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+C sword and cornett 22


+ posted by b1px as translation on Jul 12, 2010 14:05 | Go to +C sword and cornett

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【for IEM】


Eco: It's been a long time, Nathanael.
Just as I thought.

Eco: Oh... / That's right. You’re called Kiliko now.

Kiliko: Francesco
Eco: Shall I give it to you? // Such a trivial thing.
Kiliko: What are you doing here?


Adine Guard: Sir...Francesco? // The one who ran away from home in the past...?

Kiliko: You no longer have a place to return to... // I will be the successor of the House of Lagen.

Eco: Huh? // Haven't I told you? I don't have any business with that house anymore.

Eco: A House bound by the archives of Rovisco, // ...like a golem that couldn't move at all.


Kiliko: Seize him!! / He's not a palace guard... He's the mastermind of the incident that happened the other day!
Adine Guards: Ye... / Yes, Sir!!

Eco: Waaah!!! // Eco-tan isn't good at fights!!!

Eco: ―Hm? // I think they’ll be here any time now...


Kiliko: Wha...

Kiliko: What is this!?
Adine Guard: Earl Kiliko! / It's dangerous, please stay back!

Kiliko: Impossible... / The watchdogs of the waterways...!?


Eco: Buh-bye Nathanael // Let's meet again some time♥

Kiliko: The watchdogs were created by the Lagen family using the technology recorded in the Rovisco documents. / They are the main protection of the castle.
Kiliko: But why...?

Kiliko: Wait...Francesco! // What are you planning to do!?

Eco: Waaaah! / A monster!!!


Guard: According to reports... They suddenly appeared from the first level sewage entrance... // But we couldn’t confirm it since the vicinity has collapsed into the waterways!!

Guard: Not just the Amontel... but this too! // Why did this happen on the day of the investiture's celebration...?

Noble: I’m getting out of here! Quickly open this door!!! //
Noble: Me too! Hurry and prepare the coach, I’m leaving...

Guard: Everyone... It is dangerous!! Please return to the basement citadel!!
Guard: Right now, // we cannot open the gates leading to the other levels!

Linna: Is this the commotion, // that Sir Eco was talking about?


Linna: This is... such a massive scale.

Linna: And... where did such monsters come from...

Linna: Should I go and help them...?

Guard: It is dangerous outside!!! // Please hurry to the basement citadel...!

Noble: A common soldier would dare defy a noble?! // Let us through!!!
Linna: However...

Linna: If I was given only one choice


Linna: Then that choice would have… // ...already been decided right from the beginning!

- - - - -

Kiliko: Do not be afraid! Tell the guards that the watchdogs are vulnerable to light. They will soon weaken... / And, open the chemicals storage room. Smear the blades with cantharis and arzenica.
Guard: Yes Sir!

Kiliko: ...... The watchdogs?


Kiliko: The watchdogs live in the waterways where light does not reach. If they are exposed to the sun they will go on a rampage because of the brightness.

Francesco worked with the researchers of Lagen family since childhood. // So there's no reason why he wouldn't know this...

Or perhaps letting the watchdogs out of the waterways was just too easy.

Kiliko: If... / the Amontel attack or the watchdogs’ rampage was instigated by him....

Which is the goal...and which is the diversion...? // Or perhaps, it’s both?


Musca: Hey---

Musca: What are they doing outside? Could you open the door please!?
(Seamrog: This is tasty...)

Guard: Sorry “princess”. // How many times do I have to tell you that I can’t open the door.

Musca: Hey Seamrog! I hear weird noises outside!!
(Musca: I don’t like that man.)
Seamrog: You’re right...
Musca: I want to go check and see what’s going on!

Seamrog: Well...what do I do now? With all this commotion, this is my chance to escape, but.....
Seamrog: I understand how you feel but, // a lady refrains from doing things that are dangerous.


Musca: It's okay, // because you know what...

Musca: I’m still… // taking a break from being a lady.

(Seamrog: Taking a break...?)

Seamrog: ...Okay, roger that. // If that's the case then.....

Seamrog: Hey you!! / Guard!!!
Seamrog: The princess says she has a stomachache!! Hurry! We have to take her to the doctor!!!


Belca: ...What the...? // I can hear someone talking... // Hokulea language?

Belca: Where...am I? It's so dark.

Belca: Oh right... // The foxes’ cave... they’re hiberna――


Belca: No,

Belca: This isn’t the foxes’ cave!

Belca: Let me go... / You terrorists!!!


Belca: What the... / water?

Belca: Is this...the castle's waterways? They say that monsters live here. //
I see... so this is how they infiltrated the castle...

Saku: You're awake? / ...Perfect. You'll die soon.

Saku: Taihaku, it’s fine, right? // I'm gonna pitch this kid's head and throw it to the castle.

Taihaku: Saku... // I told you, we ask his name first.


Saku: Ask his name…!? / What the hell did we come here for!?
Saku: It's to let them know that the Hokulea are not insects that they can just hunt down on their whims...

Saku: And, // to punish them for tainting the blood of the Kannagi!
{TL note: Kannagi - a maiden consecrated to a deity; a shaman, priestess, or oracle.}

Saisei: He's right, Taihaku... / The day Tsukishiro returned, we swore to take revenge on them, didn’t we?
Gyokuto: That's right... because of them...the bloodline of the Kannagi of the village has died out.

Saisei: At this rate...if the village is going to perish, then we should at least fight back. / Didn't we swear to teach the Stone Capital the pain of losing someone they need to protect!?

Belca: ......


Belca: Hey, / I want to ask you something... Is there anyone with you who can understand me?

Hokulea: ...?

Saisei: Taihaku...I don't... // ...understand what he's saying---

Saisei: ......Ah!


Hokulea: -----What the

Belca: No way... // Is he dead...? But how-----?

Saisei: Run towards the end of the passage! / There's something in here... It's not that giant creature. It's much faster...

Saisei: Wait a minute... / What about Gyokuto?


Taihaku: He's gone now. Quickly, go now!!!

Saisei: Tch... / You too, come with us!

Belca: ...Wha



Crow: Your Highness... Please close your eyes for a while. // We shall exterminate the monsters.

Belca: Those clothes... That night in Sana… // They're the ones who chased us!

Belca: I see...so that was him. / The one we saw at the cathedral...he’s one of Kiliko Lagen's men.

Belca: ……

Belca: ...Is Orcelito, // and Linna alright?



Saku: Didn't they...come to save this noble one...?

Crow: Yes... / Both of them are safe.
Crow: Prince Orcelito was not hurt.... and Sir Linna's wound is not serious.

Belca: ...I see.

Belca: Very well then--- take them as prisoners... let them be judged according to the law. / There's no need to kill them. // You're pretty strong… It shouldn’t be much of a problem for you.

Crow: ...Unfortunately, // Only people can be judged according to law.


Belca: ...But the Hokulea... // ...ARE people!

Taihaku: Hokulea...?
Saku: How does he know that name...?

Crow: That issue does not concern us. / ...Lott
Lott: Sir.

Crow: Secure the prince.


Crows: !!!

Crow: The watchdogs! Why did they have to show up now!?

Belca: Wha... what is this?
Saku: Come, noble...or else you'll be devoured!!

Crow: Wait!

Crow: I said wait, you bastards!!!


Hokulea: It looks like... // we lost them...

Belca: ...Dammit / It's too dark. I can't see anything... // Plus, I don't understand what they're saying...

Belca: ...Isn't there usually someone like Shingetsu and Tenrou who I could talk to...? // What am I supposed to do now!?

Saku: Shingetsu... // and Tenrou?

Taihaku: He knows the siblings... // and...he called us Hokulea.


Taihaku: Are you... Belca?

Belca: ....Huh?
Belca: 'Shingetsu'... 'Tenrou'... and then he said 'Belca'...

Saisei: Belca...? You mean the prince who the folks from neighboring village were talking about? / Surely, he must have been just an impostor pretending to be the prince. // But, if there's a slightest chance that he is the prince...they also may be trying to kill him, like Hector.

Taihaku: Belca...risked his life to save our comrades---to save the Kannagi.
Taihaku: Perhaps... he's the acquaintance of Shingetsu and the others?
Taihaku: If we hurt him, we would lose our pride as Hokulea.
Taihaku: If he is, // then perhaps...


Belca: I...

Taihaku: ...There might still be a way to save them somehow.

Belca: I am... / Belca.

Taihaku: We apologize. // We didn't know... / ...that we were about to hurt an ally of ours.


Taihaku: ---And, / Ah! // I forgot, you don't understand what we're saying.

Saisei: Belca, what are you doing? / Your finger is bleeding. Did you cut yourself?

Belca: A letter...
(I'm writing on a ribbon though.)
Belca: I want you to give this to Shingetsu or Tenrou.

Belca: Or...anyone in your village who can read this. // With this, I can warn them about Orcelito's plan.

Saku: ...... / Here they come.
Saisei: What? // You're kidding? I don't sense their presence.


Taihaku: Tch... // Who's the monster now...!?


Saku: Saisei, run through there! Taihaku and I will hold them off. / You'll reach the exit soon.

Belca: But the letter isn't finished yet---

Crow: ...What are you doing, // Your Highness?

Crow: Communicating with the Amontel... // Please do not give us any reason to suspect you.


Belca: Ah...!
Saku: You should go too...Belca.

Saku: The cloth that you were holding earlier...Do you want us to give it to the siblings? / I'm not sure I understand but...finish whatever you were writing and give it to Saisei. You can trust him with it.

Saku: ...Also, / Because of you, my younger brother was finally able to return to the village. // Thanks a lot!


Belca: ......

Crow: Go on, run. // You won't be able to escape anyway.

Saisei: Hey...Come on! // You can't see where you're going, right?

Saisei: The waterways' exit is right after the turn up ahead... // So hurry and finish what you were writing then give it to me.

Saisei: What the...?


Belca: What's wrong...? // I can't see very well...

Saisei: The way... // is blocked...


Guard: We have just confirmed the signal from the first level. / It appears that the blades smeared with the chemicals worked. // They are driving the watchdogs away!!

Guard: We shall continue to keep the water gates shut.
Guard: Do not open the wooden & lattice gates unless His Excellency gives permission!
Guard: Yes, sir!

Guard: Hm?
Linna: You, guard...open this door!!

Linna: It's an urgent message from Sir Kiliko. // I would like to speak to you immediately.

Guard: Did you just say “Sir Kiliko”? Who do you think you are!?


Linna: ...Oh, / So only his closest attendants call him by that name...?

Guard: Wh... // why you...!

Guard: What the… // He's strong...

Linna: ...phew. // It's a good thing their stance is similar to Sana's.


Linna: Now, // I will be able to save His Highness. // Please.... // Please be safe...


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