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Defense Devil 42


+ posted by b1px as translation on Mar 24, 2010 15:16 | Go to Defense Devil

-> RTS Page for Defense Devil 42

Um...once again another chapter...while Queenofmuffins is on tour. ^__^
Thanks to Rena Chan for the raws!

【For IEM】


See Idamaria in action in Volume 4! On sale on 3/18!

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
「Devil Adventure Arc」!!

Defense Devil
Judgment-14: Brillheart


Kucabara and Idamaria are struggling in the Demon World!
Meanwhile, Shugarl is recuperating in the Human world...

> Oh...

> Good morning.


> Life in the convent is modest and thrifty. So even the cooking ingredients are simple. //
I don't know if it suits your taste but please go ahead and help yourself.

> Did they go to... // ...the Demon world?

> Do you mean Kucabara-san? / Yes. He went together with the genius sister of our convent.

> Hmph...

> Don't underestimate the Demon world.

> What could a mere sister, / and a good-for-nothing demon possibly do?


> Hm? What's the matter, Jupiter? / You're blushing.


> Tastes awful.

> Th...that's why I said the cooking ingredients are simple...
> Just watch.
{small bubble}
> Maybe it needed more seasoning...?

> Out of my way.

> Cooking is synthesis.

> Even if the ingredients are lacking, or even if it's starting to rot, //
Cooking it in heat, and a perfect blend of seasoning will naturally bring out the flavor.


> Uh...shall we taste it?

> Wooow! It's delicious!!
> Kyaaa, it tastes good!!
> It's really sweet and tasty!!
> It's fantastic!!

> Everyone, bring out the food!! // It's Shugarl-san's special recipe―!! //
It's very delicious!!


> Wooh! This is awesome!! // This car is flying!!

> Wow! We'll reach our destination in no time!!
> That's right! And it even matches my speed!


> I gratefully accept your words of praise! / But I have a lot more cool functions!
> Really!? Like what?

> Um... That's a secre...
> Don't say that! Don't you dare say that!!
> Hey, Bichula!

> We're almost past "Dante's Gorge"! // At this rate, we'll be just a hop away from 「Salamander Hell」

> You heard that Jody? / Show us the images of that place.

> He can do that!?

> It's quite easy! It's just a matter of sending ultrasonic waves, getting the amplitude of the vibrations that bounce back and converting it into images.

> 「Salamander Hell」...
> It appears that there are around 400 families living in the village.


> They live on abundant dark matter obtained from the hell that the village owns. //
It's a typical village in the Demon world.

> Thanks to dark matter, the demons are youthful and full of strength.

> Oh! I detected a large amount of dark matter!!

> In the outskirts of the village... // within the vicinity of the hell's entrance.

> Zooming-in on the image!!


> Oops, I regret to say that, / there's no zoom function.
> Why you―!!
> It's embarrassing when much is expected of you.

> Wait!

> There's no mistaking it...!! This figure from behind is... / Brillheart!
> Brillheart?


> Apart from normal demons, there are death gods who manage hell in the demon world. // And only a handful of strong demons become death gods.

> Brillheart chooses demons and appoints them as death gods. / An instructor of death gods, so to speak.
> It's an important duty entrusted to her by the royal family. / Meaning she's a high level death god.

> It's just the beginning and already we got a tough enemy to face. / This is bad...

> ...So everyone, // let's try to infiltrate the village quietly without getting noticed.

> Don't cause any disturbance, // and avoid going off on your own!


「Salamander Hell」

> Don't worry... we should be able to blend in as one of them. //
They won't suspect us if we act naturally.


> It doesn't seem... // ...that much different from the human world.

> Rather, it's much... // ...livelier than the human world.

> Everybody's got... // so much dark matter after all.

> I guess that's why everyone looks so contented...

> I heard that Legato completely changed the Demon world but, /
this place looks kind of better than before...


> Bichula's right. // It's true that the village seems more peaceful than before.

> But... // How should I put it... // this feeling?
> I couldn't quite say it right, but...

> It's too unnatural...!!


> Kucabara! I'm picking up // an evil aura from that direction.

> From the direction towards hell?
> So it's Brillheart after all?

> Hey! Where are you going!?

> Idamaria, wait! I said wait!!

> Hey you! Stop!!

> This is different. This... // ...isn't dark matter!




> This is hell. A lake of lead, with a temperature of more than 500 degrees Celsius, / where sinners are churned for 2000 years...





> This is... // hell!? // This is the place that's written in the Bible... // How cruel......!!

> Master, over there!


> Kyaaaa―!!
> Somebody, help―

> They're... // real live humans...!?


Next issue, Hell's secret will be unraveled―!!

[Continued in issue 17]

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#1. by Queenofmuffins ()
Posted on Mar 30, 2010
I'm on a farm in Hokkaido now, workin' my ass off in -4 degrees weather. It's pretty awesome. XD
#2. by b1px ()
Posted on Mar 30, 2010
Wow, Hokkaido ^^ Good luck!!!
#3. by Queenofmuffins ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2010
Thanks. ^^

Great job on the chapter!~~
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