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+C sword and cornett 26


+ posted by b1px as translation on Oct 27, 2010 16:20 | Go to +C sword and cornett

-> RTS Page for +C sword and cornett 26

【 For IEM 】

Even if what you believe is but a fleeting path----


{left side text box}
At the castle, Orcelito is...

Orcelito: The situation at the Kuklant road... // Are you certain that it's the great plague?

Kiliko: It is currently under investigation...

Orcelito: I hope that it's just an epidemic but... / Make sure that the gates can be barricaded any time... // It's said that more than thirty percent of the population was sacrificed because of the great plague in the past.


Orcelito: Like what happened that time... / We must not let the Angel of Death in to Neue Favrille.

The Amontel, the "watchdogs"... and now the great plague... // For a new Crown Prince... / Things couldn’t get any worse than this.

You said that the Amontel who appeared at the ceremony, and the “watchdogs” / were all part of the plan of Lord Lagen's real son, Francesco. // Wasn’t he also snooping around for the Rovisco documents?

So he's the man in soldier’s uniform who took Belca away... //
...Really, / Lord Lagen dropped quite a bad seed.


Kiliko: About His Highness Prince Belca... / It seems that he has made a favorable impression on the nobles and the priests // when they saw him protect you during the investiture ceremony, Prince Orcelito.

Kiliko: Although I do hope that with his disappearance... / those impressions would fade away.
Orcelito: ...Do you think that, // someone might push for Belca to become king?

- - - - - -

Noble: ---Hm? / Oh...It's the Crown Prince.


Elders: This is unusual on a rest day... // Well then...shall we greet him before going back to the teritorries---

Orcelito: ...Taine! / Perfect. Just the person I wanted to see.
Taine: Well, well, if it isn't His Highness, the Crown Prince.

Ruebelli: ...!?

Kiliko: Lord Taine, / About the incident that happened in the Crown Prince's territory a couple of days ago, // His Highness, the Crown Prince has given his pardon.

Orcelito: It's none other than you. // Because I think you only did that for the country's best interest.

Taine: ---Oh...! I am glad that you understand what I did, Your Highness! //
My sincerest apologies to Prince Hector but, to have Amontel servants in the Royal Family's estate...


Ruebelli: ......

- - - - - -

Eco: Hey--- / Please take Eco-tan with you, // To where the High Priestess is!!!

Belca: ....No.


Eco: But you're going to ask about // the "Rovisco fleet" records, right?

Eco: Ever since I left home, / All I ever wanted was to know the truth about those documents.

The first time we met, you said that... // you wanted to know what’s really going on in this country, right?

It's just bits and pieces but, there was a copy of the manuscript at home... / And I've always wanted to confirm if those written accounts are really true. // I even studied the Hokulea language just for that!


Eco: There's no one in the village who knows about those days. // So, once we got down from the mountain, I was thinking of going on another journey to search for clues again.

Eco: But...!! / The ancient history of this land might have been passed down to the High Priestess...
Belca: NO!!!

Belca: I can’t take you to a place where we don't even know if we could make it out alive!! // I’ll go and ask about the documents...So just wait for me in a town somewhere!

I’ve had enough... / ...of people I know, dying on me.

Eco: ...... // Belca... / you’re mean.


Eco: ... Belca, You're so mean!!!
(I'll say it one more time!!!)

Belca: You're so persistent! / I don't care if I'm mean!

Tenrou: Oh, Belca, I was just about to call you. / Saisei says he wants to talk to you.

Saisei: ------Belca


Belca: Yes, what is it? / It’s okay, you don’t have to force yourself. Besides I can’t understa...

Saisei: Belca... // ---I'm sorry...

Belca: Wha... / He can speak...
Tenrou: He said he wanted to apologize to you so I only taught him that word.

"Because of us, your comrade was... / After all that you’ve done to save our priestess."

Tenrou: ...He said.
Belca: ......

That's true.


Belca: If they hadn't come to the palace, // This never would have happened.

Saisei: I...promise to make up for it so, / I'll do anything for Belca---...
Taihaku: Hey...Don't move around too much or your wounds will reopen!

Belca: ......

Belca: But...that's not right. // I can't simply put the blame on them.

[If those records are true,]


Belca: Don't say anything more. //
[Then it's...] //
I'll...find the reason why it all turned out this way.

Just think about / getting your wounds healed. //
[...all connected to Reitz I. ]

sfx: *rustle* *rustle*

sfx: *jump*

Belca: ----Ouch


Belca: Huh? / What's this...? // A little animal...

Tenrou: A squirrel-mouse? It's not hibernating...? What a strange little guy. // This type of species aren't usually seen around this area.
(Belca: Is it...edible?)

Eco: Hold on...That's probably...
Tenrou: Huh?

sfx: screeech
Belca: Whoa!

Tenrou: What was that all of a sudden...?


Eco: That animal is probably being used by the soldiers... // There might be Azelprade guards nearby!!

- - - - - -

[Around the same time, / At Neue Favrille]

Sfx: step, step

Musca: I made it! They didn’t notice me at all! / Maybe I’m...suited to be a mercenary?

---But, but, but! // This is just while I'm taking a break from being a lady!!
sfx: hmph


Musca: Seamrog!! Where have you been all this time?!

Seamrog: Shhh---!! // Please keep quiet, or else the soldiers will find us.

Seamrog: I was... / investigating what happened after the investiture ceremony was cancelled.
Musca: Cancelled...? You mean it's finished?

Musca: Hey...Seamrog, could you come back with me to the palace? // You see...I think that my knight should always be at my side.

Seamrog: I'm sorry but I can't do that. / Because my head would get cut off.
Musca: Huh...? B...but why ?


Seamrog: I brought you here, so the people in the palace probably think that I am a / companion of the bandit who let the monsters out and took Belca away. // That is why...I will just be supporting you behind the scenes, Princess.

Musca: ...Could you speak a bit slower please... // Um...Support?

Seamrog: If there is any chance of escaping from here, it will take some time and preparation... // So if there is anything that you would like to know, I will be here to help you.

Musca: Okay. / And also because I don't want Seamrog's head to get cut off.
Seamrog: Alright then Princess...

Seamrog: There is something I would like to ask you... / While you are taking a break from being a lady // would you like to become a cool mercenary girl?


Musca: A 「mercenary」 / means, // um... if I remember correctly, / a knight who likes jewels very much, right...?

- - - - -

Musca: Let’s see… // It’s not true that the Commoner was kidnapped---… / What really happened was, he “escaped” with the meanie bard…

Then… / the “plague” that was discovered outside the palace is some kind of scary sickness…. // (Second…) / A “cadaver” is something that a dead person leaves behind…

And if that “cadaver” was taken into Big Brother Hector’s palace…
(Which is now Big Brother Orcelito’s palace…)

Then that means the wicked man must be planning on something…
(The / wicked man)

Musca is so smart!!! / She remembered everything that Seamrog said!!!


sfx: *looks around*
And then… // If it looks dangerous, I should immediately run away.
Because that’s what a mercenary does…
(A mercenary is like a fairy!)

A mercenary doesn’t go near dangerous places! / She should listen quietly, and even if she gets surprised at what she hears, she musn't talk and should stay put!!

Musca hates stairs… / And then…Oh, that's right!

If I get caught, I should smile and greet them, // And say, “Good day. Do you know where the bathroom is?”

It’s perfect!

sfx: yawn
sfx: step, step, step

sfx: turn
Guard: Huh? Did someone just pass by?!
sfx: hide

Guard: …? / But there’s no place for a person to hide in here….

Musca: Oh…? / There’s a light! // I wonder if the “cadaver” is in there?


sfx: scuttle…
Guard 1: Looks like it found something.
Guard 2: -----On the other side.


Shimon: Are they the advance party for the Hokulea attack…?

Shingetsu: And just when actual winter is about to come, huh. / Soon, this area is going to be closed off by snow too.

Guard 1: There's no one here… / We can’t even see tracks…
Guard 2: …I truly apologize.

Guard 1: The thick herbs underneath the snow in this area / might have confused the little one's sense of smell.
Guard 2: …Shall we go back to the road for now and ask for some backup?

Guard 1: ------Where on earth is Prince Belca...?

Eco: Are they the knights from that time? / They got off their horses and came to search for us on foot? They don’t know when to give up, do they?


Eco: But what am I gonna do now? // If they’re looking for Belca, then that means they’re looking for me too…
(Coz I was the culprit after all…)

If there are checkpoints at the town gates… // Eco-tan will get caught because they already know how I look like!!

Shimon: Oh ♥ // I told you I'll protect you~~~~
Eco: No thanks!!!

Eco: Hey! Hey! Belca-tan!!! / Please take me with you! Think of it as helping me out. Pretty please?
(It's because of the guards and that homo!!)
Belca: I told you, I can’t...

Taihaku: He...hey, what's wrong!?
Saisei: You...


Saisei: You... You're that weird man from that time... / The friend that you wanted to rescue... // ...was Belca?

Eco: Yeah.


Saisei: Why didn't... / ...you tell us about Belca when you led us into the palace? // If we had known it was Belca then......

Tenrou: Hm? / So the one who led them into the palace was you, Eco?

Belca: ......

Eco: I didn't really "take you there"... / Didn't you threaten me into leading you into the palace? // And...do you think that I would tell the people who want to kill the royal family, that one of them is an acquaintance of mine?


Saisei: ......
sfx: pat
Taihaku: Perhaps a lot has happened but, / as it turned out, he was risking his life to save Belca. // Can't really blame him.

Taihaku: Well, we better get going. / And Eco-san...please try not to use words that might upset someone.
sfx: nod
Eco: Okay. I'm sorry.
Shingetsu: ......
Alright then... / From here on, we'll go on three separate directions.


Eco: Belca---! I'm scared of just the two of us traveling together! Please take me with you!!
Belca: You're still saying that?! You're gonna be fine. You'll manage somehow at the checkpoints...

Shingetsu: ----Wait.
Belca: Shingetsu...?

Shingetsu: Bard, / you could come along with us. // Of course...there's no guarantee that you could come back alive, just like what I told Belca.

Shingetsu: Rather than a hunted man, but as a traveler…
Belca: Wait...Shingetsu / What are you saying...
Shingetsu: …Wouldn’t it be better to risk your life for the sake of pursuing your goal?


Eco: -----Well, of course! / Shingetsu-san, I have always seen you as a person full of wisdom, like a fountain in the early morn, however... // To think, such a kind and warm heart is hidden underneath all that... Very much like an obscured moon...!

{Note: Shingetsu's name means "new moon", which is the lunar phase when the moon is not visible.}

Shingetsu: Let me go. // Alright then… Let’s hurry, / because it’s not going to be a quick and easy journey for both of you.

Belca: ……Shingetsu?


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