'll do my best!

> Alright, you two better make sure that you join us!!
not in bubble > You're not allowed to go to other club orientations!
small text > Ah! Juniors―?
> Yes― I've always wanted to play rugby!
> Me too!

big outlined text > Waaa~h
small text > 'Coz if you join us, we'll really take good care of you―
small text > senpai―
big text sfx > HUG
> ...Finally we have 14 members...
small text > we only need one more...

> Hey, Chi-chan...
> Hm?
> Perhaps rugby isn't that popular anymore...

> ...Not really...
> HEY! Negative attitude isn't allowed!! // If we show them the cool stuff then they'll like rugby!!


> ...Yeah, it would be nice if someone could show us // that “cool stuff”

not in bubble > I thought I told you that negative attitude isn't allowed, Hiromi!!!
not in bubble > Ouch!

> If there's someone like that, he'd be attending a prestigious school.

> Someone like that... // wouldn't go here...


> Excuse me!

> Um...


> Is today's club orientation...

> already finished...?


> Is it still // on-going!?


> Um... uh... er...
big text > Whoa― !!
> An orientee!? Are you serious!?

> Yes! It's okay! We're just about to start training so you can watch!!
> Alright! I made it in time―!!
> ...Huh? That ball............

> Could it be... // you have experience playing rugby!?
> Huh...!?

> Ah...no, I haven't participated in any match...
> ...Huh?

> Aha! So that's it! // You're one of those that don't play but are really big fans of rugby!
> No! I've been practicing alone for a long time now...

> Alone...?


> Ma... maybe it's image training!?
> Or he's an outcast...

> ... What is it that you were practicing by yourself?

> Kicking!
> I couldn't practice tackling because I had no friends...

> A lone kicker!?
not in bubble > Speak of the devil!!
> ―Hm... alright...

> Let's see that kick.

> Wait, Yui!!
> What?
> You're suddenly asking him to... (the poor kid!)
> Why not? He did come all the way here...

> A kick! Got it!
big text > YESS!
> He's so confident― ! (What's with this kid!?)


> Isn't this a bit too far... !?
> He chose this spot, so it's probably okay.
> Well... even if he misses the goal, I'll be amazed if the ball reaches that far.

> Here I go!


> It's so high... !!

> (Hm...) It's different from the one in the island, it's narrow...
> Th...

> Huh!?

p. 36

> Hey! Yui! // Isn't this kid unbelievable!?
> ―... No way ...

> Come here!
> Whoa!
> Hey! What are you doing!?

> From this spot...

> Try kicking the ball between the posts.

> That's impossible!! It's too narrow...
> You can't bully first years!!
> Just stay there and watch!!

p. 37

> What's wrong Yui-chan... (he's scary... )
> If you can, try kicking the ball so that it barely misses the right post.
> Right post! Got it! (I'll try it!!)


> Ah!
small text > It hit the pole!

> He didn't let the ball spin to make it easier to control...
> He knows how to kick the ball!?

> Wahoo― !! That was awesome!! (So cool!!)
> It looked like a missile!!
> Does that mean,

> Does that mean this kid is...
> Hehe― (Thanks.)

> Next!
> You're still doing it!?
> I want to make sure!


> From the 22-meter line,
> Kick the ball towards me.

> Let the ball land right here, // precisely in my arms!

> (Okay!) I got it!!
(This is fun―!)
> Hey kid, stop saying yes to everything he asks you to do!!

> That's around 60 meters
> It's usually impossible...
> It's okay, we already know you can kick...

> But I think with the ball's shape... // Even if you kick it correctly, you have no idea which direction it'll fly... // It's different when I was playing soccer...
> But you like that right?
> Yeah, I love it.

p.40 -41
> ...go... SPINNN!!


> No...
> Way...

> I did it!
small text > Success★

sfx > huff // huff


> Y... you...
> ...can control the ball...?


> Of course!
> Because...

> It's my friend. // If I kick it in a different direction,
> It'll get lost, and that'll be a problem.


> Did you say the ball is your friend!?
> Don't make us cry, poor bullied kid...!
> Huh!? (bullied kid!?)
> What an admirable child!!

> Be sure to join the rugby club!!
not in bubble > Well, I'm not letting you go!!
> I wanted to play rugby so I entered high school!
> Don't make us cry!!
> With this, we now have our golden egg, or rather, golden hen!!

> Uh... er...
> Yes? What is it, golden hen?
> If I join you...

> Will I ...
> become one of your comrades!?

> Of course you will! You're our mate!
> Teammate!!


> So... um... // if it's all right ......
> Yeah, what is it?

> Please... // be my friend!!

sfx > *confuzzled*

> Fr... friend... ?
> And later on, may I call you my best friend!?
> He's so embarrassing!! (Maybe this is why he was bullied... )

> Uh... well, that's...
thought bubble > Embarrassing
thought bubble > Embarrassing
> A friend... isn't something you apply for...
thought bubble > Embarrassing...

> It's something that comes naturally... // well...


> ... I see...

> I understand...
> What the hell, the atmosphere is like between a couple who just started dating!

> Anyway... // let's try to get along!!
> Okay...
small text > I'm sorry...

written on ball > Akira


> Being in charge of the keys is such a pain...

flashback > What'll happen if the fun's gone?
flashback > But... // ...go to Hanazono? ... Us?


> Oh...


> High school is amazing!
> ... Huh?
> To have this many balls!

> I'm so happy!
> He kicked all of it!

> ... I'd like to hear your story.
> Come with me
> ?
> Okay!


> Bullied!?
> No... it's not that! // It's because I was alone...
> There were no other kids in the island...
not in bubble > Well, it looks like you were bullied!
> You lived on an island?
> Yes! // Oshikachouritsu Ajishima Middle School! // But the school was closed down this year...

> So you really were practicing “alone”...
small text > You really meant that literally.
> That's why I'm so happy to see so many people here.

small text > That's pretty normal around here...
> But it's seems difficult to make friends...

> ......

> So, // Why rugby?


> TV broadcasts don't reach the island, // and there's only one station that you can watch.
> But every year, that station // broadcasts the National High School Rugby tournament

> When I was little,
> It was the only program I watched.

> When they ask me what I want to become when I grow up...
> I'd always say that I'd like to become a rugby player... // But,

> In elementary school
> I was alone

> In middle school
> I was also alone

> Not only was I unable to play rugby, // but I was also unable to make friends.


> I had no choice so I started training by myself.

> Because I love rugby! (And I couldn't wait until high school.)

> What I like about rugby
> is that every player has a role.

> Even if you're small, or your body is not strongly built,
> You can do something for the team!

> That's why I concentrated on kicking!

> So that even if I can't be an all-around player, // at least someone like me can be good at something...
> And I was hoping that would be enough to become one of the 15 players in the team!

> Today, I was very happy // because everyone accepted me. // And not only that,


> It's because I was able to make comrades!

> From now on, // I can pass and tackle and participate in a match.

> ... ... // You...

> Here in the mainland, it's probably not that special, // but for me,
> To have 「comrades」 and to be able to play rugby...

> Is what makes me happy... // above all things!

> That's why, // this day, when I met everyone,
> Is the most,


> Important, and // the most special day of my life!!

> You're 「happy」... ?
> Huh?
> Is that enough for you?

> ―Of course not! // I also have a dream!
> That someday, for sure // I'll be able to go to that place
> which I could only watch on TV...


> To Hanazono!!


> ―hehe

> ... haha ...
> Uh... ?

> You put it very nicely, don't you? // Even though you have not yet participated in any match.
> Uh...

> One who doesn't know how to fight and run off blindly into battle // will just fail.
> But... it's my dream...!

> I know, because I have the same dream too. // That's why...
> You just, // leave that kick to me.


> Huh?
> I'll teach you how to fight.
> We'll control the team play...

> With your kick.

> I'll support you with all my strength, // so that you can dictate the flow of the match.

> We'll go there, right?
> To Hanazono?

> YES!!

p. 60

> Second Year, Class 1
> Ebina Yui

> First Year, Class 4 // Ujigawa Akira
> It's nice to meet you!!


> ... Alright
> From now on...

> I'll be your 「friend」


> Whaat!? (Friend... !?)
> (Why?) You don't like me?

♦ His first “meeting”... with his first “friend.”
The story concludes in the second part!!

big text > Waaaah!!
> Thank you very much!!
small text > I'll do my best!
Ow! Ow! Ow!!!
small text > Let me go, dummy!!

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